What time should we eat breakfast?

What time should we eat breakfast?

Because Modern people are really busy and often work overtime, additionally, due to the traffic jam often seen within big cities, it often gets too late when going home. Many people get to eat their supper very late. Early rise in the next morning also requires eating breakfast early. Once you eat breakfast too early, it surely disrupts the normal rests of intestines and stomach, making digestive system always on alert and tiresome. It disturbs the normal wiggling rythmn of stomach. The experts suggested that the best time to eat breakfast is around 20 to 30 minutes after around 7 AM getting up from bed.

Medical experts suggested that due to the late hour to have supper, most of the organs of a human body get enough rest during sleep hours, but the digestive system is still working hard to absorb the remainders of food in the stomach and intestine. It works till next early morning to get a rest.

Nutrionist suggests that students breakfast should not only offer enough calories but also to activate brain functions. The breakfast should be eaten early and pair up with some fresh vegetables.

The breakfast and lunch should be seperated between 4 to 5 hours of time, it explains the time of breakfast should be between 7 AM to 8 AM.

what time should we eat breakfast?
what time should we eat breakfast?

The Recommended Breakfast Choices

The recommended breakfast food:
Food contains good protein: eggs, milk, sausage, soy bean milk, etc
Food contains rich vitamin C: fruit juice, vegetables, fruit, etc
Food contains rich carbohydrates: bread, steamed bread, steamed roll, etc.
Liquid Food contains rich water: porriage, milk, soybean milk, fruit juice etc
Appetizers: fruit juice, tomato paste and pickles etc.

White collar workers in the city should pay attention to the time they have breakfast and adhere to timing as much as they can.

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