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What's your favorite snack food?

  1. PierrePierre profile image60
    PierrePierreposted 6 years ago

    What's your favorite snack food?

  2. kids-toy-box profile image50
    kids-toy-boxposted 6 years ago


  3. thirdmillenium profile image72
    thirdmilleniumposted 6 years ago

    Can not stop those potato chips

  4. Claudin_Dayo profile image60
    Claudin_Dayoposted 6 years ago

    something fried and a glass lemonade will do together with my family, of course smile)

  5. Wendy Krick profile image53
    Wendy Krickposted 6 years ago


  6. 0
    jca197493@yahoo.cposted 6 years ago

    I love to eat salsa and chips covered in jalapenos with extra cheese! Yum...

  7. ediggity profile image60
    ediggityposted 6 years ago

    Wassabi almonds, or chips and pico de gallo salsa.

    1. mom101 profile image60
      mom101posted 6 years ago in reply to this

      sunflower seeds and pepsi

  8. SomewayOuttaHere profile image59
    SomewayOuttaHereposted 6 years ago

    ....homemade hummus with really good seasoned pita.....

  9. 61
    minerbposted 6 years ago

    I love wings and things. Chicken wings, chick fingers, garlic toast, french fries, with sides of blue cheese dressing, sides of celery, and a big mug of beer!

  10. prettydarkhorse profile image65
    prettydarkhorseposted 6 years ago

    When I watch sports I eat Cheez curls - junk food with coffee or peanuts