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What is the secret of making chocolate cornflake crisps?

I melted some chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of water, added a dash of milk, stirred it, and threw in some cornflakes and tried to mix it all up. The mixture stuck to the spoon, and then to my fingers when I tried to shape them into round balls of equal size, and finally they stuck to the plate. I put them in the fridge to harden, then took them out, and they looked a right mess, and had to be scraped off the plate with a knife to loosen them. They tasted nice, but were, on balance, a dismal failure, and not the sort of dish one would offer the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee!

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Annie Devlin (CookingAnnie) says

4 years ago
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    Diana Grant 4 years ago

    Annie: I can't believe how quickly you replied - you must have been waiting with wooden spoon poised, ready to answer my question! Anyway, thanks for the information, and I shall try that next time.

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Diana Grant says

4 years ago
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