Choosing A Cake Pan

There are thousands of cake pan choices on the market, how do you choose just one for the special occasion? Picking out cake pans may seem easy, but there are tons of different routes can take. Your own skill may decide the cake pan for you, but if you're looking to spread your baking wings a bit you have an infinite number of possibilities.

Attempting to bake a cake that is above your skill grade is extremely frustrating. You want the cake to turn out great, but it's just not! The simple way around this is to practice the techniques you want to use ahead of time. If you've never laid fondant before, bake off a few practice cakes and have at it. If you've never done intricate icing, fill up some bags and squeeze away until you get the hang of it. Baking is fun, and your family will love eating your practice cakes!

Shaped Cake Pans

Figuring out where to buy shaped cake pans is a pain.  They used to be everywhere, even in the grocery store, but since their popularity has faded a bit they are much harder to come by.  Picking out the one that is perfect for your occasion can be tricky.  Many people will rely on simple tiered cake pans that they already have and decorate them differently, but there are some special occasions that call for special pans.  A heart shaped cake pan is perfect for Valentine's Day, and there are even tiered hearts that can make a beautiful cake.

The first step is to figure out what shape suits your fiesta the best, and work from there.  Amazon has thousands of shaped cake pans available at fantastic prices and you should be able to find exactly what you're looking for there.

Wedding Cake Pans

One of the easiest ways to save a ton of money on a wedding is to bake the cake yourself.  This may seem like a huge challenge, but with practice it is actually fairly easy.  

Traditional wedding cakes are tiered circles that have stands between the tiers and are topped with some sort of bride and groom topper.  You can do smooth fondant (which will look very professional) or you can ice it, however you choose be sure to bake some practice cakes ahead of time.

There have been some great wedding cakes made with tear-drop or square tiers as well.  The choice is up to you (or the the bride), but it can be done very easily.

One important tool to have when decorating tall cakes is a lazy-susan.  This will help you get around all sides of the cake without having to move the cake or yourself around a counter.

Birthday Cake Pans

Birthday parties are so much fun and the perfect cake is the proverbial "icing on the cake!"  In some situations picking out a birthday cake pan is as simple as asking a kid what their favorite cartoon character is and finding the pan to match, but for grown-ups it isn't always so simple. 

Companies like Wilton and Nordic Ware make cake pans in every shape imaginable.  There are bowling pins, books, castles, flowers, guitars, hands, and even "adult" shapes.  Let your creativity run wild when figuring out which to choose.

The good thing about some of the more abstract cake pans is that you can decorate them however you choose.  Take a guitar shaped cake pan for example, you can decorate it as an acoustic, an electric, a bass, or however you choose.  Make it fun and everyone will enjoy it as much as you!

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