The Versatility of Egg Rings

They have been used for about a century or more in restaurants, homes, and institutional kitchens to make perfectly formed breakfast food, and egg rings seem to still be an obscure kitchen gadget that most have not adopted as a stable in their kitchenware collection. Made usually of a formed or cast steel circle, then plated with chrome alloy, these griddle jewels make the most uniform finished egg product that anyone can appreciate. Although, doing a cursory search in your local Wally World, or other super discounters in your area. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials to fit any compulsive kitchen gadget budget.

Egg Rings Are Cool!

Egg Rings even assist in mini omelet cooking.
Egg Rings even assist in mini omelet cooking.

Egg Rings Are The Perfect Kitchen Gadget

Not only do they make the perfect sunny side up eggs you have ever laid eyes on, but talk about pristine pancakes, as they are formed like a CNC machine carved them out especially for you. For some reason the egg ring falls more into the novelty category of kitchenware, and it could be the furthest from the truth, and this a very functional utility item that if owned would be used almost every time an egg is cracked in a kitchen. There are specialty egg rings that afford you the honor of making your loved one heart shaped eggs or pancakes on Valentines Day to profess your undying devotion and romanticism to them.

Video Using Egg Rings

Egg Rings Are Cheap and Fun

The cost is negligible unless you wonder into a high end kitchen or restaurant supply retailer, as they have to charge more for the commercial nature of their product lines. Usually you can get a set for about five to seven dollars, and even less with the plastic or silicone types. People have used items from around the home to prepare the same thing these rings provide, with mason-jar lids, and large cookie cutters, but since their surface may be a little more porous than rings made for eggs, you may have to douse them in cooking spray or butter before attempting your homemade version of this egg-citing product.

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kgnature profile image

kgnature 6 years ago from North Carolina

Great ideas. Thanks.

JonSterling profile image

JonSterling 6 years ago from Houston Texas - United States Author

Thank You - appreciate the comment.

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

I have just used them for poaching eggs thanks for the ideas.

houstonloans profile image

houstonloans 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

Just like we used at Mickey D's when I worked there as a teen.

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