Coffee: Dark Brown Aromatic Goodness

Who Gave coffee a Bad Rap

 Being originally from Ethiopia, the birth place of coffee I was never convinced that something so good could be bad for you. I think my mother felt the same way too. She kept on drinking at least 3 cups of strong Ethiopian coffee a day throughout her life despite doctors telling her to stop. She believes life without good, hot, and strong Ethiopian coffee is not worth living. She is 78, very sharp and very healthy. Now a days the story has changed all of a sudden coffee is a life saver. So who gave coffee a bad rap? I couldn't say. But I am ready to tell you its many benefits and sing praise to it as any red blooded Ethiopian would.

What Research is Showing

Recent Scientific research is showing strong evidence that coffee drinking protects from some very serious diseases. Drinking 2 to 3 cups a day may protect from developing type 2 diabetes, a disease that has epidemic proportions in the United States. It also protects against colon cancer and Parkinson’s diseases. There is some indication that might delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

All these are great and welcome news to us coffee lovers. But I suspect all coffee is not created equal. For instance I don't think decaf coffee has the above health benefits as the real thing. I will go further and say any kind of processed coffee will not be as beneficial as the unprocessed kind. In fact I believe these kind of coffee are probably more harmful than they are useful. I am not sure scientists know which chemical component of the coffee bean is responsible for the above health benefits. I suspect components in the bean work holistically to benefit us. I recommend organic fare trade coffee for our all over health. By the way, a bag of fair trade coffee makes very nice Christmas gift for the coffee lover in your life.

The Real Benefits of Coffee

Science can never with 100% accuracy prove to us that coffee does the above mentioned health benefits but centuries of coffee drinking has proven that it keeps many of us very happy. And what is more important to our health than our happiness. Coffee drinking is mostly a social activity. We invite our friends and family over in our homes or cafe for a cup of coffee. We take our time and enjoy a cup or two while enjoying good conversation. We see an old friend or aquintances on the street of course it is time to have good coffee and catch up on things.

Which one of us has not felt happy and uplifted as the aroma of good coffee wafted to our noses as we pass by a good cafe, or when we take our first sip in the morning? So coffee is emotionally and psychologically uplifting and therapeutic. In Ethiopia coffee is hardly drank for any other reason but for social enjoyment. People hardly drink coffee alone in a hurried manner. In fact coffee drinking is an art. It starts with coffee roasting. It is known as the Ethiopian coffee ceremony. This will be the subject of my next hub. Tune in because you might learn how to really enjoy coffee.

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angie ashbourne 5 years ago

Hi! I was drinking a coffee while reading your Hub...Good Hub!

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Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you enjoyed reading this hub.

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