White Castle hamburger recipe

A very good friend of mine came up with this recipe because her kids absolutely love White Castle burgers. No one knows the axial secret to their moist mouth watering burgers, but let me tell you this recipe comes extremely close. In fact my mouth right now is watering just thinking about these delicious hamburgers. You could serve these burgers at Super bowl, family get together, church functions, even for dinner with a side of fries. My family absolutely loves these burgers and its just like the real thing. Thank u my dear friend Chrissy!

White Castle Hamburger Recipe with cheese

Don't be shocked by the ingredients. These burgers taste just like the real thing.

1lb hamburger

1can of mushroom soup

3/4 package onion soup mix

1/2 block cubed velveeta cheese.

2 pkg Hawaiian rolls.


Brown your hamburger on the stove on medium heat. Cook completely and drain fat. Turn your burner to medium low. Then add the velveeta cheese, onion soup mix, mushroom soup and heat on stove till completely melted thru. Transfer the hamburger mix to a large bowl and refrigerate in refrigerator till cold.

Heat your oven to 350. Take your rolls individually, pull them apart and slice them into buns. Then coat the inside of the bun with the hamburger mix. You want a very thin coat. Don't put no more no less. Put the tops back on the bun, and when you have all your buns done- you want to wrap the rolls in aluminum foil and stick them in the oven till heated thru. Serve your White Castle Burgers with french fries.

Any left over hamburger mix you can freeze for later. These are also very good reheated, so any leftovers you have left- you can reheat them later in the oven just like when you cooked them.

Save this recipe- this is definitely a keeper!

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moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America

They sure sound good. I have never had one but I have heard lots of people say how good White Castle is. Enjoyed your hub.

carmellabanker 5 years ago

Really Help full Info For Me

Thank you

Obreinfamily profile image

Obreinfamily 4 years ago from florissant Author

Wow! Never had a white castle? You gotta try these- simple and delicious.

Obreinfamily profile image

Obreinfamily 4 years ago from florissant Author

You are so welcome! enjoy!

chefmancave profile image

chefmancave 3 years ago from Michigan

I grew up in Michigan with White Castle just down the street. Now I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but "sliders" (official nickname of White Castle burgers) are the classic 2 in the morning, drunk off your butt, I need something in my stomach fast food. These burgers are not designed to be delicious. The 2004 movie "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" is all about the tradition of going to White Castle when you are stoned or drunk. Anyways, I got a kick out of your hub. Voted UP.

Obreinfamily profile image

Obreinfamily 3 years ago from florissant Author

We have a white castle down the street as well..lol Yes these are great when you have had to much to drink... They also freeze well. I just put together the burgers- place them on a paper plate- place in a freezer bag- then in the freezer and microwave when your ready to serve. yum

Susan 2 years ago

Funny everyone has a place to go when the night is over and they need food. In the south its Waffle House.

But I must disagree I love White castle and wish they had them down here in NC.

Rachael 19 months ago

just a clarification, is it cream of mushroom soup or just regular mushroom soup that is more of a broth?

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