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What 4 ingredients could you live on for a month - and what'd you make?

If you could only buy 4 ingredients to live on for one month, what 4 ingredients would they be - and what could you cook with them? You'd be able to buy unlimited quantities, but be limited to 4 ingredients. You can't assume you have any other store cupboard ingredients except: salt, pepper and stock cubes.

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Best Answer Brenda (WhatToCook) says

3 years ago
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suziecat7 says

3 years ago
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Jay Dickens (BStoneBlog) says

3 years ago
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    Dedicated Content Curator (earner) 3 years ago

    Thanks for your 4 ingredients - I hadn't heard of kefir before, had to Google that one!

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Nicola Thompson (ThompsonPen) says

3 years ago
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Linda Bryen (liesl5858) says

3 years ago
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bethperry says

3 years ago
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Dr.Kulsum Mehmood (Kulsum Mehmood) says

3 years ago
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Dr. Rebecca Sanders (DrRebeccaSanders) says

3 years ago
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Robert Thomas (livinggood) says

3 years ago
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