Domino's - Gluten Free Pizza - NOT!!!

Domino's Australia/New Zealand AND the USA - Aggravating the symptoms of Coeliac Disease

OK folks, after reading the Sleepless Nights and Frogpondsrock blogs, I decided it would be necessary to create my OWN post on my view of Domino's Pizza and the Coeliac Society of Australia (CSoA)!

After hearing of some people in fact reacting to Domino's Australia gluten free 'I don't even know what to call it (if you call it gf pizzas that is deceitful and dishonest - if you call it gf base doesn't sound much like a pizza - you can tell you don't even know WHAT THE HELL to call it any more)' "things" i felt compelled to get the message out!!

Many of us are absolutely STEAMED about the CSoA not only allowing Domino's to get away with such rot with their disclaimers but also endorsing them as a food service outlet!!! They are so sleazy if you look for long enough!! I can't tolerate the smallest trace of gluten. I have coeliac (celiac) disease. It will manifest itself if any trace of gluten is consumed! Gluten will be the cause of damage to my gut and small intestine. I won't be able to absorb nutrients from my food for 21 DAYS!!!

Should I trust the coeliac society? I have my serious doubts, after them having ENDORSED Domino's Pizza (a glutenny place) as a takeaway outlet!!!!

Are they worried that domino's is going to pull the pin?! It's the only outlet they endorse and certainly not the most gluten free. THEY ARE Hypocrites by saying they don't support food service outlets, as they are more than happy to keep a chain like Domino's happy to deliver falsely advertised ""*Gluten Free*"" PIZZA!!!!

The below image with the red line through the CSoA *logo* represents my view of their outright negligence and denial of traces of gluten being an issue for CD sufferers!

Edited to Add: You may have noticed that the above CLICK HERE link is no longer active. The coeliac society has addressed the issue of the endorsement of Domino's and have made it VERY CLEAR that it is only the gluten free bases from Domino's that are endorsed. Please accept my apology.


THAT would have been hard for me to understand and comprehend. My educated mother would never let me go there to order pizza, even if I was stuck and out with my friends (if they offered them then). I WOULD HAVE JUST GONE HUNGRY. BUT, YOU KNOW, My mother now would STILL absolutely hate it if I went out to get a Domino's so-called GF pizza!!! And I'm really glad to have a mother who cares that much that she would encourage me to go with my gut and avoid these so-called "'gluten free' pizzas that may contain traces of gluten"...

IT REALLY IS NOW A SOCIAL BURDEN, MORE THAN EVER BEFORE!I'm absolutely dead set serious about this. If I'm out with friends and they all decide to get a Domino's PIZZA, I am rooted... SERIOUSLY! Friends will now say 'you can have your gluten free pizza now!'

I have to respond in such a way so as to say I can't. EVERYONE THINKS IT'S IN MY MIND. I was horrified but not one bit surprised to recently hear on Veronica's blog that TWO people recently had an AWFUL experience with "GF" pizzas from DOMINOS! THESE ARE TWO PEOPLE WE KNOW OF!!! I AM SURE THERE WOULD BE PLENTY MORE WHO DON'T ADMIT IT!!! PEOPLE ARE DAMAGING THEMSELVES TO PLEASE DOMINOS AND INDULGE IN A VERY SCARY NOT-WELL-THOUGHT-OUT PIZZA THAT IS SUPPOSEDLY SUITABLE FOR THEIR GLUTEN FREE DIET!!!!


Gluten Free Base

Text Reads:

"Although all due care is taken with your order, your meal may contain traces of gluten. Please note your pizza topping selection may not be gluten free."

Here is a video of mine on this hot topic!

This is misleading advertising. We didn't have this NONSENSE when I was first diagnosed 18 years ago with coeliac disease. I would hate to think of what it would be like for newly diagnosed coeliacs who have just been told they must notconsume any trace of gluten. then they come across a business like Domino's that offers GLUTEN FREE BASES, which makes it look like the pizzas are gluten free. Then there's a STUPID disclaimer on them.

Call it something else like "Hardcore Base", "Tough Base", "Hard Base", etc. BE Creative!

Don't mention the word GLUTEN if there is any chance at all that it could contain traces of it. Point it out in the Allergen Listing!!

Domino's, It’s Simple

Just don’t promote the product as being gluten free at all. Let coeliacs discover for themselves in the allergen listing statements that one of the bases is gluten free. That was how I initially found out long before it was advertised. I am coeliac.
This will prevent a whole lot of problems. Maybe give the gluten free base a different name (such as GF (if you really feel you have to), or the “hard” base, "tough"/"tough GF" base or just perhaps "Hardcore" if you want to be groovy) and don’t even use the term ‘gluten free’ anywhere. The general public is not interested in this. You will find non-coeliacs will probably buy this base not knowing its gluten free making it an even better seller to the public. It will also stop coeliacs from wrecking their own health!

I would advise that you should probably not even mention the word ‘gluten’ if there is not a 100% guarantee that the entire pizza is gluten free!!


Alright This is my strategy that I fired off to them ages and ages and ages ago (not that long ago, actually, only a couple of months)!! THE ADVERTISING IS MISLEADING AND I FEEL THE COELIAC SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

It greatly disappoints me how much coeliac disease is underestimated, IT REALLY DOES. I hope Domino's will one day offer a 100% gluten free pizza. If enough of us complain to them and the CSoA, I am 100% sure that something will be done about it.

Are YOU prepared to refrain from consuming Domino's Pizza on a Gluten Free Base? I certainly am. It takes good self-discipline but I feel that this is one opportunity to exercise it. Even with all these tempting flavours and toppings, I have decided NOT to give in! I think you should do the same!

SO...... This is what i feel needs to be done!! Get out your pen, pick up the phone, get online. Contact the Coeliac Society of Australia, express your concern. Then contact the ACCC (the time it takes is worth it, trust me), Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and DOMINO'S PIZZA to express your point of concern and explain their absurdity. Listen carefully to or observe each response thoroughly. Analyse the information carefully and make an inference on whether this issue is being dealt with (which it will probably appear to not be). If you don't like the response make sure you clearly make out so! Make these organisations respond in the way you deserve for them to do so. Contact them and provide your views. Then WRITE, FIGHT, WRITE!

As they say, in the end, the consumer is always RIGHT! We're gonna get to the bottom of this and have these guys completely sorted out to OUR satisfaction before we're happy!!

UPDATE 05/2012: Domino's in the USA:

It has now become clearly evident that Domino's Pizza in the United States of America (USA) has just started offering gluten free pizza for their customers. Currently all of the major pizza chains in Australia (Domino's Pizza, Eagle Boys Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizza Capers and Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar) offer a gluten free base.

Now it seems like Domino's in the USA has started offering them as of 7 May 2012!!!

Fantastic!!!! That is, until you read the disclaimer (in the video above).

Let me know your thoughts as I know little about their offering in the USA, and I think it absolutely STINKS that they're exploiting the gluten free market as a niche target group!!!

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infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

The Comments so Far:

CASE1WORKER 3 weeks ago

i have had 50 years of intolerance.

i would suggest that it is the toppings that could contain gluten

check if they use cornflour or flour in the preparation area.

I can recommend pizza hut but take your own base, they are so helpful and have a chart saying what is what

good luck

kellynolan82 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment, CASE1WORKER. However, I live in Australia where gluten free pizzas are offered at Dominos. They supposedly have 13 different pizza topping varieties but they also use a disclaimer as shown in the final picture below this comments capsule. It is the fact that they are claiming their pizzas to be GLUTEN FREE and then adding a disclaimer that there may be traces of gluten that I take objection to.

Legally, In Australia, you cannot label something as GLUTEN FREE unless it is exactly that, 100% GLUTEN FREE!!! No ifs, buts, or whatevers!!!

Achelois 6 years ago

I cannot abide this kind of target marketing ad campaign. Perhaps their next will be aimed at those with heart disease with a little friendly heart on the ad banner. Removing a little salt, using a lower fat cheese. I suppose they could even make them smaller. In all probability in doing that they will add sugar and all manner of stuff increasing the liklihood of diabetes. Perhaps they could have a diabetic friendly pizza – only those no doubt would be the one’s that forgot to mention that they raise cholestorol.

Whatever next – an EDS friendly pizza. ha ha.. go on Domino’s I dare you.

Jokes aside. Its not funny. Imagine the excited child/teenager who had been promised finally to be able to eat that which their peers scoff only to find out that they have the option of eating it and being ill for weeks, or not eating it and feeling the isolation again of being different.

Gluten free means just that. For some reason this whole thing has got me cross – false promises perhaps hit a moral high ground for me. I am not sure what has annoyed me more the disclaimer on the base or the idiot who couldn’t even give gluten free toppings suggestions.

The stupid thing is that what Domino’s claim to be pizza’s bear little resemblance to the real thing anyhow. Having sat in Italy Florence, Milan, The Riveria and more;living for a time with an Italian family, eating the authentic stuff albeit some years ago I can honestly say, watching the real thing being made, eating & enjoying the wide variety of variations depending on regions, Domino’s is little more than glorified cheese on toast anyhow. Fine if you like it but to call it Pizza in the first place is a joke.

I am afraid to say the gluten free option is little more than a marketing ploy – why should they care really care about the reality of living with coeliac or associated intolerances when they are probably responsible for a great deal of ill health in the nation as a whole already simply by other campaigns, buy one get one free, bigger and better than the rest. bla bla bla.. To me this may as well read, get them started early and they will be hooked. They should look at the health of the nation and hold their corporate head in shame.

So to Domino’s – you can stick your gluten free – not pizza’s where the sun don’t shine.

Oh yes and just because I am such a nice person I’ll add a please for good measure.

Nita 6 years ago

I have Coeliac and have not had a problem, I stick to the toppings on the menu marked GF and not likely to anyway like olives, prawns, etc. Maybe the outlet you bought from is not following procedures to prevent cross contamination?? :( I have had reaction from food from so-called GF-aware health food cafes because some prep cook didn't change their gloves etc.... grr Sorry Domino's didn't work out for you!

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Nita, what did you see, on this page, to make you think that someone was glutened from a Domino's GF pizza. I don't see any mention of that anywhere on this page. If the cafe businesses you are talking about promoted any of their products as gluten free, they need to be aware that it is illegal to advertise somethiing as gluten free if it can't be fully guaranteed.

Also, be aware that even if you don't experience noticeable symptoms or physical discomfort after eating something that may have come in contact with gluten, you may still be doing damage to your gut small intestine. BE CAREFUL when eating out and make sure a venue means what they say when you see the 'GLUTEN FREE' term waved in your face.

chloe clark 6 years ago

It is too bad, because dominos have come onto this from a wrong angle. i would like them to have a clear ingredient listing, not just a table of additives as I have to avoid dairy egg and soy [without even menttioning gluten]! Sure, the egg is easy to avoid but dairy and soy are not. A cheese-less pizza may be possible at dominos but the gluten free base? what flour do they use? most likely rice and soy flour i would be guessing. and... as you are saying kelly - what about cross contamination. has any one else thought of this or is it just me am i a nigel because i have to keep away from all these other foods? the coeliac society promote allergen friendly shows. why don't they help encourage this with places like dominos? bizarre

margot helms 6 years ago

I can't live this way. Being exploited like this but not having a guarantee for my needs to be met. I can sum this up into pretty much one word from here: teasing. yup that is correct. teasing. they are bullying us coeliacs treating us like we're not much more than a pice of s**t they gotta rid in their store. they are treating us with utter contempt and i do hope something is done because i f**ken can't f**ggin stand this f**ken crap any more. Sorry to sound like this but we're being treated like garbage. theres no other word to describe the lack of understanding of domino's f**king *pizza...

Domino's Pizza Enterprises 6 years ago

Thankyou for your feedback regarding Domino’s Gluten free bases.

Domino’s Gluten Free base and 13 gluten free pizza options have been approved by the Coeliac Society.

A considerable amount of work has been done to provide products suitable for Coeliacs, including:

1. The pizza base only being endorsed by The Coeliac Society. It is made in a gluten free endorsement and tested to contain no detectable gluten.

2. Identification of gluten free toppings.

3. Detailed in store handling procedures to eliminate contamination approved by The Coeliac society.

The Coeliac Society are confident that with these matters in place, there should be no concern regarding the safety of Domino’s pizzas marketed as gluten free.

At Domino’s, we have added a warning on our Gluten Free advertisement about the possibility of contamination, as a precautionary measure.

We have worked closely with The Coeliac Society to eliminate errors but at the same time we have been cautious in our advice.

If you have any more queries regarding our Gluten Free pizzas please feel free to call our Headoffice on 07 3633 3333.


Domino’s Pizza Enterprises

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

I see... No Acknowledgement of any oversight on your part Domino's?

aliesha 6 years ago

awwwwwww kelly! cheer up! we'll find somewhere for you to go soon :)

Michelle 6 years ago

I completely agree with you Kelly. We are being exploited and treated with very little respect for any one's needs... I like your 'how gluten free arre you' assessment article! good words of wisdom for all the coeliacs out there. Great Job, Kelly!

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks Michelle. I have felt compelled to get the word out about this as it has bothered me more and more each year. Now I'm to the point (between Domino's and these pizza places falsely advertising 'gluten free' products) where I just can't cope anymore.

Remember, for something to be labelled as 'gluten free', it must be 100% guaranteed 'gluten free'. Some say the same laws don't apply in food service outlets as they do for food manufacturers but they are incorrect. If there is any possible trace of gluten in the product, it is not GLUTEN FREE! FULL STOP.

profile image

Gepe 6 years ago

I will begin by stating that I work in the food industry in the production of gluten free products, but have absolutely no connections with Domino's and have no need to defend them, but really, you guys are unbelievable. Yes you need to be extremely vigilent and about what you consume, but your discussion highlights the reason why manufacturers need to include 'may contain statements', even though their products comply with the regulations, and are highly unlikely to be contaminated.

For your information, the Australian food regulations do not state that gluten fee products must contain NO GLUTEN, they state that they must contain NO DETECTABLE GLUTEN, which based on currently available methods effectively means

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Gepe, I don't have a problem at all with the disclaimer. My issue here is that we coeliacs are being EXPLOITED as a NICHE "TARGET GROUP" in society. Domino's Pizza is a business that demonstrates no exception to this. Like I have said, you cannot claim a product to be gluten free unless it is free of detectable gluten. If Domino's is using a disclaimer on their product advising that it may have encountered gluten, it will NOT be "detectable" gluten free. It is an incredibly simple concept to understand.

It is obvious! The staff don't even use fresh, clean, uncontaminated toppings. All they do is POSSIBLY change gloves and use separate rings, pans and pizza cutters! With this sort of approach there will, most definitely, be detectable gluten in the product!

It is illegal to describe a product as being gluten free when it isn't free of detectable gluten (i.e. 100% gluten free). I can see your argument in this and would agree that it is not possible to test for whether a product is actually "100% gluten free". I agree with you there. Even so, Domino's is doing the WRONG THING by referring to one of there products as "gluten free" when it isn't!

Alice 6 years ago

How STUPID of Domino's Pizza to claim something to be gluten free when it isn't! Doesn't surprise me, though. I have allergies to soy products and certain legumes and have got to admit that after 14 years of having to avoid one bugger that finds its way into an incredibly unexplainably large amount of our food (i.e. soy). It can easily be avoided, however, with a bit of thought and COMMON SENSE. Domino's shows very little thought. They are so stupid that, while they have a thin'n'crispy base that is soy free they can't accommodate soy allergies because of the STUPID SOY OIL they use in their BLOODY PANS and PIZZA SAUCES. That is how intelligent (or rather, unintelligent) they are. Really, that is pretty stupid indeed, when there are so many oils out there to choose from. Why would they choose soy oil (when it contains one of the most common reactive foods around)? Because it's probably the CHEAPEST and their THAT S*T*U*P*I*D to not even bother giving us soy-allergic individuals even a slight thought, just because the incidence may not be as high as coeliac disease. DOMINO'S IS NOT SAVING MONEY BY USING SOY OIL. THEY'RE LOSING OUT ON SALES!!!!!!!!!!! THAT, HONESTLY IS HOW STUPID AND UNEDUCATED THEY BLOODY WELL ARE!

WHY ON EARTH would you ever think of trusting them with a gluten free diet when they can't even guarantee against cross-contamination. Do they even know the laws? OR are they just so greedy that they can't even bother training their employees. Half the time I hear they do nothing.

STOP carrying gluten free bases, Domino's. Seriously, STOP. It's obvious no one knows what they're doing here so PLEASE just stop accommodating these stupid gluten free fad dieters who (as I have heard someone quote on some other comment) are wrecking the lives of genuine Coeliacs due to their 'flippant' attitude that "A LITTLE BIT WON'T HURT".

I know I may be off topic but I want you all to realise that Domino's is helping no one in this. If you knew about some of their other inefficiencies, you might think twice about Domino's when choosing YOUR next pizza.

Larissa 6 years ago

My coeliac condition got me today because of this stupid marketing ploy. I ordered a pizza with gluten free toppings and the GF base. Apparently food service businesses don't seem to have to conform to the gluten free law like manufacturers do. This is ridiculous! I am now suffering excruciating abdominal pain because they believe such a small amount won't affect us. Usually I am very careful but I was hungry and didn't realise they had a disclaimer as I didn't order via their site.

Given coeliac disease is a common condition, when something is quoted as gluten free, MAKE SURE IT IS! That’s all I ask for: accurate and obvious labeling.

I also agree that the advice about wheat glucose syrup not causing a problem is wrong and Dieticians, Naturopaths and our CCoA need to stop saying this. I cannot have any wheat-, rye-, barley- or oat- derived ingredients at all. If I do I end up with vomiting so severe that I’ve had to be hospitalised previously.

In Australia avoiding gluten is difficult because of businesses like Domino's Pizza that misrepresent the life of a coeliac. I have a list of restaurants in my area I frequent and am a regular so they know the deal.

For those that have just discovered themselves to be coeliac there are a lot of foods you can eat, it’s just requires an adjustment in your diet. I always ate a lot of fresh foods, rice and salmon, so for me it wasn’t a major change. I just had to find places where I could buy the occasional treat.

Hope this is helpful to others.

Thanks Kelly for a great site!

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Larissa - Thank you for commenting. You're absolutely right! It's a real pity our labelling cannot be better trusted. I feel our Coeliac Society may be part-way behind this. Great to hear you've found some places where you can safely dine. If a place doesn't take us coeliacs seriously, why should we take them seriously?

Re: glucose syrups - I will give more information next week about the effects of such ingredients in my next hub. Be warned, glucose syrup derived from wheat is NOT completely gluten free. It DOES contain TRACE AMOUNTS of gluten, as does Caramel Colour 150 and MSG derived from the same grain. I just wish the CCoA would take our needs more seriously.

Alice - I wouldn't trust Domino's with my gluten free diet. With 14-15 year olds working there, I really wouldn't take the chance myself and I do in fact wish Domino's would either use the 'gluten free' term properly or not at all, as I have mentioned in the main entry. It's a shame to hear that they can't accommodate soy allergies because of the vegetable oil used on premises. Anyone with a little common sense would EASILY overcome this. Just another variable in place to persuade us to go elsewhere in our hunt for gluten free food. *sigh*.

Nicole 6 years ago

Calm down, just don't eat there if you're not happy. I commend dominoes for the effort they have made to produce gf food. They are much much much better than just about every other restaurant I have eaten at, with proper chefs. Why not have a go at them?

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

I would like to be able to give Domino's a go, however my coeliac condition is rather serious. Additionally, there is an enormous variance between staff members and I feel that the CCoA has missed something quite important in all of this: using separate condiment pots altogether. I don't mind Domino's offering GF food, it's just that a product cannot be labelled as 'gluten free' when it might not be. Perhaps they could give the base another name, as I suggested earlier. Then their gluten intolerants and coeliacs who were willing to give it a go could easily do so. This is the issue that I have. It takes three weeks for my gut to heal after ingesting gluten. Sure, it can happen once in a while which it probably does without me even knowing it... Thanks for commenting.

Nicole 6 years ago

Well the bases are 100% gluten free, as are the sauces and toppings, clean knifes, and clean trays. Cross-contamination comes from other stuff in the kitchen, which I see as exactly the same as any kitchen at home-I cook gf for myself and normal food for my flatmates, the risk is the same. I went to Dominoes last week and they accidentally didn't use a clean knife to cut my pizza, so they made me a new one and gave me both for free. They really did know what gf meant. I have been horribly sick from almost every other restaurant and cafe I've been too, and they are all advertised on the NZ Coeliac website. I think its up to everyone if they want to take the risk and eat out, it's their own choice. Dominoes has never made me sick.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

@Nicole I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences at other establishments . The worker(s) who served you sounds lovely. I know a lot of people who wouldn't be bothered. I feel for the fact that you have had a bad experience with other businesses. Please let me know of any establishments claiming 'gluten free' that you feel are not practising their gluten free preparation methods properly, as I feel compelled to warn coeliac individuals of any potential dangers.

Clawd 6 years ago

I buy Dominos every month, I get the GF base vegie pizza, I have no problems with it (I'm allergic to wheat and gluten and the slightest amount, even the traces in the Rice Cookies, makes me itch), I was buying their supreme and didn't have a problem until they changed the ingredients a few months back.

8R2X 6 years ago

so their gluten free topping list is misaccurate? Mmmh?

doesn't surprise me!

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Clawd, thank you for commenting.

It's great to hear that you haven't had any problems with Domino's Gluten Free Pizzas. I wish the same could be said for everyone ordering from them.

Whilst it's great to receive all the various comments this post is, primarily, about false advertising. In Australia it is illegal to claim any food item as 'gluten free' when it may contain detectable traces of gluten!

Claiming 'gluten free' but then adding a disclaimer saying that the meal 'may contain traces of gluten' is false, misleading advertising!

Erin 6 years ago

IDIOTS! It is hard enough to eat out as a Coeliac without stupid stuff like this!

Issac 6 years ago

Guys, come on! You are completely beyond yourselves and besides kelly, you're just as vulnerable as the rest of them. All dominos is doing is covering their bottoms you know. I really don't think there's a problem at all. The coeliac society recommend them and they're very good.

And besides, when you drive a car, you risk dying in a fatal car crash. The coeliac society is here to help individuals eat out, know the risks but most of all enjoy a gluten free diet. With that of course comes some risk. You need to get a life, Kelly and stop getting up businesses. I'm sure that if it was that much of a problem they would have stopped doing it by now

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Erin, they are idiots indeed. They haven't even taken the time to educate themselves

Issac, if you've read some of my latest articles you may see where I'm coming from. Perhaps you don't really want to know, I may assume. Yes you do risk a lot when eating out gluten free, however businesses must legally provide us with clear, informative and accurate information. Domino's is not doing that.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Quoting Issac (Denied Comments)


You live in {edited to remove location of residency}!! Hehehehehe just gave it away!


Quoting Issac


{Location within residency removed} I might add (forget the room)


Issac, whether you know me or my room number or not, it is NOT your place to state where I live. Is your life really that shallow? Please respect others' online privacy. Your comment was way off track as well and should you impede on any of my hubs again like so, you may just be very surprised at what happens. I didn't come down at the time of your last shower and I wouldn't be 'hubbing' if I had not a clue. Please respect my request. Thank you.

Annie 6 years ago

I have seen seen what Dominoes pizza work areas look like and find it inconceivable that it is even possible to market their products as GF ???!?!?!?! Christ what a mess!! and given that the employees are usually young students who change on a weekly basis how would this even be able to be enforced ? :/ what a crock .....

George Kite 6 years ago

I am sick of this. I am sick of these people who think that ‘gluten free’ is some fashionable term used to catch a vulnerable market of coeliac disease sufferers.

Gluten is a mixture of proteins contained in wheat, rye, barley and oats. (Don’t believe the Coeliac Society about safely being able to use wheat glucose syrup. It is NOT safe for coeliacs. My reaction to it is SEVERE. Others have nearly died from exposure to this ingredient. Wheat caramel colour is also an issue for me.)

It saddens me to see individuals, let alone businesses, taking the implications and requirements of coeliac disease so lightly. Gluten has a protein in it. All proteins can be harmful and potentially FATAL, and just because the incidence of death from gluten is not as great as that from peanuts or shellfish, it still exists. Businesses like Dominos are playing with fire by advertising their product as gluten free and then adding a disclaimer. If nothing is done about this, it will eventually catch up to them.

Businesses who supply inaccurate information or mislead customers in this way should not be supported in doing so. We, as coeliacs, need to avoid every trace of gluten in our diet. If the Coeliac Society is not attending to it like they should, it is then down to us fellow coeliacs to look after ourselves and each other, fight the battle, and win as consumers!

Let us not let these businesses get away with laziness but, rather, let us show them what we, as customers, ask for – CLEAR, INFORMATIVE and ACCURATE information.

Email me at if you wish to contact me about the above!

Mr Sensible 6 years ago

Surely if you're that sensitive (my mother is the same) then you wouldn't trust any fast food outlet. I know my mother wouldn't trust a top notch restaurant if a 15yr old was in charge of making the dish she was going to eat.

If we go to a new place my mother goes to the kitchen and talks to the head chef - if they are not willing to talk or do not care/understand then we walk out and go somewhere else. As a result we generally go to the same place where the staff are very aware of her situation.

It's the same if you're strictly vegetarian - I wouldn't trust them to only put exactly the toppings I want on a pizza the same way I wouldn't trust McDonalds or anyone else.

I know that living with a condition like this is hard (odds are I'll probably end up with it) but that's life. I'd miss croissants and home made scones and cakes - I wouldn't miss fast food. Consider it an excuse to eat well and enjoy good quality food.

Ian 6 years ago

I'm surprised Domino's has promoted their products so outrightly like this. I never quite realised just how strict the laws here are. I shall be watching this debate very closely indeed.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Just checked my emails and guess what I found?! Another *formal* response from the team almost identical to the FIRST TWO for the THIRD time! They are deliberately missing the point!

My position is clear and simple. A food item cannot legally be labelled as gluten free if it isn't. It is against the law to advertise a gluten free product that isn't gluten free. A food item is either gluten free or not gluten free. There are no 'in-betweens', ifs, buts or whatevers. The law is the law, and businesses better get their heads around it or we'll get ours around them and take them to task!

jake 6 years ago

it is advertised as a gluten free base, which it is, not a gluten free pizza. end of story.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

jake, did you ever read the press release document at ?

They are referred to as GLUTEN FREE PIZZAS in BIG BOLD letters so that all of the 'people' out there can 'jump with joy' for the reason that Domino's *appears* to be helping out the handicapped. *snort* They are also referred to as gluten free pizzas in the small print surcharge fee bit.

Is there really any point in going to the effort to offer a gluten free base when this is the case? I mean, seriously, it's going to clearly be an issue.

Consider this scenario: Someone is making a pizza. They’ve got flour on their gloves, maybe some crumbs from the oven baked sandwiches and pastas as well. They reach into the cheese container for a handful of cheese, leaving behind a small amount of flour and crumbs. The cheese that was 'allegedly' gluten free is no longer gluten free, because now it is cross contaminated with gluten. (The same scenario applies at Eagle Boys Pizza and Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, where toppings are used from the same tray for all items. I have taken these businesses to task and have posted my comments on them at and respectively!)

Despite the fact that "due care is taken with your order", there is NO WAY the product will be guaranteed gluten free. Not to mention any airbourne flour particles. A product either IS or ISN'T gluten free!!!!!

MDS 6 years ago

You are lucky that Dominos offers gf based pizza in Austraila. They don't seem to be interested in doing so in the US.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

MDS - Probably for a good reason, too.

texgal 6 years ago

I have celiac sprue and I think its horrible that domino's is doing this, I called dominos here and they said they didn't know anything about a gluten free pizza so its just certain places... I am sick and tired of these places not even trying to get gluten free food in, they just don't care... I make my own pizza and its good, its just not the same and thats what I miss. Oh well its something we have to deal with being celiac sprue... Have wonderful holidays everyone...

Gluten Free 6 years ago

GET OVER IT. For years gluten free people had no choice, now a major company id offering a gluten free base. OF COURSE they have to protect themselves and say that traces of gluten might exist. Our family eat their gluten free pizzas with no ill affects at all. Are there people more sensitive to the slightest crumb of gluten from a surrounding counter, of course. BUT dont slam a company for providing a great resource like a gluten free base. Go read the topics carefully, custom make your pizza to ensure no topics you dont want are taken off ... Dominos from what I see and what our family eat are doing a great job. Lifes not prefect so stop winging that the world should be perfect , it's not. Be responsible for you own actions and choices.

tc 6 years ago

OMG! Finally a voice of reason. Fasten your seat belts this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Kelly aka infolan (she of the silhouette and enhanced breasts) the one who was chastised on the Sleepless nights blog for they way in which she spoke of people who did not agree with her view. WELL, GLUTEN FREE and GET OVER IT. Go you brave thing!!!!

Having followed Miss Kelly you must brace yourself for an education on all things WATCH MY LIPS AND GLUTEN FREE LAWS/PIZZA AND HOW DARE THEY!!!!

It does not matter that most people have the intelligence to make informed decisions

re their own health and well being. Infolan is there to make DAMN sure that you are looked after. There are great sites i.e that have wonderful debates and discussion on how to work with Restaurants, food outlets and Manufactures to create a win win for all. Go INFOLAN YOU GOOD THING.... Just another desperate person trying to find some form of meaning in the world. Your site is useless if nothing else. 4 Fans WOW!!!!

tc 6 years ago

My apologies INFONOLAN (typo)

mary aitchison 6 years ago

My husband had a domino’s pizza a few months ago, he was fine for about 1/2 hour after eating it,then on the way home ,he pulled over and was sick all the way home and through the night .Irang and told them about their pizza not being totally gluten free,and their replied was sometimes ,their utensil would touch other utensils,and they were happy to refund me the money,the issue is not the money ,but well being of their customers .If you are advertising that your pizza are gluten free, well damn make sure that they are or you are liable for your actions.

Sue 6 years ago


You and your husband should adhere to the disclaimer.

Make your own pizza at home and don't eat out.

If you do eat out give credit to the businesses that do not make your husband sick.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Sue - Under the Australian Food Law, the 'gluten free' label overrides any ingredient or warning statement. The disclaimer should not have to be adhered to. Domino's Pizza is simply falsely advertising if they 'attempt' to cover themselves after proclaiming the 'gluten free' term.

Beth 6 years ago

You are right! It should be clear that Gluten free is gluten free, even if the product is purchased from a restaurant,

then DP should find out the process.....did it come in contact in a with wheat, barley or made where wheat was the minute before. Gluten kills...even the smallest amount for some people. I think that there is a difference between GF and Certified GF here in the US. Our country is built on wheat, so it will be a cold day in hell before FDS does what is needed to stop our country from cancer that is killing Celiacs and the undiagnosed,

Megan 6 years ago

It's a shame but I've found a lot of people/organisations don't really understand the concept of food allergies. At least they're trying to do the right thing.

Sue 6 years ago

Megan, if you look at ALLL of Kelly's Hubs you will see that she is not tying to ASSIST food outlets. She is a Law student in Canberra. My new favourite is her new (he he) sign off. Does that mean that she isn't really serious about the labelling laws in Australia?

Is this a past time for her in between studying and something that makes her feel important? I would suggest that everyone should follow all her Hubs and she where she really stands o this issue.

I don't seem to find many Coeliacs following her with the obvious praise she seems to crave.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

i, I have removed your comment (dated 30 January AEST) as personal attacks (incl. explicit language) are not accepted here. This page is specifically intended to warn other coeliacs about potential dangers associated with cross-contamination as well as highlight why and how this business is currently deviating from legislation in Australia that surrounds 'gluten free' labelling.

Jenny 6 years ago

I am not a Coeliac, but eat a wheat free diet and feel better for it. I understand how impossible it is to eat out and try avoiding wheat or gluten. The idea of advertising GF pizza, while still making non-GF foods in the same kitchen would be impossible to stop cross contamination with the different hands touching different bases, toppings and breads. This is clearly impossible to commit to being GF pizza.

I have never tried one of there GF pizzas as I also like to avoid potato, corn and dairy and fear the GF base or toppings may contain these also. If they have nothing to hide tell us what ingredients are contained in every base, topping and sauce, and if they have trained there staff to avoid or even understand what GF is about. I have found some other fast food outlets list on there website all ingredients contained in there food which helps with choosing suitable meals.

Due to the uncertainty of what they are advertising, I will not be trying one of there pizzas anytime soon.

kylie 6 years ago

hey wat a great site..its funny how ppl say its gluten free and it aint,by doing wat u r doin u have saved a lot of ppl..u wonder who else lies about there products.u deserve a gold star

infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for your comments, Jenny and kylie. Yes it is a shame that Domino's has done very little with regard to food safety and customer service. The primary aim of my posts is to highlight the laws that these businesses are not adhering to. And it's also unfortunate that they haven't exactly even thought of other allergens that may be an issue for coeliacs as well.

Elke 5 years ago

Its very unfair to those who require this information to be lied to! Their lives depend on this being accurate and truthful. Often people don't understand that this is serious because they are blessed with better health. Again, it shows how we must all be very vigilant when we dine out!

Jodie 5 years ago

This is very sad. Gluten affects several diseases. It causes problems with MS too. I can handle ver little.

Gerry 5 years ago

Does Pizza Hut do gluten free pizza? In oz or anywhere??

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Gerry, no Pizza Hut does not currently offer a gluten free pizza base like Eagle Boys and Domino's do. Probably for good reason too.

So many companies have literally *jumped* on this 'gluten free' bandwagon 'half-heartedly'! It's a real shame, however as many just do not realise the seriousness or severity of celiac/coeliac disease.

Thank you for your query.

Concerned Claudia 5 years ago

Does anyone know if there is anything at a pizza hut restaurant that a person with coeliac's can eat, including salad bar, desserts? My daughter is going on school camp and they are going to have dinner at pizza hut.

Looking forward to replies

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

Hi Concerned Claudia,

Not sure about Pizza Hut. I know that none of their pizzas are gluten free at present but they are in the process of crafting a GF base here in Australia. It may be a while before it is on offer, however. Hopefully they won't exercise false and illegal gluten free advertising when it eventually does end up on offer.

The salad bar may be ok, however Pizza Hut has a policy where they only discuss nutritional info via telephone from what I'm aware.

Best to give them a try. Hope your daughter has fun.

Tassi 4 years ago

Hey kelly, I'm all for your protest against this false advertising. At the moment i am recording a radio piece on this issue for my university that will be put online. Right now i'm looking for someone who is deeply against the disclaimers and someone who is also a coeliac.Please contact me on if you're interested in helping me with my story!! :)

infonolan profile image

infonolan 4 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks Tassi, I enjoyed discussing this matter with you over the phone. Best of luck. :)


zach 4 years ago

The disclaimer is just like on candy. The regular m&ms state they are processed at a plant with peanuts. This disclaimer is enough for those with nut allergies. The disclaimer shows there is risk of cross contamination and recommend those with celiac make a decision based on that.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 4 years ago from Australia Author

zach, you're quite right. However, in this case Domino's uses the term 'gluten free'! In Australia, you cannot legally label a food as 'gluten free' unless it actually is.

Andy1109 4 years ago

I was excited at the prospect of Gluten Free Pizza,even if it is Domino's. I am 60 yrs old and just diagnosed with Celiac so this is hard for me to adjust to. Anyway, last night, I had the "GF" Pizza, and I must say it was pretty good, better than the frozen ones in the supermarket. Then I saw the 10 o clock news, discouraging Celiacs from eating this. I haven't had any affects from it yet, but it's only 12 hours. Regrettable, but this may be the 1st and only time I indulge. Domino's is trying not to exposethat they may not be suitable for most Celiacs. Of course, what should we expect from a company that makes lousy regular pizza-gourmet food and honesty?


infonolan profile image

infonolan 4 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for dropping by Andy1109! Sounds like you bought one of the newly available "gluten-free crust" pizzas made in the US! They've been available in the Oceania region for a good two-and-a-half years now.

I was not impressed with what Alice Bast and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and Domino's had to say AT ALL! I'd love to see a link to the news channel where you say they discourage Celiacs from eating it!

Bettina 4 years ago

Hi - thanks for your hub. A coeliac, I ignored my husband's advice and bought a "gluten-free" Dominos Pizza last weekend and I'm only getting over the ill effects a week later. It caused inflammation all over my body, obviously in my gut but also my gums and joints. I had no energy and felt like 54 going on 84! I also had numbness in my lips and chin, which indicates temporary (I hope), peripheral nerve damage. It made me realise just how serious coeliac disease is and I will be more vigilant from now on. Dominoes should not be allowed to advertise their pizzas as gluten free because they cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination. In Australia, labelling your product "gluten-free" means that there are no further disclaimers. Dominos are therefore misleading the public.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 4 years ago from Australia Author

Not only is Domino's in Australia misleading the public like in the USA... Domino's in Australia is BREAKING THE LAW! So sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. Hope you're getting well. All the best. :)

simsof 4 years ago

Spoke to Dominos 3 weeks ago and they claim that nobody has made a complaint to them and that the base is endorsed by the Cieliac Society. I spoke to the Corliac Society and they claim they were unawere that Dominoes has a disclaimer on the Nutrition advise.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 4 years ago from Australia Author

Sorry to hear about your experience simsof. A lot of people have complained over the last couple of years about this. Thanks for dropping by.

Get real 4 years ago

You can't avoid all possible risk of cross contamination with any food.

That's why so many products state "may contain", eg traces of peanuts.

Even if you prepare food in your own home, you can't *guarantee* that it will be gluten free. What are you going to do, not eat at all?

Dominos are offering a choice, and letting you know that there is a risk of contamination. There is also a risk of dying in a car crash. Want a rock-solid guarantee from the car manufacturer that it won't happen? Maybe you'd better walk..

So many pyschotic rants here!

infonolan profile image

infonolan 4 years ago from Australia Author

Get real, it is not against the law for a car manufacturer to not guarantee that a car crash won't happen. What I am talking about is completely different.

They should NOT be using the term "gluten free" if the product may have gluten in it. That's all I ask!

Krystal 4 years ago

After ordering a GF base with GF ingredients, telling them I'm coeliac and being assured it would be carefully prepared one hour later I was extremely ill. My fault for trusting and of course, because they have a 'disclaimer' Dominos won't be liable for the next few days I'll need off work etc. I should know better by now, but for gods sake when you're assured it will be safe surely you have the right to believe it?

infonolan profile image

infonolan 4 years ago from Australia Author

I'm really sorry to hear that Krystal. Have you considered contacting the ACCC or Health Department in your state? Let us know if anything comes of it, and thanks again for commenting.

CoeliacGirl 3 weeks ago

You need a reality check. A gluten free base does not make all the pizza toppings miraculously gluten free. If you are as meticulous as you claim you are then you would have noticed the allergy statements that advise whether the toppings themselves are gluten free. Don't spoil eating out for other coeliacs with your ludicrous ideals.

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