Origin of the popular liqueur Blue Curacao

The original Blue Curacao
The original Blue Curacao

Made in Caribbean

One of the most popular liqueurs in the world, the "Blue Curacao" has its origin in the Curacao island in the Dutch Antilles, in the Caribbean sea. Originally the liqueur it's clear, but then its added colorants for aesthetic purposes, mainly for the cocktails and its sold in the colors of clear, blue, orange, yellow and green.


In 1499, when the Spanish occupied the island, they started to do plantations of the Valencia orange tree, brought from Spain, which produced really sweet oranges. But, when the oranges started to appear, it were bitter and impossible to eat and the Spanish abandoned the plantations. The years passed and someone noticed that the oil of the dried peels of these oranges (called larahas) had a pleasant perfume and someday, someone decided to make a liqueur with that oil. But only in the 19th century, the Senior family decided to open a company to make the Curacao liqueur, made of the peels of larahas.


The success of the liqueur was to high that the company started to have problems with imitations and forgeries that wore the name Curacao. So now, the word "original" can only be in the label if it was made with the oil of the peels of the orange of CuraƧao, "Citrus Aurantium Currassuviencis", its cientific name. Later, to ensure the autenticity of the product, they changed the name to "Curacao of Curacao". The Senior family distillery it's open to the public and the entrance it's free.

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