What is Hot Pot? How to Eat and Enjoy Hot Pot

Hot pot
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What is Hot Pot?

Hot pot is a traditional Asian way of cooking food. A wide assortment of raw foods (vegetables, fish, meat, etc) are cooking in a pot of boiling water (usually in a flavored broth) on the dining table. The food is then scooped out by the individual diners using a ladle-like spoon or chopsticks. The foods usually absorb a great deal of flavor from the broth, but are often dipped in sauces (soya sauce, oyster sauce, etc) according to preference.

This method of cooking is great for parties, family gatherings, or various meals. It is fast, easy, and tasty. There are many restaurants who cater to this type of dining, but many Chinese and Japanese families have their own single burner and custom pot used especially for hot pot.

Hot pot is a long standing traditional technique of cooking in many Asian countries and dates back generations. It remains a popular way of eating in many Asian countries still. In Western countries hotpot would most resemble fondue parties, but only in minor ways. There are many differences between hotpot and fondue.

Folded up thinly cut slices of meat
Folded up thinly cut slices of meat | Source

Ingredients for Hotpot

  • Assorted Vegetables, Raw bok choy, suey choy, mushrooms, etc
  • Raw Meat, Thinly sliced strips of beef, pork, or chicken
  • Raw seafood, Shrimp, salmon filets, mussels, etc
  • Rice paper wraps, optional
  • Hot pot noodles, optional
  • Hot pot stock flavoring
various foods cooking in hot pot
various foods cooking in hot pot | Source
  1. Turn on the hot pot burner and wait for the water to boil. Add the flavoring to the water.
  2. Add the assorted vegetables, meats, and seafood to the boiling water. Wait for them to cook thoroughly, the vegetable should be soft and the meat and seafood should change color.
  3. Individually scoop out the cooked food onto your plate. You may want to carefully dip the rice paper into the boiling water to cook it then wrap the items from the pot inside.
  4. When everyone is finished eating the vegetables, meat, and seafood, now would be the time to add the noodles. Cook the noodles until ready, then serve with the broth from the pot.
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