Why lick salt & lemon with tequila shots?

Many people have tried a tequila in their lifetime - whether mixed with orange juice, as a straight shot or after a lick of salt and lemon juice. It's also a popular summer drink recipe.

Tequila got its name from its town of creation, Tequila, in Mexico. It is believed to have originally been fermented by the Aztecs.

The drink is made from blue agave and according to Mexican law cannot be produced in any other area. The name tequila has been copyrighted.

Mexican authorities have threatened to sue any other company in the world that attempts to create their own tequila, making Mexico the leading, and only, supplier of tequila.

Tequila can vary between 35-55% alcohol.

So, Why lick salt with tequila?

And back to the original question.

Tequila is a very bitter drink.

Salt is used to divert the taste buds away from the bitterness.

The salt is then chased with lemon or lime to remove the salty taste.

So voilà, now you know why people lick salt with their tequila!

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meaning 5 years ago

that means tequila is so disgusting you have to trick your tongue to drink it..... and there is a particular reason to do that???

naina 5 years ago

Its sound sexyyyyyy

moe 4 years ago

in a trip to mexico, the experts told me that actual tequila is drank with out lemon n salt!

ay carramba 24 months ago

Think it is side effect how sell more salt and lemons on bars...and Mexican have laugh from us.

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