How to use a vacuum or syphon coffee maker

A vacuum coffee maker it's a device used to brew coffee, composed by two chambers where the vapor pressure and vacuum create a clean, flavourful and smooth coffee, when compared with other methods to brew coffee. This device was invented in the 1830s and had been used in many parts of the world ever since, and it can be made of Pyrex glass, metal or plastic, and the filter could be a glass rod or a screen made of metal, cloth, nylon or paper. Its design can vary a lot but the principle is always the same.


The principle of this device is to heat water on the lower chamber until the pressure caused by the heat makes the water rise by evaporation through a narrow tube to the upper chamber where the grounded coffee is, on the top of the filter. When the lower chamber is almost empty, you remove the heat source and the pressure will make the coffee descend to the lower chamber through the strainer. When that's finished, you detach the lower chamber from the device, and serve the coffee.


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