The Perfect Elegant Cupcake Stand

Just as cupcakes are now the chicest dessert for both adults and children alike, a great cupcake stand is the perfect way to display your handiwork. Cupcake stands make an elegant centrepiece for a table and can transform your cakes from individual treats into looking like a spectacular birthday cake. Whether your event is an elegant afternoon tea, or a children’s birthday party for 25 hungry little guests a cupcake stand exists that will be perfect for you.

When choosing a cupcake stand think about the theme of your party or event. A classic cupcake stand will stand the test of time and can be used repeatedly, however many themed stands such as those available for children are cheap enough that it does not matter if they are not regularly used. Below are examples of cupcake stands used for all different kinds of events from children's birthdays to breathtaking wedding cupcake stands.

Beautiful Cupcake Stands Can Transform Your Cupcakes
Beautiful Cupcake Stands Can Transform Your Cupcakes

Cupcake Stands For Children's Birthdays

Cutting a cake at a children's birthday party can be a troublesome affair. Every child fights over who gets which part of the decoration, who got the largest slice, whose piece looks the most attractive.

Cupcakes eliminate this problem. Not only do they not need cutting, they can all be made to be identical to reduce arguments or be personalised for each individual child so that everyone is happy with what they get. You can also make girl and boy cupcakes, with different themes, or some with different ingredients if there are children with allergies who would otherwise not be able to share in the birthday cake. Sometimes if a child has a very specific allergy you could ask the parents to supply a separate cupcake for that child which can be added to the cupcake tree to ensure that the child feels part of the proceedings.

Cupcake stands for children can have a huge impact on the overall presentation of the cupcakes, tying them together in a theme and creating a dramatic overall effect. If your cupcakes are simply decorated a highly themed stand can give them some extra drama. If they are elaborately decorated cakes a simply themed stand can help to show them off.

Wedding Cucake Stand

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Wedding Cupcake Stands

One of the greatest changes at weddings in recent times has been the move towards brides choosing cupcakes for their guests. For a wedding cupcakes are the perfect choice, however presentation is everything. In general wedding cupcake stands work best when they are large and dramatic. Anything too small tends not to have enough of a sense of occasion. Traditionally brides chose a cake that had several tiers often of reducing size.

This is why cupcake stands are so perfect for wedding cakes as they follow this format exactly and can be made to be very tall and therefore dramatic. It is important to note that a wedding cupcake stand need not actually be large enough to hold cakes for every one of your guests. Generally looks are the most important feature. Any extra cakes can be held in reserve elsewhere and only brought out when they are required. If you wish to send your wedding cupcakes home with your guests you can do so using cupcake boxes

Classic Cupcake Stands

These cupcake stands have a longevity that will stand the test of time. A classic cupcake stand can also have other uses. Although they may have been designed for cupcakes a whole afternoon tea including delicate sandwiches and pastries can be served upon a classic cupcake stand.

When choosing a classic stand think about how many people you are likely to be serving. If you regularly entertain for large groups then a larger cupcake stand with several tiers may be needed. However if you need a stand that can hold cakes for only a few people a small, classic stand may be all that you need. In general cupcake stands look better when they are not too empty. For this reason it is probably better to err on the smaller side when choosing a stand, or to choose different stands for different uses. 

For a sense of elegance choose a simple plain white cupcakes stand, perhaps with a silver handle. This will allow you to showcase your beautiful cupcakes without drawing attention away from them.

Children love to have afternoon tea just as much as adults. Children who are reluctant to eat their lunch can often be encouraged to do so by presenting it on a beautiful cupcake stand and making the eating into a delicate 'tea' party. 

Cupcake Wrappers

Before cupcakes became fashionable it was enough to buy little paper cases from the supermarket in which to present your handiwork. For many events it still is. However, if you want to make your cupcakes just that little bit more special then have a look at this range of gorgeous cupcake wrappers. The cupcake sits inside it and can take your party theming to a whole new level.

Cupcake wrappers are available that suit everything from chic bridal cupcakes to children's parties as you can see from the cupcake wrappers to the right.

Bridal cupcake wrappers should match the overall theming of your day. The best bridal cupcakes are chic and go beautifully with the icing colors and the stand that you have chosen. One of the great things about choosing a beautiful cupcake wrapper is that you can pick a simpler cupcake (that may well be less costly) and make it look more elegant simply by presenting it in a gorgeous cupcake wrapper. 

Children's cupcake wrappers can be selected to match the theme of your child's party. Whether you want cars, star wars or fairies there is something for everyone. What little girl would not love the pink princess wrappers shown here?

Cupcake Toppers

Many of us with busy lives don't have time to spend hours on elaborate individual icing of cupcakes. That is why these cupcake toppers are so fantastic. They can transform a cupcake with very simple icing into something completely different. Children's cupcake toppers can be chosen to fit with the theming of their party, whereas for adults the cupcake toppers can match a valentine's, wedding, baby shower...whatever the occasion...

Cupcake Recipes....

Need the perfect cupcake recipe? See my own cupcake recipes for quick and easy cupcakes.

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Vacation Trip 3 years ago from India

Colorful cup cake hub. This looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy 6 years ago

Nice work on the cupcake stands. I've been looking for Wedding Cupcake Stands for my upcoming wedding and found your info interesting. I'm having a small intimate wedding so think I will go with the stand described here. Thanks again for sharing your info.

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tim-tim 6 years ago from Normal, Illinois

I love the cupcake tree! I first saw that at my sister's. It is kind of expensive but it is pretty and better than a cake. It eliminate the mess. Thanks for sharing!

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