Flourless Chocolate Cake + Chocolate and Coconut Milk Glaze

Healthy and Original Chocolate Cake with Low Glycemic Index

A Flourless, Wholesome, Wheat Free Chocolate Cake with a unique texture that uses Sweet Potato instead of Flour and does not fail to satisfy our sweet teeth.
A Flourless, Wholesome, Wheat Free Chocolate Cake with a unique texture that uses Sweet Potato instead of Flour and does not fail to satisfy our sweet teeth. | Source

A Chocolate Cake that does not Disregard Health

This is a fantastic version of the classic chocolate cake, very original and with a unique texture. I got the recipe from an Argentinian TV Chef called Juliana López May that focuses on good, wholesome, healthy food. She substitutes the wheat flour with mashed sweet potato and gives it a twist with the coconut milk chocolate glaze (rather than using the traditional cream). It is absolutely one of my favorites! I hope you try it.

Ingredients for the Flourless Chocolate Cake

4 Tablespoons cocoa powder
6 egg yolks
6 egg whites
13.5 ounces (100g) brown sugar
17.6 ounces (500g) mashed sweet potatoes

Step-by-Step to Flourless Chocolate Cake

  1. Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until pale and fluffy.
  2. Beat in the cacao powder.
  3. Add half the mashed sweet potatoes and beat until the batter is smooth; then add and mix the other half.
  4. Separately, beat the egg whites with an electric mixer at high speed until stiff peaks form.
  5. Fold into the batter one third of the egg whites with gentle movements; repeat with the other two thirds.
  6. Pour batter into pan and bake at 356°F (180°C) until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean (around 50 minutes, depending on your oven).

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For the Chocolate and Coconut Milk Glaze

7 ounces (200g) dark chocolate
100ml coconut milk

  1. Chop the dark chocolate.
  2. Warm up the coconut milk. Ounce it starts boiling remove from the fire and add the chocolate. Let it stand still for a few minutes and then mix. Mix every 5 minutes until the mixture gets cold.
  3. Cover up the cake with the glaze while it is still warm.
  4. Let it cool down and enjoy!!! (I like it better a bit chilled, you can try it both ways and see for yourself which one is better for you).

Nutritional Facts of Sweet Potatoes

Besides simple starches, sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, beta carotene (a vitamin An equivalent nutrient), vitamin C and vitamin B6 ranking much higher in nutritional value than the common potato.

If you want to see more recipes of Juliana López May visit elgourmet

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Comments on "Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate and Coconut Milk Glaze" 10 comments

teresamg profile image

teresamg 4 years ago from Portugal

This cake looks delicious and the fact that it's flour-less increases my attraction. It's a good way to cut the carbs but have a great dessert at the same time. Thank you for the recipe.

Claudia Tello profile image

Claudia Tello 4 years ago from Mexico Author

Christin S, thanks for your interest and comments :D, it is my pleasure to share this recipe with you. I hope you enjoy the flourless chocolate cake, which, at the moment, is my favorite healthy chocolate cake of them all.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 4 years ago from Midwest

This does look really good - I'll have to try it :) Thanks for sharing the recipe

Claudia Tello profile image

Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico Author

Hi nifwlseirff, thanks for your interest and nice comments! I hope you can try this healthy, unusual, flourless chocolate cake sometime.

nifwlseirff profile image

nifwlseirff 5 years ago from Villingen Schwenningen, Germany

This looks stunning! Sweet potato and coconut in a choccy cake, yum!

Claudia Tello profile image

Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico Author

Thanks Sinea Pies, I hope you can make and try this flourless cake someday and, as a yam expert, let me know what you think.

Sinea Pies profile image

Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States

This is the most intriguing chocolate cake recipe I've ever heard of. No flour? Wow! Sounds great.

Claudia Tello 6 years ago

You are right, sweet potato's glycemic index is lower than that of refined wheat flour. And you can use unrefined sugar to make it even lower.

StarCreate profile image

StarCreate 6 years ago from Spain

Wow this is really interesting. I wonder what the effect of the use of sweet potato rather than flour is on the glycemic index of this recipe? Obviously it has sugar as well but even so I'd expect there to be an impact, at least on glycemic load. Also, it looks delicious ;-)

profile image

TajSingh 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Interesting recipe. A flour-less chocolate cake.

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