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Can you notice a taste difference in regular and diet soda products?

If you pored them in a glass without a label, I probably wouldn't notice the difference.

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Deep Biswas (Deep Metaphysical) says

4 years ago
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lburmaster says

4 years ago
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Trevor Basile (TrevorBasile) says

4 years ago
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    Skyler DeCristoforo (SkySlave) 4 years ago

    Maybe its because i only drink soda on special occasions. Their are just so many variations out their, diet, sugar free, "Zero" whatever that means and some others. I'm interested if these different types of died products taste different too.

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Organic Life says

4 years ago
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  • Deep Metaphysical profile image

    Deep Biswas (Deep Metaphysical) 4 years ago

    Yes it has. Soda can help you feel less full. The correct sentence would be "soda has no nutritional reason or purpose in our bodies".