What's New In Green Tea!

A Shopers Guide to Green Tea Distributors

Are you a lover of green tea?  There are so many different types and flavors.  Here’s is just a list of some of the new green teas available.  You may find them in your local grocer or specialty gourmet store – try it before you guy it if you must.  Best yet,  contact the tea sellers directly.    Don’t forget to ask them how to keep your green tea fresh!

Made from the steamed and dried leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant, the leaves are from a shrub native to Asia.  Green tea and Black tea  come from the same plant but the black leaves have been fermented and loses the benefits of the antioxidants absorbed by drinking green tea.  Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years and may have some medicinal purposes although nothing is proven completely.  Just enjoy the taste it just may help you with your stomach ailments, tooth decay and some other nasty stuff.

The manufacturers or distributors listed below also offer other teas so have fun shopping!

From China

Dragon Well – delicate and sublime hand processed tea that comes bagged. You can get individually wrapped or in 1.6 ounce box.  Buy it by the case (6 boxes – give it as gifts  and keep the rest) Wholesale price is around 6.00 per box.  Get it direct from Adagio Teas www.adagioxl.com

Jasmine Green by Whole Leaf Organics  – lightly floral almost sweet  taste hand picked on small Chinese gardens, pan-fried then blended with jasmine blossoms. Comes bagged 15 tea pyramids per box. Wholesales at 35.00 per case – 6 boxes minimum order is 2 cases and you can get it direct from: Choice Organic Teas www.choiceorganicteas.com

Yellow Meadow – no pesticides. Handcrafted in Fujian Province. Sales from this tea support a small village.  Buy it!  Comes loose leaf about 35.00 per pound, 2 pound purchase direct from: The Tea House www.theteahouse.com

From Japan

Sencha Kyoto Green Spider Leg – certified organic and kosher. Immediately steamed and processed resulting in a clear green liquid and refreshing taste. Sencha Kyoto leaves are shiny or semi polished appearance with bright green flavor. Comes loose leaf, 25.00 per pound, 1 pound purchase direct from  Carnelian Rose Tea Company www.carnalianrosetea.com

From Sri Lanka

Green Twisted Spears – hand-twisted spears of young tea buds producing a buttery green tea. Leaves can be re-steeped several times. 100% organic and fair trade. Foodservice sizes available. Comes loose leaf in a 2 ounce tin wholesaled at 8.00 per tin. Purchase 1 case (4 tins) direct from The Tea Spot www.theteaspot.com

Other Interesting Green Teas

The Slimming Beauty – green tea, cassis yerba mate, orange tree flowers, black tea, passion fruit flowers and guarana extract. Comes loose leaf in 4 ounce tin priced at 13.00 wholesale per tin with a minimum order of 4 tins direct from Tracy Stern Salontea www.salontea.com

Cherry Coloda – blend of green tea, cherry, pineapple, coconut and a hint of rum flavor.  Makes a great ice tea. Comes loose leaf in a 4 ounce tin priced at 6.00 wholesale with no minimum purchase direct from The Necessiteas  www.thenecessiteas.com


If you order too much tea, make gift baskets!


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