How to make Killer Bread


Bread that Speaks a Language of Love

This is one of the easiest bread recipes to make. If you like to impress your friends and family, introduce them to this recipe! I usually make this as an appetizer while we are sipping a nice glass of wine with friends. The aroma of garlic, cheese and toasted bread will create some great memories for your guests. 

"Killer Bread"

1 Loaf of sourdough bread, cut in half

1 C of Mayonnaise

1 C of Parmesan Cheese, finely shredded

1-2 T of fresh cut Basil leaves

2-3 Garlic cloves, minced.

Step one: cut sourdough loaf in half and butter both halves. Broil in oven until toasted on both sides. Take out and set aside.

Step two: In a separate bowl, add mayo, Parmesan cheese and garlic. Stir gently until mixed an set aside.

Step three: Take toasted bread and spread liberal amount of cheese mixture so covers all ends of bread.

Step 4: Place back in oven under broil and heat until cheese is bubbling. Watch closely so it doesn't burn (I usually will let cheese turn an almost light brown, then I remove from heat).

Finish by taking out of oven and sprinkle fresh basil over melted cheese on bread. Cut into thin slices and serve warm.

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MommaKJ profile image

MommaKJ 6 years ago from Middle America

Great recipe, makes me hungry!

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