Cocktail Shaker


Boston Shaker
Boston Shaker
Cobbler Shaker
Cobbler Shaker
French Shaker
French Shaker

3 kinds, 1 purpose

 The cocktail shaker it's a device usually made of stainless steel, plastic or glass, used to mix more than one diferent beverages and also to cool a drink when used with ice.

To make a cocktail in the shaker, you have to put all the ingredients (small fruits, liqueurs, syrups, creams, and ice) inside. Then you have to shake it heavily for some 5-10 seconds, (this is done best by using each hand to hold the upper and bottom part of the shaker, rise it to your left or right shoulder, and shake it, making sure you feel the ice hitting both ends of the shaker) then you pour the mixed drink in the glass.

Currently, there are 3 varieties of cocktail shakers:

  • the Boston shaker, a 2 piece shaker, one made of metal and the other made of glass or plastic, called "mixing cup". It's used by inserting both upper parts in each other, closing it, and then shaking. A strainer is required if the cocktail doesn't require ice, to filter it out;
  • the Cobbler shaker, a 3 piece shaker, all made of metal, which are the bottom part, the strainer and the cap. The cap can be used as a measuring device for spirits or other drinks;
  • the French shaker, another 2 piece shaker, but made only of metal, and also needs a strainer to filter the ice.

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