Why a Spider (an ice-cream float) is called a “Spider”.

Ever wondered why an ice-cream float is called a Spider?

Well it all lays in the appearance of the final product.

Spiders are a beverage commonly made out using one or more scoops of ice cream in either a soft drink or a mixture of flavored syrup and carbonated water.

The ice cream floats at the top of the drink, with the soda at the bottom. However, as the fizz from the soda starts to float to the top, it oozes its way through the ice cream, forming dark, thin lines on the surface that look like cracks. Eventually, those lines/cracks can look like a spider.

Hence the name, Spider.

Check out Moo Milk's latest release, the Spider. Moo Milk presents the Spider. A combination of soft drink, ice-cream and milk. Shake the pack before the contents are consumed. Watch it fizz-up and give you a sweet, creamy milk flavour with a slight hint of Cola. Completely 98% fat free.

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Nathan 5 years ago


The Peak Oil Poet 4 years ago

agreed - total bull

simply not true - and i have been around for 60 years in both Australia and NZ


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