Make Your Own Chip Clips

The Chip Clip

Chip Clips and How To Beat Fatigue

Hello fellow Hubbers!

I made the following video as an advertisement / plug for my Sleeping Disorders blog but the Chip Clip idea is such a good one I decided to share it with you all and see if you agree.

I have been doing this little trick for about two years now, ever since my daughter got big enough for clothes that come on those small hangers with the clips on the end that hold the shirts or pants or whatever.

Okay, on with the show, we all are familiar with chip clips, right?

The plastic dealio's that keep our opened bags of Cheetos, Doritos and Sun Chips closed so that they don't get stale in the cupboard.

Chip Clips come in all colors, shapes and sizes (there are some clips out there that are almost impossible to figure out how to use), but they all serve one basic function, they keep an open bag of chip closed.

Of course you can use them to keep all kinds of stuff sealed up; cereal bags, flour and sugar bags, pasta, beans and the list goes on and on.

What You Need

This Is How You Do It

My idea is a very simple one and it cost nothing as long as you buy clothes that come on the plastic hangers that have the clothes pin like clips at either end.

The only materials you will need are:

-plastic hangers with clips

The only tool you will need is:

- a pair of good sized wire cutters (or some tin snips)


As demonstrated in the video below, use the cutters or snips to cut the clips away from the ends of the hanger then trim excess plastic away from individual clips.


From previous experience, I have learned to make the first cut about a half inch away from the clip in case the plastic is brittle. This keeps the 'clip' part from breaking if the plastic breaks in a unexpected place with the first cut.
Not a whole lot more to tell, its a pretty simple process... hope you enjoy the video.


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