How To Make Pizza - Making Delicious Stone Oven Style Pizza In A Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven Pizza 'vs' Stone Oven Pizza!

The difference is not even noticeable! They both taste GREAT!
The difference is not even noticeable! They both taste GREAT!
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How To Make Pizza In A Dutch Oven!

Learning how to make pizza is one of the easiest things to do and your kids will love to get their hands all floury and sticky with dough in the process.

Everybody loves pizza, I don't know a single person that doesn't! It is also well known that many people love to make their own pizza's, me being one of them.

I am a pizza lover, my wife and kids are pizza lovers, too.... but...... We are a single income family and are not fortunate enough to be able to afford the luxury of store made pizza's simply because it usually ends up costing close to $50 bucks to feed my family of 5.

However, we are fortunate enough in that I am a baker and can easily make pizza's at home. I usually just make the dough and then let the kids take over the part of rolling it out and putting all the toppings on. That way it is fun for all! Even our littlest one enjoys getting her hands dirty in the kitchen.

So anyway, it is a pretty easy task for me to slap up a quick bread dough and it really doesn't cost much for all the required ingredients. That is easy for me to say though, after all I am a baker. With regards to the cost of making your own pizza's, we usually make 3 or 4 largish pizza's for an outlay of about $10 bucks. Approximately one fifth of the cost of buying pizza's.

Having mentioned that it is super easy for me to make pizza, it may not be the case for a newbie that has never made a bread dough before. Making the dough is the hardest part so I am going to provide you with a link to a bread making blog that has a pretty good description of how to make a bread dough by hand. The blog is at,

Baking your pizza is something that will definitely need to be done by a responsible adult, in my house that is my It is common to bake a pizza in an oven, but we were once in a situation where we didn't have an oven, so at that time we cooked our pizza's on the stove, in a cast iron dutch oven (camp oven). It is a great alternative to a regular oven and can be used on your stove top or taken out into your yard so as to bake your pizza's outdoors on an open fire. It is also possible to use a heavy base frying pan to cook your pizza's in! Slightly more difficult, though. You can even cook pizza's on a BBQ plate, provided you have some sort of a lid to create the effect of an oven.

All of the methods I have mentioned above are really not difficult to do and can make a surprisingly delicious pizza. I know that most of you probably have an oven in your kitchens and can easily bake pizza's in them. For those of you that don't have an oven, just work with what you have and experiment with baking times and techniques. You'll be surprised at the results. One thing that you must remember to think about, is that when using a frying pan you will need to pay close attention to ensure that it doesn't burn on the bottom.

As a final note, the best part about making your own pizza's at home is 'IT'S FUN!!!'

Portable Outdoor Ovens

You can trust the Italians to come up with a portable pizza baking solution for bakers of home made pizza's. After all they invented the pizza.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about the Wimmeley PD601 Pizza Dome:

"The Pizza Dome oven doesn't only work great but it is loads of fun. We set up a toppings bar and have pizza parties. I know your thinking a pizza party. Well maybe not just pizza makes a party but what goes perfect with pizza, Yes Sir BEER.... Now that's a party."

Making Pizza In Dutch Oven

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