healthy diet foods

Healthy diet foods

Healthy food is all that is required to maintain the health of a human being. You can beat quite a number of medical conditions by eating right and exercising regularly. Many foods are medicinal, and are the fuel on which we run our bodies. This is a process of eating with awareness which is very important, and called meditative eating or mindful eating.

Meditative eating helps you enjoy all the dimensions of food and drink. The colors the fragrances, the textures and of course the taste of food is better appreciated when you eat with awareness. Meditative eating drives away stress, as you are completely consumed by the moment, with no time for worry or tension.

A combination of rehabilitation exercises or contemporary exercises parallel to healthy food choices can result in magical changes in existing disorders or prevent future medical eruptions.

High blood cholesterol:

Fenugreek seeds, walnuts, wheat germ, oats, soy, garlic, olive oil and foods high in soluble fiber, such as apples, berries and brussel sprouts. A basic cardio workout in combination with weight training helps increase the good cholesterol.


A combination of nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon, garlic, flax seeds and foods high in soluble fiber such as oatmeal, barley, lentils and apples. A daily workout routine helps in uptake of glucose from the blood, thus reducing the blood glucose levels and increasing the sensitivity of insulin to the glucose.

Blood pressure:

Foods rich in potassium such as fruits with a combination of pulses, ragi, and whole grains can reduce blood pressure. And a moderate cardio workout in one's daily routine increases the pumping capacity of the heart, thus strengthening the heart muscles.


Yoghurt not only reduces constipation but improves immunity. Yoga and a fibrous meal helps improve the bowel movements, resulting in smooth passage of stools.

Aswagandha helps reduce cortisol which is a stress hormone. High cortisol levels lead to insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, low immunity and high mucus formation.

Walnuts and olive oil help increase HDL levels and prevent heart attacks. Coriander seeds also increase HDL levels.

Half tsp each of ginger juice with honey taken in the morning works as an anti inflammatory and anti ulcer food and also helps in constipation and gastric mobility.

One tsp of methi and jeera each soaked in a cup of water taken on empty stomach in the morning helps get rid of water retention.

Intake of thyme leaf, oregano and rosemary leaf will improve resistance against bacterial infection and help cure inflammation in the stomach.

Stewed apple and pomegranate juice controls diarrhea.

1 tbsp of curd beaten in a glass of water with salt and roasted jeera powder with 2 tbsp of isabgol is the best remedy for acute diarrhea.

Pineapple juice contains bromelein, which is a digestive enzyme it cures chronic acidity and flatulence, if taken one glass daily.

Raw amba haldi grated and garnished with green coriander leaves helps detoxify the liver.

Sprouted barley and methi seeds improve immune system and rheumatoid arthritis.

Sweet lime juice contains potassium which helps as diuretic and controls blood pressure.

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