You Really Shouldn't Call Yourself Cutie Pie


I am Jellyfish Mason. I am a retired truck driver from Mississippi. I dislike rude and stuck up type of service. I recently visited my brother in Missouri. He took me to a restaurant called "Cutie Pie". The restaurant sits on a corner in a great location. When you walk into the restaurant it's divided into two; one side is the bar with seats and two seats per table arrangements at the window, and the other side has more tables with four or more people along with booths attached to the wall on the opposite of the bar. You are greeted by a rude hostess, who seem to be also cleaning and waiting tables. I believe it had to be lunch time, but it seemed to be the usual crowds from the neighborhood and local businesses.

The buffet was set up well, except they ran out of large plates for people who wanted to dine in. The servers on the buffet were heard of hearing and impatient. The food was great. I had fried chicken wings, Salisbury steak with gravy, mash potatoes, cornbread, and cabbage. I would have had black-eye peas and rice, but they were only serving pinto beans for the day.

After I paid for my meal, I waited to be placed at a table. One of their regular patrons said they would seat you, but the rude hostess told us to seat yourself anywhere. We reminded our hostess that there was no need to be rude, and her remark was "you need to be patient". There was three tables available, which all three needed to be cleared and wiped clean. So as we tried to get someone to clear one of the tables, the same rude hostess along with supposedly the person who clears the table finally came. It was an awful big table for just three people.

As we began to settle in and chow down, our hostess came with a rush, taking our food off the trays and grabbing up our trays. This is when the hostess decided to welcome us to the restaurant. My family are people who feel that a great restaurant needs to have great help,  atmosphere along with great food and drink. We were taking so out of sort by the atmosphere that we could not enjoy our meal. The person who cleans up the tables did not have a private area (clean-up booth) to dispose of the dirty dishes, so he would placed them in a dishpan on the floor near a bay window.

I debated if I would leave a dollar tip to hammer home a point, but my brother said not leaving a tip is enough. I did purchase a slice of egg custard pie, but I enjoyed it at my brother's house. I will return to Cutie Pie only if the atmosphere improves.


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