Yummy, I hate fish recipes!

fish is healthy....yuck!

On a scale of one to ten fish, for me, is a painful ten. By the same token, from all I read, fish is a number one on the scale for a healthy food choice. There in lies the dilemma. I do enjoy most shell fish and absolutely love raw oysters, which may seem odd. But I really don't like any fish enough to crave it's consumption. So I have made a concerted effort to develop recipes that I can palate to get the health benefits of FISH.

Salmon was one of my first challenges. I found the texture of the salmon disturbing after pan frying, even smothered with a unhealthy dollop of dill sauce. The next time I cooked salmon I poached it with some onion slices and white wine and then put it in a 350@ oven to finish. This method made the salmon soft and flaky and the infusion of the wine gave it a much more desirable flavor.

There is one fish I do like and that is catfish. I lightly flour this fish and saute it in lemon butter and then blacken the butter for a sauce. I need mashed potatoes to complete this meal and a healthy portion of fresh vegetables.

My next challenge was tilapia. I am told this is a very mild fish. However, I have been disappointed many times when ordering tilapia in a restaurant. So I decided to reach to my Italian heritage and take the tilapia challenge one more time. I began with a flavorful ratatouille for my vegetables. In a saute pan I combined minced garlic and chopped onions and clarified them in olive oil. Then I added cubed yellow zucchini, green zucchini and plum tomatoes simmering until the vegetables were tender. I thinned with a bit of water and seasoned with garlic salt, pepper, and oregano. As this simmered, I took the tilapia and quickly sauteed each side in a cast iron pan with olive oil. The I covered the fish with the ratatouille and placed in the oven to finish. I simply chose a baked potato for my side dish and discovered a new way to enjoy fish. It was absolutely delicious.

All this writing is making me hungry and I'm craving fish of all things. But it is only 8:30 am. So I will have to settle for an everything bagel with cream cheese, capers, smoked salmon and a generous slice of fresh tomato. My breakfast fish fix...enjoy!


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