What's Your Pick For Best Bar-B-Que?

Which Way Do You Like It?

                                There are a few cities and states that will claim they are doing bar-b-que the right way. From the state of Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, to the city of Kansas City, these are some of the famous styles of smoking and grilling meat.  I have had the privilege to enjoy all these combinations of bar-b-que, and still really don’t have a favorite. To me, it really is what are you really in the mood for? Many characteristics include, saucy, spicy, dry, sloppy or just plain, bar-b-que has many variations that it can be consumed. So, I am curious on what other people have to say about bar-b-que.  I want to know what other people, who love it as much as I do; think is the best way to eat this delicious form of cooking.

Hot off the grill, just the way you like it.

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