Wine Drinking Is Growing In India

Expensive Whiskeys

Expensive Whiskeys
Expensive Whiskeys | Source

Indian Whisky Is Poisonous

Drinking Is A Pleasure

Tasmac bars in Tamil Nadu have turned violent. Many kinds of crimes are planned and executed from these bars. But the Tasmac bars are the biggest revenue earners for the Tamil Nadu government. Every Tamil is encouraged to drink more and part with his money to the government. Drink gives a kick and who will like to forego the pleasure? Even women have taken to drinking in Tamil Nadu. Government is also happy about it as man-woman equality is established in the Tasmac bars.

Red Glove Grape Is Grown In India

A vineyard in Coimbatore is nurturing Australian grape called Red Globe. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University owes the credit. So far the grape is imported from China or Australia and sold in Indian markets at a price of Rs.300 per kg. Red Globe was originally developed by University of Davis in California. But Coimbatore in the past had been affected by a disease which attacks grapes. Therefore it is a moot point whether the Red Globe will survive the attack. 2600 hectares of land is used for grape cultivation in Tamil Nadu. Muscat variety is cultivated in 90% of the land, 9% is used for cultivating Thomson seedless grapes. Grape cultivation is affected by salinity and nematodes.

Start Your Wine Drinking From Chianti

Red wines are popular throughout the world. There are some most expensive wines of this variety like the Grand Vin De Chateau from 1994. Colgin, the Californian wine is difficult to get. Bordeaux wine bottled in 1976 fetches fancy price. Perhaps one can start with Chianti of Italy. It is not expensive and can be easily purchased. Californian wines are manufactured in small quantities in small bottles and so it is very difficult to acquire them. If you want to make a wine trip, visit places like Boudreaux in France, Napa Valley and some places in China and Japan. Bruce Willis may be suing Apple for ownership dispute in iTune but he will sip with them when it comes to the question of choicer wines.

Expensive Whiskeys

In whiskeys also there are precious and difficult to get varieties like Highland Park Single Malt Scotch and Balvenie 1972. Ardberg Uigeadail from Europe also comes to mind while thinking about single malt whiskeys. It is brewed in Islay, Scotland’s southernmost island. If you want to acquire Dalmore 1926 vintage whiskey, you need to pay upwards of Rs.4.7 lakh a bottle. If you want Macallan 1938 vintage, you will have to part with Rs.1.8 lakh per bottle. Balvenie 1937 costs anything above Rs.10.30 lakh per bottle.

Bordeaux Is The Capital Of Wine Trade

Bordeaux is the capital of wine industry in the world. Chateau Lafite Rothschild and Chateau Haut Brion’s are very expensive wines from Bordeaux. The maturity period of the alcoholic drinks is very important when it concerns health and taste. Maturity period varies from seven to ten years or even more for certain brands. But Indian made alcohols come to the shop immediately after brewing without allowing them to mature. This damages the taste, blend and causes harm to the drinkers. Moreover Indian ethanol is made mainly from molasses, a foul-smelling by-product of the sugar mills whereas foreign ethanol is made from grains like barley, rice and from beet root. Foreigners never drink Indian whiskey. They consider it poisonous. They bring their own whisky bottles or get them in five star hotels.

Scottish Varieties

Scotland based beverages called Scotch attract drinkers’ attention. They include drinks brewed from Macallan, Ardberg, Port Ellen, Glendfiddich and Bowmore. Each bottle of Dalmore 62 costs more than Rs.1.5 crore because of limited availability and brand image. The quality of grape harvest differs each year due to environment and climate. In the decade 2001-2010, the best years of harvest were 2009 and 2010. Therefore wines made in these years are good to drink and taste. Some of the best red wines from Bordeaux are Bahans, Fleus Petrus, Petit Mouton and Carruades.

Indian Whisky Is Poisonous

Even though foreigners consider Indian alcoholic beverages poisonous, 400 million litres of them were produced in 2011-12. In fact Kishore Chhabria’s Officer’s Whisky is the largest selling whisky in the world, ahead of even Johnnie Walker. There are producers of country liquor like Radico Khaitan, Globus Spirits, GM Breweries and Chandigarh Distilleries. A bottle of country liquor costs around Rs.200. Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) is now-a-days made from grains. But foreigners are still allergic to it as earlier they were made from molasses. Starved of revenue, state governments are even permitting school children to drink. In UP, school children are fond of country liquor. Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka are the wine-producing states in India. There are 90 wine producers in India. Around 8% of the total production of Indian wine is exported. Around 12 million litres of wine are produced every season.

Cheating In Wine Making

Lot of cheating goes in India when it concerns wine. Carbonated wines are sold as sparkling wines. Imported wine concentrates are used to produce artificial wines. Table grapes are used for wine manufacturing. Customers get cheated due to lack of knowledge about wines.


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