Beer: 5 Benefits and 5 Disadvantages

The pros and cons of drinking beer
The pros and cons of drinking beer

Is Beer Really That Bad for You?

Beer is one of the oldest and most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Ancient Greek physician Paracelsus is even attributed with saying, "A little bit of beer is divine medicine." But although many people attest to the benefits of this yeasty beverage, just as many can tell you the consequences of a drink or two too many.

So is it good for you or not? Read about its advantages and negative side effects and make your own decision.

The Benefits of Beer

Drinking beer has benefits for your heart, nutrition, kidneys, and bones.
Drinking beer has benefits for your heart, nutrition, kidneys, and bones.

First, let's look at beer's benefits.

  1. Provides vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids. Beer is rich in many B-group vitamins and minerals such as magnesium. The barley and hops used in the production of beer are rich in flavonoids, which have powerful antioxidant effects.
  2. Lowers risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). There is quite strong evidence that light-to-moderate alcohol consumption has cardio-protective properties. Many studies demonstrate a lower coronary heart disease incidence among moderate beer drinkers. Moderate drinkers are at lower risk of CHD-related mortality than both heavy drinkers and abstainers. The vitamin B6 in beer also seems to prevent the alcohol-induced rise in blood homocysteine, a probable heart disease risk factor.
  3. Helps produce good cholesterol. Moderate alcohol drinking affects many processes in the body, one of which is the significant increase in HDL cholesterol—the good cholesterol. There is evidence supporting beer's cardio-protective effect and its help in altering the ratio of beneficial HDL cholesterol to LDL cholesterol.
  4. Reduces risk of kidney stones. Beer consumption may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. Finnish researchers found that there was a 40% lower risk of kidney stones in beer drinkers.
  5. Protects against radiation. Japanese researchers found that beer helps reduce chromosomal damage from radiation exposure.

The Negative Side Effects of Drinking Beer

However, drinking beer also has downsides for your central nervous system, attention, heart burn, blood pressure, and waistline.
However, drinking beer also has downsides for your central nervous system, attention, heart burn, blood pressure, and waistline.

And now some of the negative effects you may expect from regular beer drinking:

  1. "Beer belly." Heavy beer drinking may promote abdominal obesity (the so-called "beer belly") in men.
  2. Heartburn. Beer contains powerful stimulants of gastric acid secretion and may provoke gastroesophageal reflux and cause heartburn.
  3. High blood pressure. Daily beer consumption (approximately 40 g of alcohol) may increase blood pressure.
  4. Intoxication and dehydration. Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and downer that reduces activity of the central nervous system. High amounts of alcohol can turn into dehydration, intoxication, and hangover.
  5. Impairment of driving-related skills. Even small amounts of alcohol can have adverse effects on attention and motor skills. Many serious accidents are alcohol related.

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lslkfsnoroekfjgksl 3 months ago

i just got on here for my project research and this page was actually good i got an "A" :)

kumar 5 months ago

Drinking 2 beers in a week is good

Mohammad Yousuf Dawood Myd 6 months ago

OOOoooo Abhi Ja K Le K Ata Hn Beer!!!

Mithun Sarkar 7 months ago

I want to drink 1 bottle beer per day...but it is verry costly for me...

fatima 9 months ago

Drinking beer every day it's good for health

patel baba from dakpathar 11 months ago

I love beee bcoz khodri m sasti h yr

mumtaj 12 months ago

i love beer not ur page

i don't like it.................!!!!! 14 months ago

i don't like it...................!!!!!!!!

rahul 16 months ago

i like only bear......

samir 16 months ago

hii....i m 18 year old approx . wat m i drink only beer

Abdul Momin 17 months ago

Bad for you

dhananjay 17 months ago

cheers drink beer save water

asif 17 months ago

without bear life is uncomplete

saikat majumder 17 months ago

a small amount of beer can give us a batter life..

so don't loos it, just enjoy your life ///

dheeraj 18 months ago

Drink beer its better for ur health and be safe guys when you r driving

sayan das 19 months ago

Beer is good for health. We should drink bt not regularly it may harm ur body....

Dinesh 19 months ago

Beer is harmful for sex life

NEERU 20 months ago

1 beer per day is good .........

Priyank 21 months ago

Its Cool if taken in good manner...... ☺☺

Priyank 21 months ago

Its Cool if taken in good manner...... ☺☺

manoj 21 months ago

Not bad is good for health I'm 3 year experiean

sudeep kumar suryvanshi 22 months ago

(Drink Bear Save Water) to others.

Rajat Agarwal 22 months ago

its not bad to take two pack of beer twice in a weak. .....

bt not more. .....

Mindi jatt 23 months ago

Kingfisher draught beer full ghant

adil 23 months ago

Gd for health

pramod ... 2 years ago

iam drinking beer alternat day sometime it helps me to forget the tension... any side effects ...pls sugset me...

harsh tiwari 2 years ago

gad mar maro pine walo ka

r★ v 2 years ago

Drink not drink wine...

r★ v 2 years ago

Drink not drink wine...

Anil Kumar 2 years ago

Jo v bear piye usse pakar ke bahot pito agar wo garh pe drink kar ke nautanki karta ho.agar isse pine se jhagra na ho to phir theek hai.

chandran 2 years ago


radha 2 years ago

Just shut up and complete ur beer

vikas singh 2 years ago

Beer is very bad for our health so you use only pomegranate yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

shubham 2 years ago

Hiiiiiii everybody bear is good for our health if use by us in limits. So drinking bear has pros n cons....... .

Ernest 2 years ago

I heaven there is no beer ....

nagaraju 2 years ago

weakly two to three beers is better to health not more then

abhishek 2 years ago

It is reduce to skin problem

siddharth 2 years ago

choose one brand of beer and keep a limit. not to over 2

Chauhan 2 years ago

lots of things in this world are unhealthy for your health but who cares... so drink beer n njoy.....

tamal 2 years ago

Have beer mix with whisky, then only you feel little risky, otherwise beer is a lady drink man

Jitender Kumar Chaurasia 2 years ago

It's make a Brain to forget when you drink a lOt.....!

Zam 2 years ago

It's make a Brain to forget when you drink a lOt.....!

vijay 2 years ago

it,s not good.

sachin tyagi 2 years ago

its awesome... but it makes me fatty...

jack 3 years ago

If We Should Not Drink Beer then What should be drink Baby Kiran

Moganzy 3 years ago

Drink it moderation. It has a variety of health benefits, but excessive in-take of beer on daily basis can severely damage your liver.

DEvi-kalyani 3 years ago

i am with Ravi sir it is very delicious but when the ravi sir gon i drink beer ravi sir not delicious but beer is delicious this is dhevi.............

Pulli Raju 3 years ago

When i am with girl friend i am so sincere but i break up with a girl i have interested about a beer i forgotten the girl but i didn't forget the beer..................street boys drink beer......... be happy don't marry.......... from Pulli Raaaaaaaju

Narre 3 years ago

In a Beer there is more kick when i drink it very delicious to us Save Water Drink Beer..............................,,,,,,,,,,,don't forget all drinking boys

munna(a) 3 years ago

don't waste a time to drink a beer it kill us 5 hours maximum a day bee safe From (Hunters Munna)...........................................................

akshay 3 years ago

Beer is healthy to a limited extend...but overconsumption is injurious friends be safe ...nd jai ho..

CHIRAG 3 years ago


prashant ruhil 3 years ago

Drink Beer and enjoy your life

niks 3 years ago

U all R Great

Subrat 3 years ago


Ramya krishna 3 years ago

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tonyjosephdaniel 3 years ago

dear friends i am now 33 age and i started drinking beer from the age 23

i always thinks beer is harmless when com pared with other alcoholic drinks...but before a year i got some serious physical troubles.i usually drink nearly 4 bottle(650*4) mostly kf adviced me to check the liver function test...and the result was too i stopped the beer drinking completely for 2 months .no the result is o.k...but i want to tell all the young guys never prefer beer too much...

payal 3 years ago


I drink 1 beer in every alternative day will it damage to lever?? I tried everything to quite beer but without success.

i normally drink kf or budeiser Could you advise wise beer is best n diskless,,

trinity 3 years ago

beer is bad 4 u don't drink any

kaka 3 years ago


munna 3 years ago

drinking or possesion of alcoholic beverage is very even don't try all

ajay 4 years ago

i like beer ..but afraid also ,,,, is this harmfulll ??? , what to do .. Drink or not .any way i m feeling better when i m in good mood and bottle in hand . Not in tention .it sucks

linn 4 years ago

sometimes .... alcohol is the answer for all problems !!!!

gve a try :P

SWEETY 4 years ago


don 4 years ago

piyoooo or pine dooo.....................

prasanth 4 years ago

drinking beer give relax

prince 4 years ago

dekho yaar life ek baar milthi beer piyo mast raho....apko pasand hain piyo nahi tho chodo magar kisi insaan ki baat sunkar math chodna!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deepak 4 years ago

Anythings which contents alcohol is injurious to health, so avoid drinking beer.

shnaya 4 years ago

beer is my day beer is my night without this my life is soooooooooooooo like parooo

rajyasri 4 years ago

its gud 4 health....... wen u r limitat having.

Ruchi shah 4 years ago

Beer is a drink to relif u r stress n consume it as less u can minimum 330ml. n not more than 660ml.. i.e., 1bottle.. can anybody says.? which beer is BEST??????

dev 4 years ago

beer is good i m daily use 1 lire beer 1 botal and 1 cane tab milta hai muje chain

lolu 4 years ago

bear is good for health and give power to do more guys rock it!!!!!!

sam 4 years ago

it's a first step to hell

nithya 4 years ago

if you drink the beer alone you will feel the bitter taste.. but if you drink it with friends it taste better and you really enjoy the drink.... happy party time

Vikas 4 years ago

Beer buri cheez hai..isse peeke khatm kren....

akshay 4 years ago

beer is good for health it increased my weight and making me healthy

Aalok 4 years ago

Beer is really good,but in limit

jj 4 years ago

at last night i drink PAJERO BEER 500 ML. at that night i have the chest pain .. god help me from chest pain

Rohit 4 years ago

I know beer will change the world, but don't know how the new world will look like.

But honestly i like it.

sam 4 years ago

although beer has some benefits but it does contain alcohol which is not good for our health

so plzzz stop drinking beer...

veeru 4 years ago

depends on u r mind.

sachin 4 years ago

aank khulne se phle beer bnd hone se phle beer!.......????? ye hi to life ka mja h dear that why i want beer

vikas 4 years ago

beer is very good in sex

Celebass 4 years ago

Till morrow beer remains good, but remember modration is a virtue

ranjeet 4 years ago

what is d advantages in bear anybdy has idea frndz......plz tel us

ranjeet 4 years ago

what is d advantages in bear anybdy has idea frndz......plz tel us

Pinky 4 years ago

Mast hoke piyo BEER....Tension nahi lene ka....

bond 4 years ago

Pls drink beer & the save water.

shahid 4 years ago

Guys i think all alcoholic drink increase our uric acid and its very painful deaseas really im suffring

mangal singh 4 years ago

all people should try

Tanveer 4 years ago

Dnt play with ur lives.. I hve taken beer 4 times n my lyf bt i thnk this s 2 bad...

DOGRA 4 years ago



faheem 4 years ago

no good for health

Athikho 4 years ago

Idk....But I believed that drinking Beer has both advantage and disadvantage..So I drink-ed twice in a week...!!!

rocky 4 years ago

beer is like my bed tea.

Shivani 4 years ago

why dese rascalsssssssssssssss hav made beer to spoil other life

shankar 4 years ago

Beer is good for health.

nimmi 4 years ago

Im lovin it

Velu 4 years ago

I drink beer , I like drinking beer, but i cant control drinking beer, how to control it, any one can advise me????

Randzo siwela 4 years ago

Alcohol is bad 4 ur health, especilly wen u hv too mch of it, if u stil ok @ da moment, effects r stil gona occure in future

Alan 4 years ago

Buy me one n il ley u no

Lingraj jhapure 4 years ago

Beer is my god and bar is my jannat2

Richmond umoh 4 years ago

Tell them there is more advantages lo!

anonymous 4 years ago

this is all depend on person to person and their eating habbit.

I have seen a person in my relative who early morning start and end with the Desi wine...

He is now 72 years old and he started in the age of 24..

but I never seen that guy to go into hospital for any diesese...

Se... 4 years ago

I love bear. I can't leave without it because it is too chilled.

jayesh 4 years ago

i like it

sathyamoorthy 4 years ago


kakaraat 4 years ago

its one of the best way to maintain our physic

manpreet 4 years ago

maine job ki hai hospital mai or dekha hai jab kisi ka baap ya bhai bed pe leta hota hai or doctor ye sab batata hai to log rote hue bahar jate hai.

manpreet 4 years ago

how many of you have visited I.C.U ever in any big hospital? i think most of u had never got a any chance, but if u ever got a chance then see, how many of people laying on bed due to liver damage by drinking beer or alcohol, and that situation is really tough for patient's relatives when doctor come and says there is no chance to be allryt, the only chance is liver transplant, but when they hear the expense of 30 to 40 lakh they cant bear it, now its up to u, wat u want?????????????????????

Sumit 4 years ago

Beer tastes good nd make ur body Cool .. Beer's awesome... I luv chilled Beer

shiv kumar makkar 4 years ago

beer is ohsomee yaar" a beer a day keeps a doctor away"so enjoooooooooooooy frnds

karthik 4 years ago

Kidney stones,

Beer consumption may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. Finnish researches found that there was a 40% lower risk of kidney stones in beer drinkers.

Enjoy with safe.....

MEQ-C WACK 4 years ago

Beer drinker may.....................while non drinkers may not. So drink once a week but not everyday.

Remember to drive safely. U know how.

Nishantbadshah 4 years ago

Beer is gud in a limit after all it is alcohol

anonymous 4 years ago

i hav startd today with a breezer... so was worried wether to continue or not... so while surfing in net got dis page... da comments were useful for me and i came ro a conclusion dat beer kills if consumed in heavy amount bt iz advantegeous if consumed moderately

Srikanth Bangalore K R Puram 4 years ago

Guys drink beer but don't cross the limits,

Basavaraj.balgnur. Raichur 4 years ago

Beer s gud for health bcz it avoids past bad thinks n feelings.. Bt it nt oly parmanent.. Sometime oly

kp 4 years ago

beer also cause increase of uric acid in our blood

abhu02 4 years ago

i love beer.........i drink daily 650ml beer nd coz of beer my helth is good .......from 5 yrs

john 5 years ago

Beer is also a great aphrodisiac. The more I drink the prettier my girlfriend looks.

faisal 5 years ago

i have been drinking everyday for the last 8 years. my body is very weak i am only 27 years old. it is sad and i know it

sunny mann 5 years ago

piyoooooo aur pineeeee dooooo

beer spoil womens life 5 years ago

frnds as u al kn beer is 50% good r bad

beer danger 5 years ago

beer is a attaction of death. so called evil...

dikar dikara beerge dikara so frinds live hapiily without beer.

friends ela ok keta beer eake

deathhhhhhhhhhhhhh 5 years ago

if u drink beer desth may attack u as soon as posibbli sooooooooooooooooo dnt adict to nonsece soooooo called beeeeeeeeeeeer

A velraj 5 years ago

Beer is very nice and body health but use for weekly one times.

Emmans 5 years ago

I love the strenghtening of bone aspect of beer but nothing more

klevin 5 years ago

plsss drink

beer is help full ur health

this is need full for human ,,,,,

auditorsrinivastumkur 5 years ago


sharad 5 years ago

mai aisi beer khoj raha hoon jisme alchohal na ho. Germany me aisi bear hi milti. kya India me bhi aisi beer kahi milti hai?

devaaa 5 years ago

arre sab daaruu pioo aur bakre chodo...kya bolte....ek dam jhakaaassss

Hello 5 years ago

Hey Guys..Why all this Tensions ??? Drink BEER Only By Remembering The 5 Benefits Of It. Be Chilled Always !!!!

sree 5 years ago



peeyo or peene do!!!;-)

karan 5 years ago

ram yug meh doodh aaya toh krishna yug meh ghee aur apne yug meh beer aayi toh khub daba k pee.

Prashik 5 years ago

I have no idea about beer..

Nilin John 5 years ago

if none of u noticed thay haven't mentioned the real harmful sides of beer intake whereas all the good sides of beer mentioned are highly advantageous health effects.. i can bet my balls this post has been uploaded by a some1 who wants to increase the sale of beer..

Jithendranath 5 years ago

I love beer.I used to drink beer daily atleast 3 bottle.If anything happen 2 my health, I will reach court against u for compensation.

Beer Rock 5 years ago

Beer rocks...Its removes all tension and wtf Beer belly..Beer helps me in building my muscles.. :)

ram 5 years ago

beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr life...nothing will happen if u drink bear daily also but don't drink too muxh where u loose u r catious...............i am drinkung bear regulrly from 13 years and still i am not faced nay health issues hope never comes...:-)

ankit rawat 5 years ago

i have never drink any alcoholic liquid, but now i am 19+ and want become a man yarrrrr... plzzzz some one teach me what kind of beer will benificial 4 me. help meeeeeeeeeee

Aniket waykar 5 years ago

My frnd n me drnks a lot beer. . .talli giro party karo. .anikool rocks

sam 5 years ago

I cant lve without myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beer

Chinmay rao 5 years ago

Drinking is ever better than smokn . . Vijay mallya ur simply rkng . . Bt stdnt ko beer pe concession laga do . . Life ban jayegi. . . :-*

Mayur rao 5 years ago

I love only ma girl friend beer. . She also loves me lot. . Bunk and beer ma rules. . . Njoy karø dost B-)

ompal singh thakur 5 years ago

beer is good for moderate beer drinkers .......................many of our frnds have ......wrong information about beer.......many thought that beer promotes fat and hence make the body fatty ....but this is not true contain 0% fat only damages the cell which burns fat and hence it result in ....fatty body

maham 5 years ago

plz drink milk only and some cold drink thats it.not alcohal

maham 5 years ago

beer is not good for heath plz guys avoid the beer and enjoy healthy lfe .any alcohalic thing is poisn so plz avoidddddddddddddddddddddddd .not drinking beer yakhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Kumar 5 years ago

Don't enjoy with beer

Pritam. 5 years ago

Drink beer in limit & make health & enjoy life.

arul mattakkuli 5 years ago


neville kayz 5 years ago

m really n luv wth beer...i won't quit...

m k nithi 5 years ago

beer is good drinks for health, whenever use weekly ones(650ml).

raj 5 years ago

beer gives me energy

JL 5 years ago

Limited is always good.. Be in your limit guys..,

NEERAJ   VARMA 5 years ago

im thnking starting...m so thin wana be somewat healthy...

annu 5 years ago

drink beer yaar bt nt regularly....there is no disadvantage until u get loaded with it..drink upto ur limit n njoy life..


keep on drinking beer - it never hurts you - it boosts you - however only if you take in moderation - but beware of girls - because you get out of control after beer.

Clint 5 years ago

Well now...complexity. Quality. Of living. Of. Paramount. Importance and certainly. Beer. Is a great way to. Experience. Our human. Condition. A good IPA. Assists with

our mortality. Issues. Too.

Clint 5 years ago

Well now...complexity. Quality. Of living. Of. Paramount. Importance and certainly. Beer. Is a great way to. Experience. Our human. Condition. A good IPA. Assists with

our mortality. Issues. Too.

kamal Yd 5 years ago

drink beer ,,,,,,but in limit..!

thoda bhut pina to chalta h.....

yomi 5 years ago

Too much of everything is bad, so drink beer responsibly.

pandu 5 years ago

beeerrrr......use like medicine....drink to your hearts content....

sammer  5 years ago

drink more beer less water

rohan 5 years ago

there is a way of taking out the Glistering , do that wont have stomach problem and its good.. beer rocks

nik 5 years ago

beer rocksssss....

DR.PARMAR 5 years ago


beer causes pain in the ankles. even a single drop of alcohol is poison for your body.your brain memory cells are destroyed.if y r creative person then leave it now.

Lavi 5 years ago

drinking beer doesn't cause any prblm.....its gud rather than an alcoholic prefer for helps in incresing muscle activity..and also helps to increase the hormonal reactions.....


Yuvi 5 years ago

A poison is also good if it takes under limitations.......

hideaki 5 years ago

id you want to add me in my email facebook okz.....

Maryann 5 years ago

Last nite our pastor told us that taking a beer is not a sin if you don't over drink.

angel 6 years ago

beer, good or bad chodo yar ek drink mar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vikas 6 years ago

Life is like Cigeratte enjoy it waise bhi sulag rhi hai khatm to honi hi hai! Bt enjoy in limit bcz excess of every thing is bad.

Afaque 6 years ago

Beer is the best relaxant and good for health if taken in moderation.

Arunkumar 6 years ago

Drink Beer.... but Don't be in Control...

Geeta 6 years ago


KENNY 6 years ago


ANSHUL 6 years ago


mobile themes 6 years ago

very nice hub..

Farhan  6 years ago

i will vanish all the beers from this world drinking them all :) guys i wa becoming bevwara but i stoped myself and limitized now i drink 5 500ml beers on friday nite and 4 on sat nite in whole week so what do u say

jattan 6 years ago

1 gallon of beer a day,will keep u energetic,healthy,sexy & so ...... drink heavily build heavily..

VIKRAM 6 years ago


ash 6 years ago

beer !sheer !peeer :P

abhi 6 years ago


Gopal Thakur 6 years ago

Hiiiiiiii everyone Beer drinking is essential but to a limited quantity. Ok so enjoy but to a limit

ashish 6 years ago

"beer".. it will really make u feel like a bear. try it.. its awsome after first drink.

aditya 6 years ago

it is good for health yaar

aditya 6 years ago

it is good for health yaar

raja 6 years ago

don't dring beer is higly affected

Kumar Motiani 6 years ago

I had start drinking beer, and i think its awesome, we should have but in limits, yeah there are side effects as well, but you read properly or have a smal research those side effects will apply when you go out you limits having lots of beer.. Or 2 beers a day its not that bad at all.

Kk 6 years ago

Beer is very very good bt hav it onz in a while dnt get addicted

ganesh shenoy 6 years ago

love u vijay mallya

jaimy 6 years ago

we all have short lyf .. so don't waste ur time in advantage or dis@ . just chill n roks . enjoy all flavour of lyf. gkddpqz aagdm lagjm . mngg ppgipr psdf

rida shams 6 years ago

drinking beer is very very dangerous for our health it can cause headache,liver diseases,heart attack,increase blood pressure plzzzzzzzzz dont drink.

aarshi 6 years ago

beer rules..

but in limit

kamal kumar 6 years ago

yaar as comparing to alcohol.., beer does stomach bloating earlier.. so less chances for much more overloading..!

so a JUG of Beer a DAY KEEPs ALL FEER AWAYYY..!!

rajesh 6 years ago

U all r rocking guys!! but pata ni kyon aajkal mujhe beer suit ni karti!!

kannan 6 years ago

beer is really very good taste and i like much more

Manikandan 6 years ago

beer is a best activater in my body enargy

asap  6 years ago

hey you people beer is bitter , try red wine

Raichur 6 years ago

Limited beer drink is good for bone development

mo 6 years ago

Beer Kills!!

vivek 6 years ago

disadvantage-wantage sab dhokha he

beer mar lo moka he......

o doodh peene walo

alex 6 years ago

Every thing in moderation in life....even beer

sahil 6 years ago

beer is good in limited quantity bole to...

2 times in a week...........

but after drinking we forget how many times we drink in this week

ranjeet 6 years ago

beer is really good for health but in moderate quantity......

Onyekachi 6 years ago

Beer is the best.but

watch out!

lucky 6 years ago

mallya tusi great ho......

Milo 6 years ago

Nice one

somebody nobody 7 years ago

Beer is the best... give up other alchohol but not beer.

kiran 7 years ago

pleaseeeeeeee all of u stop drinking beer ................. it is vryyyyyyyyyy injurious to healthhhhhh yaarrrrrrrrr

take care , every body ,


rafik 7 years ago

a brotherly piece of advice. read cience articals then give ur opinions. beer or any alcoholic drink is devastating.

navin 7 years ago

vijay malaya rocks...

live life king size wid king of gud times..

gowtham 7 years ago

wow really im proud who r producing beers.......

i thank them all.........

kennhyn 7 years ago

not everyone will develop beer belly, but long term drinking beer can effect the liver

harsh 8 years ago

my day doesn't start without a beer...

beer fucking RULEZZ

tjmum profile image

tjmum 8 years ago from Isle of Wight

Oooo. I can't begin to remember when I last had an alcoholic drink! My tipple is a white wine I'm afraid, but have worked in enough pubs to be able to serve a proper British Ale. Unfortunately I saw too many of the bad points coming out in people.

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