Big Green Egg - Why I chose my Kamado


Thoughts on my new Kamado

I had been using a gas smoker for about a year. I bought a cheap gas smoker cabinet. It was an inexpensive way to break into barbecue smoking meat. One thing that became apparent very quickly is that I was getting tired of the constant maintenance to keep the proper temperatures in the smoker that I had.(thin metal walls on the smoker) I also had to load chips regularly, which also lowered the temperature all the time.

So, I started doing research on others smokers on the market and found an unbelievable amount of custom (another word for expensive) smokers. I decided to start searching online forums that did reviews on grills and smokers. I ran into a number of websites that did reviews on smokers and grills. One thing I noticed was that the Big Green Egg kept coming up positively in the listings. I found out that a local store close to my house was selling them. I just happened to go there on a day when they were getting ready to demo one and started talking to the sales person. He explained the common features that I expected this to have. (smoking and grilling etc...) Then, he started talking about the breads and pizzas he makes with his. Now I was hooked, since another food I enjoyed making was pizzas. I have been disappointed with making them in my oven at home because it can only get to 500 degrees and never imparted that wood fire taste that I love in pizzas. Needless to say, I purchased one 2 months ago.

Since purchasing the egg, I have grilled/smoked the following:

  • · Baby Back Ribs (2 times)
  • · Pork Chops
  • · Boston Butt (2 Times)
  • · Brisket
  • · Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
  • · Twice baked potatoes
  • · Pizza (2 times)

Without exception, the meats came out flavorful and moist. I will be posting some photos and information about a number of my smoking and grilling experiences.

Key Components Used

  • · Big Green Egg XL
  • · Plate Setter (must have)
  • · XL Ash tool
  • · XL Baking Stone (for pizzas or breads)
  • · Bag of Lump Coal

Things I learned while experimenting with the egg:

Take the time to setup the lump coal.

  • Use the ash tool to remove a much of the ash as possible from the fire box. I remove the ash every 2-3 uses (as a general rule).
  • I like to stack the center of the firebox with larger pieces and ensure that they have plenty of air around them. (this allows the fire to breathe).
  • I use fire starters because they are pretty quick (start a good fire in about 10 minutes)

Coming up to temperature is easier than getting the egg to cool down to temperature

  • I open up the draft door on the bottom full and the top full until I get a good fire started. Once a good fire is started, I close the lid and wait until the temperature is within 20 degrees of my desired temp. At this point I start to close the draft door and top a little at a time until I tune in my desired temp.

Helpful Websites:

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smokedbbq4u profile image

smokedbbq4u 7 years ago from Orlando, Florida

Great post!

smokedbbq4u profile image

smokedbbq4u 7 years ago from Orlando, Florida

Kamado smoking and grilling is really an art form. These grills are so cool. A buddy of mine has a large and small sized Green Egg so he never has an excuse NOT to grill out - no matter how large or small the meal is!

danbr7777 profile image

danbr7777 7 years ago Author

Thank you for your kind words.

danbr7777 profile image

danbr7777 7 years ago Author

I added new pictures of a pepperoni and red pepper pizza I just did this weekend.

Dink96 profile image

Dink96 7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

We have a local BBQ shop in my area that demo'd the Green Egg and I was in love. Can't afford one just yet, but if and when I can save the dough, I would definitely buy one of these and pitch the rest of my BBQs forever!

ralph amos 7 years ago

Great post, I'd love to get your brisket recipe- danbr7777. I also recently switched over to a kamado style cooker. I use the kamado joe grill and smoker. I love the fact that it keeps the temperature consistant all day. Also, that I can take it up to 800 degrees to sear a steak.

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