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We all love popcorn. These delightful yellow puffs are always by your side whenever you're at the movies, in a game, or even simply watching TV. Now why do we love 'em? Well because aside from its very unique taste and texture, popcorn is also pretty healthy (the plain one that is). Popcorn is high on fiber, like with any other grains.

How Does Popcorn Pop?

So how does popcorn do its signature popping sound whenever it's ready? Actually, when a popcorn kernel is heated, the moisture inside it expands. The amount of moisture within the kernel is very important as if that percentage is less than what's needed, it won't pop.

Now when the pressure inside gets very high, the kernel explodes, hence producing the pop sound as well as the heavenly puff we love.

Air Popcorn Machine Vs Microwave?

Well this question has been asked many times before even by popcorn enthusiasts (there exist such people). Each method produces that thing that we want, however, they vary in how they do it. Also, each has its own pros and cons, like the ones listed below:

  • A microwave-ready pack uses oil to cook the popcorn. Compared to a popcorn machine which only uses hot air, microwave prepared poppies aren't exactly as healthy as compared to a machine prepared.
  • While a microwave may come cheaper at first, popcorn machines will allow you to save more in the long run. Also, you can start a little popcorn business if you want.

Take note that since there are also oil operated popcorn machines available, you may want to carefully examine what mechanism your machine would use.

How Do These Popcorn Machines Work?

Air popcorn machines work by pumping hot air into a sealed kernel container. A heating element, usually an electric heater heats the air. Once the hot air reaches the kernels, it heats em up and pops them like a traditional popcorn maker.

A traditional popcorn machine
A traditional popcorn machine

What To Look For When Buying Popcorn Machines

Having to pick a popcorn machine isn't always a simple matter. Of course, just like with every stuff you buy you should there are things to consider such as:

1. The cooking mechanism. Pick hot air for a healthier goody, but go for oil if you're only at it every once in a while. Popcorn machines based on oil are cheaper if you do not go peanuts about popcorn every week.

2. Machine size. Of course, pick small ones if you'll only use it at home for yourself. If you go movie marathons with friends every week, then maybe it'll be better if you settle with a bigger one. If you're planning on doing business with it, go for the large commercial popcorn machines.

3. Countertop or Stand-Alone? Basically, counter-top units are more compact and space saver. You can place them on any stable surface. Stand alone units are technically those with adjustable heights but really take up space.

Of course, you still should consider the power consumption, price and budget, as well as usage of the machine. You'll see, after all that, having your own popcorn machine is a worthy (and puffy) investment!

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