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How can I use up tiny, unripe, sour grapes? Do you know any recipes, apart from wine-making?

A long cold spring, followed by a dull and very rainy harvesting season in London, has meant that my grapes were late to develop, and now that the weather has turned cold, I have given up hope for them to ripen on the vine. They are still very small, and most of them are sour, and have large pips compared to their size - I think the pips must have developed to full-size at the expense of the fruit itself, leaving the outer flesh of the grapes to follow later. I'm still quite proud of them, as grape-growing in the UK is still uncommon, and I don't want to waste the grapes if I can use them.

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Idea Garden says

3 years ago
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rutley says

3 years ago
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    Diana Grant 3 years ago

    I'm tough - I've tried eating them, and, as long as they are sweet-sour enough to eat without spitting them out, I can indeed eat them without dire effects!

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3 years ago
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