Quick and Easy Breakfast Sandwich

Quick and easy Breakfast Bagel
Quick and easy Breakfast Bagel

When You need to Eat Breakfast on the Go

Life has gotten so busy it seems we don't have time for even the most basic things in life. Your racing each morning to get ready for work. The kids are running to get to school on time. It's always so hectic, who has time for cooking any sort of breakfast, and don't even mention the word pop-tart!

Here is a really fast way to get a good breakfast without going to your favorite fast food joint. It's something I started doing years ago and it has worked really well for my family.

My Quick and Easy Breakfast Solution

I'll give you the Nickle tour first and then elaborate from there. Ready? Lets go...

What you need:

  • Mini Bagels
  • Microwavable Breakfast Sausage
  • Cheese Slices

Here's what I do: 

I pop the mini bagel in the toaster, the bagels can be any type you want but I always go for whole wheat. A whole grain bread product is healthier, so I hear anyway.

Then I stick the sausage patties in the microwave and they are done in a minute or so. I use several different types. They come in turkey, pork and other stuff depending on how much fat you want in your diet.

Once the bagel and sausage are done, I build the sandwich with a slice of cheese and I'm ready to eat.Elapsed time about 2 and a half to 3 minutes.

I use a bagel as the base of the sandwich because it does not produce a lot of crumbs the a biscuit will so it isn't as messy if I take it on the road.

And That's the Way it Is Folks

Their it is. Just how I make a quick and easy Breakfast Sandwich. The really great thing about this sandwich is it's versatility. You can take this and make it your own by adapting it to your own pesonal taste and style. Enjoy!

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Vivenda profile image

Vivenda 7 years ago from UK (South Coast)

Great idea if you're not slimming! If you are, you could use low-fat cheese and tomato - or grill a low-fat sausage (only about 12 minutes) and have that with tomato! That would give you the vitamin C as well.

Astride Knighted profile image

Astride Knighted 7 years ago from Cape Girardeau, Missouri Author

Exactly! Turkey sausage on a whole wheat bagel and low-fat cream cheese instead of processed slices would be very healthy and slimming.

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