Popular Brands of Vodka

Vodka is a clear almost flavorless spirit, is usually thought of as the national spirit of Russia and other Slavic countries.

Both Russia and Poland claim the invention of vodka and explain that the name is a diminutive of the word voda, meaning little water. Slavic countries have been producing vodka for more than 600 years.

Originally vodka was distilled only from potatoes but today it is also made from grain, mostly wheat, rye and corn. Vodka are distilled at a very high proof (190 or higher) and are filtered through activated charcoal.

List of Popular Brand of Vodka

  • Absolut. From Sweden
  • Belvedere. From Poland
  • Boru. Made in Ireland from grain and pure Irish water
  • Chopin. From Poland; made with potatoes
  • Ciroc. Made from snap-frost grapes in south western France. Distilled five times.
  • EFFEN. A Dutch vodka.
  • Finlandia. From Finland made from spring water and barley
  • Fris. Produced in Scandinavia
  • Gilbey's. An American vodka
  • Glacier. Distilled in Rigby, Idaho, using Idaho potatoes and water from the Rocky mountains
  • Gordon's. Has been distilled in the United States since 1957
  • Grey Goose. From France, made from fine grain and mineral water that's naturally filtered with champagne limestone.
  • Iceberg Vodka. Made from the waters of icebergs from the coast of Greenland

  • Kremlyovskaya. "Kremly" is made in the Vladimir region of Russia
  • Pearl. Made from Canadian Rocky mountain spring water and distilled from Canadian winter wheat.
  • SKYY. American vodka made with 100 percent pure mountain water.
  • Sminoff. From U.S. the largest selling vodka in the world
  • Square One. American vodka distilled from 100 percent organic rye
  • Stolichnaya. A Russian vodka from the makers of Tanqueray gin.
  • Three Olives Vodka. From England
  • Vincent Van Gogh Vodka. From Holland, handcrafted using small batches of the finest grains.
  • Wyborowa. From Poland
  • Xellent. A Swiss Vodka

Vodka, can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator, it won't freeze because of the high alcohol content. It should be served neat or straight-up in a small cordial glass, best serve with caviar, smoked fish, salmon sardines, steak tartare and spicy food.

It is one of the most mixable and versatile spirits and there are hundreds of cocktail recipes. When an opened bottle is refrigerated or stored in a cool, dry place it should last up to three years.

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my favorite vodka is Purity - made in Sweden - I have a personal collection of 87 different Vodkas - is there a contest of Vodka ownerships?

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vodka is just vodka the only difference is the brand name and the shape of the bottle huh? heheheheehe

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Very nice hub !

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List of popular vodka brands without a NUMBER 3 vodka brand in the world - NEMIROFF?

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My friends Says VOdka decreases you immunity level. Is it true?

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where is aragh sagiiiiiiii?aragh sagi is a traditional vodka in iran.i love it.

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bolor, bolor, bolor, that's the finest vodka from mongolia. try it, you will love it

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Who can tell me about people who can buy famous Russian vodka brands like Flagman, Velikoe Posolstwo?


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Stoli is still the best tasting Vodka around, enough experience with all brand of Vodkas from 1958- 2005 Grey Goose is expensive and Frenchman don`t know how to make Wodkas Absolut Swedish vodka if you call it vodka is Reinde er piss. Finlandia is Good so is Polish Wyborova. so hera from expert !!!

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girly_girl09 7 years ago from United States

I prefer Grey Goose. In my experience, it's one of the finest vodkas around. It's very smooth and very high quality. It's one of the only vodkas that I would drink mixed with a bit of water, straight.

Drink the same amount of Grey Goose one evening and wake up feeling great, drink the same amount of Smirnoff or another low quality vodka and wake up feeling like death.

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packerpack 7 years ago from India, Calcutta

Amazing list. I knew only about Smirnoff in the above list. Now I know the name that I can try!

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