What are the Best Apples for Eating, Baking and Sauce?

For us, fall means apple picking and last weekend we picked three bushels. Some might say we are crazy and after processing them all week long, I might agree - for the moment anyway. But we just love apples, so it doesn't seem like too much. Because I have apples on the brain I thought it would help people if they knew which apples were good for what. There are thousands of varieties of apples, but fortunately we don't have that many to choose from at the grocery store. Whatever your tastes may prefer, there is an apple you will like.

I spent much of the week making applesauce. We picked three types of apples (McIntosh, Jonathon and Spartan) and I have definitely found that having more than one type of apple in your sauce really enhances the flavor. You can make applesauce with just about any type of apple, but some are better than others. McIntosh and Golden Delicious are the best as they make such a smooth sauce. I like to use these as a base for my sauce and add other varieties in small amounts to give it a zing. Braeburn and Empire apples are good for sauce as well.

I laugh when I remember the time I made a huge pot of applesauce out of nothing but Granny Smith apples. It was so tart we could hardly eat it. But add a few to the pot of McIntosh and it gives it a great flavor. Ida Red apples make a very pretty sauce, if you cook the apples with their skins on. The applesauce I ended up with this week was a golden yellow color. The Ida Red apples would give it a pink color.

While McIntosh is great for sauce, it tends to turn to complete mush when used in baking. Golden Delicious on the other hand is a great apple for anything and has a nice sweet flavor. I have found that most apples work well for baking (except Red Delicious and McIntosh), so it is really up to you as to what flavor you want. I prefer tart apples and I like to bake with Cortland, Jonathon, Spartan and Braeburn. Granny Smiths are good if paired with something else, but too tart for me alone. Whatever you choose, you want the apples to hold their shape when cooking. When I make muffins or cobbler I like a tarter apple and try to use just one kind. If I am making a pie I like to use at least two different varieties. I will also use apples in cooking and honestly I just use whatever kind I have on hand at the time. There are just so many apples to choose from and when I buy them from the grocery store, I am usually just buying them to eat out of hand.

The best eating apples we have tried are Granny Smith, Braeburn and Honeycrisps (fairly new to the market and quite expensive compared to other apples). Many people love Red Delicious.

The way I figure it is you can't go wrong with apples. They are delicious and nutritious. Apples are high in fiber and low in calories - exactly what you want in a food. I am sure you have heard the expression "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and I have to agree with it. It is also good in stopping nausea, so we always keep them on hand. With four kids the stomach flu is never far away and eating a whole apple (peel and all) will keep the contents of your stomach right where they should be. Apples have been around for thousands of years and hopefully they will be around for thousands more, because to me they seem like the all around perfect food.

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sheryld30 profile image

sheryld30 7 years ago from California

This an awesome hub! Thanks. :)

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thanks for a great apple hub. creativeone59

emdi profile image

emdi 7 years ago

thanks for the nice hub.

wesleycox profile image

wesleycox 7 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

I personally like the macintoshes.

2patricias profile image

2patricias 7 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

Pat's Wonderful Husband likes Gala apples better than any other kind. They are fairly sweet and have a thin skin.

Are they available in the USA?

Dave 7 years ago

Gala apples have become by all time favorite. We seem to be able to get them almost year round - though they don't always come from the United States.

They are great!

Thanks for your article~

kephrira profile image

kephrira 7 years ago from Birmingham

I'm going to keep an eye out for honeycrisps, I've never herd of them before and they sound lovely

Darcy30 profile image

Darcy30 7 years ago from Atlanta

I love all kinds of apples, but my favorite is the Gala apple.

Leop profile image

Leop 7 years ago

Thanks for article. I love apples, I try to have them around in my house at all times. On top of my list is braeburn and granny smith. Yes and i have to agree with you about the saying "apple a day keeps doctor away". I am a witness to that.

Wandah profile image

Wandah 6 years ago

Hi Jennifer,

I really enjoyed the above post of yours, I love apples too.

I eat an apple almost everyday. I have just recently begun eating organic red delicious and they are really sweet and soft.

But you know I have felt better since I now eat more apples.

The peels also help keep you regular.

Best Wanda

ScottyMac profile image

ScottyMac 6 years ago

Funny, as I read your story I am munching on a Honey Crisp apple. Well worth the $1.52 per apple I paid!

Great post!

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 6 years ago

A nice little hub about best apples for eating, baking and sauce. I love all kinds of apples but my favorite is the Macintosh apple.

Jodi Tellier 6 years ago

Growing up on a farm in Sonoma County, CA. I raised lots of food for the family and for sale. The best all-around apple is by far the Gravenstein! It is superior any which way you prepare/ eat it!

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