Delicious Salad Tips

Delicious Salad Tips

The salad recipes result in flashy dishes, bright colors, different shapes, and creative decorations that give your mouth water. But beyond aesthetics and popular taste of the salads they are required because they are very healthy foods.

Salads are essential for weight loss because it contains low-calorie and when served before meals increase satiety and thus decrease the consumption of high-calorie foods, plus the fact do well to the intestinal tract, which aids in digestion and absorption of cholesterol and glucose. Are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins that provide energy, moisturize your body, are good for skin, heart, finally, our governing body whole.

Worldwide it is very common to find salad recipes like:

  • The vegetable salads, which can be used raw or cooked vegetables, enhanced with vinaigrette or olive oil.
  • The salads, which can be mixed vegetables, sprinkled with yogurt, olive oil or mayonnaise with garlic sauce.
  • The hot salads, such as bean salad, or salad of red cabbage, which can be augmented with cooked vegetables and cheese.
  • The fruit salad, which can be mixed fruits of all kinds and can be enhanced with condensed milk, cream or a caramel syrup.
  • The salad greens that can be seasoned with oregano and olive oil among others.
  • Mixed salads and vegetables that can be enhanced with sauces, oils, and spices such as parsley and oregano.

All salad recipes can be modified according to the taste of those who will eat or where the occasion will be served, are easily adapted to the nutritional requirements delivered on each occasion.

But some foods are made with durable and must be careful with the temperature where they are. The salads must be kept in the refrigerator, even after the warm-consumption, which last longer. It should also be careful not to pour oil on salads or sauces, offering them only at meal time that is already used in the dish, so the salads and sauces last longer.

The salad recipes are simple, tasty, healthy and very much appreciated, and should be incorporated into the daily menu of all.

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