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Oil Free Fryers

Fried foods, whether it's for a meal or for snacks, surely are delicious. Although you shouldn't always choose to go for these (as these are often unhealthy), it's hard to stay away from good food. Luckily, there are now oil-free fryers available, so if you're really into fried foods like me, then you really should be looking on the net for some oil-free fryer reviews.

So How Do They Work?

You see, conventional methods of frying uses oil to evenly distribute heat, as well as to prevent food from sticking to the pan and also to add a little flavor (depends on the kind of oil used). However, the problem here is that some foods do absorb a lot of oil in the process, making the final product very oil and pretty much not-so-healthy for you.

Oil free fryers on the other hand makes use of superheated air, which is around 200C. The air is circulated through the fryer, causing the food to cook using its own natural oils. The result is that foods like chicken, chips, fish, and even turkey are fried with 80% less fat than that when conventional fryers are used.

What about the taste? Well of course it's going to be affected, like making it rather a little bit less tasty. However you can make up for this by using spices, or marinating first the food in sauces before taking it to the oil free fryer. Doing so would make your food healthier while keeping itself delicious.

Benefits Of Using Oil-Free Fryers

So why should you switch to using oil free fryers instead of conventional ones? Listed below are some of the most important reasons why:

  • They provide a healthier, yet tasty food.Yup, when cooked properly, you wouldn't be able to recognize any difference with the tastes, so it's pretty much less fat, more flavor. Do take note that the food produced contains less fat as well as calories, so it would also be a healthy alternative for those who want to build up on their muscles but doesn't want the fat.
  • Makes cleaning easier. Frankly, since all the grease are gone, it's also a lot more easier to clean your kitchen. A pretty good plus if you ask me.

Oil Free Fryer Buying Tips

Like with all the other things that you buy, it's not easy to go choose the oil-free fryer that you would want. Luckily, I've got a few tips I've got on hand that would help you with that:

  • Always research first. Check the product background, as well as existing customer reviews. Also, you might want to look up some oil-free fryer reviews to help you.
  • Price, price, price. Expect that these fryers can be a little costly, but, with all the healthy advantage it can give you, you might as well consider it a worthy investment.

There's so much more advantage to using these fryers, so if you've got the budget, then I'd really recommend on getting one. Remember that your health is your wealth, and so you've got to go the extra mile for it.

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rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 3 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Very interesting. I had no idea frying could be done without oil and that such fryers were in the market.

Voted up.

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