how to make frosting for doll cake



Many people like making cakes and always go online to look for ingredients to make cakes. Today, we shall learn to frost a doll cake. You can use frosting to make them.

First, buy some frosting from the cake shop. You can add coloring into the frosting if you want to make the doll cake colorful. It can be bought at shopping malls. Next, insert the frosting into a bowl and add a little of coloring. Then, stir it with a big spoon until the whole frosting turn into the color of the coloring. Use a parchment paper and roll it into a pastry cone. You may also get a reusable bag and different types of tips to make the floral design on the doll's dress.

Insert the color frosting into the pastry cone and cut a little hole at the tip of the cone. Roll out some parchment paper again but don't turn it into a pastry cone. Press the cone softly on the parchment paper. If it turns out 'wriggly', it means that you press it too hard. If there is a hole when you press the frosting, it means you're pressing it too soft. Press 'mediumly' to make a straight line.

Okay, after you have stopped trying if there is any air bubbles, start frosting on the dress! You can used a spatula to make whirls or lines for the dress and add some sweets. If you want to frost on the dress, you can make some rosettes, under the dress. Make some words out of fondant on the cake stand or put some chocolate pearls to make it more elegant. Then, you can decorate it with any type of design you like. Happy Trying!

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henna 20 months ago

its really awesome to see fantastic!

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