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Wine Aeration

He held the neck of the wine glass and gently shakes the wine glass to make a slow whirl inside the red wine. He says it will give it a smooth and nice flavor. That was the first time I am introduce to drinking red wine by my colleague at my company’s party. I thought it was some myth or custom and I don’t see any purpose of doing it. Neither my friend is able to explain in detail the purpose of shaking the wine glass.

Then later I found that the process is called wine aeration. It is a process of letting the wine mingle with air to enhance its flavor and gives it a smooth character. According to some research, young wines that are under 8 years old needed more time to aerate compare to the vintage wines because of its high tannin content. Tannins are organic compounds that can be found in grape skins and stems. It acts as antioxidant and preservative and make up the essential flavor of wines. Too much of it will give you pucker lips.

Young wines such as Bordeaux and other Italian wines taste better with aeration. Most often the aeration takes about one hour to soften the tannins and creates a less harsh flavor.

On the other hand vintage wines don’t really need the aeration. In fact too much aeration will kill the flavor. The older the wines, the more delicate it is when exposing to air.

Ways To Aerate Wine

There are a few ways that you can aerate wines and one of them is to pour them between 6 to 10 inches high from the bottle to the wine glass and let it sit for a little before taking a sip. The wine has to be poured right in the middle of the wine glass and it has to be filled no higher than the widest point of the glass. This will allow the wine to breathe. As you sip, you have to taste it whether it is ready. Otherwise, let it sit for a little while longer. Generally, most wines will improve within 15 -20 minutes of breathing time.

The other way to aerate wine is to use a decanter. A decanter is usually wide enough to allow wine to get some air before one can enjoy it. A good substitute for a decanter is a large bowl, vase and jar.

A convenient way of aerating wine is to use a wine aerator. It may look stylish on the kitchen counter, but many at a first glance doubted its usefulness and merely thought that it is a perfect gift for someone. But surprisingly it has been proven by many to be an effective gadget in aerating wine to its perfect consistency.

In concluding this, there is no definite answer as to how long wine should be aerated. It depends on the individual wine itself but what we can do is to aerate it and test taste it with our palate until it comes to the point where it soothe our palate.

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