A history of Winemaking

A Greek Amphora

The Worlds Oldest Wines

The art of making wine was known in Egypt as long ago as 4000BC.

This wine was made and fermented in earthen ware pots which were called amphorae,the pots were unsealed.

the greeks later perfected the amphora so that they could be tightly sealed and wines could be left to mature before drinking.

The Romans used wooden casks or barrels to store their wines,but because wood was not airtight the wines couldn't age and had to be drunk young.

Around 1750 the development of the cylindrical wine bottle with an airtight cork in it made it possible to store and age wine in large quantities.

The most expensive bottle of wine ever sold, was a bottle of chataeu lafite which was once owned by the third American president Thomas Jefferson, in London, in 1985 for $105,000.

when the bottle was opened it was found to be undrinkable.

In 1989 an American wine merchant offered another bottle of wine from Jeffersons cellar for $519,000 in new york.Unfortunatly, the bottle was broken accidently before the sale,but the wine was pronounced barely drinkable.

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Robin 10 years ago from San Francisco

Interesting, Jimmy!  I like the new Santa Jimmy picture, too. ;)

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jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

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obi nwabugwu 10 years ago

I would like to commend you on the explicit way you have made us to know more about wines. We all drink lots of it daily but still lacks a lot of knowledge about them.

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jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland Author

thanks for your kind words obi.....jimmy

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