Things You Shouldn't do When You are Drunk


First, I want to say that I was not drunk in the making of this hub. Thank you for applauding, now I know many of you have done some of these things on here, but please don't. If you do feel the need to get drunk, please attach yourself to the nearest sober buddy you have and don't stray too far.

MEN, do NOT try and pick up ladies when you are drunk, you just look stupid. Unless she is drunk also, she will think you have a mental problem or are on leave from the insane asylum.

WOMEN, same for you, do NOT try and pick up men when you are drunk, you look like hoochies, because, for almost ALL of us women, when we drink, we are more confident. I can guarantee you that it is NOT confidence the men are finding sexy about you, it's how drunk you are.

Do NOT OPERATE MACHINERY! You could lose a finger, or another body part.

Do NOT text while drunk, you could be saying the WRONG things to the WRONG people. A sexy text to your boyfriend Bobby could lead to a sexual harassment case from your boss Bob.

Same as the texting, Do NOT call anyone while drunk unless it's the cops or a taxi. You may think you sound sexy or debonair on the phone, but you just sound like a mess. Although the person on the other line may get a laugh out of it, I'm pretty sure they are not laughing WITH you.

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manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

I agree with you

stestifie profile image

stestifie 5 years ago from Sin City Author

Thanks alot Manthy =)

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