Irish Cuisine – Beer, Potatoes, and More

Discovering the cuisine of any place is an adventure and a challenge that you always want to take again and again. Today, I will take you to the Far Western part of Europe where Ireland is located. When talking about the Irish cuisine, it typically associates with the Anglo Saxons. There are a variety of dishes that belong to Ireland and it is easy to make an Irish recipe at home to surprise your guests. Now I will take you to a short but delicious journey of Irish food, drink, and culture.

Guinness Beer Symbol of Ireland

In Ireland, people drink lots of beer and most Irish beers are of good quality but Guinness Beer is one of Ireland’s top attractions. It is also considered the most prized one because of its unique flavor. This dark brown beer is made with roasted barley, which remains unfermented and this is what which gives a special flavor to this beer. The logo of this beer says Traditionally Brewed 1799 Guinness Original – St. James’s Gate Dublin. Also it is interesting to note that Guinness Brewery is the most popular ancient brewery since 1670. Guinness is made up of barley, malt, water, hops, and brewer's yeast. Finding this type of beer in your country is not an easy task because Guinness sells at very few bars in different countries, but don’t worry it is not an impossible task, as Guinness beer can be found in selected supermarkets or authentic Irish pubs. If you visit India, you have to travel to South Mumbai to have a glass of Guinness beer, as it is exclusively available at Café Mondegar, a lively café locally known as Mondys among Mumbaikars. It is of course one of the popular hangouts in South Mumbai.

Salmon fish recipe with Irish Potato and Cabbage
Salmon fish recipe with Irish Potato and Cabbage

Potatoes and Cabbages are the most favorite cooking ingredients of Ireland

Another typical product of this famous island is potato because it appears in almost all Irish dishes in roasted, boiled, and fried forms. Potatoes are used in making many types of Irish recipes and are cooked up in three different ways mentioned above.

Another important ingredient used in making recipes is cabbage. This is no doubt one of the most abundant vegetables used in preparing the recipes of this country.

Traditional Irish Breakfast
Traditional Irish Breakfast
Cheese and ham sandwiches
Cheese and ham sandwiches
Traditional Irish Stew
Traditional Irish Stew

Irish Cuisine - Daily Menu

The Anglo-Saxons begin the morning with a quite abundant breakfast. If you want to imitate the Irish people, you have to have at hand, nothing more and nothing less than sausages, bacon, fried or scrambled eggs, and beans accompanied by jams, cereals buttered toast, and, of course, tea or coffee.

Simple sandwiches made up of ham and soft cheese can be commonly found in all Irish pubs. Among the best-known traditional dishes of this country is the Irish stew, which is their national dish par excellence.

Traditional Irish stew is made up from onions, herbs, potatoes, and diced lamb, beef, or mutton; served together in a large bowl.

You can also find fried fish and potato chips in majority of Irish pubs.

Fish is considered very valuable in Ireland. Salmon fish, cooked in a variety of ways, is a favorite delicacy of an average Irelander.

Salmon fish is usually accompanied with potatoes and carrots.

Sweet and Tasty

Among the desserts, Irish pies are rich and juicy. The Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake is one of the best cheesecakes in the country. Also, notable are chocolate cakes of different forms. The Guinness chocolate cake is another delicacy of Ireland.

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also well formatted! my mouth is licking seeing at Cheese and ham sandwiches,,will ask someone to make it.

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I often confuse the Irish, English and Scottish cuisines. You made it very clear what is Irish by highlighting some good points.

A joy to read. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi Tkumah, I am happy that you find this hub interesting enough to read and leave a comment and also I feel satisfied as I was able to write a unique hub.

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