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Thai Food

Thai food is pretty popular, even enough to make it one of the food 'genre.' Now why is this so? Well, just like with other Asian cuisines, Thai food features a unique and versatile blend of spices unique to that region of the world.

Probably one of the most iconic Thai dishes is the curry. Though already popular to other parts of the world (most notably to Asia), curry in Thailand presents itself unsurprisingly unique and elegant - not to say colorful as well.

Here, you can find curry of varying colors and flavors. Yellow, green, red, and heck even purple. Whatever color it is, expect it to be downright delicious.

What Makes Them So Special?

Aside from everything being fresh, Thai food is special in its own way. Here, rice noodles are used instead of the conventional egg and wheat. Combined with the right way of preparation, the resulting noodle is more delicate and fragile just like in western pasta.

Also, many Thai cuisines are derived, or should you say a result of the fusion of culture of its neighbor countries, especially the Chinese. Many cuisines here use soy sauce and stir fry methods courtesy of the wok, be it vegetables, meat, or seafood.

The method of stir frying is very much used because it enables the food to retain its full flavor as it is locked by extremely high heat. Most cuisines also require a little bit of traditional tools and knowledge.

Some Thai spices include Kaffir lime, pandan, thai sweet basil, turmeric, galangal, holy basil, and dill.

It can also be taken note that while most Thai food are spicy, they can be taken to as a healthier alternative. Most cuisines here use vegetables and lean meat, so if you're pretty conscious about your health, introducing yourself to Thai food would be pretty much good for you. So go ahead and go for some Thai food delivery services.

The Best Thai Food

If you're new to Thai food, then you should probably try Tom Yang Goong. It's a cuisine primarily consisting of giant shrimps and mushroom. This dish uses a lot of fragrant herbs, and so prepare your senses for this delight.Take note that chilis are also included, along with fish sauce, so if you're not a fan of spicy foods, you may want to remind the chef not to spice it up too much.

A fan of noodles? Then go for pad Thai. Pad Thai is a noodle dish dressed graciously with tofu, onions, and ground peanuts. Just like with other Thai dishes, it also contains fish sauce, sugar, and chili.

For the main course, Gai Med Ma Moung is pretty recommended. This dish consists of roasted casher nuts, chicken, soy sauce, honey, and garlic. An interesting mix of flavor always worthy to eat.

Whatever Thai food you wish to eat, one good tip would be ask first if its spicy before you tuck in, since most dishes here use chili. But if you're a spicy food lover, you'll really enjoy eating Thai food.

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