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Great Beers - Norfolk, Virginia
Great Beers - Norfolk, Virginia | Source

There are really only a few good places to get great craft brews in Norfolk, Va.  I am not talking about fake craft brews like Sam Adams and Magic Hat, I am talking about real great beers made with ingenuity and the taste buds of a mythical beer god.  The first go to place is Cogan's on Colonial Ave.  You have to park at the Bank of America Across the street because there is literally no parking.  Cogan's has about 30 Taps with what I would consider about 15 of them being craft beers and maybe 1 or 2 really good beers.  They almost always have Bell's Two Hearted on Tap which goes great with the pizza they serve however if you are looking for something rare you will be disappointed.

The next place on your list should be A. W. Shucks.  This place is like a secret.  You could live a few blocks from Shucks for years and never know it was there.  There tap list is similar to Cogan's but they may have one or two beers that are a little crazier.  You will always be able to get a good craft brew at Shucks though because they have a bottle list that is 100 deep.  And their food is great, not you standard bar food; oysters, crab cakes, crab, even their burgers are to die for.

The Taphouse in Ghent is the second best place to grab a great beer in Norfolk.  They have a good number of beers on tap include local breweries like St. George and O'Connors.  Although they are called the Taphouse it is their bottle list that really shines.  You can get Stone vertical Epic from 2004 till present, many different bottles from Terrapin in Georgia and the masterpieces of Dogfish head (And even some of their not-so-masterpieces).  Only problem with this place is the live music.  If you are into live music go for it but sometimes I just want to relax and have a beer without my ears being blown off or having to pay 5 dollars to see a band I could care less about.

I have saved the best for last. If you are into great beers The Birch should be your number one hang out. They have 21 Taps and every single one of them is to die for. You will never see and Budwieser or Sam Adams here only rare, hard to find great tasting kegs on tap. They serve each beer in it's correct glassware for the style and whenever a keg is kicked they tap a brand new one seconds later so while you are their more options for great beers appear almost every hour. Their bottle list is also to die for as has no fluff only great beers.  And the craziest thing is that they always have one cask available too.  So those of you into "real beer" can get your fill.  And cask beer is made without carbonation in mind so its not simply a flat beer, they taste great.  You can also get beer to go, either bottles or get your growler filled with delicious kegged beer.

If you love great beer as much as I do and are here in Norfolk, check out these wonderful bars and give your taste buds a party.

Great beers in Norfolk

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A markerCogan's Pizza - Ghent -
1901 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517, USA
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B markerA. W. Shucks -
2200 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517, USA
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C markerTaphouse -
931 W 21st St, Norfolk, VA 23517, USA
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D markerThe Birch -
1231 W Olney Rd, Norfolk, VA 23507, USA
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