Lovin' the Sweet Taste of Summer


The beach, the mountains, summer camp, block parties- it's the time of year when we relax, seek refuge from daily stresses and indulge in our favorite pastimes. Candy is traditionally a part of these summer celebrations, from saltwater taffy at the boardwalk to s'mores at the campsite.

As you might guess, the National Confectioners Association (NCA) encourages you to find tasty ways to include candy in your summer plans. And why not? After all, says Larry Graham, president of the NCA. "Candy adds an extra layer of fun to any occasion."

So whether you'll be traveling, entertaining or simply relaxing in the backyard this summer, introduce the following candy concoctions and concepts; make new memories and traditions in the process.

Candy-Flavored Ice Cream.

Invite your friends and neighbors over for an ice cream party. If you're making your own ice cream, create some bold new flavors by allowing guests to mix in pieces of their favorite candies, from mints to marshmallows. If you're using store bought ice cream, make sure to have all your guests' favorite candy toppings available.

Candy Coulture.

Looking for some flirty accessories for a summer party? Adults and kids alike can enhance their looks with candy glasses, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Candy Karma.

When you do something sweet for others, sweet things will come back to you in return. To ensure such "candy karma," bring your host or hostess the gift of a sweet treat appropriate for the season, such as dried chocolate-covered fruit.

Ahh..the sweet life
Ahh..the sweet life

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michellemoseley profile image

michellemoseley 8 years ago from New Hampshire

I love candy. Not so great for my girlish figure, but, hey, we can indulge once in a while, right? I enjoy it as often as I can. Ice cream. Now, thats another subject. We have an icecream place within walking distance. They make home made icecream. All I can say is, WOW!!! I seem to find myself there twice a week this summer. No wonder I have to exercise more. :-)

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