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Prout Family Cooking

I was cooking all this food over Christmas and a thought came to me after we put photos on facebook each meal time that I really want to share how easy it is to eat well and sometimes healthy , also simple cooking.

I had my inlaws staying with us so we did eat well and a few to many treats but never mind we do love our food.

My first job at 14 was working in my parents take-away food shop in a small country town , I did not like school so of to work I went. This was a shock to me  ,I was thrown in and had to learn very fast how to cook all this food and handle multiple orders , also we added the total up in our heads back then so I was still learning in life.

My mum was always cooking as was my Grandma so a lot of time was spent in the kitchen and eating.

I loved helping and cooking cakes when i was young , my parents also had a poultry processing business , so as you can see food features well in my life. My husband can not believe I grew up eating fresh roasted chicken livers , turkey necks and pigeons but we just thought it was normal.

10 years after the take-away I ended up in hospitality as a dining room manager for a local hotel and ended up helping with the cooking there as well, I also helped with all the prep work so more learning for me.

We did not eat out much or buy much take-away as we could not afford to but one thing I made sure of was we had fresh produce in the fridge at all times so we could just whip something up.

This is me putting together our lunch of Bruschetta , let me tell you it was so fresh and tasty.


Serves 4

8 slices of bread ( Use Ciabatta , crusty loaf or your favorite)

Bunch fresh Basil

Fresh ripe  Roma Tomatoes or regular tomatoes are fine

Balsamic vinegar

Sweet Balsamic vinegar

1 Red Spanish onion finely chopped

Baby Bocconcini


Garlic (optional)

You can toast your bread under the grill without margarine for a low fat option or you can light spread your bread and toast it in a frypan.

If you like garlic just mix some in with your spread and then toast.

Chop tomatoes , onions and basil place in a bowl and toss ingredients, add a splash of balsamic ( do not add to much as it will make your mix to wet , you can add more after)

After you toast the bread place on a platter and top with your mix, add as much or as little as you like.

Finish with slices of Bocconcini.

Drizzle some sweet balsamic on top .

All that is left to do is eat , best eaten with your fingers but you can use knife and fork.


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