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How can you make a great Southern American Ethnic Dish...

when the main ingredient is on the endangered Species list??? One example of this would be "Gopher Gravy" which was made by country folk till quite recently... Only stopped by Environmental Laws of questionable value... (Gophers are land based turtles that burrow holes to live in.. they are very common in South Mississippi and surrounding states. They say it is Endangered???... Rednecks say "It's Delicious!!!" )

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Akhil S Kumar (addingsense) says

4 years ago
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    MrMaranatha 4 years ago

    Actually they are a very Red Meat... I remember cleaning them and eating them as a child... The Gravy was sort of a Grayish Brown and it was absolutely Delicious over Biscuits... They taste much better than they look :-) Thanks for stopping by...


Marntzu says

4 years ago
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