Three secret ingredients and recipes to make Tofu tasty.

Selecting Tofu or soybean curd at the market

Prep #1. For these vegan recipes always start with extra firm tofu (organic and non GMO beans) that preferably has no added ingredients (except for the firming agents) or flavors. Fresh is best and most grocers carry these items. Of course, the containers that hold water are the best and many large metro areas have prepared Tofu from local suppliers, health food markets, American producers, Oriental, markets and supermarkets. Although, as a purest it would be best to make your own.

Cold Tofu Salad with cilantro and Valentina Hot Sauce

Valentina Hot Sauce is a registered name of Salsa Tamazulu s.a. de c.v.  Made in Mexico
Valentina Hot Sauce is a registered name of Salsa Tamazulu s.a. de c.v. Made in Mexico | Source

Cold Tofu Salad with cilantro and Valentina Hot Sauce

1 cube (14 to 16 oz) extra firm non-gmo Tofu drained, dried, crumble

-1/4 cup chopped or shredded carrot

-2 Tlb chopped or minced red bell pepper

-1/4 cup chopped or minced celery

-2 Tlb chopped green onion

-2 Tlb very finely cut cilantro

-1 teaspoon turmeric powder

-1/2 teaspoon salt

-1 Tablespoon Valentina Hot Sauce®

-1 T vinegar

-1 T Vegenaise®

Combine the rinsed and prepared vegetables together. Then add seasonings (except for Vegenaise) and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Add drained,dry and crumbled tofu, stir lightly until evenly mixed. Finally, add Vegenaise stir lightly, cover bowl and refrigerate.

This recipe can be enjoyed immediately, after cooling in fridge or even overnight for family, party or group meeting the next day. Double or triple this recipe for large groups.

Tips for digestive health

Avoid eating any citrus with the Tofu directly; with the possible exception of one teaspoon or less of (ex: fresh lime juice), as part of marinade. It would be best to have citrus at least two hours before digesting Tofu. Although, it is done, Tofu (soybean curd) in the digestive system receives the best benefit and absorbs the nutrients and the protein more efficiently; if dairy, processed sugars and cheese products are not present with it.


Prep #2. Ingredients for the marinade vary in content. Your taste buds may say salty, pepper is pepper (cayenne, red chili, paprika, white and black), spicy*, herbal, sweet or sour. A basic start marinade is tamari, soy sauce or Liquid Aminos. There should be a strong avoidance to adding dairy as it sours and destroys the soybean curd. Tomato paste should be pan seared first before adding to a recipe or as a sandwich spread. If you use any sugar it should be mixed with a neutralizer like vinegar (rice, white, apple cider, balsamic etc.).

*Please remember that spices are the fresh ground root or seed of a plant.

Secret ingredient #1

The Secret ingredient is nutritional yeast.

Slice the water bound and drained (use the broth to season pan until dry then add oil) Tofu bean curd into diced slices or fajita shapes. Marinade if desired. Add to hot, oiled (vegetable) and seasoned pan and remain covered until that simple sizzle and pop sound occurs. Turn over, cover and wait until firm. Sprinkle nutritional yeast on both sides to taste. Allow to cook until light golden brown. Scramble with fork. Caution: mixing any other ingredients that have water (onions) will not work with this recipe.

Secret ingredient #2

Secret ingredient is garbanzo flour.

Basic coating mix: Garbanzo Flour + dry seasoning of choice

Normally, two different beans together is not a good recipe strategy, however this combo works. Prep as usual and definitely marinade for at an least hour. Add to hot pan the drained marinade to pan allow to almost completely evaporate. Optional pan seasoning (fresh ginger, cayenne, garlic or onion) Add oil of choice that must completely cover bottom of the pan. This recipe seems to work best in an iron pan or good heavy stainless steel pan. Put one heaping tablespoon of garbanzo flour with or without seasoning into a small cloth, paper or plastic bag. Slice six or less of 1/2 in or 2mm of the Tofu soybean curd. Add one slice at a time to bag, coat and transfer to hot pan. Cover and cooking on each side turning frequently until firm, golden brown and coating sticks.

Secret ingredient #3

Secret ingredient is non-fermented Liquid Aminos Bragg®

This suggested basic marinade is soy based with a smooth and sweeter taste than plain fermented soy sauces. Add to tofu in container and soak for 20 minutes before cooking. Try adding to your homemade gravies and sauces. A basic tip is to transfer from large bottle into a small clean food grade spray bottle. Spray on raw foods, uncooked or after cooking Tofu.

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