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Organic Wines are a Healthier Choice But Not for the Reasons You Think

In an age where the label “organic” is what many consumers consider important as a food choice, it is not widely accepted by those who are considered wine snobs. The label of organic is one that in the past was considered a sweet tasting and short shelf life wine. Unfortunately, that stigma of those early organic wines continues despite the award winning wines produced by eco-friendly vintners.

The problem with the earlier organic wines was that most vintners did not have an aging and barrel program that all wineries employ now. Wines, especially organic will mellow and become softer with age and the barrels impart many flavors to the wine such as vanilla and butter. The barrels also affect the color, flavor, texture, and tannin's of a wine.

Two Different Organic Wine Certifications

It is important to understand that there are two different organic wine certifications in the United States. A wine label with “Made from Organic Grapes” will be a wine that still contains a small amount of sulfur to help stabilize and prevent the wine form oxidizing. The “Organic Wine” label states that a wine will not contain any added sulfites. Sulfites can trigger headaches and allergic reactions in some individuals.

Healthy Organic Red Wine

There are over 50 grape varietals ranging from deep red to an almost purple or blue hue on the color scale. The skins of the grape determine the color of the wine and determine the structure of the wine. Higher tannin levels relate to higher antioxidant levels as well. Organic red wines have been found to contain up to 30 percent more antioxidants than conventional red wines. Contamination by fungus is three times higher in conventional red wines than organic wine. The higher antioxidant levels in organic red wine tends to reduce fungal growth and protect the wine.

Popular Organic Wine Makers

Korbel Winery
Quivira Vineyards
Silver Thread Vineyard
Spottswoode Winery
Frog's Leap Winery
Ceago Winery
Cooper Mountain Vineyards
Berzinger Family Winery

Healthy Organic White Wine

Organic white wine is just as health promoting as the organic red wine. There is a strong antioxidant presence in organic white wine as well. Many consumers find that organic white wine is a great pairing with most foods. Organic white wines unlike their red wine counterpart enhance food rather than overpowering it.

Healthier Organic Wine Producing

Many wine producers are going beyond the organic farming process. Biodynamic farming is a technique that is gaining popularity with wine producers. By using the lunar and natural cycles, the organic wine producer uses natural predators instead of pesticides and they use compost for fertilizer.

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