Why You Should Hate Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant known for serving home cooked southern style food in an old-timey atmosphere. I've traveled all over the US and found every Cracker Barrel to be very busy. This astonishes me because I hate Cracker Barrel, and I think you should too. Here's why.


This description was written for comedic purposes only. The opinions below should not be interpreted as factual or serious. If you are a Cracker Barrel employee or customer, I in no way intend to offend you with this satirical review of Cracker Barrel. If you are interested in the opinions and experiences of other employees, the comments following the blog should prove far more interesting and useful than the blog itself. Enjoy!

Approaching Cracker Barrel

This billboard reads "Comfort. Food." with the slogan "Old Country Store." If this is trying to imply that Cracker Barrel is a comfortable place to dine and shop, someone needs to punish their advertising department by making them visit one of their restaurants.

The billboard above is a classic example of the kind of expectations Cracker Barrel sets up and then utterly fails to accomplish. "Comfort" is probably their most egregious claim. With their long wait times, crowded interiors, and completely useless gift shop, Cracker Barrel's atmosphere is more or less the opposite of comfortable. Every time I go there I turn into an anxious and frustrated mess. Here's a walk through of my Cracker Barrel experience. You'll see what I mean.

The iconic Cracker Barrel rocking chairs
The iconic Cracker Barrel rocking chairs | Source

Getting Seated

Like I said before, every Cracker Barrel I've ever seen is busy from open to close. In my experience eating there, I've never witnessed anyone get seated right away. So, where can you comfortably wait for your table?

The problem: there are about 15 other parties trying to answer that same question. For each of these parties, there are two options: the rocking chairs and the store.

  1. The rocking chairs: If you just want to sit and relax, there are the iconic Cracker Barrel wooden rocking chairs in front of the store. Unfortunately, at least half of the 15 parties ahead of you already had the idea to sit down. It's rare to find enough open chairs for your party to sit and wait together. Of course, you'll probably need some alone time anyway to mentally prepare yourself for the ideal ahead.
  2. The store: Maybe you don't want to sit down. Your eye might have caught some fancy lookin' stuff in the store. Unfortunately, the other half of the parties ahead of you thought the same thing. To call it a "store" is quite a stretch. I highly doubt anyone goes to Cracker Barrel just for the shopping experience. This glorified gift shop is filled with useless novelties and lots of other hungry, annoyed people. The one section you think could be remotely interesting is already being browsed by another patron. So, you aimlessly squeeze your way around other people in the store until your party is finally seated.

The golf tee game. Note the screaming child in the background: classic Cracker Barrel.
The golf tee game. Note the screaming child in the background: classic Cracker Barrel. | Source

Ordering Your Food

The "friendly" hostess leads you through a maze of tables, chairs, people, and screaming little children, to your very own wooden table and bare wooden chairs. You find your place at the table and pull out your chair, which bumps the person sitting at the table behind you. In fact, the tables are so close together, the little kid behind you can't get up to go play checkers without their chair bumping you. It's probably best that they get up though because no one should have to be that close to someone else's screaming kid. Did I mention the chairs are bare wood? Outdoor picnic benches are more comfortable than these chairs.

You open your menu and consider your options: you have a wide variety of "comfort foods" to choose from. The term "comfort food" has a negative connotation to me. It implies that the food isn't necessarily for nourishment, but rather for some sort of emotional crutch. This sounds like an abuse of food to me, but I can understand wanting something to make you feel comfort after the lack of it thus far. You order your comfort, the waitress says, "I'll have this out for you in a few minutes," and walks away.

So far, so adequate. You look around for something to pass the time, so you reach for the classic golf tee game. The object of the game is to finish with the fewest tees possible, and it gives you an equivalent intelligence to your score. You almost always score 'idiot', which is probably right because you decided to eat at Cracker Barrel. Even if you beat the game, you're still an idiot, because you've spent way too much time at Cracker Barrel figuring it out.

Comfort food at Cracker Barrel
Comfort food at Cracker Barrel | Source

The Food

After an eternity of staring at golf tees, your waitress serves your food. Cracker Barrel's food itself isn't bad, but when I go out to eat, I want something I can't have at home. The food they serve is the kind of food most people would say their grandma makes, but I'd bet most would also say their grandma makes it better. If you're eating at a Cracker Barrel, you're probably already on a road trip, since almost all of them are located next to an interstate. Why not just go to Grandma's house instead? I bet you'd be a lot more comfortable there.

To conclude, while Cracker Barrel's food is adequate, the entire ordeal required to get it is in no way worth the greasy mac and cheese and boring backed potato you're likely to get at the end. Do yourself a favor and make it a home, go to your grandmother's or frequent literally any other establishment. You'll thank me later.

Restaurant or Hell? You decide.
Restaurant or Hell? You decide. | Source

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Jill 7 years ago

I don't know who you are, Rob, but I share your well written and humorous opinion of Cracker Barrel. I, too, hate Cracker Barrel. CB should change its logo to: "Come visit our dark, uncomfortable, crowded and cave-like dining room with its schlocky décor, overpriced gift shop, extra-mediocre food and completely unremarkable service." Oh, and did I mention that I hate Cracker Barrel.

Beverly 7 years ago

Sorry...but I have to totally disagree. I love Cracker Barrel. Yes, they are usually very busy...wonder why? Could it be that many others like myself enjoy eating there and also enjoy looking at all the nice gifts in the gift shop? All I can say is if you don't like it then go somewhere else or better yet...stay home and cook your own meal,,,,

Filby 6 years ago

Not a fan of Cracker Barrel. Especially after my mom took her friend, who is mentally disabled, to eat there and was forced to sit in a corner behind a partition. And that's not even getting into their discrimination lawsuits, which makes me think "Cracker Barrel" is a very appropriate name.

redwolf754 6 years ago

Cracker Barrel ..Food is mediocre, service is okay ,the average wait time is 15 to 20 minutes depending on the time and crowd .and yes the screaming brats grate my nerves.the gift shop is cutesy and over priced with a lot of stuff I would have no use for .I don't hate Cracker Barrel nor do I like Cracker Barrel .Just a place of convenience if I happen to pass by one ,In all honesty I would rather do cracker Barrel than Shoneys any day ..Shoneys is the one I have it in for

honest 6 years ago

Another reason to hate cracker barrel is their food. They make food "taste better" by adding bacon grease to green beans, old cornbread to make their stuffing which might I add they only make once a week, there is no grill in the kitchen so everything is fried or thrown on a flat top covered in butter, their okra and shrimp are cooked in the same oil so if you have a seafood allergy your in trouble, it goes on...

concerned employee 6 years ago

Not only are all of those things true but their respect for their employes is nonexistent. About a year ago someone had the wise idea of giving the managers a bonus for making "goal hours" meaning that if they make so much in sales for an hour they get a bigger bonus. Sounds innocent enough, right? But the manager at the store in Joplin, MO, Marlon Munson has taken this to an extreme. He now gives servers, who make $3.73 an hour two table sections on the weekends, when we should be making our money for the week. Keep in mind some of these people have worked there for over ten years and can handle more, and did before the goal hour bonus took effect. Now we are not making enough money to pay our bills or even fill up our gas tanks on a weekend night, while his check is growing, and CB managers would certainly make enough to pay the bills witout the bonus at all. I encourage all who, even if you like cracker barrel, to skip the one in Joplin, MO. THere is one in Springfiled, MO, just 60 miles away, or one in Tulsa, just 100 miles. Some regard has to be shown to these people as the manager has said that it's an employers market and he can do what he wants. I just think everyone should know how this company treats people

cracker barrel worker 6 years ago

I work at a cracker barrel in the retail part of the store. the cashiers have to ask if you want, say a herseys bar to go..if they don't they will get there hours cut. they have a quota to make..and do get into trouble if they don't make it. they also are not timely in there pay raises..my last raise was over a year ago and when I question them on it, I was told I make to much money and could not receive any more raises...$9.50 is not to much money.

they also don't offer much in the way of health insurance. it's crap..your only allowed 7 doctors visit or ten thousand dollor, which ever comes first. it don't take long for the 7 visits go. then your stuck paying for a high priced insurance that you can no longer use.

Annabelle Lee 6 years ago

Every cracker barrel I've ever been to has been amazing. The food is good, the waitresses are always nice and I'm always with my family. Not to mention the fact that we almost always get seated right away, no matter what time we go. I don't know what Cracker Barrel you went to, but don't judge 'em all just cuz the one sucked. Cracker Barrel is my moms favorite place to eat and we take her there anytime she wants to go. You seriously need to look around and stop being such a freakin pessimist. Just because the one wan't all that fabulous doesn't mean they're all like that.

nifty@50 profile image

nifty@50 6 years ago

I'm torn 50-50 ! I really like their Old timer's breakfast and beacon and cheese burger, but find most of the menu over priced. If you go peak times they are always crowded, but I think that is because their food is decent. I like their atmosphere but find their service average to very poor. We like dining there but know their service is totally unpredictable.

Crackedxxbarrel 6 years ago

Cracker barrel sucks hands down!

$2.68perHourEmployeeOfCrackerBarrel 6 years ago

If any 'fans' of the Cracker Barrel had any idea what goes on behind the scenes, they would never eat at another Cracker Barrel again. No matter how much their mom loves the food.

Your waitresses are smiling because there is a sign above the doorway on the inside of the vestibule that reads 'Smile when leaving this doorway, or else'. Your food arrives promptly at your table because this company wants you to eat, and leave. Happy; so that you don't complain and want your food comped, and quickly; so that your vacant seat will be filled with another paying guest. It's true indeed that managers get a bonus when they meet a 'goal hour' and every day's shift is driven by this obsessive need to get as much money as possible. Of course because gratuity is not added to each check, the customer is free to leave as much or in most cases, as little as they please. In short, the company and managers make the money, the employees do not. The Cracker Barrel is a money obsessed machine that pays waitresses far below minimum wage, and assigns,. each employee the work load of two employees. Which means that often workers are stuck behind at work far longer than necessary doing side work and prep for the next shift and making less than $3.00 an hour.

Cracker Barrel 'fans' have been given some sense of entitlement that I have never experienced from any other restaurant. Customers are almost encouraged somehow to complain about any level of discomfort during their visit which ultimately falls on the server's lap. Even if say the cooks were unable to get the order out in time due to a lunch rush and it was not the server's fault, the dining experience is the servers responsibility.

The Cracker Barrel's management approach is a defensive management style where the problem is not their problem, but the employees. A 'What did you do to cause the situation' attitude. The approach appears to be founded in fear and intimidation, and a complete lack of respect for it's employees. Not the wholesome Americana image the company projects. What is more laughable is that the company's motto is 'Pleasing People' which also supposedly includes it's employees as well as customers. This could not be further from the truth. Cracker Barrel has to offer it's waitresses health insurance if after a year of employment, the waitresses hourly average is 24 hours per week. The schedule is purposely and closely maintained to allow only a very small handful of servers this amount of hours per work week. Also disturbingly enough, there is an obvious show of favoritism from managers where servers whom have favor can get by with very little of their responsibilities and calling out of their shifts, whereas another server with the same or better skill level would be harshly reprimanded for such behavior. I have seen a manager curse and yell at employees and publicly humiliate them by making statements such as 'I should fire you on the spot' for an indiscretion that a favored server would have gotten away with. This manager knowing full and well the person being reprimanded is a low income parent of more than one child, and who will put up with this kind of abuse because they need the job.

The Cracker Barrel is terrified of being sued again, and all of it's policies are founded in avoiding any guest perception that may lead to a possible lawsuit. If the Cracker Barrel as a company had any sense, they would know that it is only a matter of time before an employee calls the EEOC to report a hostile work environment and gets a landmark settlement for poor treatment.

But don't mind me, go ahead and order another Country Fried Steak and Sweet Tea.

Crack shack 6 years ago

I agree completely with the others who work at cracker barrel. It is one of the worst restaurants to work at. Employees are treated and talked to like crap. Where I work servers peak at 2.33 an hour and have to ask for any other raises which is often denied. As far as the food their motto is that cracker barrel is "a sit down fast food restaurant." so don't be surprised when the food is not that good. They want u to eat and get out. As far as service goes let me tell u ppl something... The service at cracker barrel can be good but when tips are generaly poor to fair what do u expect. With no gratutuity big parties flock so they can be skimpy wih the tip imagine a party of 15 who's bill is 160.00 and u get 3 dollars off of after running ur butt off and waiting on these ppl hand and foot. It's ridiculous. For the government to get their part u have to claim that u made at least 16 dollars (10 percent of ur sells) whether u did or not. If u don't make at least minimum wage hourly with ur tips u get "red flagged" and counseled on what u did or could do as a server to get more money otherwise u get fired because it's illegal not to pay employees minimum wage. So as the other person said it's always the servers fault. Cracker barrel is the only place I've ever known to take off an entire meal because u ate half of it then decided that ur pancakes were not dark enuff (yea lady I'm talking about u) everyone should have to be a server once in their life and maybe they would see the shit they go throught and the money the don't make and start tipping better and maybe then servers would be more friendly. Otherwise there's usuay a mcdonalds across the road or nearby u can eat there if u don't have money to tip don't go somewhere where someone waits on u hand and foot.

where,s the money 6 years ago

in the old days of cracker barrel when your projected to do more than 4300 dollars a shift you had 2 backup cooks. Now it's one and when you don't have stuff done on time you get looked at like you can't do your job and your hours get cut. And if you are not favorite your hours really get cut. In the store I used to work at if you are not mexican you can count on be treated like crap.

melissa 6 years ago

If your going to bitch be smart about it. Yes there is a grill in cracker barrel, they only fry stuff if you want it that way. Waitress make below that because people tip them... They don't tip anyone else that's why everyone else makes at least $7.25 and hour. The waitress have to record the tips and the total has to add up to minimum wage if it doesn't they will get a raise to compensate. And if you have to bitch tell them they will make any discomfort better and make you feel more welcome.

Concerned Citizen 6 years ago

Why is Cracker Barrel still serving Hydrongenized vegetable oil?

Nicole 6 years ago

I currently work for Cracker Barrel and no we don't make $7.25 an hour more like $4.19..but yea i have to agree its very loud even working in there! but the main thing they teach servers is quick service they want people in and out..so if u ever feel rushed this is why...which i don't like to do..it feels rude to me..but the place isn't so bad everyone is really extremely nice...u guys do have to give cracker barrel alil more credit on the food..everything is made from scratch...everything pretty much takes hours to make..its not like an applebees or ruby tuesdays..

Grecia 6 years ago

I work at Cracker Barrel currently,servers are constantly in fear of manangers, they yelled and retalieted with your hrs.

Manangers acctions are going impune, it is all about the BONUS, they do not care about any employees.

Veronica 6 years ago

I'm a server and our manangers keep telling us, we took out a lot of your plate and pass to the cooks, but we took all the bussers job, we do not have them anymore.

Customers had mention about sanitary issues about bussing our own tables and others.

THE RESPECT OF THEIR EMPLOYEES ARE NONEXISTENT, they do ARRASS you all the time and it is a matter of time before all around the nation Cracker Barrel employees get together and call the EEOC to report the hostile enviroment.

The corporation of Cracker Barrel are aware of the complains and choose not to investigate deeply this issues.

PLEASING PEOPLE, used to be the motto for internal and external guest, not anymore. Manangers are order us not to give our guest the oportunity to modify their order.

Fear,intimidation,arrasment that's what is going on right now, older employees are discriminated by their age and seniority.

David Yett 6 years ago

I think it should be noted that I've never (And I mean EVER) met a server or any other front-of-house restaurant employee who liked where they work. It's in my experience (Having worked at 7 different restaurants) that each one is the worst place to work. No one likes their job and everyone gets treated like shit. So the idea that a Cracker Barrel employee hates their job is not saying much.

Rick Graham 6 years ago

If guest could the grease and butter that is put into everything that is could possible be put in....you would not eat there. Next time look at the bloated overweight managers that eat there for free. They do not post calories for a reason.

CCL 6 years ago

I'm sorry, but to whom ever stated every thing IS homemade @ Cracker Barrel is full of it.I for one spent right at four years working for this company. The hash browns come in frozen...I repeat FROZEN. The hashbrown cassrole better knowen as hbr to us servers is pre-made. The cake used to create the Strawberry Short Cake is shipped in frozen. Cracker Barrel uses the motto as home cooked meals...what a crock, my mother never used frozen anything and by far serves better food then any cracker barrel I've worked for or ate at. As far as the goal hours being mention...the server who mentioned, this is 100% correct...the managers do nothing but yell, and push the servers around so they can line their pockets with bigger bonus checks and we get nothing. This is a company who doesn't give a damn about their employees.

michael walter 6 years ago

When I first hired into Cracker Barrel I thought it was just the best thing that ever happened to me, but after a few weeks I noticed things changed. Instead of the managers helping you find your way, they waited in the background for you to "screw up". That way they can throw you out and not pay the benefits to you. I do believe in my heart that they never praise you for the good things you do, but rather criticize you for something you do wrong and they are the first to do so. Its a pitty that Cracker Barrel management are basically meezly and spineless. What a pity!!!

CB Employee 6 years ago

Have to say that most of you have no idea what cracker barrel actually is. people can choose to change their meal. yea things are tough, but understand the managers are not to be your friend, they have a job to do. lets just say this...if you hate cracker barrel shut the hell up and stop going there. no one is forcing your ass to go there!!!

My opinion on Cracker Barrel 6 years ago

This is my opinion..and my opinion alone. I loved this article due to the fact it is every thing I hate about Cracker Barrel. But, lets talk about working Cracker Barrel. Hands down the worst! Kitchens are filthy due to it being so busy. Cooking for Cracker Barrel is horrible. ALL tickets must be out in 10 minutes, no matter how many you have or the mgrs are yelling at you through the window. It has become a fast food restaurant. On weekends you are forced to work 8-10 hour shifts on the grill line with no breaks. When asked why cooks don't get a break? The mgr said you don't have time..this was said while she was making her break food. Being a new employee, it's very hard to adjust due to the managers having their "favorites" and the new ones just have to suck it up. Managers are paid very well and I wish they would sympathize with their employees a little more..not be friends..but understand what is it like being an hourly and the pressure of the speed of service. Servers don't need to be complaining. The company has taken more than half their work and given it to the cooks because they only want servers waiting on guest and that is it. Pay is very low in the kitchen for the amount of pressure you are under. I dislike the company very much so I will not be going there anymore.

Cracker Barrel employee 6 years ago

This is to CB employee: We have no idea what cracker barrel is. I think you missed the part that said, she worked at CB. (GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT)......IF the only thing you read in all these complaints is "someone can change their meal, Listen up (GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT)......Noone asked the managers to be our friends, Just professional (GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT).......I WOULD PUT MONEY ON THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A CRACKER BARREL TRAINED MANAGER.....YOU SHOULD LOOK UP THE HISTORY OF SWEAT SHOPS....YOU SHOULD BE PROUD!!!!

TBABY 6 years ago


kiss my ass 6 years ago

All mosst everone hates their jobs at times and hates it at times. I have work at a CB for a little over two years and there are nights or days i wanna tell ever manager to go F them selfs as i am sure they would like to do the same to the employees. If you hate CB chances are you have not at at the one i work at. ever one that find out where i work they allways tell me just how much they love it. if we get complaints sent to us. It gets posted in the store so we know and see what's wrong and fix it. And trust me most kitchens get dirty through out the day..If you cook even 1/500 of what gets cooked a day you home kitchen would get dirty..oh and yea if a resturant takes the time to clean where ppl shit.and keep it clean then they are taking the time to clean as much as they can..and if you have to start a dumbass blog like this your more then likely did not get hired. Oh and yea you look like a faggot...

Musclehead1063 6 years ago

I have worked at Cracker Barrel a little over three months and I will tell you this. I worked for a General Motors parts supplier that filed bankruptcy and it got them out of their union contract. I was still treated better with no rights what so ever than I am being treated at Cracker Barrel. I couldn't figure out wtf was up with the managers just watching around the corner waiting for a mistake and not correcting someone or reprimanding but cutting hours. That's just flat wrong. We have one manager that is a total duechbag and the GM isn't any better. My younger brother has worked there for almost four years and stuck up for himself one time against unfair treatment and went from 40 hours per week to 14. Those guys are lucky they didn't meet me ten years ago because a misdemeanor assulat charge would have been worth it to me than to be walked on like this or to let them pick on my family. I graduate college in less then a year so I'll be fine after that but in the mean time I am going to take my Dads advice and take loans and do nothing but study once January rolls around. Ill have to pay them back of course but for now I cant hardly afford to buy gas to get to work because of their wanting me to came in a few hours here and a few hours there when I live 25 miles away. What ever suits them I guess. This just goes to prove greed is a terrible thing. It ruins the people who get the money, and in turn starves the ones who make it.

Musclehead1063 6 years ago

You'll have to excuse my typing because i am on a rant. I have the resources to report these people to the EEOC and they have already been by others. I have been looking into drafting a possible class action lawsuit but they have their you know what covered pretty good. The only way anything will get done about this is to make it known to the public what is really going on and for everyone to stop complaining and do some research on the state laws in your area and find violations. If we all work together on this we may be able to put and end to it or possibly unite on a national level and unionize this hell hole.

I want to thank everyone for informing me about how the place is actually ran. The one I work at has a huge problem with drug abuse with the employees and those poor sick people are being exploited terribly by the management. There is no drug test so they get hired then in fear they do what ever kind of crap and put up with what ever kind of crap to insure they can find that next hit. When one of them dies from an overdose I hope these people can look at that bonus check and live with themselves. Because one day they will possibly have killed a person in dire need of help by coercing them and enabling them to continue the very thing that led to their demise..... Ok I am done.... Next?

Case 6 years ago

Wow.. I read all this while researching the average wages at cracker barrel (I am filling out an application now, and I gotta say, most of you guys make it sound like a dismal Place to work. I do love the food there though (and my alternative is chick fil a, which I hear is even worse, so I guess I'll have to just find out for myself

cbcook 6 years ago

Cracker Barrel's definition of employee- someone of lesser intelligence willing to be overworked, underpaid, walked on and abused.someone who needs the job,no matter the circumstances,even in the face of harassment and discrimination.

Cracker Barrel's definition of"made from scratch"- a food product that we advertise as being homemade but is actually prepared in a factory,frozen,and then shipped across the country to be thawed,heated up and slapped on your plate.

Cracker Barrel's definition of relaxed dining- having a sever at your table within a minute of seating to take your drink AND food order(please do not waste our time looking at the menu,know what you want when you sit down!)having your food to the table within 10 minutes(it's ok that you ordered a steak,we will just put weights on it so it cooks really fast..enjoy your dry charred piece of meat)within 1 minute of you receiving your food the server should be back to check to make sure you got what you ordered and give you your check(please eat and GET OUT...we lose money the longer you sit at the table!)

Noteven1yrGrill Cook 6 years ago

If you guys arent happy then find a different job. I love it. I love my store whish is somewhere in alabama. I make 10.65 and hour and so be it..I think I should make more sometimes but its a job! Our speed is 6-12 minutes so in my store YOU DON'T WAIT forever to get your food. Yes you may wait awhile to get a table, but if you don't want to wait go somewhere else. I also have insurance, and I don't think its so bad, compared to other restaurant standards. We don't do anything to your food that you wouldn't do at home! Relax and I'm sorry if you've had a bad experience. All stores are not bad. Roll Tide

Luscious 6 years ago

I think you are thinking wayy too far into this. Cracker barrel is a busy place where lots of people come so they must be doing something right. If you go anywhere that is busy your going to have to wait, not every restaurant has enough seats for all the people who are waiting, haven't you seen people at other restaurants standing waiting outside? At least cracker barrel has a gift shop to look in, it may not have the best stuff in the world but at least it is something to look at. I work at cracker barrel, I was a hostess trainer and now im a server. I know it is very busy and we try our best to get every guest seated right away. What would you like us to do give people a limited amount of time to eat and then kick them out when their time is up. As for the tables being too close together, would you like there to be even less tables so you could complain some more about how long the wait time is? If you haven't been to a cracker barrel in a while you should try it now that we have our seat to eat program it takes only six minutes on average to get the food out. I think that cracker barrel is a great place to work. Some employees make it difficult sometimes to be around them, but in general cracker barrel is a great place to work, I have worked there two years now and im not leaving anytime soon.

Lol 6 years ago

Everyone who says cracker barrel sucks is stupid. You don't know if it sucks or not unless you work there. I've worked there for going on 3 years and it's really not that bad. Sure, the sidework sucks sometimes and getting last minute tables is a pain but seriously? It's a JOB. That's what you're supposed to do, work. And the whole goal hour manager bonus thing is a bunch of shit. It's not true so stop complaining and get over yourselves. Cracker barrel has a different system than other restaurants do and honestly I would rather be greeted right away by a waitress than sit there for 15 min waiting for them to come take your drink order like it is in other restaurants. If you people have nothing better to do than sit here and bash your job than go find another one bur good luck with that because the economy sucks!

Bucky 6 years ago

"Like I said before, every Cracker Barrel I've ever seen is busy from open to close. In my experience eating there, I've never witnessed anyone sat to their table right away. So, where can you comfortably wait for your table?"

You need to get out more. I have been several times in my life, and have been immediately seated more than kept waiting. If you come at "peaks times," you could wait from 15 minutes to 45; this is because people don't just come from their homes: It's meant more for travelers than their local residents. That's why it's always around the interstate.

"The problem is there are about 15 other parties trying to answer that same question. If you just want to sit and relax, there are the iconic Cracker Barrel wooden rocking chairs in front of the store. Unfortunately, at least half of the 15 parties ahead of you already had the idea to sit down."

Once again, if you come at a busy time, you won't find it comfortable waiting. This isn't just at Cracker Barrel, it's for EVERY RESTAURANT.

"Maybe you don't want to sit down, your eye might have caught some fancy lookin' stuff in the 'store'. Unfortunately, the other half of the parties ahead of you thought the same thing. To call it a store is quite a stretch. I highly doubt anyone goes to Cracker Barrel just for the shopping experience. The glorified gift shop is filled with useless novelties and lots of other hungry, annoyed people. The one section you think could be remotely interesting is already being browsed by another patron. So, you aimlessly squeeze your way around other people in the store until your party is finally seated."

The store is meant for travelers. It's not meant for people to just come in and shop. If you have kids, you want them entertained during your four hour trip.

"The 'friendly' hostess leads you through a maze of tables, chairs, people, and screaming little children, to your very own wooden table and bare wooden chairs. You find your place at the table and pull out your chair, which bumps the person sitting at the table behind you. In fact, the tables are so close together, the little kid behind you can't get up to go play checkers without their chair bumping you. It's probably best that they get up though, no one should have to be that close to someone else's screaming kid."

Have you never been to other restaurants. It's the same everywhere, dude.

"Now it's time to order your food. You have a wide variety of 'comfort foods' to choose from. The term 'comfort food' has a negative connotation to me. It implies that the food isn't necessarily for nourishment, but rather to make one feel comfort. This sounds like an abuse of food to me, but I can understand wanting something to make you feel comfort after the lack of it thus far. You order your comfort, the waitress says, "I'll have this out for you in a few minutes," and walks away."

They have always had fast food service. If you have to wait for an extended period, they give you something to snack on. When people go to a restaurant, they don't want "nourishment." They go to eat good food. Cracker Barrel doesn't have MSG in their food, unlike MOST chains, and caters to older people more than children and teens. They're not just selling good food, they're selling nostalgia.

"You look around for something to pass the time, so you reach for the classic golf tee game. The object of the game is to finish with the fewest tees possible, and it gives gives you an equivalent intelligence to your score. You almost always score 'idiot', which is probably right because you decided to eat at Cracker Barrel. Even if you beat the game, you're still an idiot, because you've spent way too much time at Cracker Barrel figuring it out."

Most people who go to Cracker Barrel know how to play the game. You would probably say Checkers is stupid, as well.

"After an eternity of staring at golf tees, your waitress serves your food. Cracker Barrel's food itself isn't bad, but when I go out to eat, I want something I can't have at home. The food they serve is the kind of food most would say their grandma makes, but I'd bet most would also say their grandma makes it better. If you're eating at a Cracker Barrel, you're probably already on a road trip, since almost all of them are located next to an interstate. Why not just go to Grandma's house instead? I bet you'd be a lot more comfortable there."

You just said it there your self. They're traveling; grandma is a hundred miles away drinking Ensure.

People go to restaurants for someone to cook FOR THEM, and environment. Most intelligent people are willing to drown out the babies crying, and not even touch the little games, and have CONVERSATIONS. Ever heard of them? Apparently you are not instructed in many things, as you're apart of America's worst generation (as am I; I actually read books, play a real guitar, and don't follow trends, unlike you, Rob). Cracker Barrel can live without your business.

duke nm 6 years ago

To all the people taking up for CB, ur just stupid- or overpaid and a favorite. Yes, the servers are FORCED to get the order on approach, and if they don't, they are yelled at.And with the exeption of the salads and mashed potatos and bread, EVERYTHING else is frozen!! Oh, I forgot, the dumplins arent frozen. They are left over dough from the day before.

The goal hours ARE for the managers bonuses- fuck the servers- or cooks for that matter. The servers are penalized for walkouts- even though the company, which is SO AFRAID OF ANOTHER LAWSUIT, is set up so that people could walk out without paying for their food while looking at useless trinkets that they could get for half the price at Walmart. On a final note, you current employees who are taking CB's side- beware! You could be next on the chopping block when your managers are looking for a new bonus!

duke nm 6 years ago

Challenge the manager to the peg game when they come by your table to apologize for the sticky mashed potatos or the gummy dumplins...

In the business 6 years ago

Sounds like the people complaining on here are lazy people that just want a paycheck for doing nothing. The lies about left over dough and bonuses for making goal hours are just that, lies. Look, it's obvious that you are lazy at work because you are too lazy to find a new job. I bet that every job that has been given, yes you never earned one, has ended up the same way for you. It's everyone elses fault, and that you are treated unfair. WAKE UP. If you are a shitty employee I wouldn't like you either. Grow up and realize that you are the source of all your woes. Until you realize that you'll never be happy.

Elle 6 years ago

Bucky you are my hero. Just wanted to put that out there.

Rob are you a complete moron, or do you just play one on TV? You've completely missed the point of this restaurant. Thanks for playing.

In the future why don't you spare every server the displeasure of serving you and stay home.

Jon 6 years ago

Seriously the idiot that wrote this article has clearly never worked or seen a busy eatery before......you sir are what is wrong with this country complaining about anything you can in order to get a free meal or something out of it for yourself...i have work at the barrel for two years now serving/cooking/training new employees. My store while it may not be the grandest place of employment it is a job where my managers treat the employees the exact opposite of what you are describing here. O and the goal hours thing all it is signifies what is supposed to happen if your serving staff manages to turn each table in the resturant 1.5 times. I doubt you know that means since all i hear is bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. No bonuses are given and to boot you are most likely on of indviduals who stiff their servers even when nothing is wrong.

George 6 years ago

Love CB. But I do have a problem. The good old country store where they sells gifts leaves me wondering what country they represent. On July 4, their display is patriotic with such slogans on knick-knacks as "Let Freedom Ring". Turn these over and there it is: Made in China. Come on CB, put American made items on display.

HospitalityGrad 6 years ago

Cracker Barrel, as is well-docemented, is a very bad company that mistreats its employees and serves very unhealthy food. It is full of screaming babies too. Managers constantly get fired and are replaced with equally rude ones who do not belong in the hospitality industry.

HospitalityGrad 6 years ago

Not much, in life, scares me but having to work a shift at Cracker Barrel comes close. It could best be described as dread at being subjected to what can only be identified as a hostile work environment. Well, bt it over with. I hold a college degree in thid field and it is using e as an hourly worker

dixie chick 6 years ago

Turning tricks at a brothel in Mumbai was less degrading than working at the Cracker Barrel. Not kidding.

Hospitalitygrad 6 years ago

Scared again because I have to work a shift at Cracker Barrel. I hope nothing bad happens to me, again, in there this shift.

CB Jersey 6 years ago

It seems current and past employees have had different experiences: I worked at one for over a year in Jersey and yes managers are pushy and sometimes overly harsh. An eight hour shift turns into a nine hour shift as most side work was not allowed during the shift such as rolling silverware. So when your table was transferred you were waiting with 10 other servers to roll silverware and if there wasn't any ou were expected to wait however long it took to roll your 100-200 silverware. We were not allowed in the breakroom at all because no breaks were given, and if one was that manager was yelled at by another manager, at one point the bathroom was actually locked and the GM had the key; when we asked for the key we were monitored how many times we asked and they actually asked us WHY we needed it. I was forced to come in sick, yes I was running a fever in a hot window with chloreseptic in hand because (although I called 6 hours before my shift) I was told if I called off I was fired, and they meant it! Regardless of everything I loved working with the people and tips were average but worth it for me because I'm a people person. The dumplings were freshly made the biscuits and cornbread as well not everything was frozen but there are frozen food including the hbr. The managers I worked win were obsessed with the bonuses apart from one who really was a good man/manager. I worked there for over a year with no mark ups and was firedbecauze the GM was mad at me for calling out, again 7 hours before my shift because I was actually stuck in traffic coming from New York. I certainly was a hard worker who wasn't lazy so just because someone can admitt the flaws of a company doesn't make them lazy!

Brittany 6 years ago

I just recently quit (today actually) it has been the worst job ever! Cracker barrel never worked with my availability and a manager told me I wa not a reliable employee due to my car accident (which was mine and my bfs only car!) I have gotten yelled at for no talking loud enough over the intercom in back in front of customers I never got days off or a break for a shift 7 hours and up! All in all the job sucks it's not worth it management screwed me over so I screwed them over on the busiest time if the year!

Rebekka  6 years ago

I'm a server at Cracker Barrel and the one thing I have to say to all the customers is, IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO TIP DON'T GO OUT TO EAT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Because if your B*%$@# A$$ comes into eat and leaves me a dollar or some freakin change I'm going to remember your face and the next time you come in I am going to spit in your food or do something real freakin nasty like scratch my A$$ and then pick your biscutes up with them! Muawahahahahaha. (By now you should realize that you don't F*&% with the servers!)

Fart In Your Face 6 years ago

Cracker Barrel fucking sucks. The food is shitty. Half of the customers are annoying, old, slow, fat, and stupid. I just wanna fart in peoples faces when they order because they just suck. If a customer pisses me off I cough on their food, I pick my nose and wipe it on their fries!!! I pick up lemons, oranges, and bread with bare unwashed hands!!! So yes, come and eat with us at the great CRACKER BARREL where you get a fart in the face by me!

#1Server 6 years ago

I have worked for a CB in NJ for 4 years. In that amount of time we are on our 3rd GM and he's close to the edge!!! I can't even count Assistant Managers we have been through! I am really getting tired of knowing that the Scum of the Earth can call corporate in TN with their opinions of the service they received and my job hinges on that. Most of these people are the most uneducated fuckers I've ever met. Let'face it, a piece of wood and golf tees are all the entertainment they need. At our store if we get a "walk out" we get a write up and too many in a time period can lead to being taken off the floor as punishment. We have regular W.O's and we know them, we inform managers and we both have to just stand there and watch them leave because we are not allowed to confront them but still sign our write up. WTF!! I'm just saying that I would love to beat the 22.56 out of them.On up note I know damn well Servers make the most money(aside from managers) in there. Nobody works less than another from us to the Prep crew and I love my girls I work there we truly are like family. My GM is a douchebag and the Scum Bags that eat there do too but to my regulars...I Love You!! My bills get paid!!

enuzum 6 years ago

@Ron....u act like an idiot. Cracker Barrel is not for the 20 something crowd. The "comfort" is more about the nostalgia. The older crowd can go in and see familiar stuff which brings back memories of growing up. I am a server at Cracker Barrel, and no, the chairs aren't comfortable, but the food does come out quick, so you aren't there for long. The golf tee game is called a peg game, if you're gonna diss it, get it right! And I'm guessing you've hung out at Cracker Barrel from 6am to 10pm? I work in the Branson one, and it is one of the busiest ones. In the summer, from 8am-10:30am and 11:30am-2pm we are extremely busy. Sat. and Sun we are busy from 8am till 2 or 3, but that's the weekend, so you should have some common sense and assume that, especially on Sunday. Also for the retail store, if you don't like the fact that you have to look at something you're interested in along with somebody else, well, I'm guessing you only shop online. All the other employees on here....go get another job. I get paid pretty decent, plus tips. Even at 2 something an hour, if you figure you're tips in, you should be making anywhere from 12 an hour and up. Pretty much, I think half you people have earned an award for exaggeration.

Rob Noneman profile image

Rob Noneman 6 years ago from Huntsville, AL Author

Everyone that took this blog seriously is hilarious. In reality, I just don't like southern food. I honestly have nothing against Cracker Barrel, and I have definitely never worked there. A few years ago, I came up with a bunch of funny reasons why I hated Cracker Barrel, but I wasn't serious about any of them. It's great that some people have used this blog to communicate their various opinions about the place, but please understand, this blog was a tongue-in-cheek critique.

HospitalityGrad 6 years ago

The dread again. Even the CB guests have been extra mean to me leading up to Christmas. This is in addition to how badly management treats us. A few weeks ago the manager motioned for me to give uo my pen. I handed it over and said manager kept it, or, converted it to his permanent use. That was at least the second time a manager stole my pen. A day or so after that, also when I first reported to work, I was screamed at about butter by a different manager. Few of them know what hello is or how to use it. Alas, they are in the wrong business (hospitality).

HospitalityGrad 6 years ago

The constant abuse continues. Also I placed az to go order over the phone and was told by the employee that my item was still available and that my Order, including cornbread, would be ready for pick up in five (5) minutes. I arrived at the CB store approximately ten (10) minutes later and was told my order was not ready and that there was some sort of delay or wait for to go orders. I only ordered teo of

HospitalityGrad 6 years ago


I waited at the store for another 20 minutrs wh ed n the Cashier surprised me by asking whether I ordered ca

HospitalityGrad 6 years ago

Alias Continuation... Asked whether I ordered Catfish and said that the manager in the kitchen was sure I had placed an order for Catfish. I indicated th hat zI had not and recited my order-including drink and cornbread- for the 6th or 7th time to the Cashier. About ten minutes later she appeared eith a sm

HospitalityGrad 6 years ago

ano th her continuation... Appeared with a small bag of food for me explaining "we 86d those (vegetables) awhile ago. I'm wondering if that was necessary to repeat from the manager because when I called to place the order (start of the Ordeal) I was told the item was available. I drove home, opened the bag and no Cornbread was in there. The n ed xt dsy that manager and GM were very mean to me. My colleagues at my prestigious institution of Hospitality ed are shocked by my tales of abuse at this bad company.

who cares 6 years ago

Maybe people go there to eat food like their Grandma would make because maybe they no longer have their Grandmothers.

HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago

I thought these experiences were only in Tupelo,MS!! I see that it is the same complaint everywhere.I absolutely hate my job and the management sucks and the customers are extremely stuck-up and rude.

Unknown 6 years ago


unknown 5 years ago

I work at Cracker Barrel in richmond indiana. I hate everything about it, the management treats everyone like crap. They hire drug addicts and people who cant speak english so they can abuse them. All they worry about is their flithy bonuses.The day I get my degree im walking in there, straight up to my fat manager, and im going to punch him right in the face. I once saw one of my managers tell a young man with diabetes that he didn't need his insulin. she said just eat a biscuit and sit down. Its the dirtiest place ive ever worked the whole place is a joke like i said i cant wait to quit...im not signing my name because if they find out i wrote this they will straight up fire me

happy employ 5 years ago

idk where you have been eating at but i love where i work my managers are extremely nice and help anyway they can they don't yell at anyone unless were busy and trying to get things done all the employs get along and were happy yeah its stressful sometimes but that comes with the job at cracker barrel im sorry where you have been has been terrible but they're not all like that ive been to other cracker barrels and i was ashamed to even eat there because it was soooo bad but places are different and the managers are different where you choose can make all the difference...sorry for where you've eaten

Unknown Employee #504,306 5 years ago

Hahaha, these comments crack me up because its some of the same things ive been thinking for a while. But if you don't like working there, and you don't like the management, maybe you should go to college so you can become GM or DM and boss the lowely employees around like myself. Just saying, if your sick of "pushing sales" or "rude people," GO BACK TO SCHOOL

worker 5 years ago

I work at Cracker Barrel in Florida, and first of all, I love working there. My managers are friendly and understandable. I enjoy trying to make goal hours. And for people saying the average wait time is 15-20 minutes, yeah, maybe on a Friday or Saturday night, or maybe a Sunday morning. If you don't like the food, cook your own. Not every store is the same. I have worked at three and each one is different. I have also eaten at roughly ten different stores and the experience varied. It's the same at my stores. Some days are bad, some are good. And I think if you're a manager and you can hit the goal hours, you deserve a bonus because it isn't easy. It's hard work. And as an employee there, I take value in knowing I was apart of the team that helped reached that hour. Yes, our servers get tiny sections on the weekends. But how can you expect to have only 10 servers on when you're on a 30 minute wait? That would just make the service worse than you're already claiming it to be. In a restaurant, you can't control how busy you are. It's not just Cracker Barrels, it's everywhere. You can't tell guests, "Sorry, we're too busy." If people come in, it's our job to seat them. However, there are times when we are not busy. So if you have such a big problem with waiting at a restaurant, maybe you should go during a time when it isn't busy, like between 2 and 4 pm. Or here's a thought: stay home and cook your lazy ass your own meal. No one likes someone that nit picks every little thing. And if it's that big of an inconvenience to you, don't go out. No one likes a complainer. I have gone to restaurants and have had shitty service, but rather than whining about it, I let it go. Everyone has their own issues, and everyone has bad days. I highly doubt all of you complaining about your poor service has ever worked at an establishment with a perfect reputation.

Like I said, if you hate it that much, don't go. Last time I checked this was America, and no one's holding a gun to your head making you eat our "shitty food" or sit in our "dark cave-like" dining room or buy our "over-priced" merchandise,

And for your record, I know a handful of people BY NAME that come into my restaurant weekly, even daily, and people that come in just to shop. So shut up and enjoy life. It's too short to be this obnoxious.

sarah 5 years ago

yes cb does suck,in 1964 they started cb as a family restaurant, which many were pleased, within the last two years visits to cb seem as a hearding of human cattle. they have a new seat to eat policy,rush you to take your order from one stop shops, as they are called, which means u as a guest are expected to know exactly what u want when ur server arrives, no matter howman y or who is undecided in your party, which servers got attaboys for this stupid procedure, so in other words ur server takes ur order and u never see her again, another server brings u your order and doesn't care wheather u have condiments. u realy never see ur server again, nor are they personable, so i say a visit to cb is not relaxing or comfortable, and u feel herded. might as well go to a drive thru window at a fast food joint. some of the older people like to think going to a restaurant is the high poiunt of their day and would like to take their time and enjoy it. hope those idiots in lebanon read this !!!

Ashley 5 years ago

I am currently an employee for a Cracker Barrel in Arizona. I have to agree with many of the points listed above, both good and bad. When I first got hired, all the managers were unbelievably helpful and gave so much praise that the constructive criticism didn't even phase me. After a few months, the typical dread of going to work for yet another restaurant had set in with the beginning of each work day. The managers are generally nice but when it comes to handling customer complaints they usually place the blame on the server alone, whether the complaint resulted from a cooks error or long wait times. In all reality, all restaurants suck to work in because you are pretty much someones slave and more than ninety percent of your income is made from tips. Speaking of tips, at CB we do not add gratuity to checks for any parties, regardless of whether it is a table of six or sixty meaning that you can literally speed walk for an hour straight to please your quest and they are not obligated to leave you a good tip or any tip at all. As far as the food goes, most of it is enjoyable but it definitely is nowhere near healthy in any way, even the salads. The "baked chicken" is deep fried and holds over an ounce of pure grease within just one breast. I have personally seen our cooks make the dumplings, biscuits, salads, coke cake, and many other items from "scratch", meaning that there are some ingredients that were frozen at one point but nonetheless our cooks are extremely hard working. All in all, Cracker barrel is not the worst place around nor is it the best. Like every other job in the world, it has its good and bad points. I would only recommend the job to someone with a lot of patience and the ability to bite their tongue and I would only recommend the food to someone looking for some yummy biscuits and food that is just as fattening as Mcdonald's but priced much higher. Maybe this has add some valuable information on Cracker Barrel straight from a true employee.

Joe 5 years ago

There are 2 sides to every story... In my experience the people who take the time to bash the company they used to work for, probably weren't the best employees themselves.. If you got a 2 table section, you probably deserved a 2 table section. Maybe, just maybe.. you should look in the mirror FIRST before making accusations. See its the servers who REQUIRE a 2 table section that make Cracker Barrel service look horrible. Sarah.. One Stop Shop.. its for BOTH the benefit of the restaurant AND the guest. Lets think about that for a minute... The server asks you if your ready to order right after taking drink order... is it really that hard to say no not yet. That server is doing you and him/her a favor by trying to get your order into the kitchen faster so you can eat faster... I don't go into a restaurant and say.. "you know what, I don't care if I have to wait 30 minutes to get my food"... i go in wanting to be fed as quick as they can get my food to me. I read some of these posts here and I can't help but laugh. If you think you can do better, please go open your own restaurant... That same Cracker Barrel box that you all are bashing made it through our financial struggles and is still building Cracker Barrels while other restaurants in the same dining category are closing their doors because they can't stay in business. I can assure you that when going thru training in Cracker Barrel.. Guest Service is STUFFED down your throat. I could go on and on.. but now I'm bored with it..

CB employee 5 years ago

CB started as a retail shop in 1964, not a family restaurant. They added the restaurant to bring in more people from the highway. So all you people who say they should do away with the shop and the cashiers can go screw yourselves. You don't change something that has worked for 40 plus years because lazy ass people want to pay quickly like they are in a fast food restaurant. It is called casual dining for a reason. Whoever says they make 4.19 an hour has to be a server who does not understand the concept of minumum wage. You get tips, that is why you make less dumb ass!

brittany 5 years ago

ok every cracker barrel is not crowded constantly. I work there i know. You really sound like an idiot. If your so damn lazy that you cant just stand up to wait for a table, your pathetic. And my chair has never hit someones chair. You must be a fat ass too. And since im a cashier, there are plenty of people that just come to cracker barrel to shop. I bet your one of the people that come in just to complain to get your food free. Get a life asshole!!!

employee89 5 years ago

LMAO!! I have worked for cracker barrel for 11 years and it is funny cause everything these employees are saying is true except the hashbrown thing I cook too and the hbr is shredded frozen potatoes and they add cheese butter and onions and baked vegies are can except carrots they are frozen but strawberry short cake is frozen wich surprised me cause normally they do everything from scratch. but yes they treat the employees like shit I must say and so do the guest. But this is where cracker barrel should step in and take care of us but like it has been mentioned so many times the dumb ass managers that don't know shit just treat every body like they can be replaced very quickly. I know they best option for me is to leave. and will be asap!

people listen 5 years ago

Look everyone has they're own take on the barrel. I have worked there for going on 8 years now. I am a boh shift leader and 3 time employee of the year. Yes, in fact cracker barrel sucks as a job. That doesn't mean you don't do your job though. The management team in fact does degrade its employees and they will belittle you. Lets face the facts though. Cracker barrel has one of the highest pay grids for managers so why don't they have better quality people? Its because they excpect so much from everyone that no one can take the pressure. The insurance sucks now as you get 7 visits per year and then pay 10,000 dollars to get additional coverage. You get no dental anymore which also sucks considering working at the barrel you only drink sweet tea most of the time which will in fact rot your teeth. They don't pay very much money especially when considering other restaurant pay grids. They wanted me to go into management but the pay is around $36,000 a year and you work 60+ hours a week. Not including every holiday and every weekend so if you have a family your quality of life is down the drain. Hence why the managers are miserable. I respectively to them to F off. Im not doing it. Its basically a food production machine in there. There is truly no cooking. I have worked in several kitchens and this is my only corporate job ive had. It does suck alot. However if you bust your ass you can get a steady paycheck and in my case ok pay. I cant start somewhere else making what I make even if they have a higher pay grid. As far as the food: yes everything is frozen. Forget what everyone else sayds. Corn, carrots, turnips, cake batters, muffins, hashbrowns, all protiens, onion rings, green peppers, peas, bread, country fried chicken and steaks, chicken tenders, shrimp, okra, pineapples, and struesals will in fact always be frozen. Not to mention they now have mac and cheese sauce from a frozen bag. Thtas not made fresh anymore either. the biscuits are made from a "dry mix" bag which comes already mixed of flour and shortening. All the hams and such are prepackaged. The tomatoes for stew come from a can. the cornbread comes from a bag labeled "cornbread mix" Its not homemade food by any strech of the imagination. I personally have trained people that don't know how to speak english how to follow these "english recipes" Our store is very clean, but we have a company that comes in all the time and fails us. They are named steriltech. No one practices perfect sanitation because its too damn busy but no restaurant does. You do the bast you can and be respectful of the paying guests and the food. all in all, its a bad company but it does pay the bills if you work there so you have to make the choice. I always strive to find better opportunity and have went down to part time several occations but be smart about it if your going to leave. The managers will treat you like crap if they know you are looking for a new job, but that's because its hard to get people that can take the verbal bashing they deliver and not be phased by it. I personally get pissed about it but I realize that they are the ones that have to live with they're shitty manager lifestyles; I don't. I get over it tell them what I think and if they don't like it they can fire me. Though they will never do that because I work my ass off for them. The company in a whole is a joke though. The only benefit is that older people like it because its softer food for them to eat and that's great for the older community. By the way, no there is no "real grill" It is in fact flat top grills at every barrel. The is not an open flame or a broiler. Everything is fryed together so if you have seafood allergies please don't believe them when they say its cooked seperately,. Just don't order fyed. Yes the new program seat to eat does require orders in less than 10 min so yes everything you eat will have had a heated grill weight on it. With the exception of pancakes, french toast, trout, sugar ham, and of course eggs. You can get a few items like grilled bacon and cheese, grilled cheese,, etc. Of couurse they are not waited but they will weight your steak burgers, chicken, ham, sausage, bacon. The company is loosing its focus because some british guy took over hence why we have 3 varieties of hot teas now. I encourage anyone that wants to work there to find altenative means of employment first. If you have to go for it but they are not going to treat you well at all. these are the facts and yes they want you to eat and get out. Higher ups have told me this is why they have the crappy wood chairs. They don't want you to be comfortable. They are a money machine. Funny the motto is "sit, eat, relaz" but behind the scenes they want nothing more than for you to get out. Thanks for your time. Hopefully this provided some clearer insight.

CB Employee 5 years ago

THis last guy/girl pretty much sums it up. I think its the worse company I have ever worked for however I love the servers I work with and not all of our regular guests are too bad. The white trash that comes in usually hit us up after they leave Wal-Mart which is right down the street. I work another cafe style job and I get treated great and with lots of respect. I am currently graduating and getting my degree so my time is done. If I could have done it over again however I would never have worked for this place. When I first started it was in 2002 and wasn't too bad. When the company was bought out it went to crap and became all about money. Our guests are even realizing it and many now go to my other cafe I work at because I tell them to. Whydo they go there? Because the dedication was for me the server, not the CB anymore. I will always be thankful for the people I've met there including my wife, but I and a couple other employees are having a bonfire where we will burn our aprons and thank the lord we are out of that crap hole.

Lea La Rue 5 years ago

I currently work for a Cracker Barrel in Florida. I've been there six months and when I first started I loved it, but now that pretty much all of my managers are gone, I hate it. I'm a cashier and the manager that hired me was fired after 18 years of employment, she was planning on retiring in January of 2011, and once they found out what she was planning they let her go. The woman who replaced her is by far the worse manager I've ever had. When she speaks to you she sounds drunk and leaves her sentences off with Yeah...and not only that, if we don't sell a ridiculous amount of target items, our hours are cut to the bare minimum and the worst shifts. And being a cashier I'm at the managers will as to when I get to go home. Everyone else gets cut and they have their side work and then they're gone, with us we could be standing there for another hour, hour and a hald before they even come pull us to cash us out. I haven't gotten off on time in months. Not only that, she ignores our avalabilty all together. I requested a day off once because my mother was having minor surgery and was scared. She gave me my first 8 hour shift in months that day and when I changed to work in the morning, they didn't pull me until ten minutes before the surgery and I missed it. But when they ask me to stay or come in early or do this and that, I do. My manager does nothing for her emplyees, she's already lost three in the time she's been there. I've tried to be nice and work with her but it's gotten to the point where I can't even find it in myself to say hello to her. She switches our hours and days off as she sees fit, screw our avalabilty, but if you sell the target items, you walk on water with her.

I recently wanted to crosstrain as a hostess but she didn't think it was a good idea and our GM agreed, but later that night when it got busy he had me hosting. I had no training and he's calling tables that aren't even vacant yet. And that was all after I was supossed to be off of my 10 hour shift. He refused to pull me well past my clock out time, I was there 11 hours and doing cash, retail and hosting, all without a simple Thank You. When we tried to go to HR about our crappy retail manager, the GM got wind of it and stopped it, saying we should go to him first but nothing was done. We've told countless managers countless times how miserable she makes us, but nothing is done. Most mornings it's not Hi How Are You? instead it's You Need To Sell 30 Bags Of Candy And Go Walk Around Sampling If You Want Your Hours.

All in all, the job's not worth it. In my store retail hands most of the work off to us, and we still need to cash people out, while they stand there with baskets of crap and talking to people. I'm waiting for the day I can walk up to them and say I Quit, Go Fuck Yourself.

Cassandra 5 years ago

I've only worked at my CB for about 2 and a half years, but I have done everything from cashiering, to cooking, and even dishwashing. I love my job! I love my managers, and my fellow employees. All the people complaining about the food, grow up. This is how people want their food. Try and find a restaurant chain whose food is made healthy, and completely from scratch. Also, discrimination and "defensive management techniques" are not synonymous with cracker barrel, but something that happens with any place you can possibly work. And what's the crap about no grill in the kitchen...don't know where you work, but we have 2, and we clean the fryers after fish fry days. I have a feeling all the people complaining are just lazy, (obviously whiny), and would probably hate and be miserable at any job they had. Try having a positive attitude, and enjoying your job, people, and if you don't, then quit. Don't like the food, don't eat it! Cracker Barrel doesn't need loser employees, and hopefully your managers will weed you out!

Filbyisacunt 5 years ago

Filby, you mentioned you were suing this company for discrimination huh? Quit trying to make a living off of other people and get a job to pay for your retarded sibling. I hate how everyone tries to sue for every little thing. Go to school, get a good job, and make your money that way. Also, talking about an open case is a good way to lose it...

Adam 5 years ago

Here's a thought, If you hate it so much don't go there! why waste all this time writing about how much you hate it? You didn't like your experience there ok we got it, but really guys get a life, you have way too much time on your hands.

ursl 5 years ago


ann 5 years ago

I happen to enjoy the food at CB and the service is usually fast. On occasion we have trouble finding the waitress when we need her. But, overall the service is good. One thing that annoys me is when you pay by credit card the cashier always asks you if you want to leave a tip. There already is a space on the receipt that gives you the option to leave a tip or not. I can read! And, what if you already left a cash tip on the table already??? This is a pushy pompous practice at CB. Does anyone else have this experience? I love the lemon pepper trout though and the roast beef plate, yummy. Does the roast beef and trout come frozen? Where do they get their trout from?

Roick 5 years ago

I did see the part where u said I also run the service like the slave days just started and cb isn't a five star restaruant

CBcook 5 years ago

I have been with Cracker Barrel for about 9 years. I am a grill cook in my opinion. It is just not the same when I first started there. I work hard and I get treated like crap. Newer cooks get better hours and shifts. I use to would get 38 to 40 hours work weeks. Now I am good to get 34. To me with the "seat to eat" it is nothing but fast food now. I don't like being talked down by some of the managers. Made to feel stupid. Made to feel small. Then most of the time when I need to sit down or need to go to the restroom because of health problems they rather make you work than giving you some relief. I want to quit but I need the health insurance.

CBcook 5 years ago


I have been with Cracker Barrel for about 9 years. I am a grill cook. It is just not the same when I first started therein my opinion. I work hard and I get treated like crap. Newer cooks get better hours and shifts. I use to would get 38 to 40 hours work weeks. Now I am good to get 34. To me with the "seat to eat" it is nothing but fast food now. I don't like being talked down by some of the managers. Made to feel stupid. Made to feel small. Then most of the time when I need to sit down or need to go to the restroom because of health problems they rather make you work than giving you some relief. I want to quit but I need the health insurance.

i work there  5 years ago

im a new hire but its been two and a half weeks and i havnt gotton my first paycheck i called the payroll people but they don't answer their phones

CB worker 5 years ago

I just want to say that I as well work at Cracker Barrel and I love it. I get 40 hours a week plus and are training to be a Shift leader. And pretty much get the shifts I want. It may have taken two years to get to this point but I really enjoy working there. However I do work in the Retail/cash side of cb.

JB 5 years ago

I have worked at Cracker Barrel for 5 years now. I get $5 an hour as a server and $10-$15 on top of that per hour, so do think that pay is fair. I do believe that you get a great deal for what you pay. I cannot say that the food is the most healthy for you, but there are healthier choices if you like. CO-workers are great and the managers are very respectful. Many negative comments are not true from what I read. They do have goal hours to make, but this simply allows the company to keep prices down and hire staff etc. This is what makes them a successful company. I do think dishwashers are not appreciated, but i'm sure it's like this at any resturant. All in all, a good place to work.

slave 5 years ago

the guy before me is crazy, it's not a good place to work, they do treat you like a slave, and the pay is not that good. I have been there 10 years now as a backup cook, which is the wrong thing to call my position since I am in charge of 90% of the food that goes on the line. This bonus thing has got to stop, we always worked hard but now I'm scared to go to work too. It's ridiculous the amount of work they expect out of you in one shift. And for the idiots that said our food is not homemade, we make dumplins from scratch, pintos, stew, mashed potatoes, etc, we do alot of cooking in that 9 or 10 hour shift, again I feel that as an hourly employee, I do all I can in the time I'm allotted, and that's all I can do. They do discriminate horrendously! If you are black or mexican in my store than you just do what they tell you, if they want you to work a double, they don't ask you they just tell you your staying. I have seen that with my own eyes. Even the managers at my store are getting fed up with the work load, cause if we don't finish our work then it falls on them. We can all blame each other but it comes down to the company, and it is a bad company to work for, bottom line. It is filthy too, the last couple of years has been bad, they don't even tell us to clean anymore, used to be on us all the time to clean and do mac duties, now they are just happy to have the prep work done! I'll be lucky to make it to 10 years, when you wake up scared to go to work, it's time to quit!! I don't recommend working there to anyone.

CBTEXAS 5 years ago

I hate seat to eat. They told us it would help us make more money but i haven't seen that yet. So far we have been making less. ( I am a server). They get so behind in the kitchen that people are having to wait 45-60 minutes for their food. It is horrible. They have to stop seating the door because we get so backed up in the kitchen. We haven't been doing the seat to eat long, but so far i hate it. shifts where i used to make a $100 plus, i'm now going home with 40-50. If they don't fix this problem i'm gonna have to find another job. (been at cb 3 yrs)

ETC 5 years ago

To the last comment!!! Like everything else in life, change is difficult and until your store as a whole gets used to seat2eat implementation your still is going to fall apart and servers will make less money!!! When there r new things to learn as a whole it's hard at first, once everyone gets used to the new ways then it gets better and servers definitely make more money!! 100% ABSOLUTES from all positions 100 % of the time is the key to your store success!!!!

Mochaboy 5 years ago

Don't even get me started! I've been working at this horrible company for 3+ yrs now, and I can't wait to leave. I'm gonna write something here in a min. Let me gather my thoughts.

happy_employee 5 years ago

Before having to move back to school where there is no cracker barrel, I waited tables in two separate stores and LOVED it. If you do what you're suppose to do, and are friendly to costumers you do not get treated badly at all. I loved my job, miss it all the time. If you're a hard worker & don't go around with a pout on your face all the time, customers love you and leave great types. I had mostly 20%+ tips.

Supercook 5 years ago

Nearly two and a half years at the Cracker Barrel, and my best description of the place is 'a monstrous joke within a bad dream'. However, we all make our own choices in life, and I have solid reasons for continuing my employment there thus far -- til' somethin' better presents itself for the time bein'.

For all who have experience with it, the restauraunt industry (particularly the corporate) is laughable, and it's best to keep in mind that it's just food, after all. The only ones whose lives are made or broken are the ones who will soon enough have a heart attack from the constant ingestion of the mediocre tripe.

That being said... here's a bit of advice for all you employees: Learn your jobs well; do them well; and set boundaries for yourselves. If you keep your work beyond reproach, there ain't shit can be said of you or to you.

I'm the best cook at my store (after all), and the pay could be worse -- but that's because I push back. I work my ass off, and I'm constantly training people. But at the end of the day, I can laugh off all the irrational horseshit that comes flying out of the managers' mouths (and mine, at times), and recognize that, though we're all expendable, there's less than a snowball's chance in hell that I'm going to lose my job or have my hours cut back. It's job security. It's perspective. And that's good advice for any job you might find yourself in...

And yes, S2E was a giant mistake -- but they've invested so much $ in the sorry system, that it's not going anywhere any time soon.

"Speakin' the plain truth is gettin pretty damn dull around here ;) -- cheers!

Dumb Ass current emplyee 5 years ago

So I agree with some but not all. My family loves to eat at Cracker Barrel. It really is not over priced for those of you that say it is. A family of 4 can easily eat there for under $30 which is cheaper than most places. It has veggies and what not so you are not always feeding your kids fried unhealthy foods.

Apparently not many people have been to the Shelbyville, KY Cracker Barrel because we are hardly ever busy except during the peak times. But one thing I can say is that the goal hours are bull shit.

We have some really good manager at our store but then some fucked up ones that truly could care less. Ones that go around telling their employees they don't like them and loke their self a hell of a lot more. One that cussing out a serving for having regulars that come in and only want her. Now part of that. Cracker Barrel has stupid ass rules. If a table of more than 8 people comes in you have to have 2 servers share the party even though they don't realized that and only tip you less. Then they always make sure their favorites get the good tables and parties and if you are not a favorite, WATCH OUT! Getting on a managers shit list sucks. Everyone has their regulars. I had a regular group of 8 that over the 2 years of me taking kick ass care of them has now grown into almost 30. They come in right before close but tip me fat and I have always taken care of them by myself with no issue...until a manager decides he doesn't like me! Cusses and yells and threatens me on the server line that it was bull shit, I am a shitty server and I should have been fired by now for doing this. WTF! My party heard this and decided to call our home office about that. What did they do...say I was in the wrong not him.

That is just one example of shitty management. The list goes on and on. Managers think they are all high and mighty because they are managers, bull shit. You are a freakin person like all of us. Our managers will put down servers, make them cry and walk away for fun. I see this shit on a regular basis. Not only that, but notice how day shift is always a bunch of old wrinkly hags? I freakin hate day shift ladies! They have been there for 50 years and think they are the queen shit...but just because the best the could do with their life was be a server doesn't mean that is what the rest of us have planned as a career. They are lazy as shit. Don't do their stuff then try to dip out and make you do it. Sad thing is that at the SHELBYVILLE KY store, the managers are too scared to say anything to them. When shift rotation comes they leave the place looking like shit and not set up and ready. Night shift freakin leaves that place spot less but day shift still complains.

Oh and if you thought the managers or other employees treated you with respect then you are sadly mistaken. You get talked to as if you are a child even though you have to be at least 18 to work there. You get talked down to all the time and talked about all the time even by the managers. Which brings up gossiping. Who does not gossip? But the only ones that ever get in trouble are the ones on the shit list. You get on the shit list by guess what...other people gossiping about you! So lets see, someone says some shit about you and you defend yourself and guess what, you get written up for gossiping because the one that started it is up the managers ass so far you cant tell where one begins and the other ends.

Over all, Cracker Barrel from a guest expiernce, not too many complaints other than running out of food. But from an employees point of view sucks!

That Guy 5 years ago

My Turn,

I have been an employee for upwards of four years, and two different cracker barrels.

I think I will start with the good. My store was a manager training store therefore I got a little softer judgement than the older managers would have given.

The new guys are a perfect example of the management. They come in with their heads low willing to be helpful but eventually take up the lazy path of forgetting anything you ask and have to be reminded multiple times to get even the most meaningless task done.

The GM is worse. His time has to be planned for, at least a week in advance and most of the time he will still forget even though its written right in the office.

It is true that the managers practice favortism but i don't think you can work anywhere that isn't true. It is based on your work ethic, attitude, and overall outward attractiveness. I have found that as long as i stick to these three factors i can do anything i want without fear of being fired.

(Off the good rather quickly though...)

The Manager bonus is very true. I have been approached by a manager multiple times with the effect of "The goal hours mean more business, more money for the servers, and not to mention my bonus." He said that same phrase with the bonus emphasized at least 3 other times but you get the point.

The minor hours.

Cracker Barrel does not serve alcohol. Therefore you do not have to be 18 but merely 16 to work as a server.

Heaven forbid anyone ever looks into those files from more than 2 years ago. A minor is required to have a break for 30 minutes every 5 hours. I personally worked thirteen hour shifts with no break given on numerous occasions.

The companies food service policy for servers

one minute to the table where you one stop shop meaning get the order right then. A rush period every weekend shift as the managers tell the trainer servers to take everyones order and get them in before the hour changes.

three minutes to get it in that's normal

Then its check back check down. meaning as soon as a table gets their food they get there check a force move to get people to eat faster.

Pre buss to the glasses. Take their plates when they get done even if they are still eating I have personally seen a manager do this. Bussers are virtually nonexistent even during the busier shift that's a server's duty.

I make 2.28 per hour.

Tips are hardly good at cb parties come in and tip nothing while 4 people have to take and split the tip.

Every shift the hostesses skip seating certain people and are never taught better or reprimanded. The theifing of tips also occurs often on busy shifts i watched a busser steal my tip and told a manager and the manager just tells me that my money isn't his problem

Other things happen all the time but you can't write them all down. Thanks for letting me rant now i can get back to work.

Rick 5 years ago

Hey. I know this is an old thread, but I feel like there's a little bit of misleading information here. CBOCS (Cracker Barrel Old Country Store) is indeed a restaurant and indeed a store. The store is meant for traveler's first and foremost and also as a local place to eat genuine (southern) country recipes that have been weighed and balanced to fit the diets of nearly every age group.

As for the seating and the crowding. You will find this in every decent restaurant chain anywhere during peak periods. CBOCS has the rocking chairs and is unique in that aspect, but if you think about it... other chain restaurants have a tiny corridor or vestibule to stand in with few benches and sometimes a line going out of the door. CBOCS's "store" is a place to peruse candies, gifts, toys and decorative novelty items so you don't have to stand or sit next to people unfamiliar and try not to catch that awkward eye-contact with a fake smile. CBOCS is currently undergoing a HUGE change in its guest rotation and productivity. It is called the S2E (Seat-to-Eat) system that gets you faster seating, faster service (sometimes tag-teamed by more than one server), faster serving of food and a better experience all around. The S2E system is causing every employee in the restaurant to "re-learn" everything they've ever done in the establishment to ensure the betterment of the guest's experience. Before S2E came along, I had heard of some people waiting as much as 15 minutes for even a simple drink order to be placed! D: Not so anymore. I witnessed two tour busses come in on a busy Friday night and they totaled 90+ people. There was a line wrapping around the store inside and going out the front doors. Not to mention the other guests who were already in line to start with. Several managers came up front to begin taking names of the different parties (since CBOCS doesn't offer reservation service) and within 20 minutes... the entirety of the parties were sat at tables, drinking drinks and ordering their food if they weren't already full of biscuits. S2E has fundamentally changed the way CBOCS operates, but they still have the same friendly service.

Not All CBOCS's Are Equal! It is possible to have a less than stellar experience given that there are different managers and not all of the (700+) stores have upgraded to the S2E system yet.

Addressing the STORE aspect of CBOCS: There has been a store since the beginning of the company. The merchandise and gifts have evolved over time and whereas before many of them seemed like trinkets, today they have become items of much better quality and craftsmanship. Also, if you are unsatisfied with your merchandise or it becomes defective and falls short of standards, the stores will either exchange it for you, offer you something better suited to your liking discounted from the price of your defective item or they will refund you (money if you have a receipt or CBOCS "return card" if you don't). Also, there is a guest service number to call the corporate office "Guest Services" if your issue isn't resolved by a store Restaurant or Retail manager. The managers are very flexible and would rather keep a customer and lose a few bucks than the other way around. It is understandable to accept that your experience may occasionally be less than expected due to circumstances or other variables, but in the end... the CBOCS company has been very good at its guest servicing and overall operations.

There has been a lot of concern about the theft of tips left for servers and there are different options for leaving tips. There is the good old fashioned tip left on the table, but also you can leave a cash tip or a tip charged to your debit or credit card when you pay at the cash stand in the store. The way this works is that on your meal ticket, there is the number of your server. The server (be it one server or multiple) has rung your ticket on their account or under their number (same thing). If you have been served by more than one server (for larger parties) then the other server is responsible for adding their name onto that ticket as well. When you ask to leave a cash tip for them at the cash stand when you pay, the cashier will add it into your bill or if you have already paid, the cashier can pay in a cash tip (can also be done using your credit or debit or gift card) using that server's account or number (once again... the same thing). The other option is when you pay for your bill using a credit card, there is a ticket printed out that you fill out the tip amount you would like to leave and total it. The cashier then enters the amount of the tip into your overall total and the tip goes straight to the server's account. At the end of the server's shift, he/she retrieves all tips left for him/her "up front" by going to the cashier and asking for them. At this point they tell their cashier their ID number (usually about 5-7 digits) and the cashier enters this into the "pay tips" screen option. The cashier says the amount and the server (who is able to see what tables left whatever tip on their own screens during their shift) confirms that amount and takes home their earnings in cash. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALMOST EVERY RESTAURANT'S SERVERS ARE PAID UNDER MINIMUM WAGE AS THEIR TIPS ARE A PART OF THEIR OVERALL WAGES. Do not single out CBOCS for paying servers under minimum wage because it is by law that they are. If not... then they would be making much more than even the salaried positions in charge. Integrity is taught to all employees and is strongly enforced. However, there are dishonest people in the world who will choose to steal a tip left on someone's table be they server or guest. For this reason, the company has set up the Server Tip Account System to ensure the payment and security of these tips. Many restaurants now use this method.

When it comes to employment at CBOCS, I found it to be much better than other restaurants and regular companies. The restaurant business isn't meant for everybody and it takes a real heart for people to do it well, but you aren't required to be a server or cook to work there. There is a retail side as well where you can learn guest servicing without the slinging of dishes. The learning system is not grueling and there are almost always people who have rather extensive training in each area that you can draw from to help boost yourself up to a level of competence. Also, they have a program for employees of CBOCS that allows them to advance from their achievements and hard work. Each employee is scheduled different evaluations after certain intervals of time that make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses so they can focus in on things to help them become better at their job. With these evaluations, there are skill tests done with an Employee Training Coordinator at the computer to test into your next "level" of employment (hence the stars on the apron). With each "level" or "star", there is commensurate increase of pay, benefits, (decent) 401k option, stock option, discount, etc. You may also be subject to a pay raise based on exceptional performance that isn't part of your Par Level program. You can literally choose how far you want to go at CBOCS. The company is a corporation that does not franchise itself, but is run by one central location or "Home Office". This ensure continuity with each store and allows for better operation and clearer communication within the company. That's another reason you can get very decent pay and benefits and 401k.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is more than a stop n' shop restaurant, it is a traveler service. You can park your RV overnight at most locations, you can ask for directions, read a free map, ask for a phone, use the restroom, pick up some snacks for the road, get out of the way of storms, walk your dog, get local information and conditions of the highways or events in the region which may affect your travel, etc, so on and so forth. These are real people employed at Cracker Barrel who aren't there for just the cash, but also there because CBOCS treats their employees with respect, dignity

Missy 5 years ago

I think basically everyone working in retail or food service isn't really going to love their job. They pay you to do what they want to happen. Of course if they don't make the money they should there will be a problem. It's common sense. You'll have some managers that are awesome, some that suck. It's just the way it is. If you don't like your job. Find another. I know it's not as easy as that, so be greatful you have a job.

Brad 5 years ago

S2E is a complete failure at the store I work in. We still have not completed our certification on s2e and it has been 8 months since we have started it. We had these stupid "in" and "out" doors we had to follow and since no one followed the rules management finally gave up and we go our way. Our store just sucks. The people who shop at our store are very annoying and it just freakin sucks how I have to pretend that I really give a shit about peoples days and their individual stupid lives. It's a show and I am an actor just faking the plesant happy look on my face when I just really want to say eat, leave me a tip, and get the f*$! out of my section.

Continuity 5 years ago

You're a ditz, I work at cracker barrel and working there is great, eating there is just as awesome and hey, where else can you find cooking better than your moms'?

SuccubusDreams 5 years ago

Okay, so I work at a pretty decent Cracker Barrel. I'm not saying I am in love with my job, but the managers I work for are pretty cool guys. My GM bends over backwards to make sure the good employees are making what they should and are getting hours. Yes the health insurance isn't amazing, but once you reach PAR 4 it does go down in price. I mean really what do you expect for $19.01 a week? Plus where else do you get paid vacation time, after three years to have two weeks paid vacation is pretty freaking nice. A lot of problems that I have with Cracker Barrel has to do with servers. They assume that they can just do whatever they want to get a tip. Including but not limited too, making up new menu items,over portioning croutons and other items and pretty much being a major pain in the ass. Servers are the bane of my existence, their job is not hard and yet they are the first ones to complain about everything. This is part of the reason S2E was invented, because food cost was uncontrollable as so many people had their hands on the food. As for goal hours, does anyone realize that the more money your store makes the better chance that you have on getting a raise? Also I don't know how other stores do it but we do have different fryers for okra and fish. Every job has it's good things and bad things, but at the end of the day I've worked at worse places for less money.

lexington nc  5 years ago

i think the cracker barrel in lexington sucks along with paula in retail

Employee 5 years ago

I have worked at a cracker barrel for about 10 months now and i am working on my 3rd star. I personally hate the place, if i could find another job i would leave. Yes they do get bonus's for goal hours. We got 3 on mothers day and believe me my manager was a happy camper. But at succubus dream, how can you even say that? You try sitting there and having to make everyone happy when the COOKS make your food come out wrong. It doesn't matter if your mashed potatoes are cold which is a cooks problem, the guests yell at US! We are the ones who get punished and not tipped well because of things that our out of our control. I know personally i am becoming a trainer so apparently i know what i am doing. The managers treat you like shit and punish you for stupid things. I went on a vacation with my family and i came back to having 1 day a week for 3 weeks. They don't care about you, they hire so many damn people and then give all the new people all the hours instead of the par 4's and the trainers who are apparently good because they got those titles. And we don't get raises anymore as servers...with this whole seat to eat SHIT when you par up you don't get that .05[wooptido] cent raise you would get before. Now you have to wait until you are par 4 and its only something like .10 cents. One thing i hate is "check back check down" no one wants their check a minute after they started eating. But managers will walk around and make sure you did or they will write you up for it. And to all those people saying everyone hates their job its not true because i have another job and i actually enjoy going there, i only make 7.25 there and i don't quit it because i LIKE it there. Sundays are insane at cracker barrel and having a 2 table section is rediculous. They really need to fix their shit and get it together.

Employee 5 years ago

I have been working at CB for almost four years and two different stores. Yes the management is HORRIBLE, but you will find that at many places. Yes I asked for Mother's Day off because my sister is leaving and it was the last time we would all be together and I was not schedule for a whole week. The managers are very selfish and rude not only to employees but to customers too. The food on the other hand is not as bad as you think. If you want something healthy then don't go to a restaurant, much less a home style country restaurant. They do have healthy choices like salads and fish. Be smart people.

alicia 5 years ago

Here's the thing that bothers me the most. I am an employee of CB. I see all of these comments talking about service being poor. The sad thing is they don't give their serves the ability to provide excelent service!! For example. Seat to eat...? AS SOON AS THEY SIT DOWN PUSH THEM TO ORDER. PRECHECK IMMEDIATELY. so if were double sat WE CAN NOT TAKE TWO ORDERS AT ONCE! if i were working anywhere else I would treat two tables as one party so that they are both taken care of WELL and QUICKLY. Oh, speaking of speed...CB wants you to only spend 15 minutes in our dining room. THEY DO NOT WANT TO YOU SHOP. EAT. AND RELAX...they just want you to spend your money and LEAVE!!! AS SOON AS THEY HAVE THEIR FOOD (if it all comes out together and not cooked wrong)DROP THE CHECK. (which btw gives us almost no opportunity to offer desert...which sucks anyways) Then we have to do something so unsanitary it makes me cringe. PRE-BUSS tables. So this means rite before I put my thumb on your plate I just picked up some sick kids napkin...I didn't wash my hands because my manager was screaming "CIRCLES!" because hes too focused on his goal hour bonus.

I need a different job. Ugh.

brian 5 years ago

i just gotta say, my wife has worked for cb for8yrs. AND I AM GETTING TIRED OF HER COMING HOME CRYING{YES TEARS} FROM THE WAY MGRS. TREAT HER. i keep telling her to find something else but there is not many openings around here. i myself also worked here for 5 yrs. you are nothing to them but slave labor that they have to pay almoswt nothing but i guees if you got the only game in town you don't have to worry about treating your people well.

BigDaddyDK 5 years ago

OK, let's be realistic here people. You're complaining about wages and benefits at a RESTAURANT. Unless you're in management this is NOT A CAREER. Go get an education. Loans are available and you don't pay them back until after you quit attending full time. If you're making next to nothing, you probably qualify for grants too. There's no excuse for languishing in a job you don't like then complaining about it while you do nothing to improve your situation. I've done the dead end job and it made me pursue an education that I paid for. No advantage of wealth or social position. Just sheer will to achieve. I have no sympathy if you won't improve your own life. You have no excuse that will fly with me.

I enjoy Cracker Barrel, not so much because the food is great but because of the atmosphere and because I've found most of the people I've encountered there to be friendly and accommodating. If you don't want your food fried, covered in bacon grease, or slathered in cheese, go somewhere else. Cracker Barrel isn't promoting itself as a fine dining experience. It's country cooking and if you've ever even been close to a farm you know that's how a lot of people ate for years. Don't like it? Don't eat there. But for heaven's sake, quit complaining about it as though the restaurant is personally hurting you.

CBWFMTHR 5 years ago

I have close relatives who have worked for CB for over 10 years. This used to be a good, solid company that treated its employees well (relatives are servers, grill cooks, managers). Since it was bought by a big corporation, things have changed. Now, CB only cares about raking in profits for the CEO and shareholders. Employees - including management - are treated horribly. Managers are working 6 days a week, 12 hour days at a minimum. The Seat2Eat is a nightmare - and when it does not go smoothly, it is all the fault of the managers. The district managers and regional VPs manage by intimidation. Managers spend hours every week on ridiculous conference calls so they can be reamed out and humiliated. (Rick must be one of them). I will not spend another penny at CB and I will do everything possible to spread the word to boycott this corporation. The fact that they pass themselves off as a "family-oriented, Christian" company is just disgusting.

CB190 5 years ago

As female employees at CB we'd have to say that the majority of the negative comments on this website about the company is 100% true and even more so. I have experienced sexual harrassment in the form of innapropaite touching, and sexual comments.It is very uncomfortable when the managers come up behind me i never know what to expect and im always feeling like i need to look over my shoulder. I have also been threatened verbally by a manager with physical abuse for example I was once told that he was going to blacken my eye and break one of my ribs. I have NEVER worked in such an uncomfortable hostile enviroment. They treat us like total shit they have no respect.

Its JUST soooo professional when I see a manager constantly walking around with a boullion bowl. What I am about to tell you I have personally witnessed a handful of times him coming back into the kitchen from speaking with an upset customer and he says things like "GOD these customers are so fuckin stupid they just bitch and bitch to get free food fuckin cheap fucks!" Another experience which totally blew my mind, he walked over towards me after speaking to my table and told me to spill hot coffee on them, said he would bump into me so it made it look like it was a total accident, I just stood there and was like are you serious and laughed a little just to see if he really was being serious and he totally was!!!! I walked out to my table and when he walks over there he attempted twice to bump into me!

My Co-worker has also experienced sexual harrassment and the very flirtious comment. She feels that she comes to work in a great mood and within 15 mins the hostility in that place can ruin your mood and your job proformance. They expect you to be able to take care of the guests and smile but inside you just wanna go punch someone. its hard to keep a positive attitude when the mangers are constantly on your ass like flies on shit! lol The new schedule comes out and we discover that the rising stars "new employees" have double that hours of us employees that have been there for years. Cb brags about how they offer health insurance 401K but you have to maintain a certain amount of hours a week to keep the insurance and the managers make sure they schdule you not enough hours to take advantage of these benefits. I believe these are probably good enough reasons to hate cb.

When it comes to displinary consistancy there is none. There have been a few ppl that have been terminated for ridicilous reaons when others get away with it with out even getting spoken to. Your not allowed to leave the building to take a five min break on an 8+ hour shift. While the managers are outside SMOKING ON CB PROPERTY when it is against the rules, and for employees if you get caught smoking on the property you are terminated on the spot. If you say a curse word you get fired, yet the managers will stand there and cuss you like a dog, basically dropping the F BOMB! But if an employee whom they are looking for an excuse to get rid of says a bad word which actually wasn't true gets fired. Only because the manager didn't like that person.

Well I'd say enough said if you haven't figured out that this place is totally fucked then i don't know what to tell ya.. expect i don't consider working for the compant if the EEOC ever investigated them they would either be shut down or restaffed but prob shut down.

that's enough for now! :-) CB190 FL

Dish Slave 5 years ago

Now I know I am not alone in this. I am a dishwasher at a Florida Cracker barrel, and for the past, possibly about eight months of my working here, I have tried my hardest to make the other employees feel better about their work. Being a dishwasher means, washer of dishes. I have done much more than that. Of course I have carried out dishes and containers for proper storage and usage of the other employees, and I have done countless trash runs and dumping the cans. No problem. I have also while working along in a between lunch and dinner shift countless times, at one of the busiest and "successful" cracker barrels in Florida as I have heard it stated, I would be asked to do multiple jobs. Of course I have to keep the dishes running, the bus tubs emptied for servers at the front of the kitchen (server line), sorting silver ware, and transporting mugs to freezer, from freezer (seeing as most of the hopeless souls working as servers are elderly and I am a strong young man) I would retrieve such heavy things for them. My managers will come to me and ask me to do other jobs, jobs that I am entitled to do in the lesser busy times. Which it is a less busy time, but I am alone, and there are certainly many things for me to do, such as catch up to the work from the lunch rush, and prepare for the dinner rush. Cleaning mens restrooms, doing trash runs, etc during my alone time is very stressful. They have done everything they could to make it easier for servers to rush out their food so the customers can eat and GTFO, as I call it. All responsibilities taken from other workers to make things smoother, is pushed onto the dishwashers, and I am one of the only ones who is willing to go the extra mile to help other people in my store. I go home in pain every weekend day. Saturday, knees hurt, feet hurt, arms hurt, hands hurt very bad from working hard and quickly just to keep up with these things. My hands are important to me, as a typer, musician, gamer, etc. I need to get out, but there is nowhere for me to go...

There are many safety hazards as well. Missing tiles have made me trip many times, nearly dump trashcans, etc. I have slipped at work and bruised my knee terribly once; the managers told me to buy new shoes instead of dealing with the rotten mess of filth that clutters the floors. The workers, I am a germ hater, its my phobia, I am certainly alone in that at work. I wash my "gloves" constantly, because my hands have sensitive skin and i work with chemicals and I must have my hands dry constantly or they will peel. I see many things that make me hate this place. People who serve you, are disgusting. People who make your food, are equally disgusting if not as much. I am the only one who notices these things it seems. Servers putting their fingers into their mouths, touching filthy bus tubs for NO reason when I myself am handling them. They touch everything they walk by! And they serve your food! They touch your cornbread and biscuits! Filthy people! Food dropped is food thrown away. Thank God. These floors are horrible. The dishes, I clean them as best as I can. People tell me I am slow, but I say I am efficient, I know I want a clean plate at least when I eat... I want to serve everyone with the best I can offer.

The food is ALL unhealthy. Soda, sweet tea, everything is made with some form of high fat and sodium solution... I wanted to switch to grill cook *big flat metal thing covered in grease* so I can work without harming my body from constant physical work for 8 hours... But now I am having ethical reasons not to want to... I can't serve people this crap... I don't get paid enough to work as hard as I do, and to ignore all of these vile things I see go on...

Enjoy your meals everyone. It's not the food you may like, its the fats, salts, sugars you enjoy. It causes a release of hormones and enzymes that make you feel good for a few minutes... I'm going to work to be a wellness coach now ;p

Dish Slave 5 years ago

I wasn't fair in my last post to my coworkers. They all work hard, most of them anyway, and they are usually too busy to do the things that need done properly, many don't even care because they've given up on the system. Training is half-assed because of the lame automated testing done on a computer, and people training others not how to do the job properly, but instead how to do the job to survive the job and not get fired. This is the ONLY place I've seen on job listings that says "always hiring". Why exactly? its because people get fed up too quickly working there that they either quit or are fired for putting up some kind of resistance. We have a couple of good managers, but they aren't on top shamefully.

BenjaminO 5 years ago

Hi, I am considering applying at the Venice Florida location. I have been really excited to apply since i am just moving there, going to college in the fall, and as an extra the Cracker Barrel is 5 minutes from my house.

I used to work at Jcpenny in Bradenton and they view the customer as most important, and idolize strong coopertive experiences. I loved it there and from what I read on Cracker Barrel's website, they seem to want the same type of thing. But as I read these posts 99.9% are bashing the new manangment. Can anyone give me an honest assesment of the company, or even better what the Venice CB is like.

Thank you

Jones 5 years ago

I have worked at Cracker Barrell in night maintainance for several months now,and must say the Barrel I work for has the best managers and most professional operation that can be expected in such a hectic business. As in every company,all are always looking for ways to make and save money. I must give credit for tehm strivig to put the best freshest meal on patrons plates as possible,and to treat people respectfully and do their best to have a most pleasant experience while visiting our facility.

Now the dirt. The thing that upsets me most about the cracked barrel is mainly the fact that they have established their business in the heart of this country,calling themselves down home hospitality and so hypocrytically have sold themselves out to China,down to hats and t shirts with American logos only to find all made in China. If we could get Cracker Barrel, WalMart etc etc etc from buying mostly Chinese products ,maybe we wouldn't have an unemployment problem in this country????

I was also nearly shocked to learn that Craker Barrel has no recycling program whatsoever! The fill our landfills with so much usable plastics and cardboard,again sinking this coutry in more waste and destroying the country that made them so successful.

One more point along those same lines is the fact that they throw away food that could be donated to so many different facilities that could help feed the poor and I know these organizations would be more than glad to pick it up and distribuute it. I have seen garbage cans full of biscuits and buns just thrown away.

When I see this waste and the made in China it makes my stomach churn. Cracker Barrel proffesses so many ideals and in their soulit is so black and ugly. They call themselves people pleasures when it should be people killers. They could give so much back to the communities that support them yet they insist on giving a helping hand to the Ideals that are killing our country,this being the same country that gave them their success.

With the economy the way it is I truly am greatful for my job and love the people I work with directly,our managers are the best! Good hard working staff makes our store very successful,nw if some how I could say I am proud to work there?

BenjaminO 5 years ago

And a quick question, how likely is it that cracker barrel will drug test?

MTyler 5 years ago

I am so glad I am not the only one who hates cracker barrel so damn much. Yes, I am grateful to have a job, as they are so hard to find. But if I could, I would take another job in a heart beat. I am a server working at cracker barrel in Alabama. When you first get hired, and do your 'training' you are completely buttered up and told a bunch of lies. Cracker barrel does not care about the employees, or the guests. They just want their money. Which means paying their employees very much under minimum wage and giving them the work load of 4 people. All of the employees get treated like shit, except for the managers. They get treated like royalty. It shouldn't matter whether you are making a "career" out of it or not, you should get paid for the amount of work you do. I am trying to save up money so I can go to college and get a career so I don't have to put up with this bullshit for the rest of my life. And I agree completely with the people who said no matter what, its always the server's fault. If your food is messed up or cold or raw (which is the cook's fault) we get talked to like were a dog for it. And, we also don't get paid because the guest is unhappy, and doesn't leave a tip. But guess what, the cook still gets their $9.00 an hour. I get paid 2.18 and hour. And the whole we don't paid more than that because we get tips is bullshit. I have came home with $11 for a 7 hour shift before. And what most people don't know, is that servers get very little paychecks, if we get one at all because our GRATUITY is taxed. I have gotten a $0.00 check before. I'm lucky if my paycheck is more than $3.00. As soon as I can find another job, I am going to take it and tell cracker barrel, and all of the old people who leave me $1.00 after I've ran my ass off for them getting them something else every fucking time I pass by them to fuck themselves. I do not recommend anyone ever applying there or working there. I cry every day on my way to work, especially on Sundays. The church rush is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life. And another thing, you never get the breaks that you're required BY LAW. I was told by management that I couldn't get a lunch break working a 12 hour shift. I mean really? If the managers get hungry, they get to sit their fat asses down and eat whatever they want. If they need to take a piss, they can go in the bathroom and piss. However, if a server goes to the bathroom, its like the end of the world. Also, our GM doesn't allow the employees their 15 minute breaks because most of us smoke, and "smokers disgust him." He tried to say the county governs that employees arent allowed to smoke on the property, but that's funny because the restaurant next door lets their employees take their 15 minute breaks that are REQUIRED BY LAW to do whatever the hell they want, including go outside and smoke a quick cigarette. But anyways, it was nice to vent to some people who understand :)I hope other stores aren't as bad as the one I work at. And if you decide to go eat at a cracker barrel, tip your server well. You have no idea what goes on behind that wall, and all of the work we do for the little we get paid. Thanks.

That guy you wanna be 5 years ago

Been working at CB for 5 years now and I literally hate this job with a passion. Hours are never consistent and I got par 1 making almost as much as me and im a par 4...keep looking for a different job but Michigan sucks and there isn't none. You think this food is healthy?..your wrong cuz I use about 2-3 gallons of butter in just one of my shifts buttering up your damn biscuits!! Cracker Barrel is a money hungry machine that does not give 2 shits about it's employees or it's guests. The object is to serve you ppl as fast as possible and GTFO so they can fill your seat with the quickness. Managers are probably the most worthless workers I have ever witnessed..I guess paying these chumps to stare at a screen and scream at the cooks about late ticket times is fair? 90% of the managers I have worked with don't know what the hell is going on how to make a cook list or even how to cook the food. The managers are worthless scrubs and the servers are lazy as hell cuz all they have to do now is just run food out punch the order in and wipe a damn table...that's why most of them are fat woman that indulge in all that good fried food that is killing most of the Americans..why do you think there is soooo many obese Americans? It's cuz of Cracker Barrel and all you are is a fat American to fill that old wooden chair at that very very cramped wooden table..and hey you!! Please eat that food fast and GTFO that's why we gave you that bill with the quickness so you can get the hint!! You think there smiles are real? Seriously what fake ass world are you living in? You should see what really goes down in the back. Your food is usually being dethawed in there nasty ass sinks which is a violation. Keep coming in to eat though so your children can grow up and be obese like you lol Fat Americans!!

anonymous 5 years ago

i think all you who wanna talk down on cracker barrel need to stay your asses at home, of course its always busy which obviously means peopole like the food, every restaurant has a wait every restaurant has bratty screaning kids y'all are the ones bringing them loud ass kids to CB not the employees maybe y'all should learn how to control your brats or even learn how not to be lazy and cook your own damn chicken and dumplins so if you don't like CB stay the fuck home instead of taking the time to talk shit bout some place go outside or to the gym and workout cause your probably fat anyways!!

Laura 5 years ago

Really people? It's just Cracker Barrel.. it's not that deep.

haha 5 years ago

Okay here's the deal, if you hate Cracker barrel so much why are y'all still working there? Oh yeah that's right no one else is hiring! Cracker barrel is not hurting like other restaurant places are,We have health benefits and raises and discount on ALL of our meals for employees. If you only have two tables and cant make money then its your fault. We can't help that you are a bad server.

Cracker barrel's To go bags are Recycled also the bottled waters we have are too. Did you know that some cracker barrels in Alabama gave every employee 100 visa card because of all of the damages?

We should be saying how much Y'ALL get on OUR nerves, but we're not. Cracker barrel is a place of business and if you don't like it than don't go. But don't base your experience off of one place.

CB Employees 5 years ago

This first part is to "HaHa" Your a fucking idiot if you think that us servers are lazy and can actually make money off a TWO TABLE section! Im glad you arent in front of me right now because id love to slap the SHIT out of you! These old fucks come in, run us to death, order off the kids menu and leave 1.00! On Sundays, with the rush its even worse. Try having a group of 30 African Americans come in and before you even get to say hello to the table they're already spitting out demands

"I want cornbread, i want lemonade" I want it now now now run us to death and then leave us NOTHING! we work our asses off and get treated like total shit! and yeah they do offer us health benefits but they schedule you just UNDER the amount of hours required by them to get the benefits. as far as breaks, what breaks? that doesn't even exist at the cracker house ive worked 14 hours and didn't get ONE fucking break.Also Mr HAHA i am NOT basing my experience off of ONE CB i have worked at FOUR different ones and they are all the fucking same. from FL-TN so fuck off.. k done w you!

Now for some more of my experiences in the kitchen hope you guests are reading carefully! I have seen a manager DROP a piece of french toast into a bus tub, on accident of course, and then put it back on the plate and tells me to take it out to my guests, that its fine "5 second rule" then chuckles! I wanted to puke.. did i serve it? FUCK NO i threw it out and asked for another piece then went to my useless sexual harrassing GM. thankfully he did his job and that manager isn't at our CB anymore, but he prob just got transferred. This is the worst company to ever work for.. there is so much more to say but ill leave it at that for now. I hope this whole company goes down in fucking flames.

CB Employee 5 years ago

To those of you who don't like working for Cracker Barrel. Quit! Tell me where in the world your going to get a job with a 401K, health insurance, life insurance, a discount on food and in the gift shop, an employee appreciation day, and a gift card every Christmas with nothing but the experience of being a server. Yes I receive $3.95. That sucks! That's because some people who frequent restaurants are clueless on how to tip properly. If your managers are acting like asses call your DM, call home office, call employee relations. Which mind you most restaurants also do not have because they suck! Now I know there are going to be some days that are going to be worse than others but for the most part if you really hate your job that much and your managers are that bad I will tell you what my general manager told me 15Yrs. ago when I was hired "Problems at the barrel will normally take care of themselves" If you have a bad manager, you won't have him for long! For you folks who don't work there but hate us anyhow good for you I hope you enjoy your meal at Perkin's :]!!!

Cracker Jack EMPLOYEE 5 years ago

OK this is to the last post to "CB Employee" Ok you might work at a CB that does give you enough hours to meet the requirements of receiving the insurance, 401K etc., but MOST do not. and it is hard to find jobs at other places because CB is the ONLY fkn place that is ALWAYS hiring. I have a new job and they treat you with respect i get benefits FREE FOOD..yah i said it FREE FOOD not a discount.. umm BREAKS when you are legally suppose to and some freebees get thrown in and i don't have to maintain a certain amount of hours, everyone works together... There are less than 15 tables in our restaurnt and i make 15xs the money i did at Cracker House. And as far as the shitty managers go at CB I understand you can call home office been there done that. it did it up north and it worked.. sorta she got transferred even tho she was caught poppin pills and sexually harassing an employee CAUGHT ON TAPE in the parking lot. so in other words home office gets you NO WHERE... this whole place is a joke and needs to be shut down. its just a roating dramatic hostile cluster fuck. I suggest you open your eyes and see what's REALLY going on.. shit TAKE A POLL and see how many ppl do have insurance and are actually able to take advantage of the benefits...also see if the servers are only there because its the only place that's hiring or if they really like there job i can almost guarantee they are only staying there bc they have to.. def not bc they want to...

Ohio CB 5 years ago

I have been in the food industry for 6 years. I quit my last job to go work at Cracker Barrell intead because of how far away I was commuting to and from work. I have worked in two restraunts besides Cracker Barrell, and I have NEVER been treated as terribly as I am at Cracker Barrell. I have been actively seeking to find a new job, and am jut dealing with it until then. I love working in the food industry. I like the fast-paced atmosphere and I like working with people. It is stressful to work at any food place, and I know that, but it is DISGUSTING how they treat their employees there. I just can't believe it sometimes. I understand getting stressed out and taking it out on your employees once in awhile, but not all day every day. I thought that maybe it was just the Cracker Barrell that I work at. I would not tell my least favorite person in the world to work at this place.

As far as the food, I like it.

As far as the wait time for tables and screaming kids, I agree that if you are unhappy with that, you should probably just go to a different place to eat, but good luck escaping screaming kids unless you go to a bar.

Debbie 5 years ago

First of all I want to say that I work retail and am not a server or work in the kitchen. While I agree there is pressure from management and yes the tips stink....I think a lot of these comments are a bit pathetic. IT'S A JOB PEOPLE!! The economy is bad! People aren't tipping, that isn't CB's fault. The only thing I am unhappy about @ my job is the filthy language and the garbage that is left in the break room....I have come to realize that young people just want to get a paycheck and laze the day away. While whining and complaining every minute of the day. Work you job, keep your mouth clean and a smile and on your face and get over it. If you don't like it get an education or try to find a job that is more suited to your personality....maybe babysitting.

As for the food....if you don't like it go to the golden arches if you want fast food. CB is busy and there is a wait because you can get a decent meal at a decent price.

As for the gift shop. You will see things made in China because American companies have sent jobs overseas. Hardly anything is made in the good ol USA anymore. It isn't only CB, check it out at Macy's, Sears....basically everywhere. If you don't like the gift shop, kindly stay out of our way and on the porch. We workers in the gift shop are tired of you blocking the isles and keeping us from making sales, which by the way is what we are HIRED to do. Guess I am a rarity here....I have a friendly GM and my retail manager is very easy to work for. Especially since I do what I am hired to do. Call off's, lazy workers, complainers....different matter. I repeat....It's a job, either work it or move on.

Rob you are an idiot. Do all of us CB workers a favor and go eat at your grandmas and find something else to play with while you wait for her to cook it for you.

CynAndLar 5 years ago

I worked at store 15 in Cookeville for almost ten years. In the past two years, they have systematically written up and fired eight of us older workers.

Four of us have filed age discrimination charges with the EEOC. We are looking to make it a class action. If you have worked for Cracker Barrel in the past 300 days, we would love you to join us.

Check out thebarrelhatesoldtimers It's not fully functional yet, but will be soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Cracker Barrel Employee in Alabama 5 years ago

I work @ Cracker Barrel and love it! Granted there are some days that are totally insane, but I will have to say it is a cake walk compared to the IHOP I worked @ for almost an entire year...now that was a job that really sucked and it was nasty!!! it all depends where you are and the team of managers you have! My managers push us, but thats their job! If someone told you "I will pay you more if you meet these goal hours", you would push your employees too!

CBOCS employee in KY 5 years ago

I have read most of these comments..and have found one comment to be most true and that would be the one about the managers not caring for their employees. The store I work at has a high turn over rate because the managers speak to you as if you were a helpless, stupid child, or even a dog! They show no respect and do not care to even attempt to show respect. I have worked with CB for 6 years and I have seen a ton of people come and go due to managers. You can request off a month in advanced and the managers will still not give you the days off, no matter what the circumstance is. But the "favorites" get the days off they want and call in all the time with no punishment!

It seems that the employees who are horrible (call out all the time, several hours late for work, get complained on, make the most mistakes, etc) are the ones the managers listen to and do favors for. But the employees who do more than their job code expectations, or work a different job code when they are short handed are the ones who get shit on and abused, treated with no respect, yelled at, wrote-up, and fired.

Ex employee in Shawnee, Ok 5 years ago

I worked at Cracker Barrel for 2 months. At first I was excited especially after watching the video. I thought hmm a place with morals,somewhere away from the shit. Boy was I wrong. I should have known when I was told I could have all the hours I could handle and I never got more than a 30 hour week. Maybe that was because it would mean time and a half or insurance coverage. I do not know all I know is they have a a staff of 40 people in which only 5 may get 40 to 50 hours a week. The employees at Cracker Barrel are a joke. The staff there are always stealing tips. I may have known three or four people there out of 40 that were not on some hard core drugs. They were so addicted they sell and do drugs there on the grounds. I can say there are two managers there I admire and respect and those would be 2 of the 4 not on drugs. There are no morals in the kitchen staff what so ever. I am not saying they are all bad, do not get me wrong there are some hard workers there. But for the most part they are all on drugs and so are the managers. The managers are pieces of shit. Most are married but are banging half the faculty, mostly the young staff. The rules only apply to the ones they do not like. They say you cant smoke without being fired but everyone does even the managers. But if they dont like you or a district manager comes in, your ass is gone. Over all Cracker Barrel is a joke. They need to burn there orientation videos because after your first day, it is a joke. There is nothing about family there it is all numbers and corporate bull shit like any other place. I hope the other Cracker Barrels are not as corrupt and just flat out wrong like the one here in Shawnee. Maybe all this should not matter. I personally do not care what people do at home, but they are doing this shit at work. I personally do not want my food prepped by a meth head that is drooling in my food or a manager shaking my hand that has had his hands in every crusty bitch's panties that works there. Like I said there are good people there, but they are the ones who get shit on.

awesomejbs 5 years ago

I'm an employee at CB, and I LOVE my job. I've been there 2 years, and it's the best job I've ever had. I'm a Par 3 Skill Trainer in serving, a Par 2 in Retail and I'm the weekend SA. I've worked in almost every area of CB, and have no complaints. Sure my store has had some managers that I disagreed with, but that's the case with any job. I don't mind smiling at my guests or doing what is expected of me, because it's my job. And I make triple what my friends make that don't serve. So it's kind of hard to complain about my job, when I make an average of $12-$15 an hour. Yeah, servers get paid around $3 an hour, but that's because we make so much freaking money on the floor! And if you're not making money, you're not doing your job.

To those of you who don't like CB, go somewhere else to eat. Simple as that. But I promise you that when a guest is sitting at my section, they get good service. I even had a table tell me once that I made them feel like the only guests in the building. Wanna know what day that was? Thanksgiving!!!! Our busiest day of the year!

CB is also one of the only restaurants that is still opening stores across the country, not closing them! So they must be doing something right. And a handful of disgruntled bloggers are not going to change the history of "pleasing people" that CB has!

Usuck 5 years ago

To all of you dumbasses, cb Mgrs do not get bonus' on goal hours. You all need to realize that they are under much more pressure from their dm's than you will ever know. Get a new job and stop whining.

CBSLAVE 5 years ago

I have worked at CB for almost 2 years.I absolutely HATE my job. I love the people that I work with and some of my everyday guests but its the management that ruins the place. they hire some of the worst people imaginable to be managers in that place. They are neurotic screaming lunatics. some nights the grill line will have tickets that take 20-30 minutes to get out and we the servers get screamed at by our guests and then managers because of it and the grill line gets praised for their hard work and outstanding timing... seriously? I have a manager in my store that disrespects and degrades the servers. I've personally seen him smack girls in the ass with wet towels, I've had him tell me and another server to "get off the dishwashers nuts they'll get to it" because we were asking for clean silverware in the middle of a dinner rush while they were outside smoking pot and the dishroom was a mess. we ended up having to go in there and wash it ourselves. we make a measly 2.13 an hour and we're lucky to get anywhere between .50 cents to 5 dollar tips on our tables because out standard patron is anywhere between 30-99 and let me tell you those old folks are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to tipping. I work 6 days a week and I close every one of them. so that's anywhere between 5-6 hours a day. and there are some days that I'm lucky to make 30 dollars. CB is so money hungry that they don't care if their servers make any at all. but they pay everyone else that works in the back of the house a lot more. more than minimum wage for the most part. grill cooks start out at least 2-3 dollars more an hour than mw and everyone else at least a dollar over and the servers are stuck at 2.13 when I started they had a cook that was making double minimum wage and he ended up leaving because he got tired of the disrespectful management Cracker Barrel is absolutely the worst restaurant I have ever worked at. The only reason I haven't left is because I have 2 kids to feed and can't find a job anywhere else. But Cracker Barrel hires new people everyday because their employee turnover rate is so high because they cant keep anyone there longer than a few months.

LOVE MY JOB 5 years ago

I have worked at cracker barrel for over a year now and I love my job. I average about $15-$20 an hour. All of my managers are very nice and helpful. I just have to say for all the employees that are not happy with their job need to find somewhere else to work. Because of you don't care about your job or care about our guest then you can't provide the effective service to your guest. Therefore, thay trickles down to the rest of us when they revisit us.

CB employee in IN 5 years ago

I am also a cracker barrel employee i have been there for 3 years i am a server, and let me tell you, not only are we under paid and treated like crap by the managers and they have ther favorit employees and treat most of us like children when were all adults they talk to us like were trash and there better then us but i got news for them there not better there worse off if you ask me i would not be working here if there was any other jobs in my town but also the people who come in to eat need to relize they SUCK at tipping and half dont even tip were under paid and you want to bring your lazy no cooking ass in here sit at the table and have someone else cook you food bing it to you refill your drinks clean you table and do you dishes and you cant even leave a decent tip??? so in most of the comments iv read have been about less then perfect service you got to sit back and wonder why hum?

Love my job at CB 5 years ago

I love my job. If you hate the place so much don't eat there AND don't work there. If you are doing your job the managers wont bother you. And it stays busy because it is a popular kid-friendly establishment.

back up cook  5 years ago

i been working there for 8 years as a back up cook. my store is going down the hill they changed the food products to keep low the food cost. we never had enough platters or fruit dishes on the weekends. now the we went to sit to eat all employees cant take breaks anymore. noone is passing their evaluations so nobody gets pay more.

Yall suck 5 years ago

I have read most of the recent comments and I can tell the ones who are working for a living and the ones who are blowing the managers or getting the middle section. CB is a joke, to the ones working hard just to get yelled at, I hope a better job opportunity comes along. To the ones who love it, 90 percent of you are the favorites, laughing at any degrading remark you hear from your managers. Yall suck and I hope in 10 years you are still rotting away there. Im sure not all are bad but for the most part I know your type at CB. Fuck yall and have a good evening.

PRINCESS 5 years ago


stupid servers 5 years ago

well all i have to say is that i love my job at cracker barrel, yea yea i get a two table section on the weekends but guess what i still make good money and its just cause YES I GO THAT HARD!! all you crazy motherfuckers saying yal get treated like shit by the managers ...grow some fuckin balls and let them know you are only human as they are and no im not one of the "faves" i just know how to stand my ground appropiatly obviously, i greet my tables with a smile wether im having a good day or not i pay attention to their needs and use common sense when needed for example if they say i want tabasco grape jelly and extra napkins.. guess what!? i take it to them when i take their drinks or as soon as they get done ordering that way the person who runs my food wont forget it and then the customer gets mad and you have to run around looking like you dont know what the hell your doin.if ticket times are running long, communicate that to your customer let them know there is great gifts to browse while they wait,if the get turnip greens take pepper sauce if they get fries take ketchup geez people how stupid are yal its not that difficult waiting on tables every server job is the same so take your ass on and practice at home or something, as far as customers if you dont like cracker barrel take your ass to denny's or I-hop and let some crackhead wait on you bitches!!!!!!!

Megan 5 years ago

hahahaha i am a CB employee. i would just like to say that all of you are right in your own respects. No two stores are exactly the same, and every chain restaurant has its ups and downs. its up to the individual to decide whether or not its worth it. as a worker i have had a lot of trouble getting hours cut and being treated different all because i was pregnant. but at the same time was not ever allowed a break to rest my legs and or eat when i felt so weak i thought i would pass out. but after i went on maternity leave i didn't come back when i was supposed to and started looking for another job..when in the meantime our very angry GM was replaced with someone a lot mellower yet a better supervisor. he called me asking me when i wanted to come back, giving me a second chance at a job i had thought i'd lost (considering the job search wasn't going so well) ....do you know of any other corporate company that would do that? i don't.

cb fan 5 years ago

I just cannot beleive you all have so many bad things to say about your own workplace. I am a server trainer there for 8 yrs. Started in retail. I make great money no less than 100.00 a shift 8-2 most times more. I get 3.03 an hour. I have a great regular following and everyone of my guests loves our food and that is why they go there. Yes, a lot of food is southern cooking, cooked with bacon it's a style of cooking for those who are putting it down. Our guests come there for that kind of food. We also have healthy choices and you can eat healthy there. You should learn your menu. Not one person mentioned our great employee discount that we get 35% off all food and retail items and around the holiday an extra 10%. so 45% off to share with your family and friends on 3 days. You people who have put down the cooking even the cooks here are you serious?? Yes, you work hard as we all do when we are busy, but isn't that what we are there for. Our cooks are great! Most all of our food use to be cooked in store, now with CB wanting every restaurant to be consistantly the same food quality wise, it was smart to bring in some of the pre-cooked foods as does most of the industry. But we still make a lot in house. Severs you need to talk with your trainers and ETC, maybe take more courses on the computer learn product knowledge so you can really educate yourself about this restaurant before you tear it apart. Learn about the kitchen, how things are made and with what. We have good food in a great atmosphere and when there is a wait, it is great to look around our store and see our great merchandise. We offer good prices and with our discounts you can't beat it. You can find something for anyone. Kids love it as well, what's wrong with that? We wrap free, have free git bags and give it all away when you buy a gift. you can't get that anywhere anymore. What is wrong with you people?? Your job is what you make it and I have made it a pleasant part-time job for many years and will continue to work there for as long as I can. Managers come and go and if they see you are serious about your job and work hard you will have no problems, evidently this must be a sounding board for all you slackers! your porbably on one of my lists you know dead weight! look if you don't like it don't work there you just make our restaurant look bad with your bad attitudes. do us all a favor... quit!

Cracker barrel employee 5 years ago

I have to say I have worked for CB for 13 years and like every job it has its ups and downs....I am a server and enjoy my job... I have several guest regulars who come in for the friendly service and good food.Yes managers push you to do your best but isnt that whats it is all about?? 100% pleasing people? Because they are sometimes expecting us to go over and beyond the call of duty they are lining their pockets with money but so am I!!!!I turn my tables several times during my shift and my guests walk away 100% satisfied and my tips prove it.If servers do their job cirrctly your tables would not feel rushed or hurried..As for the "whiny kids" we are a family type restaraunt where people can bring their kids and feel comfortable and not be surrounded by people drinking and carrying on. I myself feel CB is a caring establishment and when we have problems in our store with guests or behind the scenes our managers work to fix the problem.I dont know what CB you work for or have ate at but Im sure its not the one I work at!!! We actually care about our people and train new employees to feel the same way....I love CB!!! !!!

Liz 5 years ago

Crackerbarrel is a horrible place to work and to eat at. I have been working there for a year as a hostess/cashier. I REFUSE to be a server because it is not worth the stress. And I mean that literally. I am glad I have a job however I think its ridiculous how they treat employees like slaves. You can't take time to sit down and enjoy your break without a manager coming to you and intruding on your break because they are busy. You can't take smoke breaks, which I know smoking is bad, however I think its stupid that customers can sit outside on the porch and smoke but the employees cannot. They have to be completely off the property or they get wrote up. The food is gross my mother and grandmother's food is way better. The managers have shit-fest if you are five minutes late. The shifts are terrible and you never get off the time you are scheduled to get off. It is up to the manager to know when is the best time to let you off. So the schedule shouldnt even exist. CB sucks. And anyone who enjoys eating there has no taste in food.

Cory 5 years ago

I have to disagree, I have been to about 5 different cracker barrels around, Ive gotten some of the best service there. Ive never waited to be sat, never had a problem with my food EVER. In fact Ive waited longer for food at mcdonalds A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT!

As far as others saying that those who like the food has no taste, I beg to differ. I grew up in sunny south Fla. and was raised the country way, with good ol home cookin, sure i can have this at home, but you obviously didnt want to cook if youre going out to eat.

As far as smokers are concerned, thats not the store managers fault, thats the Dept. of Health. Think about this would you eat at a restaurant (any restaurant, your favorite restaurant) after watching the servers get done with their "smoke break" out front? I sure wouldnt. I would turn around and leave. As would many other patrons.

Sometimes I think too many people complain about the little things because they have little understanding of the bigger picture.

Cory 5 years ago

In addition to my previous post, I've noticed that people are complaining of their wage, well guess what guys, the minimum wage for TIPPED employees is and always has been lower than the minimum wage for UNTIPPED employees. Do you not realize that when you cash out, that your tips are reported to the IRS as INCOME? apparently not otherwise you would understand why you get paid $2.03/hr.

Did i see that you'd walk out with $30 after a 5 hour shift?

$30/6hrs=$5.00/hr+ $2.03(your wage)= $7.03/hr. Simple math. learn it.

The better your service the better your tip.

Just a word of advice, when you walk by my table and my coke is empty, and I know youve seen it, and youve walked by for the 3rd time and havent refilled it, youd be lucky to get $1 on my $20-$30 bill.

Then you go on here and complain because youre not tipped well.


Simple as that.

Employee also 5 years ago

I am so happy to see other upset CB workers....I thought it was just my store that was so awful. I have been a server for over 10 years in several different places and CB is by far the worst. To say all servers hate their job is absurd. My last job was amazing. I had respect, recognition, a full pocket, great hours and $4+ an hour. I had to move and now I work for $2.35 (after a raise!), the mgrs are the worst I've ever seen, and I'm always broke. After a full year of service, many guest compliments, and very little call outs I'm still treated like crap. After reading all these other comments I know know what I suspected this whole time...It's not just poor local mgrs, it's coming from the top. We need to all ban together and do something.

iffy 5 years ago

I havent worked at CB for long, but I do have one issue. I work in the dish room. I am a college student going into my Junior year. I feel like minimum wage is kind of an insult when considering management is only placing me there because they knew I needed the work (no matter how gross). Anyway, the one issue is the break policy. As we have established on this blog, CB may be controversial in many ways, but CB is definitely busy. With this in mind there is never a "down time" for a break. There is no set amount of time before a break or a designated break time. I have worked 9-10 hours before easily essentially standing in one place soaked and kind of thirsty with no end in sight. This is especially true during holidays or when there are a series of buses on a weekend. This is cruel and I believe is against the law. However, CB covers their own tail by "paying" the employee for their 30 min lunch break. This is just a way around the law so they can work you straight through your shift whether you sit down or not. Wish there were some changes there... other than that working there is okay. ITS A JOB

Pushed out Back Door 5 years ago

Just got fired, think its my age. Cindi if you see this id love to join you. Worked my ass off for 4 years 11 months and despite all that, they made me leave through the back door and fired me exactly 30 days to the date I would have celebrated my 5 year anniversary. Also took my vacation pay, now is fighting my unemployment. For all you people that LOVE your job at CBOCS, beware eventually you will be next. Trust me its true. With the new S2E program, it became "Out with the old in with the new" so they could train newbies on the new system. God Bless the Whole World, no exceptions.

wally 5 years ago

Its what u make it to be. I am manager and to set the store straight we do not get bonuses for goal hours. Just remember it could always be worse. Its about teamwork and believing in yourself. Hanging in there it will get better.

the realist now 5 years ago

Wow... I would say 90% of these comments come from sulking, over dramatic, whiners. I was looking for the new website that tells employees their hours and I stumbled across this. I have to say that I am quite ashamed that I spent so long scanning through these. I've been working at Cracker Barrel for over a year now. I would agree with many of you that some CBOCS policies are overbearing; however, if you have ever worked ANYWHERE else you know that all companies have at least a few ridiculous rules and people. I also find it amusing that the guy who wrote this blog wrote another entry saying that it was a joke and yet still people ranted. Sounds like some of you need to call the free psychiatric/24 hr help that Cracker Barrel offers its employees.. Your managers also do not explicitly control the amount of money you make or hours you get. Your attitude, work ethic, location, and public have a major effect on your money. People make purchases which generate sales, which generate profit, which determines the number of employees (and hours that an individual works), which in turn is how you got the job in the first place. Perhaps if you would put a fraction of the effort you put into complaining about Cracker Barrel to people who can't help you towards informing those who can (or this is an idea STOP GRUMBLING), you might realize it's not that bad. If it is that bad at your store, quit: transfer to a different store or don't go back at all. Whatever, the point is that it's sad that there are multiple web pages, hundreds of articles long, of people griping about something instead of doing something about it. I know that this post hasn't been the most insightful, but I'm certain one of three things will happen... 1) No one will ever read it because no one thought to google "what I hate about Cracker Barrel" or didn't take the time to read through all these posts. 2)Somebody will direct a comment toward this post saying that I am crazy or some other negative remark (which I will never read by the way because I don't care, nor do I ever intend to return to this ridiculous page) 3) Somebody will agree with me and probably blow this stupidity off just as I am about to. So, so long whiners. I give props to all of you who read these posts and for those of you who realize that this is not a unilateral thing: that seasons come and go and if they don't like it, they should wait for the next season or leave.

Elaine 5 years ago

Sorry, but I think this is bull. I've been at Cracker Barrel for over a year, and I like working there. I started out as a host, making ABOVE minimum wage, and when I took my PAR test to get my first star on my apron, I got a 20 cent raise! I'm now a server, and again, I'm making ABOVE minimum wage. We aren't ALWAYS busy. We have our ups and downs. While, at night, the dining room is a bit dark, and you might've had a bad experience, that doesn't make the company bad. Come to Naples, FL. and eat at my Cracker Barrel. I can promise you a fantastic dining experience.

Employee 5 years ago

I've worked for the Barrel for around 4 years now, and I will explain where, at my stroe at least, the most problems come from.

The servers have a nasty habit of begging for hours, saying 'I only make $3.75 and hour!' Yeah.. but I see them make $80 a day in tips too. And they are supposed to report all tips.. but they don't. They complain about not getting enough hours, and when they get the money that they wanted for the week, they give away hours to other servers, and seem shocked when the next week rolls around and their hours get cut. On top of all of this, they are usually in a rather unpleasent mood, acting like the company should be privilaged to have them working their as opposed to the other way around. A poor attitude doesn't do well for your tips, ladies, regardless of how 'unfair' the system at CBOCS is.

The managers are under a ton of pressure from thier higher-ups, meaning that their underlings usually feel the pressure 10 fold. The whole 'goal hour bonus' thing is definately true, and anyone who has a less-than-fantastic dining expierence there can usually get a reduced or free meal by simply complaining a little, even if unintentionally. The managers tend to ignore their own rules, and are overworked, some working literally 80 hours a week, getting paid salery mind you, meaning that, in a way, they make about as much as a dishwasher when it is all said and done, because they are only 'paid' for 40 hours. An unhappy manager makes for unhappy employees all around.

We are overworked, underpaid, and underappriciated. As with any large company, it is a matter of how much money the store is making, not how comfortable or happy the employees are.

The food is good, but is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Nice place to visit, hell, I even like eating out there when I have a day off, but trust me, work at McDonalds kids. Leave the Barrel to those of us who already have had our souls crushed, dreams destroyed, and nothing better to do than work. It takes a special breed to put up with the bull, and I guess I just happen to be one of those folks destined to be a cog in the machine forever.

I_quit_the_barrel 5 years ago

Cracker Barrel use to be a good place to work a few years ago, but recently it has become nothing but a hell hole. I worked for 3 1/2 years as a par 4 and probably one of the best servers they had, especially on the night shift. The last year I spent with the Barrel was just a downhill ride. Instead of firing bad managers, they just move them around from store to store, so they are never eliminating the problem. I worked with a TERRIBLE manager (guy). Complete sexist against guy servers(I'm a dude) and a completely haughty in attitude. He knew EVERYTHING apparently. Even got to the point where one server, who's worked there for 10 years, flat out said "Can I never do anything right when you are here?" Their managers just don't care. Well most don't anyways. It's all about the money in THEIR pockets.

Since they now get bonuses for meeting "goal hours", they hired 20 new servers AT THE SAME TIME to put on the floor to help this happen. Well, that just takes EVERYONE'S hours away to the point of people having to get two jobs. I went from 32 hours/wk to 12 hours/wk, and like I said, I'm pretty dang good at what I do. When confronted about it, we are just told to do our job and stop complaining.

I finally got tired of taking crap from the haughty manager and the skimpy hours and told them I quit. They didn't even care. I was just someone else they could replace and that's exactly how they will look at it. Since my quitting, a ton of other long time employees have quit due to the very same reasons. I think that speaks for something about the company when your use-to-be-loyal employees begin to hate their job because it really just boils down to management not caring about anything but money. Sure they are under pressure, but that's no excuse for treating others like crap.

I hate the Barrel and will probably never eat there again. Definitely will never go back to work for them.

The person above me complains about servers, and to an extent, I do agree. Some servers act like CB is wrapped around their thumb and those are the kind of idiots that not be working as a server anywhere. The place really wouldn't exist if it wasn't for servers though. WE ARE what keeps the place going. So therefore, I think we do deserve some type of recognition. Not more than any other employee though. It's just that ALL employees go under-appreciated, but it seems that servers get walked on the most with management. They need to learn class and respect.

Chris 5 years ago

The food is generally not healthy. Most of the gift shop is made in china. My grandparents are largely brainwashed, like most of the folks who are there. I would never choose to eat there, but will honor grandparents request.

Crackerbarrelcashier 5 years ago

Only read through a few ignorant comments before I got tired. First, Filby, you are true ignorance if you're gonna make some racist joke about the name. If you knew anything the name of the restaurant comes from the time when crackers were delivered to stores in....barrels.

Also, all you ignorant people who are all OMG I MAKE LESS THEN $3 AN HOUR AS A SERVER....is this the only fucking server job you've ever had? That's the norm, and NO you don't get a raise, treat your tables better and you get better tips moron.

Crackerbarrelcashier 5 years ago

Also, the person complaining about smoking...are you serious? You're in your uniform and on the property. You're part of Cracker Barrel's image. Go to work anywhere else that isn't some bullshit hole in the wall or fast food place and it's just the same.

Chris 5 years ago

@crackerbarrelcashier. You do realize there are people out there that never tip well, or believe tips are not necessary. I find these types of people tend to frequent cb. Rural, lower socioeconomic, older. So, you could provide great service and still not get much money

Chris 5 years ago

@crackerbarrellcashier. You realize some people just don't tip much or at all, regardless of performance.

Crackerbarrelcashier 5 years ago

@Chris...then get a different job if it's that bad. Back when I used to serve I'd walk out with $50 a day no problem and that was at a shitty place that was half as slow as CB, price was about half as much and food was half as good. SAME customers...SAME city. Apparently you're not doing something right if you can't get some old man/woman to tip you. Make them feel special...they'll tip you. I realize some people will NOT tip you. But don't diss those who leave you $1...how many of those 1 person table that leave you $1 come in more then once a week? Guarenteed income as a server is a great thing. I'd rather have a bunch of those then some random person that'll leave $5...at least I know how much I'll be making.

Chris 5 years ago

@crackerbarrelcashier. I don't work there, never have. Just frequent due to grandparents. I observe, look around at all the gift store junk. As I stated previously, some people don't tip much or any at all regardless of performance.

Chris 5 years ago

@crackerbarrelcashier. I agree, if you treat people well, most will leave tip. I have just spent 3 days in little rock, eating at cb most of the time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. My grandparents love it. I grew up with comfort food or country food. My wife was a waitress at cb in Illinois. She did well most days, even had 4 stars. Aunt was mgr of gift shop as well. Cb food is not good for you. Even the salads come with bacon. Most of the folks I see there, need to lose some pounds and eating there is not gonna help. Tipping is what it is, I realize. The gift shop is full of crap. I sit there and watch people buy all this junk made in china. How many Chinese santas does one need. It's a free country, so people are allowed to make bad decisions, but I hope to curb my families desire to go there

Crackerbarrelcashier 5 years ago

@Chris...Have you turned the things around and LOOKED at where it's made? Not all of it's foreign.

Chris 5 years ago

@crackerbarrelcashier. Yes, I turn over every item. In the little rock cb, I found some Christmas carol statues that were made in America. The burts bees was also. Every thing else was foreign. It seems the majority of items are not made in America. Seems odd especially with the "old country store" marketing approach. It's not just CB, I know, wal mart is probably worse. I just feel like they prey on simple folks who don't really understand trade deficits, healthy eating all for the sake of making profit.

Crackerbarrelcashier 5 years ago

Everything else? Clearly you have NOT looked at everything.

Crackerbarrelcashier 5 years ago

And any person with a brain would know you're not REALLY gonna get a healthy meal at CB unless you're taking a lot off your meal. There are a lot worse they could go to as well.

Chris 5 years ago

I didn't inspect every item. If you can assure me that 75 percent of items are made in America, I would be okay with that. I also never see any local crafts. The little rock store has mostly razorback items, made in china. Not one local artist, craft maker from the area. The one in Illinois much the same, not any local items. Is it logical, across all of this country everything would be the same. I think not. Cb is not really a country store restaurant, they are a publicly traded company, under the guise of a country store restaurant.

Chris 5 years ago

My grandparents have brains, but are also easily brainwashed. I try to help them, but they just don't know any better.

guest1 5 years ago

I dont know at what stores you all work in that are so horrible. I work at a CB in upstate NY and have loved it there for 4 years. My managers and coworkers are my second family. They know me as a person not just an employee. They have never threatened my job nor forced me to do anything at work that is illegal as some people are suggesting. I make 5.90/hr + tips on average making about 18.00 per hour. I work full time and they have never cut my hours in punishment. Most of the food is made from scratch including breads, dumplings, carrots, green beans, pinto beans, meatloaf, roast beef, mac n cheese, fried apples, all salads, turkey, cornbread dressing, potato soup, baked potatoes, beef cabbage soup, broccoli casserole and so so so many more. The health insurance is really affordable if you are a par 4 which does not take that long to become if you arent just a horrible empolyee. They have always been very accomidating with my school schedule and when I was on maternity leave. Yes, we are encouraged to meet goal hours but at my store when we do it is fun for everyone we get open fountain for the rest of the day and the managers will order sheet pizzas for the staff out of their own pocket. On hot days in the summer the managers bring icecream and popsicles for the staff everyone gets breaks and is paid fairly. Oh and they are called MERIT raises for a reason. This is a great company and the only people who will have problems working for this company are people who are lazy, selfish and entitled. As to any comments about eating there as always if you dont like it, go somewhere else, we have plenty of loyal fans.

Crackerbarrelcashier 5 years ago

@Chris...it has no local stuff because the company is COUNTRY wide. The idea of the company is that whether you visit a store in Arizona, or Florida, or Tennessee, or Michigan....you're gonna see exactly the same. Same look, same things, same food. The company is based out of ONE place that decides this. So no, you're not gonna have LOCAL artists and crafts. This isn't the place for them.

Chris 5 years ago

So, it's all right to have the same things "made in china" across the country, but it doesn't consider having actual produced goods from the area. That is not historically what a country store did. Right? Let's just accept the reality...they are a corporation marketing themselves as a country store/restaurant. I'm certain profit margins are better on goods made in china, rather than going the extra mile, trying to work with local artists and crafts. I understand, what irks me is the way they go about it. It seems a little misguided, they are not alone in this.

Chris 5 years ago


Open fountain, pizza and ice cream and popsicles? Sounds a lot like grade school.

guest1 5 years ago


HAHA how many grade schoolers do you know that make 18 an hour on an average day and 25 an hour on a good day. Knock it all you want. Maybe if your employer added a little silliness or happiness to your work place you wouldn't be such a crab ass lol and BTW we may not sell local artist work in the store but we do display it. The antiques in the store are all real and they were all made here in the good old US of A. I'm sure if it were possible for a corporation that large to supply all if it's chains with local products they would look into it. But unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. Here's an idea for you. Instead of complaining about it why don't you come up with a plausible way to make that happen at every CB restaurant across the nation, pitch that to corporate headquarters and then they can be your employer too and you too can have pizza ice cream and popsicles. Maybe then you will stop complaining :D

Chris 5 years ago


Thanks for the tip, Ill stay where Im at currently. I wasnt complaining per se, just observations from spending several days at the ol CB in little rock. Im sure if CB wanted to have local artists, they would already be doing it. I suspect, its more work, less profit than management desires

5 years ago

@Pushed out back door - I feel your pain! I know someone who was fired recently without any type of warning. Was due 10 vacation days; of course he didn't get that and now they are holding his 401K for 60 days before he can roll it over. That company knew what he had been thru this year with his wife having cancer and huge medical bills, but they don't care. I wish only the worst for all of them!

ag 5 years ago

I work at Cracker Barrel in Tenn and I love my managers, some of them anyway, even the other cashiers I work with, but the servers are picky, the retail only a few of them are nice and helpful, and the hosts are not thought of well. Our guests are mostly tourists and asses, especially in their treatment towards the cashiers. i told one man i couldn't do 15% in my head because i was honest and had trouble with percents. he wanted me to add it on his transaction. he acted vile and thought me ignorant, so he did it himself and i finished the transaction. most of my guest treat everyone as an idiot but really are guests are stupid, plain and simple. i wish no one would come their and no one would bother me.

torii 5 years ago

hahahahha i work at one of the cracker barrel stores and never thought about it like that but this is hilariously true hahaha sorry

CRacker Barrrel 305 5 years ago

Come on down to cracker barrel in yuma az...we love to have u enjoy great service and great tasting food...check out our girt shop full of excellant quality merchandise! CB a place where u sure to feel WELCOMED!

VoiceofReason 5 years ago

This is hilarious.

I just read through the entire article, and every single comment. The fact that you think these things makes me laugh.

Let me start off by saying that I am a hostess for Cracker Barrel, and have been for three years. I work at the top-volume store in the company: Store #51 in Cullman. Ask your managers: they've heard of us. We do more business in one day than all of your stores do in a week. We made 8 goal hours last Mother's Day, working shorthanded.

It's pretty damn busy.

Having said all that, let me also say that I pretty much enjoy this job. There are off days, of course, and they aren't fun. But the job isn't bad.

What's really funny are the ones of you who say that you're the "best in our store" at whatever shitty job you do. In my experience, those are the worst employees in the store.

Now, onto the company itself, and the management team.

You guys have given a lot of flack to the managers, but the truth is that they just want you to do their job. I have the best management team in the whole world working here in Cullman, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. We train all the MIT's from this district, and they go all over Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Granted, not all managers are good. I've heard horror stories from people who transferred from other stores, and I feel horrible for them. But the truth is, even if you aren't a "Favorite", then if you do your job you will get to work.

And also, if you're a server, the only person holding you back from getting your hours is your lazy ass. If you're broke, get your ass to work and be an extra. I guarantee you someone will be willing to go home so you can have their shift. The only one holding you back from a full work week is you. And, if you do it often enough(especially on busy weekends), then your managers will notice and give you the hours you consistently come in. Managers may not always be nice, but they aren't stupid.

Once again, you guys are hilarious. If you did your job, worked your shifts, and stop complaining, then this job can be great.

At voice of reason 5 years ago

You make me laugh "voice of reason" The host job there is a cakewalk. I would know, I've done it. I work dish primarily, maybe you'd change your tune after getting your ass handed to you while you enjoy the sauna like atmosphere.

cbwoman 5 years ago

I have worked at CB for over 2 yrs..you have to have the right personality to work there. Not just anyone can do it. There is allot of stress, Some lazy and irate managers. Pay is not great..For part-time employment, there are allot of benefits such as health insurance, employee/family and friends discounts and allot of training. If you do your job the way you are taught and work your butt off, you will receive the hours, good evals., and raises and promotions. The problem is there are too many lazy asses which makes it hard on the people who do work hard. As far as the restaurant goes, there are some screw-ups there too. People don't pay attention and they mess up the to-go orders, and restaurant orders. Once again if you do your job the way you are taught, it would make things easier and better for everyone. So, most of you complainers, bring the negative things upon yourselves. There is allot of butter in the food because, that IS country cooking. That's what makes it good. I love their carrots and veges...

michelle 5 years ago

Well apparently the author of this article must be dining on a Sunday which is the busiest day of the week for Cracker Barrel. Any restaurant you go to at peak hours are bound to be busy, so go at a different time. If you don't like it so much, why do you still go there? Nobody makes me eat at McDonald's and I hate their food. : P ALSO you never had me as your server, otherwise you would have had a better opinion of the experience. Food takes long sometimes because there are a lot of people and a lot of orders going through at the same time, like I said, just go during the non-peak hours. Maybe between 2 and 5? Just a thought.

CBemployee 5 years ago

I work for Cracker Barrel, and I'll be MORE THAN INCLINED to tell you we are NEVER bus open to close. Unless it is Mother's day or Thanksgiving- then never. Also, there is no grill in the kitchen? Are you crazy? How do you order GRILLED CHICKEN? Lol. We actually have two large grills.. Two bed size grills. And we make the food more than once a week, daily even up to five times a day, kinda too busy to only make it once a week. Buuuuut they do add bacon grease or pork grease to just about everything. Never said the place was healthy. I love my job, everyone is happy, upbeat, management is great, are treated fairly well by customers as well (But there are those days, every server has them) but you can't go around

marinemom36 5 years ago

I don't know what Cracker Barrel you frequent but the one I work at as a retail/cashier is one of the best I've ever seen. People are sat quickly and if there are large parties they are sat as soon as a table/table are available when we are busy. our guests are given wait times and we are usually always accurate. Our guests usually don't ever mind to wait.As far as the rocking chair issue, we try keep our porch well stocked for the guests convenience and comfort. Now if there aren't enough, perhaps some of them have sold as all of our rockers are for sale!! Maybe that should tell you something. Once a rocker/rockers have sold, we (retail, me!) reorder them as soon as possible!! We have never had complaint from any of our guests about not having enough rockers to sit in while they wait. That's because they don't have to wait long and besides, they didn't come to sit in a rockers anyway. They've come for the food and service! We are always busy!! Always!! You are the minority and if you don't like us then please don't come and visit us. Go to Bob Evans where I have had consistent bad service every time. Oh and by the way,.. people do come just to shop in our retail store! I was one of them before I worked at Cracker Barrel!! And we have a slew of those loyal guests and we love them!! I'm sorry for your opinion, which is what that is and opinions don't amount to a hill of beans do they? I would invite you come to Forest Park Cracker Barrel in Cincinnati, Ohio and give it another try. I guarantee that you will have a better experience. Thank you. A Cracker Barrel employee

cb waitress 5 years ago

ive worked for cracker barrel for almost a year, i went from making 60-70 on a WEEKNIGHT during a 3-5 hour shift to making 30 dollars on a saturday night, now dont get me wrong ive met a lot of nice people working there and for the most part the guests are okay but the part about managers pushing sales and talking down to employees is completley correct, while not all do this there are some that constantly talk down to and disrespect us servers, servers have the load of about 3 different people on them at one time, i didnt mind this when i made the money but now it's not even worth it, we're forced to stay in the window and run other peoples trays neglecting our own tables with the vision of "if you're not serving you should be serving someone who is" and i look at it this way, their trays are their's they need to take care of it, im not there to help them, im there to make money off of MY tables and doing crap for their tables is not putting money in my pocket; and another thing, i rarely complain about the guests because most are okay but i really have a problem with i give excellent service WITH a smile no matter HOW my shift is going and they only leave me $2 dollars, just because im a waitress dosnt mean im a 17 year old still living at home with my parents, im a parent of 2 myself and the 2.13 an hour + your 2 dollar tip is doing me no good, i just dont understand where people get off being so dam cheap, seriousley i could understand if service was horrible but it's not! i just think the whole enviroment would be a lot better if managers would treat their employees with respect insted of constantly talking down to them and ordering them around like cattle, insted of rushing service, give excellent service, but they dont care because they get their money despite what we make, it's all about greed.

Justanotherone 5 years ago

Reading this blog made me laugh, because I think you're basing your information off of stupid facts. However, the comment conversation turned towards employees of CB. I myself am an employee at the Joplin, MO CB. I absolutely love the place. I love the managers and I love most of the employees that aren't on drugs all the time. The Home Office even helped us out after the May 22 tornado with a gift card which was a great gesture. However, I dislike working there. As stated in a previous statement, the goal hour issue is pretty bad at most of the Cracker Barrel's anymore. Starting out as a server I could make anywhere from $16 in a night to $75. But on the weekends you better believe you won't make more than $30 in a 5 hour shift. So after a couple months I started SA'ing. Which is a Server Assistant. Then, even though it's against policy, I was allowed to cross train to grill cook, prep cook, and then hostess. From every aspect of CB you are grilled to get people in and out and if you don't do so, you're in trouble. I have done anything and everything the managers have asked. If I come in and they need to throw me somewhere other than a server, I'll do it because they need the help. And what do I get out of it? One day a week... 3 1/2 measly hours. To which now I don't have the money to pay for any of my bills or school. Needless to say I have an interview somewhere else tomorrow. Again, I LOVE the place and the people, but I can't work there. It's just too unfair.

ash 5 years ago

I personally work at a Cracker Barrel.

The one I work at is never extremely busy unless its Sunday because of Church groups.. Even then our wait time is never over 20 minutes, our gift shop is hardly ever so full you can't move & there is almost always several rockers open. During the week is the best time to be there, there is hardly ever more than 10 tables at once. I would say.. the smaller town Cracker Barrels would be more ideal. Our hosts/hostess' are actually friendly, so are the retail, cashiers & servers. Granted, they may not be friendly towards each other all the time, but that is not expressed when there are guests.

I will admit that a lot of times Cracker Barrel has so few hours to hand out because they have hired way too many people.. No one has full time. They hate to give anyone over-time (more than 40 hrs). I personally average only 13ish hours, but it will be going up because I have cross-trained. & some servers can tend to be rude for no reason..

CB Prep Cook 5 years ago

I work at CB and have since 1994. Hired in as a Dishwasher, cross-trained to Back-Up Cook, now work mostly as Prep Cook. I like my job (obviously, since i've been there nearly 18 years) and i can safely say that most of my co-workers feel the same. I know this because our store has approx.112 employees and i'd say 75% of them have been there for 5+ years. That type of low turnover is very unique in the restaurant industry.

Some things I'd like to clear up:

someone said CB's new motto was "sit down fast food restaurant". Wrong. The tagline is "Family dining, fast-service restaurant," and BTW this is not a public catchphrase but one used in the kitchen to stress to us workers the importance of getting the food out quickly. This was brought about by customers surveys which indicated that trouble-areas were "time waiting to be sat" and "time waiting for food"... getting the food to the customer within 10 minutes improves both of these problems.

There is nothing "fast food" about it. 90% of the menu items are cooked the same way today as they were 18 years ago. Some previous poster's notion that most of it comes in already prepared and we just "warm it up and slap it on a plate" is ridiculous! The only item i can think of that may apply is our Apple Pie which comes prepared and we cook it for 70 min in a real oven (not a microwave). Here are only some of the items which are hand-prepared in the store each day:

Biscuits, Corn Muffins, Dumplins, Green Beans, Pinto Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Grits, Oatmeal, Apple Dumplins, Fruit Cobblers, Coke Cake, Salad Mix, Roast Beef, Cole Slaw

For brevity's sake I'll leave it at that.

And as for the whole minimum wage thing, i call Bullsh*t!! Sure, the servers are paid 2.30-something an hour, but if their tips plus wage don't add up to $7.25 then CB makes up the difference in the form of a PAYCHECK every week. And CB encourages honest and accurate tip reporting whether it be high or low. This I know to be true as i have dated several CB servers, the most recent of which I am married to and whom also likes her job at CB!

And for all those who are ready to post about how i am obviously a CB manager... stop on by store #74 during the day and ask to speak to the handsome prep cook (i'm the only male prep cook there)... i will likely be there if i'm not at my other job http://backfortystudios.com/staff/

P.S.- funny story that just happened two days ago... Two young girls eating in the dining room were obviously messed up on pills or something. they were sloppy and incoherent. one girl almost nodded off and actually got gravy in her hair. she later told a manager that she found hair in her gravy and the manager was such a pansy that he Comped her whole plate instead of pointing out the gravy that she STILL had in her hair! HA!


cb prego employee 5 years ago

i have been working at cracker barrel for 2 years. The first year I loved it and than a maneger kept harrassing me. It took corperate 8 months to get that straightened out and that manager relocated. So I didn't care for my work any longer. The replacement manager starts getting on to me for my fiance coming up to the retail shop and SHOPPING while i was working and me taking dead time to help him with any questions he might have had, but any other employee could have there significant other there and the managers not say a single word to them.

About a month ago I tell my Manager that I am preganet, to give them a chance to find someone that can take my hours while I go on maturnity leave. I still have 5 months to go before I am due and they have hired my replacement. They cut my hours from 35-40 hours a week to about 20 hours, and than all the sudden they dropped down my hours even more to where I didn't even get 12 hours last week. I don't know how the managers think that someone barely making minimum wage can survive with so little hours a week when they have to eat for 2 and have a bunch of doctors appointments. So if you live in the DFW area of Texas work at anyother store other than benbrook, tx. There is only 1 manager there that does his job and trys to take care of his employees. The rest need to be fired. But if you are in the area we have the best meatloaf in out district.

Joe 5 years ago

A lot of people are complaining but maybe YOU are the horrible ones. Cracker is crowded but thats because your coming in at the same time. Do you think that your the only one that likes to come after church---NO-sat morning on your day off--no--or thanksgiving day and be the last ones sitting in the dinning room all by yourself and wonder y does everyone have a attitude..its b/c they wanna go home and not serve some asshole and their family that wants to not let you go in. I work for cb and i make at least 100 dollars a shift you servers that only get 3 1/2 hrs a week, maybe u suck or maybe you should just quit..oh wait you have no education and probably been fired from every other job and they are just sparing u.

over-it 5 years ago

I have worked as a host at a Cracker Barrel in the Atlanta, GA area for almost 2 years. I worked more hours at first but now I teach school so I only work 1 or 2 days a week. I like my co-workers and my managers can be a little cranky sometimes but overall they are ok. Otherwise I would have just quit when I got my teaching job.

HOWEVER.....my one complaint would be the guests. Many of them are regulars who think just because they eat there a lot they deserve VIP treatment. Cracker Barrel policy is, we treat all guests equally, no reservations or seating you ahead of someone just because you're a regular. And many guests have put my job in jeapordy by lying to the managers about our "bad" service just because they are upset that they might have to wait for a table at a busy restaurant. We get the rudest stares and comments when there is even a 5 minute wait, the place is a freakin madhouse on Sundays; hence the fact that I refuse to work on Sundays anymore. People walk in and appear shocked when I tell them we don't have a table for 10 immediately available. People have figured out that if they want a free meal either by complaining or simply walking out, Cracker Barrel is the place to go. The customer is always right no matter how badly they treat the staff, it's always on us even if they are lying. The only reason I work there once a week is to keep my pay rate/stars so I can work during the summer when school is out.

just-quit 5 years ago

I can happily say that I no longer work at Cracker Barrel. I was a Server/Host/Expo, I enjoyed my job for the most part, I didn't mind the horrible tipping customers that much, they all seemed to like me, I've gotten so many gold cards from corporate office stating how many customers have called in and given me good reviews. But then again this is i the front of the house, as soon as I turned the corner everything was a pain due to the lack of good management, causing people to quit and leave left and right I have been a server a prep cook, I've done it all not from cracker barrel but from alot of different stores I have to say Cracker Barrel is the worst place I have worked at. I quit bc everyone else quit I was getting ready to go on my vacation and I had to work everyday that week and the wouldn't let me give up one of my shifts. So I told them a week in advance........I QUIT.....

just-quit 5 years ago


How many hours do you work to make that $100, How long have you worked there?

It's not even about how good or how bad of a server you are, bc I cleared 100 everyday too, and sure CB has it's peak hours and slow hours as all food chains have, but the reason why I and the other people who continue to work there hate it was bc of poor management. I just could afford to quit.

Joe 5 years ago

I work short shifts rarely over 6 hrs...I work any shifts I desire as long as i put in writing they work around my school hours and life accordingly .I think all restaurants have good and bad manager get sked to become a manager b/c of good work ethic and patience with training new workers. Again if you dont like it y complain.. America is still in abundance of out of work people that come in everyday between the hours of 2-4:30 to look for an OPPORTUNITY to work and maybe thats y alot of u cant get hours or cant afford the lifestle that you so deserve..If its really bad than quit and try somewhere else and give someone else an opportunity to work.

Joe 5 years ago

the managers anywhere are like puzzles and compliment each other in the areas they all lack..If there is an issue then contact human resources b/c CB policy is Pleasing People..not just guest but internally also.

P.S. CB gave me a 1,000 to go to school in scholarship money

just-quit 5 years ago

dude i was scheduled 45 hours average weekly also being checker closing starting since I was a rising star, I was getting hours, and quite frankly I'm surprised they are asking you to become manager bc it's very petty and childish arguing with someone's opinion.

Also if you read my previous comment I did quit after a manager came in my personal space. I have to say though I still go back to Cracker Barrel, to eat and I like being a customer however it is the worst place I have ever worked.

Friendly Hostess 5 years ago

Nobody's forcing you to go, buddy. :)

lauren 5 years ago

i currently work at CB. We have like five managers. I can tolerate them. But they dont give a crap about the workers. I constantly go out of my way to cover shifts. and sometimes work like a 7am-10pm, asked for a break and the manager kept putting it off "gimmie a few minutes" and never got one. had to some back the next day and work a SUNDAY(anyone who has worked there knows why I put sunday in caps.. lol) 7am-3pm and then 5-10,asked if i could go home at 9 cause we were really slow and was feeling very sick, the answer was no. I explained I was sick, and i even told him I got sick in the bathroom. his answer was "if your willing to leave at 9, what one more hour? haha you can do it" dick.

Pushed out back door 5 years ago

Hey Wally who you crappin, walked by the managers office and overheard him saying, keep down the labor and supply costs and our bonus will be bigger this quarter, are you kidding me??? Ask yourself why Cracker Barrel joined with the EEOC on sept 27 to mediate their discrimination cases. Lots of oldies gone and Par 4 test freezes. All oldies and 4 stars fired to hire newbies for the program. Its so obvious...3rd quarter revenues down due to this S2E program their explanation was the SERVERS fault again, they never can admit this system was a complete disaster. Lots of different restaurants passed on it from the beginning knew it would be a disaster. Heard that straight from a GM's mouth at another restaurant. Always blame the employees not the big shots who implimented this loser. Thought they were going to hit pay dirt when all they did was fall in the mud and still falling deeper and deeper. People dont want to eat faster than they already push them to. Loss of customers, and a greater loss of employees due to this disaster. Their own fault. Investers should take notice of this website and see exactly what goes on behind their doors.

Margaret 5 years ago

I just want you to know I worked for Cracker Barrel for 13 years. Yes we stay busy all the time and when you go on a trip it is better to stop for some good home cooking. But that is not all the people look forward too. The people likes a great server. like myself, to come and see and talk too. My regulars at hometown, and also I had people that came in town just for me to wait on them. Because I made their day with jokes and smiles, and also great service and good food. So if uyou never worked there you would never know the other side of the story. Thanks

CB Cashier 5 years ago

When I first read this article I wasn't sure I felt. I currently work as a cashier for CB in a small town in Kentucky. When I started a year ago I was hired on as a server, and I have to say I really hated it. I generally liked most of the other servers, but we had a HUGE drug problem throughout the back of the house that just recently has been-somewhat-dealt with. As far as management...in my experience there it has, for the most part, been a complete joke. It is true as far as the hours go, they give you as little as they can to get by while you're scraping dimes and nickles off the tables trying to make ends meet. (BTW, if you cannot afford to tip DO NOT GO SOMEWHERE THAT THEY SERVE YOU!! It's a simple concept people.) Eventually I asked to be switched to cashier, I felt like I had a better chance of getting hours along with a definite hourly wage (starting out at $2.13 and hour was not cutting it.)

A few months ago I had to deal with one of my manager randomly starting to text me...and I'm not talking like, "hey whats up?" or anything normal, I'm talking like, "what are you wearing?" "is your phone a picture phone," and crap like that. Needless to say I had to deal with the reporting that and talking to my ETC, RM, GM, and DM...along with writing a huge statement. Later we found out there were other employees he'd been texting as well! After that, not only did I have to work with that manager at least 2 more times, but he WAS NOT EVEN FIRED!!! He was transferred to another store, 30 miles away. I wanted to take it further, and really should have, but it felt like such a fight for the end result to, most likely, be nothing.

I'm not saying that I hate Cracker Barrel, because I don't. I am very thankful for my job because I know how hard it is in times like these to even find a job. However, I am saying that Cracker Barrel needs to take a good look at what/who they claim to be, then take a good look at each store and make sure they're meeting the standards that Uncle Hershel himself would have us to meet. I feel like the initial intentions of Cracker Barrel were great, they just need to get back to that simplicity instead of it being a dog eat dog environment.

CB Cashier 5 years ago

When I first read this article I wasn't sure I felt. I currently work as a cashier for CB in a small town in Kentucky. When I started a year ago I was hired on as a server, and I have to say I really hated it. I generally liked most of the other servers, but we had a HUGE drug problem throughout the back of the house that just recently has been-somewhat-dealt with. As far as management...in my experience there it has, for the most part, been a complete joke. It is true as far as the hours go, they give you as little as they can to get by while you're scraping dimes and nickles off the tables trying to make ends meet. (BTW, if you cannot afford to tip DO NOT GO SOMEWHERE THAT THEY SERVE YOU!! It's a simple concept people.) Eventually I asked to be switched to cashier, I felt like I had a better chance of getting hours along with a definite hourly wage (starting out at $2.13 and hour was not cutting it.)

A few months ago I had to deal with one of my manager randomly starting to text me...and I'm not talking like, "hey whats up?" or anything normal, I'm talking like, "what are you wearing?" "is your phone a picture phone," and crap like that. Needless to say I had to deal with the reporting that and talking to my ETC, RM, GM, and DM...along with writing a huge statement. Later we found out there were other employees he'd been texting as well! After that, not only did I have to work with that manager at least 2 more times, but he WAS NOT EVEN FIRED!!! He was transferred to another store, 30 miles away. I wanted to take it further, and really should have, but it felt like such a fight for the end result to, most likely, be nothing.

I'm not saying that I hate Cracker Barrel, because I don't. I am very thankful for my job because I know how hard it is in times like these to even find a job. However, I am saying that Cracker Barrel needs to take a good look at what/who they claim to be, then take a good look at each store and make sure they're meeting the standards that Uncle Hershel himself would have us to meet. I feel like the initial intentions of Cracker Barrel were great, they just need to get back to that simplicity instead of it being a dog eat dog environment.

Louisville server 5 years ago

I work for cb and I have to say that I have never had to fight so hard to make a buck. If it not between the other 20 servers that r on the floor or the bussers that take ur tips or other servers or the friendly casheir that pockets it, or maybe it's the cheap guest that u get that sits at ur table complains to no end and u keep that smile on hoping in the back of ur mind that they will leave u something good, for them to only leave a dollar or some damn change. Heres a tip for u, if u plan on sitting at the table for a least an hr or two make it worth ur servers time. Leaving a dollar per dinner is a load of crap, getting ur whole ticket paid for because u complained enough to get that done and u still don't leave a tip u should be ashamed of yourself. To the managers that blame the servers for having walkouts, do u want us to follow them the the cashstand or what? We give them the ticket and once they leave the dinningroom and go to the retail the retail is responsible. As far as the "open door policy" if u complain they will find out who complained and u bet ur sweet bottom that u will be reprimanded.

Now I know that no one is forcing me to work here or anything of the sorts, but once upon a time I loved my job…just waiting for that time to come back.

Cbmi 5 years ago

Cbtexas. I work as a cook at CB. I've done all aspects of cooking at CB. Never ever has a customer had to wait 45-60 mins for their food. That's just a blatant flat out exaggeration. You are obviously a very poor waitress. My wife is a server and after the seat eat was implimented she started bringing home 20-30% more in tips. You suck at your job. Realize it and fix it. All of you need to start bitching. My managers rule. My co workers rule. The food isnt really "home cooked" jackasses. If it were home cooked you'd be at home. Idiots....lazy ass whiny idiots. Fuck!

Sophia Nevae 07 5 years ago

I, too work at Cracker Barrel and have definetely witnessed and experienced a lot of unfair things from managers as well. For the most part, I like working there because if you get along with management you're pretty much in the clear nomatter how much you call off or screw up. With that being said, I have also been on the other side where the "goal hours" are the most important thing to the managers and I was screamed at for unfolding napkins at 2:00 PM on a Saturday when I worked 8:00 to 2:00. Because we were getting close to hitting a goal hour. They want you to run food for everyone else even after you completed your shift successfully and don't give a damn what you have to do because they only think of themselves. It also depends which one you work at. I transferred from up north #369 which was a wonderful place to work that did care about their employees and the managers worked hard as well as the employees. Now I'm in Seffner, Florida and I don't care if they see this because they are ridiculous. When I had an open availibility, they scheduled me two days a week. Coming from working over 35 hours per week on average I wasn't okay with that and talked to them about it. I got one extra day. THEN i got a 2nd job and told them my availibility changed and how. It was very easy to understand but what did they do? sceduled me five days the next week outside and inside of my availib ility. HAHA! Where was the 5 days before? I wouldnt have gotton another job if they had done that a week earlier. Anyway, I end up quitting the other place because they were not busy enough, and I came back to open availibility. Im back to 2 days a week! wtf. I dont know. Also, the place I was screamed at about unfolding naphins was in Seffner, Florida. Then the GM proceeded to mumble, "I'm not playin around today, I'm not putting up with this shit!" Oh, I'm sorry but all of the money YOU make has mostly to do with the servers doing their jobs! Maybe they should focus more on treating their employees properly and we'd be happier at work. I used to get 4 tables on a weekend up north and always made at least 100 on weekend days. NOW i have a frakin 2 table section like I saw someone mention before, and on a 6 hour shift sunday I made 43 dollars. That's chump change. I'm not here just to dog them out because it's not the worst and I think they just don't realize how much they overwhelm the servers. But I am really stressed out with this job and miss store #369. They were awesome. This store sucks and I have to work with a bunch of hillbillies and white trash who stare at me all day.!!!!! What can ya do???

nicole thibodeau 5 years ago

I have worked at cracker barrel for several years and I love my job. I'm a par four server and I make great tips. As far as the mangers having favorites yeah they probably do it's the ones that do their job. Our food is homemade and very good. Yes on weekends we do have usually five to ten minute wait for a table but it is because we are so popular and serve good food. If you go in and do your job cracker barrel is a great place to work and offer pay raises for jobs well done. For all u that are saying cracker barrel sucks it probably because u wasn't doing ur job!!!

lauraw 5 years ago

WOW, I can't believe all the whiners here. If you don't like working or dining at Cracker Barrel

then go somewhere else. Please do us all a favor. This is America and we have alot of choices. I have worked at Cracker Barrel for over 4 years....is it perfect. No. Is it the worse place. No.

Like someone before me posted. If you don't like your job, go find another one. Life is too precious to waste. And if you would spend all that energy doing a good job, you too would find that Cracker Barrel is a wonderful company to work for. With alot of opportunities for those that want to rise and achieve. You have the choice.

CB Employee 5 years ago

I currently work there. There is no sign above the door that tells you to smile and yes, it does get busy. If you have problems with the food, service, employees, or anything for that matter, they take care of it. We know longer have "quotas", but contests. Sell so much and get a free dessert. If you don't like your job or the food, then why go? Find something else.

Voice of Reason-again. 5 years ago

I have worked everything from dishroom to server. And so, "At voice of reason", don't tell me my job is a cakewalk. I do more to help you with your job than you will ever know. :)

rhonda 5 years ago

look you guys are overating the issues here: first of all you cannot judge a resturant by one or two visit second everyone has their own opinion anyway. i currently am employed by crackerbarrel and yes there are times i get disgusted with things but its like every other job out there, there are positives and negatives. now for a restuarant and lets say server positions bacause i am a PAR IV skill trainer server crackerbarrel does offer better benefits and career opportunities for its restuarant employees than most other restuarants.as for the food it is good but like alot of other places that is determined also by how much pride a person puts into what they are doing. if an employee goes into work with a positive attitude and the determination to get the job done then the guest experience will be more pleasurable if you go in with a negative attitude then yes things are bound not to be so good therefore starting a chain reaction all the way down to the guest. so in my opinion we should just try our best to go in with the utmost positive attitude we can enjoy the day smile and by the end of the day it will transend on down the line therefore causing everyone to have a more pleasurable day. if you dont like something or someone you dont continue to associate with it right well then go someplace else and let those who do enjoy it without the likes of people like you.

Muk 5 years ago

Cracker Barrel really isn't that bad. Depending on which one you go to and what part of the season, they are not always busy. I work at one in Florida and for the past 5 or 6 months we have not been busy at all. Just Sunday mornings which is always the busiest time of the week. We try out best to make it a good experience at cracker barrel and if we mess up we apologize. If you don't like the way we do things then you can either talk to managment or just accept the fact that maybe we have to do things a certain way to keep our jobs. It is actually one of the best family restaurants around... And I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. Not all Cracker Barrels are the same, so don't let one bad experience turn you away forever.

hunter swanner 5 years ago

i wrk for cracker barrel as a server and i dnt think any of u even know wat ur talking about so shut up...

Cracker Barrel Employee 5 years ago

Dear God, It's about time I find other employees that have the same problem with me. Talking about your managers, it's nothing but a money game. I work as a dishwasher I make 8 bucks an hour. Which I guess is good money when your in a state that's the biggest in the economic crisis. But not only do I wash dishes, I get pushed into prep, backup, I make biscuits and bus tables. Sometimes I go from floor to making your biscuits, back to the floor again. I don't get a break unless I'm closing, and even then if you're not out at 1030, you get hassled by management for taking to long. If you have health problems like me.. I have an allergy to shrimp.. oh they don't care if you're breaking out into hives and having problems breathing. BUT i think the worst thing is, watching servers, or managers going to take care of a problem one of their customers have only to come back into the kitchen, and mock the customer. 'give them whatever so they'll get out'. If your sick.. I'll see you tomorrow.. because if you call in sick, and call off to many times they'll can you. And you think a life of a dishwasher is easy. HELL NO. Sometimes the dishes and bustubs pile up so high that you can't even walk through the dishroom, and in my case, when all workers are out at 2 on the dot then you're screwed if it's only you doing work for 6 people. And in my cases, the immigration workers trump any and all americans in the dishroom. I'm more then certain 4 out of 5 hispanic workers in my store do not have their green cards, but while I make less then 15 hours a week. You have people who speak no english making 40 plus hours. But if you were to ask for extra hours, your hours get taken away and given to someone else. I started out at cracker barrel as a server. I had a panic attack on the floor of our store, because I was harrassed by the other servers for not picking up things fast enough. Now I'm not allowed to serve ever again. But the customers know me by name. You get accussed of stealing tips while you're out on the floor because money goes 'missing' off tables. Managers could care less if you come into work sick. I've seen waitresses cough in their hands, pick up a lemon in throw it in peoples drink. Cooks using the bathroom with their rubber gloves on, and going back to work on the grill. If you're a vegetarian. Don't order the green beans they do have pork in them. Unlike IHOP we do make our pancakes to order. We have managers that stand in the dining room waiting for someone to mess up. Then they call them out, and make them cry. Good employees that get alot of customers request. I don't mind the food, it's good, and the restaurant even remotely like a small yard sale. It's a good place to come and spend time with family and friends. But it's more behind the scenes where you have to watch your ass.

CJ 5 years ago

If you are a waiter, your are going to be paid less than minimum wage simply because you make tips. I work in a Cracker Barrel in Baton Rouge, LA and the servers get tipped pretty well making at least $100 in tips depending on how busy. You can also cross train if you want to do something other than serving the food.

ab 5 years ago

I have worked for Cracker Barrel for almost 2 years now and I LOVE my job. I have a full time job that supports me fine, and I CHOOSE to work also at Cracker Barrel. I started in a new store about 6 months ago and after the first few months, my general manager asked me into the office just to see how I was liking it there and if there was anything he could do to help me get better adjusted to my new surroundings. Managers ALWAYS tell us when we've done a good job or thank us when we help each other out, and yes, they correct us when needed, but that is their job. Anyone who has a problem with their managers must not be doing their job to the best of their ability. And I don't know why everyone seems to be complaining about the low pay. My best friend is a freaking RADIOLOGIST and I average more money than him in a week from Cracker Barrel alone. If you do your job right and treat people with respect, you should have no problem making good tips.

who cares 5 years ago

i cook at cracker barrel in back up i would never eat at a cracker barrel now. We work long days with no breaks because we have to do grills work so they can take breaks grill cooks and servers are the only ones who get breaks at our store. We serve out of date products not just sometimes almost on a daily bases. so our managers can get there bonus checks. They need to get rid of the staff in home office that they have now and go back to when Mr. Evans was running it It was alot better then. They should change their motto from pleasing people to As long as i get my bonus check who cares. Our gm doesn't. he doesn't like to deal with problems so he just mumbles something and goes away tries to avoid you until he thinks you forgot it. Cracker barrel is not a good place to work. it is also a dirty place. They clean when home offfice tells them they are coming. What a joke

Manager 5 years ago

I have worked at Cracker Barrel for some time now as a Manager. I can say that some of these things are correct. We do have a the mentality of getting guests in and out. Yes Cracker Barrel is financially motivated but let's be honest it's not a non-profit organization. In the event that your stores working environment is that bad you need to contact corporate they will do something trust me. And yes believe me when I say it is your store not cracker barrel that treats employees like that. My stores dont and wont run that way. To address a few things on here though managers dont bonus on goal hours...trust me yes they do want us to get them but they dont effact our bonus. Also every restaurant in america has servers that complain about they do work for 2-3 dollars an hour...that is what you are to be paid as per the legal tipped minimum wage so please dont say you dont make minimum wage bc you do for your position. Yes its alot of work and sometimes it doesnt equal out to what you are paid but thats with every position encluding ours..and as for no breaks you need to address that with corporate I can see that happening sometimes but that shouldnt be all the time. Dont hate the store because your managers and fellow staff have ruined it for you.

Jessica 5 years ago

I think anyone who downs cracker barrel is cheap and negative. I happen to work at cracker barrel because I love it so much. The prices arent bad AT ALL, it's always busy because it's loved by many people. There ARE times that you can be seated directly (not very often, but it's possible). I think it's unfair to judge Cracker Barrel because it's full a lot. I believe that is defeating the purpose. I think that is a lot like saying. "ooh I like this one restaurant because they are dirt cheap and the food tastes terrible, but it's ok, because I get seated right away and there are hardly any other people...why because no one likes it" so think twice before judging it again or you are gona smell what this country girl is cookin. BTW for the one who is upset at the comfort food add. The reason they call it comfort food is because, food that people eat because it's so good it makes them feel good is called comfort food. SO WHAT!

employee 5 years ago

I work at Cracker Barrel, I have for a little over 2 years. I am a hostess, busser, and server...but i only get paid to host. Managers yell, everyone complains, then managers yell more. Then you get your hours cut. I have been working there since i was in high school, i am now in college working my ass off to pay bills. I really wish that the managers would care more about their employees than goal hours, and how your uniform looks. God forbid you have a wrinkle, or you dont have the crease in the center your apron...you will get penalized for this.

I did leave cracker barrel for a short time because i needed to focus on school. I was a PAR 4...well almost. I passed the useless computer test with a 90 something but then when my evaluation came along i missed the score i needed to have to get my raise by 2 points...the reason...apparently i didn't smile enough.

So, yes i did take a break from cracker barrel for a while about a year and a half...i had to do the computer training again and i had to start all over. I could not pick up where i left off even though i was there for a year and a half the first time and again worked my ass off. There have been plently of times where i have stayed over for hours to please them. "pleasing people" my ass...more like "pleasing managers with a bonus when they treat their employees like shit" Now dont get me wrong not all the managers are bad...right now we have 1 good manager out of the 6 there.

Dont forget about the holidays!EVERYONE is expected to work on Thanksgiving. Doesn't matter if you have something to do Cracker Barrel is more important, and now you do not get paid extra. "We dont care if you have families...cb is your family..." What do employees get on the holidays from the place where they spend most of their time? Well lets see. If you are a "rising star" nothing "Par 1-3" you get a 10 dollar gift card. If you are a par 4 and have worked a total of something like 30 hours a week consistently all year you can have a 100 dollar gift card...other than that you get 50. What will that get you? Not much.

Alot of the food is frozen then thawed out. Alot of the people that work there do do drugs...one employee came up to me one night she was and SA "servers assistant" which means you make sure the food is on the tray correctly and said that she had got into an arguement with one of the managers in the back and was now hosting with us. She then bragged about how she took 4 zanex in the back and she also smelled like pure alcohol. This was on a saturday night. I talked with the other host i was with about it and she later that night brought it up to the manager. What did he do? NOTHING. She drove home that night and did not get written up or fired. You could CLEARLY see she was under the influence of something...and she was seating guests....

For those of you who have said "if you hate it so much find a different job" dont worry i already put in for a job at petco. And i only went back to cb because it was pretty much my only choice at the time.

Also, for those of you who feel the need to act like complete assholes to the people that work there you can go to hell. If i have to deal with one more person getting nasty with me because i had to ask them their last name twice because we have a 30 min wait and 20 groups at the door i might just punch you in the face. Work at cracker barrel. See what its like. Then maybe you will realize what a horrible place it is. Kinda like one of those fake backstabbing friends.

gg 5 years ago

I worked at Cracker Barrel from 1987 - 1994 as a gift shop manager.So I can say that many of the claims in the postings are accurate.Going back to 1987 when managers were sent to Cumberland University located in Lebanon,Tennessee for training the abuse started there, one thing that I clearly remember is how terrified the new trainees were when they were instructed to do a display.These displays were critiqued not only by the trainer but each new gift shop manager in training was ask to critique the display. These horrible experiences were not positive and honest critiques but bashing's from not only the trainer but the other trainees who were encouraged to be very vocal and cruel about the displays. the display.These events took on a hazing atmosphere more than a few managers left training rather than face the hazings. At the training center quite a few managers in training actually left in the middle of the night rather than face the humiliating and disrespectful actions of all the trainers .Once I finished Cracker Barrel boot camp I was assigned to a new store - I was at that store for four years. During that time I had a chronic disease

that required surgery and prolonged treatment. The district manager constantly harassed me to sign a release that would allow her to see my medical records - making me feel like she thought I was faking it in-spite of the fact that I was obviously very sick and in and out of the hospital for seven months.After I went back to work after my prolonged illness thing really got bad, I was a accused of doing illegal drugs and having a forbidden relationship with another manager.None of these things were true but my manager stayed on my back constantly.After several years of abuse I finally quit and actually stared working working for a company that respected me and honored my talents allowing me to build a career with out all the really dark sides of Cracker Barrel.One of the most vivid memories is back in 88 when my district manager called to say that I should fire any one that was gay, when I questioned this she stated that the order was coming down from Dan Evans. Not long after that started all the demonstrating, all of the managers were bought to home office where Dan Evans came in and discussed the gay situation. Some of the comments he made were vulgar and I couldn't believe they were coming from the owner of a company such as Cracker Barrel.There were so many dark sides to Cracker Barrel that I can't list them all.Ummm maybe that should be a book "Behind The Dark Doors AT Cracker Barrel."

Thank God! I went on to have a happy life and good career with a respectful company

donald shriver 5 years ago

i work for these nazis for 4 long years. i have never seen people as nasty acting as the managment there. they put out this , we love every one BULL SHIT. they absolutly treat there employees like shit. literally block the break room door , preventing employees from takeing breaks. includeing people with health problems. young man i worked with there had a cronic illness that they knew about when they hired him.he lost 20 pounds due to being denied breaks to eat and rest. this young man would work 10 - 12 hour shofts with out a break or any thing to eat.the managment makes BIG BUCKS , while they starve and treat there employees like dog shit. the general manager at there SPANISH FORT ALABAMA location i wittnessed all strung out on prescription medications that in fact a young man that cooked there sold him . adderall. he then proceeded to make comments with a group of his FAVORITE employees about our cronically sick young man , referring to him as SKINNY LITTLE FAGGIT! oh yes these folks are the cream of the crop alright. law siut after law suit over racial discrimanation toward customers and employees. i am patently waiting for the day they screw up big time and are forcedcout of buisness.

lady from Georgia 5 years ago

Wow! I had visited this page awhile back and came back to it just for fun...there's a lot of complaints about managers on here but I just wanted to say I work at a CB in southeast Atlanta area. Our managers are nice to us and I have never heard any of them even talk bad to the employees. Every now and then they get snappy but hello! its the restaurant business, it gets stressful sometimes!Everybody gets their breaks,etc. I have worked there for almost two years. I got a job there when the private school I worked at closed. After I got another teaching job, I CHOSE to stay at Cracker Barrel because I have made lots of friends there and I will be able to work when I'm off next summer. Overall I like working at Cracker Barrel, I have never been treated bad and the experience I've had working for that company has been positive.

Karenena 5 years ago

First of all, some of the above information was not correct. Cracker Barrel does have grills and they do not cook shrimp with other items. Please know what you are talking about before you make ridiculous accusations with no facts. As for the employees that are not getting treated properly, go through the chain of command and bring your issues up properly. If you are uncomfortable talking to your managers or GM, that's what the H.R. department is for. Also, our "gift shop" is much more than a gift shop. Where else can you get a decent price for shipping items, custom gift baskets, free gift wrapping, and unique items that no-one else carries. Overpriced? Have you even been shopping anywhere lately? I have priced several items at my Cracker Barrel that some other store do carry and I find them all more expensive than Cracker Barrel. My sister makes a load of money as a server at Cracker Barrel, and the customers love her. I realize this is a comment board, but some of you should back up your opinions with actual facts instead of just bashing on a restaurant. And to the writer of the article, go eat somewhere else if you don't like it!!! I love working there, but the atmosphere is not where I actually like to eat. Instead of running down a place with comments that you think are funny, maybe you should go to another restaurant. Maybe McDonald's is more to your liking.

dustin 5 years ago

i myself work for cb i liked the servers job at first then i guess i noticed how things really worked the goal hours are a crock of crap we are pushed and pushed sometimes to far to line the mgr s pockets with bonuses and they give us a free losey ft. drink thanks alot guys i understand that they are there to manage the servers but the way i have been spoken to would make satan curl his toes we are treated as mere slaves

Just Smiling 5 years ago

I will say every store is different. They have a motto "one best way" makes me laugh. I know managers and employees in all different parts of the country who are treated very differently from respected to very disrespected.

Cracker Barrel had some great years, now watching the demise. All is true about goal hours. Use to be about guests and treating the like family now they treat guests like the family you don't want to visit. Get them in and get them out. If they get faster service of "not" homemade food they will buy lots in the gift shop.

To the people who say they don't cook shrimp, chicken, okra, fries etc.. in the same fryer basket, you have not seen what happens on a busy week end. Now they do not have a "grill" per say, its a large frying surface that is smothered with lard/vegetable compound to cook everything. In essence a frying pan with out edges. I guess take the good with the horrible. There is truth in the middle.

just finished 5 years ago

maybe corporate should get these lovely responses

CB Employee 5 years ago

lol im a Cracker Barrel employee, and i had to comment on the people who dont like CB. First and foremost Cracker Barrel got it's name because long ago Crackers where deliverd in barrels. We're always crowded on the "Weekends" so dont come on the weekends if u want to get in and out. SMH at all of you with your negitive comments. There are a million other diners to choose from. Lol you say u dont like CB but I bet you've been more then once!

tired 5 years ago

I have served at many restaurant establishments in my days and currently work for the barrel and O do I ever agree about the shifty standards of service and horribly wrong standards that are implementations for managers to be trained by; however the workload isn't fair for any of is and my store ngers is truely gracious and kind! I guess I'm just lucky...we do have the lowest rate of turnover..so perhaps the right mgmt is the key!!!

jackie 5 years ago

I work at a Cracker Barrel, and there are worse jobs. Most of my co-workers are pretty nice, and the managers have been willing to work around my classes. The tips are not good relative to other restaurants I have worked in, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that they don't sell alcohol. Still, its a living, and I don't really want to sell alcohol. I work really hard while I'm there, but I am rarely stressed out when I come home. I wish that people would not expect me to run my a$$ off if they were not planning to tip. Having said that, really, most of the customers are nice enough, but they're not big tippers. For those people who say the food is over-priced...I'm not sure what decade you're from. You can't really eat much cheaper unless you go to McDonald's.

Zersch 5 years ago

This past Thanksgiving my small family of 3 picked up their big Thanksgiving meal box. It was nothing compared to a homemade meal, of course, but it was pretty damn good. I also used to love going into their gift shop as a kid. I would always beg my parents for the various "Things to Do on a Roadtrip" books that they seemed to have one million of.

Pushedoutbackdoor 5 years ago

Manager, yeah okay and you really love this place? How many sweatin hours you put in before you get to leave, other than day shift have you ever left late at night after your shift. We know what goes on, we are not a bunch of cattle moooing around. And the new commercial,guess they needed to fire 200,000 people in the last year to afford it...dont you agree? S2E a total disaster, and you know it.....

Par 4 skill trainer 5 years ago

I disagree with anyone who says that Cracker Barrell is a terrible place to eat and to work. I have worked at Cracker Barrell for 2.5 years and while I hate all of the whiney guests that come in and expect you to wait on them and only them, I love the people that I work with, I love the money that I get, and I love that Cracker Barrell is not franchised.

To everyone that says they hate Cracker Barrell because of food or service, come sit in my section and I'll show you what it is all about. And if you like healthy food, then you aren't originally from the south because the south is known for good tasting food, not healthy food. And about the people complaining about a crowd, you can't go to ANY resaurant on a Friday night, Saturday night, or Sunday morning (to a place that serves breakfast), and expect to get a seat right away. That is just being WAY too full of yourself and being those whiney people I talked about earlier. If that is the case, cook your own damn food and quit wasting our time.

My store has had the seat to eat for over a year now and it is working fantastically. To any employee that is going through the swith at the moment, i'm sorry. It's a tough road but it is worth it, trust me. We had at least one girl cry every day for about 3 months while we were getting used to the new system.

But anyway, come sit in my section at store 15 and I'll show you how a real Cracker Barrell is suppose to be run.

Me 5 years ago

If you have worked for Cracker Barrel for any length of time, you should at least know how to spell it.

Par 2 skill trainer 5 years ago

To all the people who think Cracker Barrel is a joke and a horrible place to work, come to store 253 and we'll show y'all how it's done. We are on a wait almost every single day of the week. Morning and night. You know why? People love our food, the service we provide, and how fast your order comes out. Nothing in our store goes over 12 minutes. Absolutely nothing. To the people complaining about their pay, you must not be that great of a server. We all break a bill on a daily basis in our store, sometimes even 2 bills. It doesn't matter that you are getting paid 2.13 an hour when you are making that good of money. People need to realize that every store is going to be different, every manager different, and every server different as well, but of you want food for a great price and want good service, you can't go wrong with Cracker Barrel. Finally to those of you who are complaining about the long wait times, that should show you that people love Cracker Barrel. I love my job, my managers, my co-workers, and I love Cracker Barrel. Come to store 253 in Las Cruces, New Mexico and we will show y'all how it's done.

Par 4 5 years ago

You are not FORCED to sit in any certain spot in cracker barrel..the put u in a different servers SECTION so that we all have the opportunity to have tables to wait on and make money. If you don't want to sit at a certain table, ask the hostess to put you somewhere else! If customers would open their mouths in a nice way and voice their opinions maybe problems could be avoided. I have been a server at CB for 3 yrs and I resent the not good service comments. I work my butt off on a daily basis to take care of people like you that don't appreciate what I do. I think everyone should have to be a server for a day and then maybe you wouldn't be so harsh.

Cracker Barrel Server 5 years ago

I am currently a server at Cracker Barrel, and have been for almost 3 years now. I believe our store number is #598 in Abilene, TX, and my experience with working for this store has been pretty good. There have been other servers who transfer to our store, and say that our store is so much better than the one that they came from. Yeah, our managers push for goal hours, and I know that we made our goal hour on Sunday, and I left with $150 in my pocket. It is a small section, but as long as you flip those tables, you will make your money. And if you are working some 11-2 shift, then dont expect to leave with more than $30! Its all about the hours you work, and the hospitality you provide for your guests. Cooks dont get a break, servers dont get a break, nobody does! You come in at 8 in the morning, go ahead and eat, because of course you are not going to catch a break during the lunch rush. But when it slows down, our managers dont mind us going to the break room and eating as long as our tables are taken care of and our sections is being looked after by another server. Of course, there are things about this job that pisses me off, but that happens with any job. I have worked at places that are much more worse off than Cracker Barrel. Our minimum wage for servers is 2.13/hr, but I have never had Cracker Barrel have to compensate me so I would make the bare minimum wage of 7.25/hr or whatever it is. I have worked 5 days this week, each day hitting at least $100. But not every week is like that. Its all up to our fabulous customers as to how much I will be leaving with that day! Our guests do need to realize that servers wage is 2.13/hr, and that when we are out of meatloaf, or whatever it is we may be out of, that it is not your servers' faults, so please don't stiff us! And when you see me taking care of 10 other tables (literally), I am doing the best I can to take care of yall, and one person can only do so much. It is not your server's fault, that another server called in and did not show up for their shift. If you like Cracker Barrel, then come in and see us, and be happy please :) And if you don't like Cracker Barrel, then just go somewhere else please, because the last thing we want to deal with is a crabby guest!

BriaunaTXemployee 5 years ago

I think that all these complaints are completely ridiculous. Come on, servers! I am only 16 and I've been working at CB for almost a year and I love my job! Yes, its stressful and costumers sometimes suck, but almost every day that I work I get compliments, from my managers AND costumers themselves. I do not consider myself a favorite at all considering I'm a minor. I can only work on the floor for three hours at a time so that has a down side, but also, it protects my rights of not being overworked. My average pay for a day, just tips, is at least $30. Sometimes I come home with as much as $80 in just three hours, not to mention the $2 something for every hour. I make more than my almost 30 year old aunt, and again, I'm ONLY 16. Yes, we have to greet our guest quickly, but would you rather be sitting there wondering who is going to be serving you and when you are going to be helped? NO, of course not. Yes, we do want to "turn tables" quickly, so do I obviously since I only work in total 5 hour shifts. But I make sure that the costumers know not to rush and that I will more than happily help them.

My managers care for us, they too have worked as servers before and know how stressful it is, but they need us to meet a certain standard and when we don't, we have small group meetings during our shift.

If you have had bad experiences at CB, its not the company, blame those specific servers, managers, host/hostess. Don't put this label on every CB employee.

Also, we have made sure to make the food is made quickly to please the guest! Don't tell me you happily enjoy sitting and waiting for your food for 30 minutes. If so go to IHOP, I'm sure they will have better service. Maybe you'll even be glorified with hair in your hashbrowns.

CB has its downsides, but when it comes to it, I'd much rather be working at CB with people that I love and costumers that enjoy talking to me, than to be working at McDonald's where employees are really abused.

Tiffany 5 years ago

I think this article was ridiculous. Plain and simple, if you don't like the atmosphere, food, or the wait, go somewhere else instead of creating a page and writing about it. Someone put it perfect that the reason it is so busy is because they do have good food and great service. I was a server and prep cook there for four years and LOVED it!

Athena 5 years ago

I no longer eat there because their food makes me sick every time. I don't know what it is but there's something in it that does not agree with me. Yug.

Jimmy 5 years ago

I am a manager. I worked for Cracker Barrel going on seven years. I have never called out and tried to do what was asked of me. Yesterday, they fired me on my birthday.

David 5 years ago

I can understand why you continually score "idiot" in the golf tee game. You are indeed an idiot. If there are so many people in this restaurant, don't you think there might be a reason?

jane bright 5 years ago

you are right, Cracker Barrel, is one of the worse places i have ever ate at. The food is bad.most waitress, are hateful.The company Should close the place down.And the people in the gift shop are always trying to push something on you to buy.The Spartanburg S.C.Fairforest road store is the one i am talking about.

tehrolo 5 years ago

all of this page is hilarious.


you are absolutely right, regardless of being a favorite or not, if you do your job and try to improve your work shit by shift, you WILL get your hours, no matter what position, as a backup cook of store #252 Troy, IL, i have trained too many MiTs to count, last mother's day we hit 7 goal hours

most of this rage is nothing more than whiny servers, that don't want to work for their money, here is a friendly fact, servers may make 1/3-1/2 min. wage, but tips gathered at my store bring their hourly average anywhere from $13.00 to $24.00 an hour per server

work for your money people

tehrolo 5 years ago

my bad, my store number is #232

Dawn 4 years ago

I can not believe all of the comments I am reading. I am not saying they are not true, but my feelings about CB are totally different. I live in the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area and eat at the Skyland and Hwy 280 locations ALL the time. The food is quite good and the price is extremely reasonable. We see the same sweet waitresses year in and year out. We know many of them personally and always tip them 20% and sometimes more. My family eats GRILLED food, not fried. I have never heard of CB only having fried food, with no grill. Why would our restaurants be any different from others? Maybe we are fortunate to have great cooks and great staff. I can only say I really like CB!

Sheila 4 years ago

Not all CB are staffed the same. I have worked in two. I have to say the CB I am in right now is very pleasant and we have many employees that have been there 14yrs plus. I think that speaks for itself. I hope one day to be a manager myself. Sad to say that some stores sound miserable. I love my job and the people I work with. Our guest are awesome.

Kerry 4 years ago

Random note, I work there and I love it. Sure they do work us for more than the amount we get paid, but everyone's nice and fair at my CB. Guests get seated right away most days other than Sunday during the church rush, we rarely get complaints, and it's a very friendly place to work and to eat.

sad cashier 4 years ago

Working at Cracker Barrel makes you feel worthless. I've had seven previous jobs and have fortunately always been treated with respect for working hard and being dependable. This is my first job that I am treated and sometimes told that I don't matter. I make less money now than I made at my first job as a teenager only I am constantly stressed out and denied basic human rights that I'd always taken for granted. Such as being able to use the bathroom or eat or take a drink. Sometimes when you feel like you're starving and you smell the food in the next room you start to get light headed and it makes it harder to concentrate on having your numbers perfect. There are so many managers yet it's the most ill managed place I've ever worked and no one sticks to schedules or seems to know what's going on. Most of the people I work with are as sweet as can be, but they all hate their jobs and feel taken advantage of. Everyone secretly talks about 'what if we all got together and sued CB for mistreatment and abuse of labor laws.' But I think everyone is too afraid to do it. We get in trouble for sneaking a snack or wearing a bracelet or putting your coat in the wrong place or not harassing enough customers into buying candy. We put up with it because we need our jobs, even if they make us cry everyday. When people ask where I work I say I'm unemployed because my job is more embarrassing than not having one.

employee 4 years ago

I am a backup cook for a CB in NC, and have been for 3 months. I have worked for over 15 restaurant establishments, and I hold a Master Grill Operator's certification. I have held positions as server, grill cook, prep cook, expediter, shift leader, and others. I am currently in school to obtain a Bachelor's in Hotel and Restaurant management.

I have read many complaints and praises of CB here, and you are all right.

I am blessed to have one of the best kitchen managers I have ever seen! (kudos, Scott!)

I am also blessed to have a friendly, helpful management team, who know how to communicate.

My GM can be an ass; this is true. He has even admitted as much to me. He is concerned about his paycheck, and he is harder on his servers because they handle his main bread and butter. In short, it is true that the cooks and dishwashers get treated better by him than the servers.

I've seen a lot of negativity in this workplace.

That being said: employees must learn to demand respect. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am to only work because I choose to, I know. But when you LET your employers KNOW that you need them more than they need you, they will run over you; it is human nature. No matter what our position or social standing, we are all still human.

I have told my GM before that he can have a line around the building, but if he doesn't have us he will kill himself trying to serve them all.

Employees: DEMAND respect, GIVE THE SERVICE you would wish to receive as a customer, NOONE has the ability to make you feel less than worthy unless YOU give them that ability. STAND UP for yourselves and put aside your differences to come together and show these greedy managers that they are nothing without you.

EMPLOYERS: REALIZE that you are nothing without your employees, and focus on their satisfaction. STOP expecting employees to put YOUR paycheck first in THEIR lives. If you are a manager, the money will come. If you are an hourly employee, you will always worry if the money will come. REMEMBER THIS and be GRATEFUL for and SHOW YOUR GRATEFULNESS to every employee, regardless of race, sex, social standing, disability, or culture.

To all of the happy CB employees, congratulations. You have found your niche.

To all of the unhappy CB (and general hospitality industry) employees, do not worry. Hope is coming to the industry. Hang in there, and go back to school if you can.

Another UnSatisfied Employee 4 years ago

I've been working at cracker barrel for a few months and i gotta say it is not good. We get paid little to nothing as servers and the communication in the management department is terrible. I feel like they hire the stupidest people to be managers and the few geniuses that do work there are either in a lower position because they are smart or are putting in there two weeks notice because they haven't got the time to contemplate whether or not to commit suicide. Now I work at the CB in Battle Creek, Michigan and to describe it in one word it "Sucks!".

CBserver 4 years ago

alot of these comments are very true i am a server i make 2.13 an hour and even though it the law for them to make up the difference if your tips don't equal out to min wage they dont the past 3 nights i have worked and it has been so slow i've made 20 dollars on whats supposed to be a 6hr shift but after ive busted my ass waiting hand and foot on 8 people and they leave me 2 dollars even though they said im the best server theyve ever had if i was so great you should pay me for that then i have to stay 2hrs after im done serving doing side work and rolling silverware making 2.13 an hour for those 2 hours ive worked over and yes you have to tiptoe around every manager trying to avoid contact with them for fear of being publicly humilated in front of room full of your fellow employees so this is why you should hate cracker barrell

food quality 4 years ago

i worked at one for a few months on the grill, the food quality is scary, there are many things i will not eat, and if anyone in my party orders it, i won't eat anything. all the fish was slimy, the same person that handles raw fish/chicken/eggs/pork/beef handles cold sandwiches and the sinks don't get used nearly enough. the "steak" is a joke - worst cuts of meat possible, if it's a weekend fryer special(fish/chicken) you better hope someone put ice in there to keep them cool sitting beside the 300-400* fryers, everything is premade and frozen, so few people care about keeping the food fresh.

it's all quantity, quantity, quantity and it's never enough. we get yelled at for doing something that a manager does themselves. they want the portions as small as possible, i got yelled at for them a lot, pulled out the scale and my portion was SMALLER than what the company wanted, and i still got yelled at. i worked at bojangles in college, and i'd rather eat there any day of the week. and for the amount of profit they make from their low quality food, they could pay their employees more, i don't want someone making a little over min. wage handling multiple types of raw/cooked food - you get what you pay for, and you don't pay them enough to care about contamination.

Chris 4 years ago

Wow, I must say I'm very surprised at the number of negative comments here. I've been a server at Cracker Barrel for years, and I guess I am just privileged to work in a Cracker Barrel with fantastic management and a crew that feels like family. Our managers AND staff are very focused on guest satisfaction, and we try our best to make everyone leave happy. Is that to say that we don't have our issues? No way! It is a restaurant employing a large amount of young students and old, un-colleged people with a large turn-around on employment.

As for the article, I feel that many of the author's issues are just general to the restaurant industry. Poor management? Maybe at certain stores. But do you really think that every Applebee's, Texas Roadhouse, Chili's, and Bob Evan's have perfect and better management?

If you go to a sit-down restaurant at dinner time or during the weekend, you're going to HAVE to wait amongst a sea of people. That's just the way it is. My longest wait times have come from places like Applebee's and fun restaurants like Cheesecake Factory. Cracker Barrel is no different. To say they're constantly busy is a huge error. Unless you're in a large city with heavy traffic at all hours, Cracker Barrel will be busy at the same times as every other restaurant. 11AM-1PM, 5PM-7 or 8PM.

Your argument about the waiting conditions is laughable. Most restaurants have extremely little seating for waiting guests and virtually nothing to do. While there are only a limited number of chairs available, there's plenty to look at, helping to keep your mind off the wait time. Books, seasonal items, TOYS FOR KIDS (huge and helpful plus for parents), and more. I'd rather wait at Cracker Barrel where I can occupy my time looking around at stuff I don't need instead of standing for 40 minutes at Applebee's trying to keep my kids still in one spot.

It sounds to me, author, that you might just need to stay home and cook your own food. That way nothing can go wrong that isn't your own fault.

NOW, for all the employees who are commenting about your management staff. If your managers are not treating you fairly, bring it up to them! If they do not listen or treat you well, then go on up the corporate ladder! Cracker Barrel has an open-door policy. Contact the home office through the website or your district manager. If most of the employees in your store feels the same way, that manager should not be a manager.

Whether you're a student looking for part-time work or you're actually making a career out of being a server/cook/dishwasher/etc, you need to take stake in the company and be the best employee that you can be. Don't settle for crappy management and fellow employees with crappy attitudes. Make a difference in your store not only for you and your coworkers sake, but for the guests as well.

A maze of tables, chairs, etc? Okay, now I think you're just embellishing your report for the maximum effect. Every Cracker Barrel is set up in a similar fashion. A grid-like setup of tables with large enough aisles to accomodate people with wheelchairs. If you're getting lost at Cracker Barrel, you've got serious issues.

Comfort foods. Well, yes. No one said Cracker Barrel is the healthiest place to eat, although they do try to add healthier options. But that's not what Cracker Barrel is about. It's old-fashioned country cooking...yes, like your grandmother makes. And that's what makes it so appealing. Compared to fine-dining, yes, the food is mediocre. But I find Cracker Barrel dishes to be completely delicious. Most of their food is made completely from scratch (no pre-boxed biscuit mixes or anything like that).

Julie 4 years ago

This is pretty foolish. To dislike a restaurant because it's busy makes no sense whatsoever. There is obviously a reason it is busy ALL the time. Not to mention it has been voted the number one family restaurant for last ten years so you are obviously in the minority. And for the person who said Cracker Barrel makes their corn bread once a week??? You clearly don't know what you are talking about. I work at cracker barrel and I can guarantee you everything is made fresh daily. This is totally inaccurate and irrelevent.

lisa 4 years ago

I would welcome a reasonable blog about Cracker Barrel. As an employee, I know we have our problems, and I have worked with some awful managers, but it is my experience that said managers finally get fired after the store giving them every chance to improve.

Now about the blog. This sounds like the kind of guest that is considered a 'challenging guest.' If you know anything about Cracker Barrel, you know that it is country, family-based...and thus comfort food, wooden chairs, lots of children (with varying level of parents who know how to parent)...and in almost any restaurant on busy nights, you are going to wait. As far the 'friendly' hostess, if they are not friendly...they get fired. It sounds like the guest here has the major problem, and wanted to be disappointed from the minute they hit the door. I can't (nor can any worker) do anything about your bad attitude. Get some therapy to find out why you are such an unhappy, hard to please person, don't take it out on a restaurant that consistently gets rated tops by its other guests.

lisa 4 years ago

Re the sign supposedly hanging above the vestibule being told to smile? Call home office about that. If a district manager saw that...they'd fire the manager who put it up on the spot. That doesn't happen in our area, and I've worked at several stores.

lisa 4 years ago

Rob, I just read what you said about this being a tongue in cheek review. What it is is yellow journalism! You title a blog 'why you should hate' something, then admit that you don't like Southern food and really don't hate CB and have never worked there. The freedom to express one's opinion is one thing, but to deliberately mislead people and then back track and say you were joking....that's just irresponsible. Ever read the story of the "Boy who cried wolf?" I frankly will never take anything I see written by you seriously ever again.

Anonymous 4 years ago

I currently work at cracker barrel and my managers are all awesome. They do their best to get along with everyone, and make sure everything is functioning properly. We do clean as much as possible. It's part of our job to check the restroom every 30 minutes. And our cracker barrel only ever has a huge wait on Sundays after church and weekend nights. As for the butter and bacon grease comments....it is SOUTHERN COOKING!!! Real southern food is cooked that way...I should know I grew up in a family that brought me up in that style of cooking. And any job that isn't what you want to be doing is dreadful.....and a lot of the time people who don't have things revolving around them tend to be ten times more disagreeable as workers...and nobody likes being attacked by people like that...so if you are treated like "shit" or disrespect it's probably because that's the vibe you are giving off to others. Cracker barrel I admit isn't my first choice career wise...but it pays my way through college (did I mention how lenient and flexible my managers are to students or people with 2nd jobs?) and I honestly enjoy working at cracker barrel.

Agirl21 4 years ago

I work at cracker barrel and have for a little over 2 years now. Up until about 6 months ago I have tolerated my job as much as anybody can tolerate a job, but now I can't stand it. All the employees are treated like crap and there is absolutely no respect for anyone. I'm a cashier and I don't ever get breaks even when I work 8 or 9 hour shifts. I have to ask over the walkie if I can take a restroom break and that's very embarrassing to do. Half the time the managers won't come up to watch the cash stand so I can use the restroom. I was guilt tripped into changing my work availability, they told me they might have to fire another cashier cause she couldn't work the busy night shifts. The managers talk crap about employees behind their backs. Hours get cut because I didn't meet a target item goal. There is a horrible amount of favoritism going on here. I hate my job, I have had four other jobs before this one all of which were retail or restaraunt and none of them were ever this bad.

sickandyuckyoverthis 4 years ago

as a current employee of said restuarant being focused on here.. I have to unfortunately agree with both sides of this battle. The truth of the matter, is some things are made from "scratch" as in, they are mixed together and baked fresh, yes, but its the ingredients that I look at that make something from "scratch". EVERYTHING is riddled with HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP.. EVERYTHING. I literally wont eat anything unless its salad with oil and vinegar. "Comfort Food" I guess translates to addictive and inexpensive sweetner ingredients that make you dependant on coming back for more.. Before being employeed with the restuarant, I use to love the food there, but after almost a year of being there, and reading food labels- it makes me sick to know, that I cant enjoy any of it anymore. If you really want "Homemade Comfort Food" make it yourself.

cracker barell employee 4 years ago

I dont know where these awful cbs are but the one in simpsonville, sc is awesome!! ive only been working there a short time but i havent seen the managers yell at anybody they get back there and help the cooks if they are starting to get busy they help servers who seem to be overwelmed and they help hostess when theres only one and there is a long line, they help the cashiers when they have a long line. I have never seen anybody get yelled at even when some of them deserve it they usually talk it out and things are handled in a very private but satisfying way for both the employee and employer. The reason they want food out quickly is because thats what most people want in a restraunt. They dont want to sit there forever waiting on their food. I know when i go out to it its because im freaking hungry. And they just want to live up to their motto pleasing people. As far as the cooking goes i like it. It may be frozen stuff but its still good idk what restraunt you can go to and get half of the stuff they sell the way they make it. They put butter and stuff in their vegetables because they are good that way and thats the way a lot of southern women cook to get their families to eat vegetables.





Anonymous 4 years ago

I've worked at Cracker Barrel for almost 2 years and the only reason I stay is because I am a college student & I make decent money being a cashier... but as for how we're treated, it's terrible. My retail manager follows us into the bathroom just to make sure we're not texting or something. She pretends to be cleaning it or doing something. Also, we stand all day and get NO breaks. I'm serious people, even when I work a double, I get bitched at for leaving to get a drink. Me leaving the cash stand "isn't good for our guest experience." Like the guest really cares if we walk away to get a drink. I starve & am dehydrated everyday of my life that it's starting to ruin my health. I've had several UTI's because of not drinking, and I've gotten sick so many times from not eating. I'm borderline diabetic because of this place. If I could quit I would, there's just not many jobs around. Somebody needs to do something about the employees work environment.. even when you call home office about this they say it's their rules... NO BREAKS.... what kind of shit is that?!?!? it's not fair as a HUMAN BEING. The only reason we give extremely good service is because the managers threaten us day in & day out..... especially if we don't make goal hours.... I'll stop now before I get to heated.

CBEmp 4 years ago

I have been working at Cracker Barrel for 4 years, and honestly, I wish that someone would send this blog to Corporate just to see how disgusting the management treats us. I'm afraid to talk to anyone at work because they are going to throw me under the bus. I work in the retail/cash and what everyone has said previously is true. We have quotas that corporate wants us to meet, along with conversion rates just like any other business. If we don't walk around with a smile on our face, we get written up or our hours cut. But it's not just us. We are treated like CRAP by the guests that come in, when we're just doing our job. I swear to god, if the "guests" don't get nicer, I'm gonna flip my lid. I don't know how many times I say "hello" to someone and they just look at me like I have 3 heads or say "I'm just looking." I don't give a rats behind what you're doing JUST SAY HELLO BACK. It's common courtesy. And we wouldn't be so rude if it wasn't the fact that people are rude to me ALL DAY. Thanksgiving day, the busiest day in the company, I had three separate people cuss me out because I am obligated to ask how their meal is. I'm not a manager. I get paid $8/hr. Don't yell at me for something that is not my fault. PLEASE ASK FOR A MANAGER. They get paid enough that they should be yelled at.

More and more, the blinders are coming off to me and I'm realizing this is a terrible organization to work for at the base level. If you call Employee Relations, they snitch on you and management retaliates. They will call "insubordination" if you're being mistreated by the local management and go above their heads after MULTIPLE attacks. They are also manipulative, gossipy, and just downright horrible to their employees. I remember my availability DUE TO SCHOOL was Friday nights, Saturday mornings, and Sunday all day. Saturday nights I worked for an organization, but I could work until 5 PM,so that opened up my available shifts. They would schedule me 3-11:30 PM on Friday (which, I can't leave till the last guest has left) and then they'd expect me there WELL RESTED and SMILING at 5:00 AM. Less than 6 hours between shifts, and both of them were 8-9 hour shifts. They could have easily given me a later morning shift, like 8-4 or 7-3, but no. 5 AM. Just because they didn't like what my availability was and did it in spite. And breaks? HA! You can forget about breaks. What sickens me is that your break is "manager's discretion." If we're too busy, you don't get a break. I get there at 8 AM, my break is at 8:05 so they aren't breaking the law. You don't have to get a break until you work 5 hours, and it's just 15 minutes. Some stores allow 30 minute breaks after 6 hours, but most of them will wait until 8 hours to give you 30. Then they will schedule you a 7 hr 45 minute shift where you KNOW you'll be working 8+ hours, but they get out of giving you a 30 and are only obligated to give you a 15 minute break.

It's seriously one of the worst companies to work for ever. The only reason I've stayed is because I want a job at corporate. I am thoroughly convinced that the only people treated right are the ones at corporate. Every single person that has worked for corporate has always said how great they are treated, and I've been there--it's like a beautiful sanctuary with trees, a park, fountains... it's not even like a corporation.

Dan Evins is dead. So is the true vision of Cracker Barrel

Ryan 4 years ago

Can we say no life? You really have to much time on your hands if your gonna write 5 paragraphs about how cracker barrel has no seats. Wanna really write about something? Try something people care about.

amber.s. 4 years ago

i worked at cracker barrel for 2 years, and it was i horrible place to work. anyone that says different is a liar. the place is filled with old people about to meet the end and are very unhappy about it so they take it out on you. i worked in almost all positions there and all were equally miserable, its a fake country place. i feel strongly about this because i saw the evils of that shit hole. no, i didnt get fired, i quit. i was 7 months pregnant and got an infection because i wasnt allowed the proper breaks. i stood on my feel for 6 hours at a time with no food or bathroom breaks. when i finally did get a break they bitched about it and gave me 5 minutes or else.

HospitairyGrad 4 years ago

@Dish Slave- sorry you go home in pain. @Amber- sorry you got an infection while pregnant while working at Cracker Barrel. DishSlave is right that there ar many safety hazards. I saw the immediate aftermath of dishwasher beating a male server to a bloodypulp in the Server Aisle aa Cracker Barrel. There is a lot of bullying that goes on.

4 years ago

A little extreme...all this. Managers don't bonus off goal hours. The reason why they have goal hours is to turn tables. Yeah it sucks that you feel rush, then don't come during peak hours. 6 am-8 am no one is in there. 8pm- close no one is there. The place is to eat, not anything else if you don't enjoy, go somewhere else. People love Cracker Barrel, why? Because you can go there and eat REAL food not fake mash potatoes that been microwaved like everywhere else. The employees can't handle more than two or three tables on the weekend without sacrificing guest service. My cracker barrel is ranked top 5 in company and have 160 employees with 5 managers. Stressful but fun. New age employees are spoiled no work ethic causing it to be extreme baby sitting because they are over the age of 18. The cash/ retail ladies are sweet, cooks and dish is the highest paid in our city because it is fast pace and stressfull. What about the good? The 4 star employees get the same benifits other than bonus as managers. Holiday pay,100 gift card for holiday? And most of all they give you the opportunity to speak your mind . Good luck, sounds like you all have poor management? Or poor recruiters.

Hostess at CB 4 years ago

All of the people on here complaining about working at CB are a bunch of whiny babies who don't deserve to have a job with that type of attitude. I am quite sure if you hate it that much, there are plenty of folks in the unemployment line who will gladly take your place. I teach school but work at Cracker Barrel one day a week during the school year and also summers. I worked there full time before I started teaching. It is a positive atmosphere, the pay scale isn't bad, the managers are fine as long as you are halfway putting forth an effort to do your job. And whoever said "if we don't walk around with a smile on our face we get written up or hours cut" You should be fired immediately! Cracker Barrel is a great company to work for who treats their employees very well and no, I'm not kissing anyone's ass. Yes, it gets frustrating at times but it's the restaurant business. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. Literally!

CB waitress 4 years ago

so for those of you that complain. You obviously haven't been to the one in pueblo co. Yeah maybe just a little bit crowded but if you don't want to deal with screaming kids maybe you shsould go to a sports bar and not a FAMILY restaurant. And we are very seldom on a wait. If you live in a busy city shouldn't you expect a wait? And if we are such a horrible restaurant then why are some stores on a wait at all.

CrackerBarrelCashier 4 years ago

.. well I have read enough to say what I have to say .. I work for CB && its not as bad as most of you are putting it .. the one in vicksburg, MS is said to b da best one .. now from time to time the managers might fuss about pity things but they strive to please their guests && last time i checked ,, that's the job of everybody else .. not to make the workers happy ,, the GUESTS .. i have never had a job where i was kept happy .. but i love my job at CB .. its easy ,, fun && pays good enuff for me .. waitresses get mad because of their pay rate but anywhere you go ,, if you are a waiter ,, you will NOT make over 5 dollars ,, deal with it && make your money in waiting on && pleasing your guests !! True enuff the store is always packed ,, especially on Sundays but those are the days you should want to work .. && as far as guests complaining ,, i think its a great place to eat out at .. if you were dissatisfied it was probably because you went to the wrong one .. don't judge them all jus because of one bad experiences .. its too many CB's in the USA !!

Arlene brown 4 years ago

To the employees that think managers bonus from goal hours you are wrong and about the 2 table stations if most of the servers were not complete morons thier sections would be bigger.

4 years ago

Ive worked for crackerbarrel for 10 years, and just recently our district manager payed a visit and told several of our waitresses to change the color of their hair to a more "natural" color. My General Manager has moved on to another position in the company and is no longer with us, which is disappointing because he was a good worker, and a great motivator. I use to like my job there, but I can hardly stand it there anymore. It seems all they care about are numbers and goal hours and to hell with customers satisfaction and employee appreciation.

cb spartanburg s c 4 years ago

Yes,The Spartanburg CB does have it favorites some do get 35 to 40 hours a week.And rules only to some.you can get caught stealing at other retail stores,and still work at cb.Throw the hand book away,because rules only apply to a few.ITs who sucks up to the managment.

c b Spartanburg 4 years ago

Yes this CB does stink, the way some employees are treated. Others get all the hours and are treated as if they never do wrong.Mangament should open their eyes,and see who steals,like one employee who was caught at another store.Treat every one the same,when favortism is shown to some it makes for a bad situation.Managment can ruin a good worker by giving their pet all she wants works when she wants to and be off when it suits her fancy.

employee Spartanburg C B 4 years ago

Boy Did these Employees state true facts.Its almost as if all the bad things were here at the Spartanburg s c place because all of them fit here.some of you may have a good place to work.But in the Spartanburg Fairforest store its bad.

Anonymous 4 years ago

For those complaining about working at Cracker Barrel, can I have your job? You're lucky you even have a job in the first place. Plus, you work in the service industry. Whether you like it or not, you're there to serve. Yes, I understand it can be tough, but a job's a job. Got a problem? There are a lot of other people in the unemployment line who would be happy to take up your responsibilities.

the crazy cook 4 years ago

yea i hear the complaints from everybody i work with too. been there about two years myself. the job was crazy and demanding at first for a while but now its become routine and fairly easy. I'll push out a $1500 hour with one other cook, every ticket under 10 minutes like some kind of magic show. get paid about $13/hour so not complaining too much about that compared to the rest of ya'll lol. anyway, there's good servers who can handle the heat and ones who can't. just like every other restaurant, but its different and unique in its own way right? seems like cracker barrel is doing all of the right things to keep that place so damn busy all of the time. Don't count on working a slow shift there on the weekend in your life. It's somewhat rewarding, but we're all out to do better things than this anyway. so for now, enjoy the wild experience and plan for the future.

horselover13 4 years ago

I don't know about you but I love this resturant! If you don't like it don't go! Simple as that. I love sitting outside on one of their old wicker rockers while playing checkers with my sister. After waiting for about 10-15 minutes( a reasonable amount of time) our name is called and a smiling and friendly waitress or waiter shows us to our table. We sit down toa nice clean table with a nice clean and swept floor. Thank you to the staff who cleans up after us! I order a rasbery lemonade and eat a good meal. Thanks to the cooks who prepare it. I enjoy playing the little peg game:-) and looking at the rustic decorations around the rooms. I especially like in the winter when they have a fireplace all nice an d toasty warm. If you don't like Cracker Barrel just don't go. If you have never been, you should try it. And the food really does taste like your grandma made it!

cori 4 years ago

I only lasted a month there. I was working as a hostess, and I absolutely hated it, but I remember some of the other people working there really liking it. I felt unimportant and frustrated most of the time, didn't like the constant country radio, the strict dress code (they sent me back to the store 4 times because my shirt didn't have the right buttons) or the payment method (prepaid Visa account? Can't I just get direct deposit?) but that didn't bother some people.

I think the problem is how big of a company it really is - the restaurant/store I worked at had about four managers and a gazillion employees. The bigger and more corporate any company is, the more impersonal it gets. I was a hostess at privately owned restaurant in an historic hotel, and I loved working there - I was a team member and not another name on a long list of cronies. The problem here isn't necessarily the Cracker Barrel itself, but these enormous chains in general, and the de-humanizing effect it has on the work force.

Also, I've noticed the right-wing Southern folk are the type to like the place whereas opinionated hippies like me sort of hate it. That might be another issue.

new store aiken sc. 4 years ago

Wow !!! Managers at cb must be trained to treat there employes the same every where ,i thought it was just our gm!!! I agree though employees here are treated horrible and are talked down too, all day!!

new store aiken sc. 4 years ago

Wow !!! Managers at cb must be trained to treat there employes the same every where ,i thought it was just our gm!!! I agree though employees here are treated horrible and are talked down too, all day!!

FFairforest road Spartanburg,S.C. 4 years ago

This Cracker Barrel is bad,the retail manager has her most favorite employees,yes one retailperson did get caught stealing at Kohls in spartanburg s c .And she is still working at c b on Fairforest Road.Writeup in Spartanburg newspaper giving her name,, address , on Sunday Jan. 6,2012.All of who thinks retail managers dont get bonus are wrong.So if you work at a good c b and have nice managers you are lucky.If you tell on every body else you can go futher here especially

as a server and retail.And if you are a thief you are great to most managers here.

cb Spartanburg sc 4 years ago

Yes this store is sorry! AShas been stated .There is an employee there who was caught stealing at Kohls.And she is working so work at cb on fairforest rd steal ,lie on other employees and get what you want.

nobody cb spartanburg s c Fairforest rd 4 years ago

Dont know what your retail managers or district managers you telling you but here retail managers do getbonus.

aiken cb 4 years ago

i have never hated my job as much as i hate this one.Drugs are flowing from the restruant and managers are terrible , there are many great employees that do not deserve the treatment they are given . i believe that they have there favs , i was just suspended for reinforcing to have a conversation with a management about the way employees are treated . I am looking for another job and do not recommend thrusting restruant to anyone for work or to eat. Its dirty and the employees are all high so there is no telling what your eating i have witnessed some really nasty, health violations all by management . Even if they call me back to work they can shove there job up there asses

aiken cb 4 years ago

i have never hated my job as much as i hate this one.Drugs are flowing from the restruant and managers are terrible , there are many great employees that do not deserve the treatment they are given . i believe that they have there favs , i was just suspended for reinforcing to have a conversation with a management about the way employees are treated . I am looking for another job and do not recommend thrusting restruant to anyone for work or to eat. Its dirty and the employees are all high so there is no telling what your eating i have witnessed some really nasty, health violations all by management . Even if they call me back to work they can shove there job up there asses

Line cook 4 years ago

I am a line cook at cracker barrel- and while this list is to long to read, I can honestly say that I do agree with ALL of the negative comments. If only the shareholders knew how this company is run.. I imagine there would be a huge selloff an the stock would be worthless. This place is very dirty, I have a picture of the floor behind the friers

anonoymous 4 years ago

Stop your whinning. If you don't like what goes on then quit! No one is forcing you to work there.

Jordan Weaver 4 years ago

I work at Cracker Barrel, and I absolutely love it. How in the heck do you think it makes any sense to complain about how busy it is? When I go to Olive Garden, or Kinomi's, there's ALWAYS a really long wait, and normally they give you beepers so you walk around waiting for your table for a few hours until your beeper goes off. And it's not really Cracker Barrel's fault that parents can't control their kids; we aren't allowed to say anything to them because most parents would get furious. The sign inside does not say "smile or else". It simply says "smile", and that's just a reminder because, as most people do, when one gets very busy, it's hard to remember to smile. Yeah, we make less than $3.00/hr, but most places that get tips make the same thing, so complaining about hourly wage is ridiculous. I can make about $200.00 on a Sunday, what most of you probably make in 3 days. At least, it took me 2 weeks to get that much working at a job that paid me minimum wage. Also, there is a grill. It's VERY clean in the kitchen, all the time. Every single thing is made from scratch. We're told we MUST be nice to the guest, because who would want to go somewhere where the server isn't nice? And lastly, the managers are EXTREMELY encouraging. If you do a good job, every manager there will congratulate you.

Opinions are opinions, and I don't mind you hating Cracker Barrel, but some of your reasons are petty and laughable.

Employee 2yrs 4 years ago

Id just like to clearify some things. First is that compared to other restaurants ive seen, cb is the cleanest, i mean afterall have u seen places like friendlys aplebees ect? 2ndly, yes ill agree about management that they need to b re trained to actually b a manager cuz the way some talk to their employees its amazing they havent been sued n fired. Waitresses get paid under the regular minimum wage because they get tips and they knkw this when they first get hired before they even have orientation so if they had a problem with that they shouldve just refused the job position. To add to that if they choose to keep the job, they have an option to change positions within the store that will allow them to get minimum wage. Heck I started in prep with 8.50 an hour n thats just starting n then getting a raise 30 days later. 3rd, not everything includes bacon fat. Some recepies do but theres only 3. And thats only if u live south. Hbr is made with frozen hashbrowns n premade from scratch I should know I make them every shift. N to the person who says there is no grill, really? How do we cook grilled tenders, steak, pancakes, eggs, french toast, haddock,grilled ham, corned beef,hamburgers, n other things I cant really think of? Plz get ur facts right before an idiotic statement like that thank you. As far as managers pay bonus, thats the perks of being one I guess but how often do we ever make goal hour? The only day I can think of is mothers day. So they really dont get much of a bonus. And this is to all of the servers, to get good tips do your JOB. Be friendly to your guest and ur fellow employees afterall they r the ones who control food quality tho ur supposed to check the quality as well before it hits the table. And on that note ppl if u cant tip 15% of ur bill go to mcdonalds or stay the hell home.

Courtney 4 years ago

I'm an employee at a cracker barrel in Florida, and you guys are harsh. Personally, I only like a couple of things regarding food from there. I've only been there once before I actually got the job there, but even knowing the background and how the people work and how everything is run, it's not as bad as how all of you are trying to make it out to seem. Let's say you work at McDonalds, and the service at that particular McDonalds is great, but someone goes to a different one and hates it; then they're going to make a thing like this that bashes McDonalds. Youre gonna be pissed, knowing that yours is definitely better than theirs. So shut the fuck up, and stop killing it for the rest of cracker barrels. Thanks.

Courtney 4 years ago

Oh, and by the way. Most managers there yes act more like a friend. But don't you want that? A chill ass manager? Yeah they say some things shouldn't, but so do you. And the waitresses pay is automatically under minimum wage. Obviously. Being a cashier at cracker barrel, I don't get tips. The waitresses do. If you're not a dumbass, do the math. The waitresses get paid about 9-10 dollars an hour, if not more. Stop complaining.

test 4 years ago


Donna 4 years ago

well stupid get there early and you can be one of those parties that are ahead of you so you can enjoy your visit I am a server at CB and I probably make more money then you do and I have great benefits to go along with my job as far as the food it is homemade and probably better then you could ever make yourself!!! and the little peg game in your case in correct you are an idiot!!!!!!!

jump 4 years ago

Sounds like a bunch of crybaby ass servers who think they do so much. If you do your job properly you will be compensated. If you do your job properly and don't get compensated but continue to work there you are a dumbass and deserve to be treated as such. You could omit Cb and insert any other restaurant and find the same lame crybaby stories. Grow up and find a job more your speed. Like one with pictures and no reading.

:) 4 years ago

I think Undercover Boss needs to be contacted! And then everyone will see if they are a bunch of crybabies. MOST of CB's employees know everything posted is the truth! It really is a fun fast paced enviroment to work in. Management needs people skills training!!!

CBemployee 4 years ago

I have worked at a local Cracker Barrel for over 5 years, and yes, while they like to focus on being as fast as we can during peak periods, it's for the benefit for the guests and the employees. Servers, the faster your table gets up, the faster it's sat during peak period. Yet, your service has to be consistent. It took me awhile as a server to learn the CB isn't just for the money, but also the guest experience. Guests were saying in surverys that CB wasn't fast enough. So, guess what! Managers are told to make us be faster. All of us. Now the food doesn't come in fresh, but it is cooked fresh/to order. If your store has dough for dumplins from the previous day, your doing it wrong. Our store is kept clean, even when Home Office was in they noted it and sent our cooks gifts and thank you cards. I don't know many companies that do that for the cooks. Now I'm sure not every store, but mine has great managers, great employees, and great regular guests. We're like a family. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And as much as people want to hate it, it's not the majority, because business volume and sales are increasing.

eudora 4 years ago

You're describing every restaurant ever. Congratulations on your time wasting.

beth 4 years ago

I started serving at cb... 5 monnths ago. I am a par2... and I have no problem making good money on a two table section... so evidently y'all suck.

ATTABOY12 4 years ago


JC 4 years ago

Ive been working for Cracker Barrel for 4 years+ as a server and cook. I have no complaints. I go in, do my job, dont complain and usually go home with a pocket full of cash. I generally make 450-550+ week which isnt bad for a part time job. Plus i have insurance which i am very grateful for.

If you want to have a pleasant working experience at CB, find a store that has a great management staff and you will be set. I have worked at 5 different stores and yeah, some of the managers will bring down your work experience but thats the way it goes. All in all, its a great place to work and eat.

spg s c fairforest rd. employee 4 years ago

ok ,in retail you have a mac card that sets goal hours!if that day and each following day you meet the sales goals!the retail managerand district manager get bonus if you can keep sales above the predicted sales on mac card.and what is called in the blue. for a monthly and quartely period.before any one points fingers ask you retail manager if this not true or thats what happens in spbg s c fairforest store.because she has gotten bonus because she told us.

Anonomously spoken 4 years ago

I have worked at CB for many many years seen the changes and seen some great managers come and go. Today, the sooner I can get out of this the better. No more any open door policy (they listen to the recordings]If you complain you are punished, to many others need a job. But soon it will be on the other foot again and they will be gone.

i hateit but need it 4 years ago

I work at the cracker barrel in vicksburg and boy must I say all the bad crap I have read on here majority of it is right.I have never seen not one server wash there hands nor cooks and our managers are soooo rude we have had so many of them that i can barely count all they care about is them we even had one server just go crazy one night in the dining room in front of all the guest saying she is sick of being treated like a slave and quit and the managers went in the office and laughed at her.She was a nice sweet lady I never thought she would go crazy like that but our managers will really take you there.I hate my job but I need it..its all i have that pays the bills but please believe I am looking for something else quick..oh and another thing you want see me eating there ever again I have seen people grab food off the plate and eat it then go and serve it to you..yuck!!

IN LEAGUE CITY 4 years ago

What are the benefits asfar as food discounts and gift shop discounts? thanks

Opinions 4 years ago

I think you need to stay out of cracker barrel. Seems to me you are not all that smart. If I tried a place and it did not please me the first or second time...I definitely would not return enough times to write something this long. I think you are one of those prudish people who don't know how to enjoy life and make others around you miserable simply because you dont know how to be patient and happy. It's something it would behoove you to acquire along your journey in life. If not, you are going to have many more disappointing encounters just like the ones you have at cracker barrel.

CCracker 4 years ago

I have worked for Cracker Barrel as a server at the same location for 12 years. We still have the same GM and most of our employees are 5 yrs are longer. We are a training store and have several MIT's each year. I must admit I do see some of the behavior listed in the previos comments from time to time, But over all my store is a good one to work for. I guess I'm lucky.But on a different note, if people are subjected to this treatment everyshift then something should be done about it.

Amanda S-G 4 years ago

For six years I stopped at about 20 Cracker Barrel restaurants regularly although I seldom ate their food. I had a traveling job and would "read" all their audiobooks. I would return a book (for slightly less than I paid at one or another location), buy a book and usually some kitschy little gismo or candles.

I spent an average of at least $8.00/week in book rentals and silly junk for 6 years...that's 8 X 52 X 6 = $2,496.00. Though not a giant contribution, I thought it was significant patronage.

Since I got an average of a book a week for 6 years, that's about 312 books I read from their shelves. I'm listing books I read on Goodreads and would like to see a list of their titles so I can add the titles to my timeline and share my reviews with other members.

I assumed Cracker Barrel would not only grant my request for a list of the books they shelved at that time, I thought they would appreciate the fact I'm doing the work to add a "Cracker Barrel" shelf to my library and recommend all their books that I liked. It is AWESOME grass roots marketing.

Instead I was met with frustration and suspicion. I tried for a few weeks to get an answer to my request. After emails generated no assistance, I spoke to a "customer service" rep and finally someone from marketing. I was basically told that no company would divulge such sensitive secrets...remember, I was asking for a list of the books they shelved. After reminding the reps that Cracker Barrel already disclosed this information for current titles by putting them on a shelf people could look at, I was shuffled around again and got no resolution.

This asinine incident gave me deep insight to how the company is actually run. Only a flawed corporate culture could possibly result in such suspicious and obstinate policies that disallow even positive credit to their book program from their customers.

Anonomous 4 years ago

I was seriously considering putting in an application to work at Cracker Barrel but after reading all this...I'VE DEFINATELY CHANGED MY MIND! Thats the reason I quit my last job...I was working for idiots just like these described here. Um...NO...I dont think so...I choose to pass on this one!

moon pie 4 years ago

In the 6 months I've worked for Cracker Barrel, I have never heard my manager say one positive remark to me or my fellow employees. She only points out what we have done incorrectly and points out how many "target items" we have NOT sold. Constantly we hear about how we're not adding enough retail sales to the restaurant bill at check-out. My fellow employees are nice, polite and fun to work with. It's management that's the big downer and would be a nicer environment if managers were nicer people.

u suck 4 years ago

I think i have seen all your pictures on "The People of Walmart" get a life people, or a paycheck. It's those who don't work that sit around all day and write crap like this. No job or place is perfect to visit. It's called work moron's. Suck it up buttercups!!!

u suck 4 years ago

I would have talked in more complexed sentences but i didn't want to take time out of your not so busy day. You would have to look up meanings in a dictionary,which would take you away from your parnter beatings, beer drinking, not watching your childern, Obama care recieving asses!

Mzcrash 4 years ago

I work for a cracker barrell. I have to say this,a job is what you make it. I like my job. I like the people,employees and the customers. But for all of you that are complaining bout your jobs,then do something bout it, but good luck cuz who ain't one to say that your next job ain't going to be the same way......

Not a cracker 4 years ago

I am an educated woman. I do not believe in racial discrimination. I believe black people should make as much money as white people. I do not believe in white supremacy. I don't think white people are smarter than black people. I look down on white trash more than any other demographic because they're a disgrace and have no excuses, I think the Ku Klux Klan should be outlawed and I would never commit a violent act against any minority. I have worked in the restaurant business for 24 years, and you know what? Despite everything I know to be true, I groan every time black people are seated in my section. I don't even mind the low tips, it's the nagging, complaining,and the constant comments of " I want cheese on my hash browns, but I don't want to pay for it," I can't stand. Of course there are exeptions, but as a rule they have never been taught how to act in a public place. And it isn't just CB employees that feel this way! And I realize that plenty of white people act crappy in restaurant too.

Mema 4 years ago

I hate to worked there and everthing they say about this shit is completely correct

meghan 4 years ago

are you people ignorant im currently a server, host, and cashier there and ya ok bosses can sometimes suck that's only cuz your probably doing something wrong. that's no different from any other job its called the workforce. iv had my bump ins with working there i complained and it got fixed simple as that. now with the food service yes we have had complains but we handle them well and the person leaves happy returns and leaves happy again the next visit. at one point i woulda agreed with all this bull shit but the more i put myself into my work the more i see the better the worker you are of course your boss is gonna be happier its not a day care they are running. you people need to get a life and do your job or guest wise eat somewhere else or at eat at home

barrel girl 4 years ago

I too work for cracker barrel. Have for 7 years. My management team is outstanding. I give the best service I can. Its simple though. If you don't like it, fine. everyone had different tastes therefore, go somewhere else, or stay home.

store 33 4 years ago

when i first started working there from being in a chef position after i got laid off. this is the dirtiest place i've ever seen. managers yell all the time no breaks, low pay and the par levels are a joke. to simply sum this up every thing to do with cracker barrel is a joke it should be torn down and made into a empty parking lot....

lmarie 4 years ago

cracker barrel has absolutely no respect for there employees...the same few girls make the money, have the best stations(ABSOLUTELY NO ROTATION)have weekend and holidays off and these r the girls that do the least...the managers and gm talk to u like crap, because thats all u r to them.ive never worked in a restaurant where the managers stand there barking orders to get there bonus goal hours but do nothing to help u....its unbelivable...i have been in this business for 38 years and can honestly say the barrel is the worst place to work..and on that note,everywhere i go in this town(restaurants)and say i work at c.b.u should hear all the comments...wow,i hear u guys get treated like dirt out there,boy, i hear your managers r the worst in ocala.all true....shame on this company for allowing this!!all the comments above mine r true...u ask why do we still work there?because we have to feed our familys..this company says there all about family...bull....!!

Nobody 4 years ago

Have to agree with thos,who hate crackerbarrel or should I say the crackshack.. Ive been working for cb for almost 10 years now.. And I wont lie the first year,i though 'ya great place' but then cb has shown there true colors, its not 'pleasing poeple ' its 'pleasing us and our wallets' working at store 294 as really shown me that its all bs... Mangers, gms,dms. Only think of them selfes if we need help its like 'fu handle it your self or get fired' they punish thos who do there jobs and try to do the best they can, but reward thos who do shit and who have said 'they will not help anyone but themselfs' so for thos who say they love cb come down to 294 and give it a month I give,ya a week intill ya see what cb has shown me. And this is coming form not a newbi but someone whos wasted almost 10 years,of,his life working and still working,at,cb..rT

Doug 4 years ago

"Why not just go to Grandma's house instead? I bet you'd be a lot more comfortable there."

Most peopel today do not live anywhere near their Grandma and may see her only once or twice per year.

old employee 4 years ago

i use to b an employee as well.people r right the managers treat u like shit on a stick behind them door ways and then they suck the life out of u.worked their for 10 crucifying years and for 15.83 an hour it was not worth it,i wish i had all that time back to give to my family.cracker barrelle philosophy was your problems were not theirs.....and i even heard a manager tell someone that..and i know its all about what they can put in their safe.screw the real workers...

numa 4 years ago

the majority of people that are pessimis they have to be white

happy as can be to not work at cb 4 years ago

people do not leave companies they leave or dislike who they work for. Sandy Cochran ,Doug Barber, and Nick Flannagan should really look into undercover boss. Out in the feild gm/dm may have used fear as a tool to build the culture of hatred towards a company that started out as people pleasing- internal and external. Nick isn,t it all about enhancing employee experience first to get to guest experieince.

cb employee 4 years ago

I to do agree most comments here. CB is a very hard place to work for. When I first start 2yrs ago i made good money, yes now you do get 2 or 3 tables its a joke to us skilled servers and now our hours have been cut down to 15-17 when asked about it we are told its slow season ok, they why are you hiring more servers? I really do understand the managers should make a bonus, but this goal hour thing, you have managers yell put the order is fast thats the only 10 min. a hour you are not get yelled about running food. Friday nights are a joke now, it use to be a good money night, now you have 12-15 servers all in at the same time 5-8 for a total of 20-22 servers for the whole peek hour 5.30 to 7 if we are lucky then you are cut so you come in to server for 2hrs make 25.00 and spend the next hour running everyone else food and trying to do your side work wow that was a great way to spend friday nite. If you get a second job and management finds out you cut to a day or two, and even told your not a loyal employee, well sorry being loyal doesnt pay the bills. My thoughts are if you keep you employees happy they are more likely to work hard to make goal hours etc, and be proud to say I work for cracker barrel its a great company and I love my job,,,,,,


CB CASHIER 4 years ago

Im a cashier at CB i started the end of march and IT SUCKS!!! if im hungry and want to eat before my shift eyes get rolled and words get said under managers breaths. i dread going to work. i hate putting on the stupid uniform. i hate being talked down to because i dont have a PERFECT crease down the front of my ugly apron. my hours suck when i ask about it i get told there are too many cashiers on the schedule for me to get anymore hours BUT when i need a day off i get told there ARENT enough cashiers on the schedule!!! WTF? the par system is stupid which is why im still a rising star. i dont understand why your "rank" has to be known by everyone. the fat B**** that trains new employees always talks about looking your best and having a crisp and clean uniform and a "pleasing people" attitude. she doesnt even begin to think about making that apply to herself. i can go on and on forever about this shit hole and the managers in it. for the employees that love it, youre probably a favorite. for the rest of yall that hate it. i feel your pain. for the people out there that are thinking about getting a job at a CB DONT DO IT! EVERY negative comment that has been made is true. i think all the CB haters should make everything everyone has said known to the CB home office. maybe then something will change.

Love CB 4 years ago

Is UNBELIEVABLE how you can destroy or create a negative effect to a Company who didnt do anything bad to you, certainly probably all Cracker Barrels are not being managed like Uncle's Hershell moto of pleasing people but , there ones are doing it best doesnt need the bad publicity along with the craziest stories that this blog created, Rob you will be punished for this , because when we do bad things, WELL BAD things happened to us, if i was you ill be carefull , mother nature will get you back , enjoy your bad KARMA NOW :P (among with the ones that surround you)

Jared 4 years ago

Wow what a bunch or raciest morons It's a business they are there to make a profit if it was too crowded then the fire marshal would fine them and far as babies go they scream that's there thing so if you don't like it then don't go don't be a bitch about it just go to mcdonalds where I promise it will be far less enjoyable and the space issue more tables = more people =more profit= more jobs = economy gets better dumb asses

LancasterCrackerBarrel 4 years ago

I am at the Cracker Barrel in Lancaster and I love it. It is super clean, including the kitche line, everything is labeled timely so you know if it is going to go bad, the teamwork is outstanding and the management team is the absolute best I have seen...we make great money there and that keeps me happy. In this ecnonmy I am blessed to have a job and especailly one of the busiest stores on the Lancaster Strip!

Me 4 years ago

It is all true, sad to admit. I don't know why I thought CB would be different. We have one manager that makes it difficult with her favorites. Kiss her ass, and say yes mam. Per older employees. U are not allowed to defend yourself or explain yourself. If u try, she makes it harder

Catclaws 4 years ago

I am an employee who worked my butt off for this company. Every weekend.. when short I'd stay up to 13 hours a day, every time no shows, I'd Stay. I did this for 5 years, always thinking I was on top and they just loved me to death...well it doesn't work that way. When new S2E hopped aboard, me and 53 of my fellow employees were all terminated within months of each other. And then to top it off they walked each and everyone of us OUT THE BACK DOOR each time they fired us. So I did something about it because of my own self-respect. And I prevailed. They can take your job, but the walking out the back door part just didn't work for me. Someone once told me "don't ever put your love into a corporation, because a corporation will never love you back." God Bless!

katie 4 years ago

well obviously your experience has been bad but if u come visit our in cracker barrel in Prattville, Al. your opinion will change!

surprised 4 years ago

I am not surprised that you all cannot find good jobs. Learn to spell and speak properly.

really 4 years ago

This is a stupid article

yup 4 years ago

College student, trying to work through it. I started at Cracker Barrel a few months ago as a grill cook, it's nothing exciting and almost ALWAYS frustrating. I can't complain about the pay, it's pretty good, but the fact that I can be put on to work a 10 hour shift with no break really bothers me. I have no weekends and I can't say they care too much about hiring people who can do the job and/or come in to work. It's also true that all they care about is hitting their hourly goals. I work my butt off for them to get a bonus. I don't appreciate that. However, I do have managers that help behind the scenes and are very nice. I've never had a job which pushed me so much to finish school and start a career.

So 'surprised', please don't think some of us aren't trying because that's not the case.

stupid 4 years ago

5 years and 5 stars later, a big 4 hr shift a week. what paycheck?

Rob "YOU ARE STUPID!!!" 4 years ago

I work for C/B and I love it. For all those whom happen to hate it . . . get another job, step aside and let someone that wants to work and appreciates a good job. Sure management at times can get pushy and it does get crazy at times, but you can't take it personal, it's the nature of the business and it's just business. If it was your business you would the most from your employes to maximize your profits. It's a job and not the social club, so get over it or better just get OUT!

Now for Rob, "THE COMPLETE IDIOT" that wrote this article, "MAN GET A LIFE!" You obviously don't know the first thing about the restaurant business, or you're just some manager of C/B competitor who just hates the your getting you ASS kicked by their business. It's people like you that make stupid people the name they have, and "YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!" Sure they're always busy, wonder why? It's because the food taste the same no matter which C/B you eat at. The meatloaf taste the same in Florida as it does in Missouri. Now tell me what's wrong with that. Just about any high volume eatery you visit you have to wait anywhere from 10 to 20 maybe more at others, if the food is good, what's the problem. Oh one more thing Rob, did you you really have to play the golf-tee game to discover that you were an idiot? Seems like you should be thanking C/B for pointing it out to you.

nowarrants 4 years ago

THINKING ABOUT WORKING HERE -- DO NOT DO IT. I took this job because i needed some cash. Honestly, I would not recommend it to anyone. The pay is minimum wage, no matter how good your tips are because they will give you enough scut servant work to be sure it averages out to minimum wage -- and you will work your buns off for that. The best part is that you will have 4 managers and 10 extra bosses. The other waitresses are vicious. Many of them never finished high school, have waitressed all their life and they are like sharks in the water. When you are trying to learn your job 3 to 4 a day will make comments like "you need to get faster on your micros" or "have you ever waitressed before? Carry your tray like this--(as you have burn marks down both your arms from the super-hot trays). They are some of the most vicious women I have ever worked around and the management is worse. If you are considering waitressing, try a few of the better restaurants -- you will make more money and have less hassle. The only good thing I can say is that you do get your food 50% off BUT you have to come in 30 minutes early, have another waiter ring up your check, then find a manager to sign off, then give it to the cook AND they will only cook your food if they are not busy and you have 30 minutes until you are officially on the clock. Sometimes it is just too much hassle. Take my advice -- don't work here.

no warrants 4 years ago

Today I worked 8:30 to 3. I was actually on the floor available for tips for 3 hours. The other 3.5 hours I was doing servant work, scrubbing floors, hauling ice, running trays for others. I had to wait 30 minutes just to scrape up enough silverware to roll before they would allow me to clock out (they make 3 people sign a sheet saying you have completed all your slave duties before they will allow you to get your tips and go home). So for 6.5 hours of work I made 54 dollars. No matter how hard you work, no matter how well or not well people tip, they will see that your average wage is minimum wage. If you dare complain or call to their attention that you are spending more hours doing slave work than serving tables, they will (1) give you the minimum and worst tables) and (2) cut your hours. They will ignore the two waiters who are constantly standing in the doorway chatting because they do not complain. If you have any integrity or self-worth do not work here at this time. Once Cracker Barrel gets wind of the brewing lawsuit that they deserve for treating all their servers like crap and paying 2 bucks an hour for slave work for years, maybe they will be a better place to work. For now, don't do it.

cb 224 4 years ago

this cb sucks they treat their employees like crap unless u r one of those 'skirts' the managers r chasin around.

no name 4 years ago

I've worked for CB for almost 6 years now. Just like everyone else, I've had bad days, I've had great days. 1/2 of our managers are always in a bad mood or just stupid, but I still like working for them. The only employees that are treated bad, are the ones that don't do their job, complain ALL the time, or are rude to the guests. The food is not meant to be healthy, most restaurants aren't.

I do have the insurance through CB, and have seen it get better over the past couple years. At least they've lowered the hours needed to recieve it.

All in all, I do love my job, make decent-great money, love all, but maybe a handful, of the people I work with and for.

If you don't like your job (CB or not), find something else. If you don't like the food, eat somewhere else. If you don't like the wait-time, don't go during busy times, or go somewhere that isn't as busy. Yes seating can be close, but it's better than nothing.

SMH in SC 4 years ago

It's pretty bad when the servers at Cracker Barrel who make less than $3.00 and are forced to get on their hands and knees to scrub because a phone call was received one of the vice presidents was coming buy. NOW, thats a great moral booster...

Sucks to work here 4 years ago

I worked as a server at Cracker Barrel for 3 weeks, that was enough for me!! First of all during my training I constantley saw several female servers crying, should have been my first clue....When you interview for this job it will sound like the BEST job EVER!! Do not be fooled! My trainer was very nice to me..but after 12 hours of training I was thrown to the wolves and out on my own. You are expected in the 15 minutes before your floor shift starts to unwrap 100 napkins and roll 100 silverwares!! (150 on the weekends!) Sorry but not gonna happen!! So you get a table, within one minute of them sitting down you go out, greet your table, get their drink order AND pressure them to know their food order right away..yep..why need a menu??? You should know what you want before you walk in the door!! So then you put the order in and get their drinks. In the mean time you are being SCREAMED at to run food...you have to help run everyone elses food...so while they r being lazy in the break room you are running their food. Okay your table just got their food ... yay...you BETTER be back at that table within ONE yes ONE minute to drop off their check and say it is for their "convenience"!!!! Like youre saying "get the **** out" !! And guests look at you just like that. That is why you will not make good tips!!!!! Ok, so now you are cut from the floor, you have side-work to do... no big deal! I understand you need to do this at any restaurant!! Well i got done with my shift at 8:15 pm, had my sidework done and everything. The server responsible for checking my side-work "didnt have time" for me for 45 minutes to check my work....SO meanwhile I am getting yelled at to run food and help other servers when I am only being paid $2.13 an hour for this! One day I was stuck 2 and a half hours past my cut time helping others for $2 an hour..so unethical... so at the end of the day you have to have 4 more signatures ..manager, silverware, sidework, and tables. Just like being babysat!!! Trust me I don't mind doing work!! I have been a server for years, and have always loved it, worked with nice people, had nice customers. Not at this job...give yourself more value than to work at this establishment!!!

ILoveTheBeatles 4 years ago

I love the food!!! However, I don't like that they discontinue so many great dishes due to the expense. They don't serve strawberry shortcake anymore. They don't have the campfire chicken dinners they used to have. They charge you for a baked potato when at other restaurants, it is a standard side. The only time the other restaurants charge extra for a baked potato is when you order it loaded.

Several things I really dislike about Cracker Barrel is the crowded gift shop, no condiments like ketchup on the table, relentless asking, "how is your meal?",lighting the oil lamp while we are eating or during a conversation, raising the window blinds when the sun is the brightest, and checking on/replenishing salt/pepper shakers or sugar packet tray while we are eating or in the middle of a conversation.

With regard to the gift shop, you can't really do any shopping when it is busy. There is little room to move around in there when it is so busy. You can't really stand and wait for a table for the same reason.

Why don't they keep condiments like ketchup and steak sauce on the table? Do many people steal these condiments? If you tell your server when you order that you want ketchup, sometimes they remember and bring it out with the meal, but most of the time they forget. When you remind them about it, they bring it out when they bring out other customers' meals. You could be waiting several minutes while your food is getting cold.

The relentless asking how our food is by the servers is annoying. Then, the manager has to stop by several times to ask the same question. If our plate is empty, that is a pretty big clue that everything was fine.

The hostesses making it a mission to light your oil lamp while you are eating or in the middle of a private conversation. In the summer, on a sunny afternoon, is an oil lamp even needed? these lamps emit very little light-so what benefit does it serve at this time of day? While it does add some ambience in the evening, why are the hostesses on a mission to ruin your dining experience by interrupting your meal to ask if they can light your lamp? You feel like you have to say, "yes" or come across as being an a--hole. Then you have to move the chairs around so they can get through to reach the lamp. So, you have to stop either eating and/or your private conversation to help them do their job.

Then the hostesses interrupt your meal to raise the blinds. What I don't understand about the blinds is that they raise them during or a bit before the time of day that the sunlight really blinds your eyes. Now, if they want to raise it after the sun sets, fine!!

Then the hostesses want to check on or replenish the salt/pepper shakers or the sugar packets. If the shakers are full and the sugar packet tray is full, why do they need to replenish these items? Just seat us and leave us alone.

If we need salt/pepper/sugar we will ask our server. If we need/want our lamps lit, we will ask. If we don't, leave us alone. When the tables are bussed, that is when the salt/pepper shakers should be checked, the sugar packet tray should be checked, and the oil lamp should be lit. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Totally agree 4 years ago

I agree with the above about the salt, peppers, sugars, but I can tell you why this happens....before a server is allowed to leave they have to make sure there is 10 splendas, 10 sweet and lows, 10 equals, and 15 sugar packets in the carrier...even if a little salt or pepper is missing, they must fill those also.... And someome does check and have to sign that everything is exactly as it should be before you leave..I agree! Its ridiculous, and honestly employees dont care about you, they want you in and out and want your tip money. So servers are dping all that because theyndont want to be stuck there any longer than they have to after you leave making only $2 an hour. Which is why I do not work there any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nowarrants 4 years ago

Thank God CB workers are beginning to vocalize what it is really like to work here. On Saturday my general manager stood in the door way and loudly vocalized a play-by-play of my serving at a table. Because there was no sweet tea made (in either location) I had to stop and make the tea - which caused me to be late to my tables. The GM took the order and gave it to another waitress. My GM is the worst person I have ever worked for. After he gave my table away (she got the tip, I did the work) I asked him face to face what the problem was. When you ask him a direct question he will never answer - he will refer you to someone else. It is the most childish thing I have ever seen and how he has had a job as a manager this long is beyond anything I can understand. Working in the restaurant industry is worse than picking cotton.

inthebiz 4 years ago

Just a quick comment, if you think these guests are bad, go to work for TGI Fridays, have worked in several locations throughout the country, these guests will treat you like dogs, and I love dogs, and leave nothing. I have worked for 10 hours as a server and leave with 40.00 and that is not unusual. At least CB makes their food, TGI opens a bag and micro wave city.

CBGuest 4 years ago

Thanks for the "inside information" on CB. It sounds like being a CB employee is a difficult job. As a CB Guest, I never expected the food was healthy. I never expected your job was easy. I did expect I was eating at a "for profit" company, as I do at other restaurants.

Your comments will not persuade me to not eat at CB, but I will take more notice of the managers while I eat there.

For the most part, you guys sound like you are unhappy and needed a place to vent. I hope you all find new places of employment - but I can tell you that all jobs have a down side - guaranteed.

cracker barrel worker 4 years ago

Honestly, i love working at cracker barrel. All of the negative crap that i have seen on this website about working here is wrong. I highly believe it is a safe and benefitial work environment. And if you think the food is gross, you're high.

Emily 4 years ago

I'm a server at Cracker Barrel and yes, it is an extremely stressful job at times. I do believe that it's a harder job that most restaurants because of all the different choices, but who cares. Hard work is good for us. Depending on the day, I usually make about $14 an hour, and that's with $2.13 as my set hourly. I do have some complaints, such as not getting a break, and all of the side work that is done after you are cut off the floor. I don't mind doing the work, but I wish we would get paid minimum wage while we are doing it, because I busted my ass for over an hour tonight cleaning the break room, stocking the milk and rolling silverware while still working the window and running food out to the dining room for 2 bucks. However, the employees at my store are treated with Respect. The managers are very helpful and kind. One day I got overwhelmed and cried and the GM went to the hostess desk and asked her to not sit me for a while and he took me into his office, got me a drink and let me sit there for 15 minutes and regroup. Then, I went back on the floor and finished my shift. The other employees were very concerned about my well being and everyone gave me a pat on the back. No Cracker Barrel is not perfect, but I don't think it's as bad as everyone is saying. At least my store isn't.

Not a complainer 4 years ago

This sounds like a bunch of complainers. If you don't like how cracker barrel is run or anything else about it because they're busy all the time.. Aka meaning a lot of other people do... Then don't go. Trust me your couple dollars for their cheaply priced meals, also to accommodate you complainers, will not hurt their business.

Charlie Leaf 4 years ago

I'm a server at cracker barrel too and at the stevensville, Michigan store 220 I have always had happy people and wonderful coworkers. I think their food is great and as for there being "no grill" that's a complete lie and our cooks have always made everything fresh and well put together. Any food that doesn't look perfect they throw out to make everything exactly how they would have wanted it. Just the other day I made 22 dollars a hour so it is obviously not bad pay! I actually enjoy going to work because both the coworkers and managers help make it such a positive great environment. If you don't prefer cracker barrel that's fine but making a web page probably suggests you don't have much else to do with your life.

SMDH 4 years ago

After researching Cracker Barrel it has come to my attention Cracker Barrels largest shareholder is Biglari Holdings as of 2011. Biglari Holdings is owned by 34yr old Sadar Biglari who was born in Tehran, Iran. That's right folks Cracker Barrel is presently owned by the Iranians along with Steak N Shake and Western Sizzlin restaurant chains. Now do you wonder why they do not care about their employees especially the women. Also found out Cracker Barrel's earnings beat last years by 34%. Now, in these economic times any business that can increase their earning 34% in a year, why is the insurance below federal standards. Check it out at www.olshanlaw.com and search Cracker Barrel and google Sadar Biglari. Also go to www.dailyfinance.com, then cracker-barrel-earnings-beat -last years -by34.

usetobeagoodco 4 years ago

As far as the guests being harassed??.....ask corporate about all the new programs they are implementing to increase sales including larger goal hours. a multi million dollar "togo" program.....get em in and get em out=$$$$$....welcome to corporate AMERICA!!!!

nate 4 years ago

I am a manager for cracker barrel.... I love my job and my guests. Running a successful business is difficult work, pleasing everyone is even more difficult.

usetobeagoodco 4 years ago

Nate.......your time is limited.......sorry to say the life span of managers at Cracker Barrel is about the same as any fast food place....hope you ha a plan B

usetobeagoodco 4 years ago

also Nate....I failed to see where you included your employees as a reason you like your job......hmmmmm???????? figures!

centerville OH cracker barrel. 4 years ago

The reason severs take the salt and pepper shakers is because they are not aloud to leave unless its done.

And this little blog thing sounds like a bunch of cry baby complaining.

I'm a sever YES IT IS A VERY DIFFICULT JOB, but at the end of the night I know I have a great job and I work with nice people and just so you all know if its too packed, that's because there's a lot of people inside eating, why? because they enjoy the food. I love working there and yes the side work does take a long time like rolling silverware and doing a bunch of things. if a sever takes your sugar or salt and pepper its because its part of there job to get that filled, otherwise if they don't fill it they have to wait till your done eating to fill them. He/She is not trying to be impolite they just wanna go home after a hard days of work. And trust me as a sever I nor any body else wants to interrupt any guest while eating, but we get our tables checked every night and if your salt and pepper shaker isn't full or our sugar isn't the amount its supposed to be we cant get our credit card tips.

All the hard work we do at the end of the night adds up for us to get our credit card tips, if we don't do the things were supposed we cant get our tips. That simple.

Your either made to work there or not, YOU HAVE TO BE HARDCORE TO WORK THERE. does not matter what you do, the dish is tough the serving and so is the grill line. the managers have to put up with drama girls and have to put up with angry customers. Its hard for all employees, but you gotta have what it takes.


Kristy 4 years ago

Reading these comments...as a former manager at Cracker Barrel...I agree that it is not an easy place for hourly employees to work. It is long hours and short breaks with not a lot of pay. I have noticed employees are quick to judge managers and blame everything on them. It kinda goes with the territory. However, most employees that blame everything on managers have never or will never be in that position. Managers have to go to 9 weeks of vigorous training in Lebanon, TN. They have to be away from their families and judged everyday on their appearance and everything else. Managers do have to keep an constant eye on sales and labor. Cracker Barrel has shareholders that the company has to answer to. CB is not a non-profit company, so of course the managers are under constant pressure to makes sales projections, keep labor and food cost in check. Many of you that have posted have not mentioned that you get automatic raises once you par up and pass your evaluations. You also get paid minimum wage when not waiting on tables..so you aren't making 2 something an hour doing side work at close. Also, if you are only getting 2 tables that's because that's all you can handle. I did not like working for Cracker Barrel for my own reason but some of the things that employees are posting here are ridiculous and completely not true about the company.

smh 4 years ago

Kristy......you are CLUELESS!...but of course you were a manager. YOU chose to go into management....some of us hourly employees have been asked and refused to sell our souls for a 70 hour job. Sadly enough though I know of a few that have. I have never been paid over my 2.38 an hour while doing sidework, stuck SAing after a shift or just plain helping out. Also, if you read the above comments, you will see the LARGEST shareholder is Biglari of Iranian descent......says a lot for American greed, doesn't it.

whymelordwhy 4 years ago

unfortunatelyI have worked at '"the crackhouse" as we call it for many years on and off and can without hesitation , verify it is the worst job on the face of the earth...I would rather dig ditches than be brow beat all day by the uncaring managers who do nothing but yell and scream all day for you to meet their goal hours which means a big bonus for them and nothing for the waitresses who are so run down they can barely crack a smile on the floor...they bitch and moan and create unsafe work enviroments to new employees because they don't want anyone else to work there who may be a threat to them.the cooks just slop the food on the plates and don't care how it looks. MORE TO COME RAN OUT OF SPACE

Fat america 4 years ago

i seen alot of servers complaining about their pay checks. No one put a gun to your head and told you that serving is the only job you are aloud to do. Everyone else blame the fat obese that go in cracker barrel day in day out to shovel food in their face like their is no tomorrow. Blame the ones that their goal in life is to waddle when they walk. Blame the regars because they lack the intelligence to push a shopping cart in the grocery store. Blame the ones that need sticks of butter to help them squeeze in thier car door. Blame the retards that don't know what that metal box with nobs on it that gets hot that sits in the kitchen. Heres a helpful hint, if you need a device that helps you get around because your legs cant hold your weight anymore means you should put down the fork close your mouth open your eyes and read a diet plan

Fat america 4 years ago

correction* regulars not regars

heather 4 years ago

It is sad yes the way u r treated after all u do for them . But what's burns my ass is when u do a great job for a table and they say ur the best server we ever had and leave u shit as a tip ! And the church people who leave those bible books on the table and leave nothing . Well that doesn't pay my bills ! So if u get great service tip the server for how great they did not just the bill total . One last thing if u wait 40 mins for a table that should tell u how long it takes for u to get ur food . So don't take it out on the servers .

amber s 4 years ago

@hostess your a bitch! my husband is currently serving our country and i thought working a cb would pass time. i was very loyal to them, like you are now, until they burned me. i gave up my nights and weekends and i was a 4 star red apron.. you must be oblivious to the evils around you. one day you'll see and you will feel VERY stupid for thinking other wise.

i hate CB 4 years ago

I agree, Kristie you are clueless! I like some management. And I have been told by management that goal hours do mean bonuses! Our GM used to say come on now you're taking the shoes off my kids feet! All it means to be a manager is the authority to bark orders! I was red apron and did most of the manager's work.... so sell that somewhere else.

KEL 4 years ago

I am an employee of Cracker Barrel and most of these comments that I have read are 100% accurate. For one, we are constantly nagged by our GM and store manangers to reach goal hour. In fact, they yell at myself and fellow servers when its fifteen minutes til the next hour about ringing in food. Theyve even told us to upcharge to make our sales. Secondly, no one wears gloves at our store. Especially the cooks! They throw the food on the grill, pick it up with tongs, rearrange it on the plate with bare hands. Also, mystore rarely ever cleans its grease out. I have the WORST managers. I always hear rumors about how two of them are messing around and would rather spend time eating the shitty food together than helping us. I am currently on summer vacation and asked to work more days until classes began because I have to pay bills. What do I get?? Three days while the favorites get six. Also my store is racist. If a server sees a table that is a party of anything but wealthy looking white people they ask to trade. "Do you want to take that table for me?" is a very common question. Cracker Barrel was built on such high morals yet none of our employees go by them. Its filty, racist, and the managers are only out for their sorry raises. The managers also have called us servers "stupid and worthless". The money is great but how much can someone take? I think corporate should visit every store undercover just to see how the employees are treated and how disgusting it is.

Taylor 4 years ago

I just started a job at CB, and honestly, I like my managers and coworkers...but I have just started, so these comments scare me a little...

224 4 years ago

taylor u should b scared,run n run fast

heather 4 years ago

ive been with cracker barrel for 5 years and it sure has grown on me. come to the mebane store and you wont get all the shitttty service. I never get tired of eating the food and our store has sorta become a family.

B-Dawg 4 years ago

I work at. cracker barrell as a night maintenance employee. It is peaceful cause i got the place to myself. I would not want to work during the day cause its busy all the time. If you ever work at CB apply for Night Maintenance cause its the best job in the store and pays well.Peace

over it 4 years ago

There was a time I loved working at Cracker Barrel. I enjoyed each shift and the people I worked with. Then you wake up and see the truth. We have a GM flirting with all the young servers, in the store and out side. You have other mangers who just don't care anymore. Cooks that look like they just rolled out of bed without taking a shower, cold hearted servers, hostess who will skip said servers in a heart beat. Cashiers that think they don't have to clean, same with retail.

Yet I still work there(1 day a week), just to see the few people I would have never met if it wasn't for my 9 years at the barrel. But I am over the drama, my life does not revolve around the barrel. And i will never give up another thanksgiving to work there while they don't care if you get a break. I won't stand at the cashstand and beg a manger to run a reg just so i can pee, they never come anyway. I am just over it, and the stories i could tell i will keep to myself.

Cracker barrel night maintenance 4 years ago

I have worked a few crummy jobs in the past but as a night maintenance person I would have to say I am the a$% slave of the store.

The servers are lazy at night and don't want to clean their tables so night maintenance has to do it.and most of the time its just one employee to clean the ENTIRE restaurant and heaven forbid if one of you a#hole customers decide your going to sit and enjoy your selfs 40 minutes after we close. We cannot complete or beginour cleaning assignments untilled the last "guest" leaves.

And the music drives me up the walls, if a new artist comes out that album is all they play for the next few days I aware between the dolly Parton contest and the new Edens edge, I wanna stab myself in the eye with a spoon to distract myself from the pain being inflicted upon my ears and mind.

Not only are we responsible for cleaning the establishment you are dining in but we are also at the will of what ever management wants. Example.

The grill cook doesn't want to make the 10 gallons of pancake mix of a morning so now ontop of the long list of things to do we have to find the time to get this done. And since the back up cook doesn't want to or says he doesn't have the time now we are making the morning grits and gravy for the breakfast.

Gravy has a hold time of 9 hours before it goes bad and we make it at 2:30am along with grits......

And the treatment towards employees over customers is rediculice. I got wrote up yesterday, I was securin cracker barrels prized rocking chairs with the cable cords and this old lady shoves me out of know where and keeps walking to the door. I was crouched down so I could get the cord locked up and when she shoved me my arm landed on a nice piece of glass slicing my arm open (I got 8 stitches by the way, thanks grandma) so I jump up and yell " who do you think you are old women? You think you can shove me to the ground because I'm a young man and your a cranky old women who probably doesn't have much time left? Look what you did to my arm you old bat! That's assault!!" So she goes and tells my manager that I " fell" and yelled at her and upset her. Only reason I didn't get fired is the camera showed her shoving me.

I hate the people who eat hear. They change diapers and leave the poo filled diaper in the floor or smeared on the walls.

I have served with the army, worked at a Petsmart, worked as a martial arts instructor, and have never seen such disrespect towards another human being in my life.

Oh and when changing lights and dusting the stuff hanging from the ceiling I'm sick of hitting my head kn the stuff hanging...seriously I thing I've given myself brain damage from it.......OK I'm done here

Use to work at Cracker Barrel 4 years ago

I worked at Cracker Barrel for 11 years. Yes 11 years. Not because I loved it either. I was a lazy kid and turned into a lazy adult. It was comfortable and if you did your job right most of the time you never got fired. As I got older I realized more and more how the managers looked down on all their employees and didn't see us as people. What the hell is that? The company puts their managers though a 2 month heavy brain washing I mean training program. They come out of it thinking Uncle Herschel was really the first president of the US. Plus, most of the F*** faced people that came in there to eat couldn't even give a 15% tip and they treated you as a 3 class citizen as well. That place made me HATE HATE PEOPLE....It was never my only job. I always had something on the side. None of their employees ( not including managers) earned enough money. 90% of the wait, grill and host all have other jobs. When I told the GM I was quitting he just said, " That's to bad for you. This is a great place to work and it will be hard to find something better." ARE YOU KIDDING ME! No thanks for all your years of work and not even a good luck.Little does he know I did find a better job. I work for the government now and never been happier. One more thing the food does suck.

very happy now not at cb224 4 years ago

u know even though i made good money almost 16.00 yes that is what i said....workedtuesday thru sunday and most of time monday too.usally10 to 8,9,10,11,12.and was their earlier if needed.they did not care if u were exausted over heated if grill line was suffecating from the heat it was hurry hurry hurry wheres this wheres that,and the moment u say this needs to change your out of their.they dont care about your heath.its all about how much their putting in their safe.and dont let them lie to u their is plenty of money for your hard labor i made almost 16.00 an hour and still hav the paystubs too prove it worked grill mostly i hope u hear me..

Manager 4 years ago

You know..there are some very valid complaints on here...I have noticed that the pay hourly is horrible it really is...I have dish washers making 7.50hr cooks making 7.75hr its pretty bad. The worst part is people think that the Managers are getting all this bonus money because the store is so cheap. Really not the case. ASM are lucky to make 1,000 every 3 months and thats real lucky. The GM however can easily bank 5-6k in a quarter. Trust me that extra 1000 doesnt pay for all the time away from family all the missed events and all the days you were sick that you cant call in. I know as managers we should nt be jerks but just remember were as miserable as you maybe more. We are always being "coached" (i hate that cracker barrel term) about all the little things we need to be doing...corporate hasnt managed a actual cracker barrel in dozens of years so they have no clue how to run one. and dont understand that we have a million things to do. All they do is expect more and more until they cant get anything more out of you. So as a current manager I can say I agree with most of whats on here if there are managers on here that dont it's because they drank that lebanon kool aid. Dont get me wrong there is some good about the place but overall it makes you pretty miserable

CB employee 4 years ago

all the people on here complaining about CB are obviously stupid, because really to say that EVERY SINGLE CB is aweful is just a way of displaying your ignorance. not every store is the same. the environment will be bad, you idiots, because not everybody who works there will be perfect. personally i hate working with people who are dumber than bricks but you know what i suck it up because a) its a job and b) its probably THEIR only job and so they are bitter at not finding anything better. and also c) i know IM a good worker so i dont really worry about everything else. the only thing i dont like is the fact that being a hostess, everybody assumes its the easiest job there(yes servers im talking to you) and you know what maybe when its closing time it is easy..guess what..its probably easy at the cash stand while closing at night, or even being a server because you have all of 2 tables. and i know this, because i seated them. to the servers who are annoying and always complain about the way they are seated : its one of two things dude, all the time, and i repeat it constantly but apparently it cant get through your thick skull that either a)the guest asked for a DIFFERENT SPOT than what was on rotation, or B i am indeed following rotation, and itsnot your turn yet you fool. if you wanna complain, just remember that you get tips, and i dont. so you awnna complain about your seats just remember that and be glad you are earning money.and since im addressing it, to you complainging guests about supposedly being discriminated against..once i had a gay couple come in, and i seated them according to rotating, and you know where they happened to end up? in the back, and i heard them loudly complaining as i wakled away but guess what dudes, i dont know you from adam, i dont care if you are mentally disabled or gay or whatever else, i am just treating you the best i can and give you a nice clean table and at the same time doing MY job, which is following rotation, to those who dont know, EEVERY RESTAURANT WITH HOSTS HAVE ROTATION. that is we have to seat throughout the restaurant and give each server the same number of tables. so, when the next seat i get has to be in the back, you are going in the back whether you're gay or black or not. its not freaking discrimination so shut up. not everything bad that happens to you is discrimination. i seriously hate that. also, if you get silverware that isnt clean well guess what, like i said there are bad employees and ill admit to that, and the server who rolled your silverware and then handed it to me is probably some nasty person who doesnt care but guess WHAT its not my fault i cant see inside the napkins to see if they are all clean. just let me know and ill give you another, but dont go complaining t a manager and blame me. freaking had that too. the store itslef i dont have a problem with. and not even all the people who work there. theres alot of nice people who treat me right, including the GM and other managers. i cant address every single complaint made on this site but you bet if i had time i would, because since i actually a)work there, b)am not lazy) and c) care enough about my job to do a good job and d) when i dont understand something right away i try and use some common sense, i actually COULD address all of yalls ignorant complaints. especially the ignorant assinine fool who started this whole stupid blog. its obvious you either didnt get hired at one, or you're a freaking scrooge whos gonna grow old alone. seriously, nobody likes people like you

cb224 4 years ago

u have the most un brained job at the 'crack' barrel,and it shows by your comments that u dont know what your talking about..........

CB Employee51 4 years ago

I work at a Cracker Barrel and I can say I absolutely HATE IT! I work with some of the crappiest managers who bitch at you for stuff thats not your fault, there are VERY FEW decent people there that I work with most of the other people are either druggies, alcoholics, or "Gangtsa," and to be honest a ot of the customers we get at CB are just rude, white trash, terrible tippers and you want to know the real kicker? The Cracker Barrel I work at is supposedely one of the top in the nation. Now I'm not saying every single Cracker Barrel is terrible, there is another one I have eaten at in my state that is actually pretty decent. But if this guy was to come and eat at the CB in my town it would only fuel his argument

former cook 4 years ago

yay for google pulling this up on a search for something else. Thank God I quit cracker barrel last year. I'll admit I'm sure some are decent, and some are horrible - I worked at a horrible one. I got to a point where I just couldn't do it anymore, slacker managers with their heads up their butts, sending out sub-par food, coming to work everyday to meat at room temp/etc, working with people who must have been allergic to soap/water who handled raw meat, then trying to move to waitstaff(but I couldn't bring myself to selling that crap to people either).

Now I'm with a smaller local restaurant, higher quality, and it's great. We've put in 13+ hour days getting it open and stuff straight - sometimes with no breaks, so you can take that "you're all lazy obamacare lovers" BULLS*** somewhere else, I'll go hour for hour with anyone. But anyways, we're all respected, and are happy with the food we serve, we all think of it as OUR restaurant - even though we're just hourly workers. I make about the same as I did with CB but the working environment is the best, funny how the boss/owner knows nothing about management but is great at it, yet a CB manager is actually trained and sucks at it.

CB is no different than many other companies/etc, once you get too big, you lose sight of the important things and it's just a numbers game. If I never give another dime to that POS company it'll be too soon. I worked for bojangles in college - they were 1,000 times better to work for than the CB around here(and were more strict on hygiene and food safety). If you get sick at a CB, know you know why. I hope they change but I doubt it, it'll get worse and worse because it's only more profitable for them.

cb employee 4 years ago

I work for cracker barrel, and if you don't like our atmosphere then stay home and cook your own food and don't come in pissed off because we don't want to hear it!

CB Employee 4 years ago

I have worked for CB for three years and have learned that we have guests like you and we have guests we love. You are the ones we hate to deal with so if you feel the way you do about CB stay at home because we don't want to hear your bitching.

Another employee 4 years ago

TO ALL THE EMPLOYEES POSTING ON HERE....Be careful. I posted my rants about my job on my FB which is completely set to FRIENDS ONLY....and someone e-mailed it to my job and I was sent home and possibly fired (I'm supposed to go in today to talk to them). Seriously? Because someone else says I don't wanna work there you're gonna refuse to let me work?

224 4 years ago

thats too bad we have nowhere to tell truth about these pit holes what happened...so sorry u hav to suffer even more.

A Server. 4 years ago

I am a server at Cracker Barrell, and I love my job. Maybe I am lucky and have the best one. But everything negative I have read I disagree with. I love my managers. There are four that run the stores, and they have always shown respect to me. We always put our guests first. If a guest ever has an issue I do what I can to fix it. And our kitchen is beyond clean. Trust me, I have to clean it when we close. The first time I walked into the kitchen I was surprised by how clean it was actually. Everyone who told me kitches are gross when I was growing up were wrong in this case. Our food is usually always fresh! We have timers on all our tickets and if something isnt out in 12 mins its a big deal in the back. We clean things that I wouldnt even think about cleaning. There's nothing we can do about the restaurant being busy. I guess that many people don't hate us. Anyway, I really love working at Cracker Barrell.

224 4 years ago

we can tell u have not been their for very long.....the monsters will appear,and u will change your tune.

have two jobs 4 years ago

I currently work at cb and its not always easy as if any job is easy. But there are some things i don't care for, like giving me 25 hours one week and 12 the next. I'm in the retail area. The more hours you work and don't make your shift, you get your hours cut. But the lady who works one day a week always makes her shift. The more hours you work the worst your numbers are, that is what i was told. I do see favoritism with managers. If someone walks out and hasn't paid for their meal I get in trouble too. I'm suppose to watch out for those ppl. As if i know if they have paid or not. Sometimes they walk around forever or they sneak out. Cashiers are required to only be over or under two dollars or it comes out of their paychecks. If you think someone has stolen something, your suppose to tell the manager, but half the time i say something they don't care to check on the situation. They really want you to harrass customers into buying stuff. They make us do that and i hate being like that. And as far as prices on expensive items, if you really new anything about retail the stuff does go on sale within a month or two. But if you really want it then get it before it gets gone. they have a clearance up to 70% off every other month. To me it a ok part time job. They only give lots of hours to those who have been working there longer even though there numbers are not in the top 3 out of 11. I have also begged to make me a hostess which i like a whole lot better because retail is boring and i like to keep my mind busy. Its not like when i say hello to ppl they really say hello back. people can be rude and mean. They keep hiring people who don't stay and quit. when they can just cross train me. It has its ups and downs. I don't know much about the frozen food but the green beans come from a can not snapped and cooked like granny use to make lol.

Rising Star 4 years ago

I have been working at Cracker Barrel for almost a month now. My mother also works there so yeah I got the job because of her, I'm going to college in the fall and need the money. This article comes off pretty harsh and ridiculous. You don't have to play the peg game if you don't want to ignore it, and if you were so focused on being negative you'd realize that there's a cheat sheet. There is nothing anyone could do about the wait time, but you honestly don't have to go.

Cracker Barrel is for travelers, most of them are located off of interstates. That's why the chairs aren't very comfortable and there is a 13 minute sit to eat time. The food is not meant to be healthy, you should have realized this when choosing to go to a restaurant that specializes in country food. It's full of calories they don't put the amount because most people who eat it probably don't want to know. It's clear that Cracker Barrel is not for you. Especially if you spend a significant amount of time complaining about something as insignificant as a peg game.

I'm not completely defending the place but everywhere as its issues. I recently got scolded by a manager because the guest complained I sat their butter too far from them. Mind you there was no space on the table and they ordered a $4 dessert to get out of paying $2 for coffee. When I went to check on my tables I saw that one of the managers had given me 3 voids for the one table. This same manager is known for comping entire meals and being mean and nasty to servers when the costumers I'm sorry "guest" were clearly at fault.

So no Cracker Barrel isn't perfect and no not everyone is the same. For those of you who have complained that you don't get breaks I am truly sorry because there isn't that problem where i work.

The motto is pleasing people which is very ambitious and impossible. Not everyone will be pleased especially cheap women flashing a $5 coupon complaining about anything they possibly could. I hope you didn't take your distain for the restaurant out on your server. You've seen how many people go to eat there and i can garuntee more than half aren't pleasant. The servers job is not easy especially since they do more than ring in orders and run food.

Every company is different and have different policies keep that in mind and try to be more objective next time.

cb vet 4 years ago

I like working there, only for my coworkers and regulars. I thought the bottom line of the company was guest satisfaction but it has become very clear to me that it is strictly about fan base and profit. It's pretty sad.

6 1\2 months 4 years ago

i have been working for cracker barrel in the am and i say i like cb but some of the other workers should do there job in the pm cause alot of things was left over and we should not do that at all i was trained

when i started and that was the main that that we all was told that is why i walked out on the cracker barrel i am sorry but it made me mad cause it has been going on for awhile u ask for a meeting to a manager and he says why and they ask u are the head dish washer that is what make me mad i love my job

annoyed cashier 4 years ago

I work as a cashier & as a retail employee. I have no problem with our Retail Manager, or at least the current one. The previous one always picked favorites & would even fail you on an eval. if she didn't like you.

As for my cashier experience.. I have had 2 different managers (still currently working there) try to get me "terminated" by making my money short at the end of my shift.. even as much as $20. This comes out of our paycheck & they ended up taking almost $50 from me before it stopped. There is one manager that is actually a great manager, however she disagrees with most of the others there.. she doesn't yell at servers or anything, she just pushes them to do their job & their best, in a good way. Overall.. the store is okay. Sanitaiton isn't bad. We have bussers. I hardly ever hear complaints on a server, most of the time its just a food complaint but the server gets it fixed asap.

I totally disagree with the management team overall however.. & I wish that the Home Office would start looking into their management teams at each store.. some managers do not deserve to be a manager.. all they do is yell, blame others for something THEY did, & other things along those lines.. I also used to work a shift that was anywhere from 8-11 hours long & would either get a short break or no break (no break is against CB's policies). No, it isn't worth it sometimes to work their, however.. occasionally the guests make it worth while. We get some extraordinary guests in their that just make your day so much better.

I currently am working 2 jobs.. due to the fact I cannot get enough hours there to receive any form of benefits.. which I think is purposely done.. very few people their get more than 20-25 hours.

Bob 4 years ago


the question 4 years ago

I think Cracker Barrel has enough problems with you cry babys. If they were truley worried about "LABOR COST", they would STOP hireing people. Mostly the ILLEGAL lATINOS. don't worry about "LABOR COST", worry about IMIGRATION paying you a visit. You can buy ILLEGAL LATINOS, but not the GOVERNMENT. Cracker Barrel is a safe haven for ASSHOLES, IDIOTS, and MORONS. Cracker Barrel needs to go bankrupt along with everyone else in this country. Don't let these people make you quit. Make them FIRE you so you can call the EEOC.

the question 4 years ago

Is there any manager that actualy listens to their employees? I'm afraid the answer is no. If they did, I would've been getting more hours so that I could make enough money to pay my bills. I'm about to be evicted, and my cell phone's been cut off. If I was allowed to make more hours, this might not be happening. My life isn't over yet. I judt need another job. Writing the truth about CrackerBarrel. Question out.

14 yr. Cracker Barrel employee 4 years ago

To Cracker Barrel employees. Seriously, you have turned this ridiculous blog into a grump session. Is this a professional attitude?

Cracker Barrell Slave 4 years ago

I dont care what anyone says, CB is the worst place to work in America, along with Red Lobster. No regard for anyone from the managers. The Food is absolute shit. If you people knew what goes on in these stores, you wouldnt want to eat there so bad. Cracker Barrell is a shit hole, sweat shop. They give you the work load of 2 to 4 people.

Ireallytried 4 years ago

I worked for CB for about two years. I have worked in many resturants before, but by far..... this was the most hostile and difficult place I have ever worked. The managers picked favorite (not me), teased and made employees cry (over disabilities even) in front of all of the other employees, ignored scheduling request constantly, pushed all of the employees to work to sheer exhaustion for hours (and I mean on average 5-8 hrs.) without breaks, they complain when you go to the bathroom or try to eat something to replenish you energy, keep you hours after the end of your shift to do excess work, and too much more to even mention. They act as though they only care about making money and goal hours and everything and one else is collateral damage. By the time I would get home at the end of my shift I would be utterly exhausted. And on my days off I felt like I needed to sleep to recover. My general manager was the biggest dick I have ever met. He actually called an employee in front of a roomfull of other employees a dodo bird six times, made her cry and run off. He made shit jokes about another person with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (many times). I also saw employees really sick all the time and still working and handling food. I am really disappointed in the way Corporate allows behavior like this to continue and in a place where the motto is "pleasing people".

Ireallytried 4 years ago

To 14 yr Cracker Barrel employee-- you must work in some ideal CB resturant or be one of the employees that's a manager's favorite. Any place where people can express their feelings and opinions in a public forum is a good thing. And professional is the opposite of the way most of us are treated at CB. I'm glad you think CB is such a wonderful workplace that you have felt inclined to work there for over 14 years, but don't shit on others' legitimate concerns.

the question 4 years ago

Today my point about the schedualing system was made. I was cleaning pots and pans on this past labor day. As far as pots and pans go, there were more clean pots and pans and less dirty. Yet I'm not a productive member. Oh and it's my fault that the dish room looks like shit when I'm outside doing a trash run. And the dish machiene isn't clean. What about the other 2 people in there. They can leave it looking like shit, give me extra work, leave the dish machiene dirty, and it's my fault? WHAT THE FUCKING GOT DAMN HELL!!? Because of this, I can't work this week. This is a sighn of disrespect. I deserve my hours so I can make my money,get a new place to live, get my cell phone working again, and not have to use a friend's computer to look up my schedual. Plus I live in a homless shelter, where at least I can take a shower. Damn this place smells. And thanks to the way I get schedualed so do I.

the question 4 years ago

Well here I am at a computer that I don't own. I am out of a job, out of a home, and out of money. The last G.M. was a dick, one of the assistant managers liked dicks and our new G.M. wishes he had a dick.

Catclaws 4 years ago

Bravo to all of you who have the integrity to get on here and tell it like it really is. And, yes, its a great venting site because after a day at this job maybe this site is the psychiatrist you need that you cant afford after a day there.

retail employee in WV 4 years ago

I thought I was going to get at least 25 hours per week in retail, but some weeks I'm working 10 or less.They are still hiring. What's up with that? They are forcing me to look for another p.t. job. There's also a projected sales thing from last years sales that they want us to meet. Our state relies on the coal industry. Many mines have shut down,laying off thousands of miners and employees of related companies. Which in affect has resulted in my hourly low sales and my hours being cut. So why hire more employees to train,when I'm here and willing to do the job.To assist the customer,not push something on them they don't want.Money is tight and they're not buying what they cannot afford. They want a friendly smiling face and someone to be available when they want help. I'm that person. Give me the hours and treat me withrespect

ihateallpeople 4 years ago

I work at the Crack House as we call it.just left the piece of crap.I have never worked for a place that works you like a dog for 8 to 10 hours straight (without eating or any kind of break).managers treat you with NO respect unless your one of their favorites and if you are then you are a Bitch and you too treat others like shit.the place is an extremely hostile enviroment evil grown ass women huddled around every corner talking about and harrassing other workers who bust their asses the whole time they are there,which is why they are so means because they suck as workers, their lazy and the one's they hate work hard and make them look bad.most of these women are par 4 and get their way no matter who they have to screw over.servers are held responsible for customers who walk checks and it happens often because they do nothing to hold these people accountable for STEALING.a man was literally walking out the door when I went to a manager and told him the guy didn't pay and he just looked stupid and called me in the office saying it was a performance issue...OMG really...I am in the process of looking for another job and when I get one I am going to the local newspaper and placing an ad exposing everything I have seen,heard and been through during my 3 years at that hellhole it will blow people's minds what really goes on there.anyone who says that cracker barrel is a great place to work is one of those par 4 manager favorites who treat people like shit.in fact they encourage you to be mean and bossy to get that par 4...you like to Gossip?go work at cracker barrel cause that's all those women do...

Joe 4 years ago

I eat there everyday and love it.

ihateallpeople 4 years ago

If the world knew about the way employees are treated by management and the way their favorites are allowed to bully employees that are a threat to them,nobody would eat there in my opinion.I have had miserable women cuss me out for no reason while managers stood by and listened to it go down and did nothing at all to reprimand the villian.I believe they actually encourage this behavior to have something to do because at the store I work,managers don't do anything but sit in the office and talk,do their makeup or make personal phone calls.the only time they get involved is when the D.M. is there,really it's pathetic.I can't believe Cracker Barrel gets all these awards for being the best family place to eat,most diverse,blah freaking blah.wake up America and ask a worker what's really going on?If they say it's a great place to work,they are full of sh*t.

ihateallpeople 4 years ago


crazycook1 4 years ago

The CB I work at in Florida is pretty poorly run, definitely lots of favoritism...one grill cook comes to work 5 days a week stoned AND at least 10 min late..no one says a word..other people eat whatever they want without paying, yet there are signs up everywhere warning that GRAZING is a fireable offense..the hard working employees are held to a higher standard than the lazy ones, no equal treatment there. Managers are definitely obsessed with goal hours and labor costs. They will start cutting people the minute business starts to die down, and then later it gets slammed, and the remaining employees are screwed. It's a challenge to work there when you see everything that goes on there, but it's a job.

ihateallpeople 4 years ago

MUSCLEHEAD 1063 I have been telling my close friends and family the same thing...we need to ban together and go public to expose all their dirty little secrets ...there's more to it than pushing employees beyond their means by forcing them to work long hours without breaks,food, going as far as discouraging use of the restroom during "PEAK HOURS", managers take advantage of the already loud enviroment by running around screaming at you to work harder,faster and hold servers accountable for people who "forget to pay",but it is also a very hostile place to work due to the BULLYING and obvious FAVORTISM shown to their beloved Bully's...aka ASS KISSERS.I do agree with your statement that it is full of druggies,in fact I have actually seen deals made in plain view of anyone paying attention to their surroundings...and trust me if your not a drug user your a TARGET who could possibly become a drug user due to the pressure they put you under...you can tell you G.M,your D.M. or HR it really doesn't matter who you tell because NOTHING will be done accept a Corperate Cover Up!!!...

1373885 4 years ago

wth you all got this wrong its supposed to be a great place to eat at and no im not an employee but its the same as if you went to a big fancy returant and get shit for food at insane prices so cut cracker barrel a break we cant help the fact that they are slow country store in a fast pace society

not a fan 4 years ago

I have worked there long enough to figure out if you don't kiss ass then your nothing. And watch your back for the so called Christian women workers, they are such tattle tails even the ones who are over 40. They think they are such perfect workers and so much important than every one else, and can't handle the damn phone ringing. What a bunch of Ass kissers and behind the managers back they are no better than you. I'm sick and tired of looking at them and hearing there voice. I even switched my schedule to no hear these womens annoying voices. All they want to do is pay more attention to what your doing than themselves. they just can't wait to get you in trouble and the managers are so dumb and listen to what ever they say. But when you actually complain completely about something else they bring up stupid shit and thats when you break out the tattle tailing. this place is worse than highschool.

shut up and stop going to cracker barrel 4 years ago

I love cracker barrel, and if you don't then stop going there. Those of us who like it don't want to here your complaints. Your a pessimist and have fun at Grandma's.

maverick 4 years ago

you complain about the wait at the cracker barrel usually when someone has to wait to be seated and an establishment is busy thats a good thing you bitch about the wait for a while and then complain about food times if you knew anything about the restuarant you would know that ticket times rarely go over 10 minutes i strongly disagree with your poorly thought out opinion

Cracker Barrel cook 4 years ago

If you all want speedy service, how about checking out McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, or any other fast food restaurant if you all have a problem with the food or service. For people in a hurry, don't come during Cracker Barrel busy hour. The hours of the day that's the busiest are 5am-8am, 11am-2pm, and 5pm-8pm. Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays are usually the busiest days. Holidays and events in your city that attract out-of-town people can also cause Cracker Barrel to be extremely busy.

marcy 4 years ago

you don't wait that long at my cb

Manager 3 years ago

You all have some pretty valid complaints....I see it every day. I will say at my Cracker Barrel we stay pretty fair and treat our employees well. However they are not paid much and the hours change too much. I applaud that you guys stick it out. I always say I could never be an hourly employee because I'll never know what I'm going to make. All I ask is to keep this in mind...as a Manager I have a boss like you and I have to listen to that Boss, I have a family and children to support and cannot afford to loose my job. I make the schedule fair and try to keep everyone's hours similar (based on performance). However it gets changed to meet Cracker Barrels "Chart" that says "no you cant have that many people" that's what causes some of the bad shifts, additional work loads and stressful environments. Ask your Manager about their "Chart" they will tell you. But for those of you getting bad treatment its not like that everywhere I promise you. And lastly some of us Managers are thankful for what you do, we know we couldn't get through the day without our team.

Manager 3 years ago

Sorry one more thing.....Managers do not get a bonus for goal hours. Trust me, we don't get a dime. So tell your Managers to chill the hell out on you guys and just worry about having a good shift and creating a good guest environment. I have no idea why Managers get so into goal hours their bullshit.

no name 3 years ago

Just like any restaurant Cracker Barrel has drama. When the thrill of a new job wears off reality shines thru.Such as it is a big corporation, it expects employees to follow their rules. Pressure is on everyone to meet goals. Its stressful and unrewarding, low pay, few hours. Most employees have two jobs. Drug testing should be required . Mind you, without their employees Cracker Barrel wouldnt exist, but its all about the bottom dollar and employees are a dime a dozen., Older employees do not receive the hours that the younger ones get, even tho they are more reliable. Really if you are not a people person than working here is a waste of your time.

backupcook 3 years ago

a few thing. Ive been a back-up cook/ grill cook at Cracker Barrel for two years. sooo heres a few things I want to get straightened out.

1. Yes almost everything made at cracker barrel is home made. the ingredients for some of the food items are frozen, but the final product is always made fresh that day. Im a backup cook and I have to make 40 pans of hbr just for saturday morning on fridays. the only thing frozen are the shredded potatoes for the hbr its kinda like french fries.

2. Managers dont get bonuses based on goal hours. they get a bonus from a combination of factors such as food cost and amount of goal hours hit. Why not give the managers some incentive on making the company money. you all must be jealous your making shit money, try and be a manger thennn!!!!

3. The dressing is in fact made from old biscuts and cornbread. the bread is taken right when it expieres and put into the walk in freezer. it is only removed the night before cornbread dressing is served as it is greated while its still frozen. whats wrong with recycling its old food that hasnt gone bad?

4. If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, literally. I work double shifts of 14 hours most weekends and if your complaining about a 8 hour shift, get another job cause working in a kitchen is not for you. Ive even worked overnights for a total of 18 hours in a row with only an hours break.. I made like 250 bucks in a day and I was happy. I work in one of the busyest stores in the country so my managers can let us hit overtime alot during the summer.

5. The managers at your stores sound awful. My mangers are all awesome. The never just sit there waiting for you to mess up like everyone has stated. You have to understand that if something goes wrong, they cant blame it on an employee. Its their fault, its always their fault in their bosses eye so maybe you all just really suck at your jobs.

6. Their health insurence is shitty but at least you can get it! they also give you dental, 401k,paid vacation, and other stuff i cant remember. And you only have to work 30+ hours a week to qualify. Cant get that at ihop, or dennys, or anywhere.

All in all i think its a pretty great place to work if you apply yourself. Your hard work gets noticed and they have an internship program that I'm applying for which lets employees become managers themselves. 48k a year starting without bonus sounds good to me for not having a college degree.

Everyone needs to stop hating. If you dont like the restaurant, then stop going to it. Your retarded if you keep going to a restaurant you hate.

BCW 3 years ago

To the last comment...homemade does not equal frozen...ever. Go to the freezer, frozen lima beans, frozen green beans, frozen "old fashioned lemonade", frozen potatoes, frozen cake mix, frozen bread, frozen fish, frozen Hamburger....forgive the Forrest Gump diatribe. I don't know about you but fresh means NEVER frozen. Warmed up that day and cooked that day are two different things. For example I worked at a small sub shop and we had a delivery of vegetables 3 times per week. That is what is called FRESH... never FROZEN.

Snicronnabob 3 years ago

I'm curious to find out what blog system you happen to be using? I'm experiencing some minor security issues with my latest website and I would like to find something more secure. Do you have any solutions? ...

Daphne 3 years ago

Our CB throws out all left over cornbread unless its cornbread dressing day they will use day old bread. All biscuits are thrown out too at end of day. Soup that is new is kept and kept in proper storage area. Bacon? It's Is thick cut Oscar Meijer. Steaks are frozen and the ham, pork chops are precooked. Potatoes are very fresh and so is every dumpling. Green beans, corn, are canned.

Esmeralda Trevino 3 years ago

Employee Evaluation Dishwasher Rising Star PAR 1&PAR2

Uncle Herschel is dead 3 years ago

From a long time employee, this company is not the same as it was 7 years ago. As the economy began to sour so did CB.

Managers are under constant pressure to make numbers. They feel as if their jobs are constantly being threatened and with good reason. I've personally watched our district raise his voice and threaten to fire our managers in front of the whole crew. And as they say, "stuff roles downhill." The managers in turn take their frustrations out on the crew.

As the managers are pressured to make ever harder and more unrealistic quotas, the employees are made to feel they have to constantly work harder and faster for continually shrinking hours and less pay.

And Heaven help you if you try to report any wrong doings to the home office or employee relations. The district manager will tell next time you BETTER only go to him but all he'll do is sweep it under the carpet so his district doesn't look bad to his boss. And once the managers find out what you've done the retaliation begins. You might as well go ahead and put your notice in at this point. Your career at CB is done.

It's a shame too. I used to love working at CB but not anymore. The only reason I'm still there is because of the friends I have made and the fact that the job market is still down. A bad job is still better than no job at all. I hope Uncle Herschel and Dan Evins aren't spinning in their graves at what has become of their company.

Cracker Barrel 4 life 3 years ago

For the people who don't like crowded restaurants... Go eat at the ones that attract few people because their food quality and experience is rather poor. I work at Cracker Barrel and apologize about any less than great experience that you have received, but most of these 'complaints' are ridiculous and without merit. If you feel that you can cook better... Then do it. If you feel that since its crowded (because we're so popular) and that bothers you... Then go elsewhere. No one is making you dine at our restaurant. I want to make every guest happy, but sometimes the requests are nearly impossible.

par 4 3 years ago

I have spent almost two hours reading these comments. I actually feel a little bit better knowing that my store isn't the only one where no one respects each other.

As a prep cook- I get bitched at if I don't have all the crap done that I'm supposed to have done.

On the grill line- They yell at us when the tickets take a long time, even though most of the cooks don't speak english and can't communicate with the rest of the cooks.

As a hostess- we take the most abuse. servers, guests, managers, every one likes to fuss at us.

and as a server... there is nothing more torturous than for some redneck to complain that their chicken livers are fried too hard. they're cooked on a timer... there is nothing we can do.

One of my old G.ms used to chase me clapping to make me walk faster.

another one of them has taken me into the office and screamed at me multiple times.

I can't wait to finish nursing school =/

LOL 3 years ago

Funny how this conversation has been going on for 3 years!

Jimmy 3 years ago

Jesus at the comments. CB is the second worst job I have ever had, the worst was framing houses for a bipolar redneck, the best was working in a plant, which I do now. I worked at CB for 4 years. It's true that cooks don't get breaks, even on 10 hour shifts. This is all cooks, no exceptions. From what I hear it's the same in most other stores, too. You have to be slick and steal bites of food here and there.

So you guys know, the unused little jelly packs that came with your biscuits are pulled out of the dirty dishes, wiped off, and re-used. This is not just store policy, it's corporate policy. You can be written up for throwing away dirty jelly packs.

The mac and cheese sauce, sawmill gravy seasoning, vegetable soup, ect. comes in frozen, as does ALL meat. That's not home cooking. Leftover bread is used for the dressing. Your green beans, pinto beans, and turnip greens hold in a "hot box" overnight. We do use fresh eggs, and we scramble them by hand...in a little bucket with a whisk that gets used for this hours on end, sometimes all day. Don't order scrambled soft eggs, if you saw the bucket you probably wouldn't even want to order scrambled hard eggs.

Also, at the store I worked at employees pretty much had to work if they were sick. 1/3 of the crew was on drugs, 1/3 of the crew were illegal immigrants, and the other 1/3 got the hell out of there as soon as something better came along, but I guess all chain restaurants are like that.

I worked at 4 restaurants in my life, CB was by far the worst.

All of the comments I read above from employees are true, no exaggerations. Be a good citizen and don't support this evil corporation anymore.

Justpassingby 3 years ago

I am currently working at Cracker Barrel as a cashier. The pay is not that good, yeah...BUT! They are extremely nice over there and i'm talking managers, servers, cashiers, host and retail. Everyone is helping you and always joking around.

I think you DO need to pay more visit to DIFFERENT Cracker Barrel (Or you were supposed to) before you write this. All my managers are jokers and always playing with the employees and guests. They turn it into a joke even when my register comes to short or too much. They believe it's a mistake that can be made my anyone so they don't take it seriously. (I'm just talking for a few missing or over changes...but i'm not sure for like over or missing something big as $30) One thing they told me and I believe that's what makes OUR Cracker Barrel a good one, the managers said right from the start that they want all the employees happy...and in order for us to make the guest happy, WE must be happy and feel safe.

So again, I don't know any of the things you.

kristen 3 years ago

Cracker Barrel is by f ar the worst place that I have ever worked. I have worked at a lot of restaurants, been serving for over a decade. I have never seen operations like this. Managers "hanging out, eating three and four times a day, eating in the office with the windows blocked off, or in the dining room while talking about the employees that are serving right next to them so loudly the server and the table they are serving can hear them, and read the name on the apron and know who they are speaking of. Being threatened to be "written up" because they can't have mistakes on that shift, it would mess with their bonus. The place is not only unproffesional but their is no comunication. Servers are constantly having to run back to tables to tell them we are out of meatloaf or carrots, or whatever else. only to get a new order and find out they only have parts of it. And this starts happening around five pm. so if you want dinner at cracker barrel, go before 5. The managers get mad at the servers for undercooked food. also, the servers are required to roll over 100 silverware but are not allowed to do it until the shift ends. so after rolling 100 silverware for 2.13$, you can then do the rest of your sidework and then chase 4 people around to make sure you did, get their initials and attempt to clock out. but you will fail, you now need a manager to clock you out b/c you are past your schedule. not that you would get paid min wage or overtime, no such thing as overtime. as a matter of fact my paychecks for 7 day week are about 2.80 and at 2.13 an hour, surely that can't be right. I hate cracker barrel. i cannot wait to quit, the food is terrible, and made from scratch? so they say. everything is in bladder like bags sitting on a shelf..just add water, just add milk. disgusting. anyone that eats there, the least you could do is appreciate your server, cooks and dishwashers. we make the restaurant business work and go around and around. without us, you would actually have to cook. cracker barrel is a fraud. i wouldn't wish this job on my worst enemy.

barrel ha8r 3 years ago

Yes its true.. unfortunatly the servers start out at 2.13 an hour plus tips which are from old people usually that in their day made $2.00 a day so when they tip you a dollar they think they really hooked you up. The management only care about their "goal hour" which means the servers will get double or triple or even quadruple sat within minutes of each other. The servers are expected to greet the table within one minute and take the entire order not just the drinks then ring it in immediatly. totally impossible to do when multiple sat. I asked management about that problem and their response was that the hosts primary resonsibility is to have no open tables and to seat everyone as quickly as they can so they can have a goal hour. so while the two or three other tables that got sat while you are taking another order your tips are going down. and dont get me started on the kitchen running out of food, like meatloaf at least once a day and up to as many times as six times a day. and baked potatoes, dont even order one on a friday or saturday night because they are probably out. the foods that always run out on any given night not just the weekend are meatloaf, dumplins, baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, carrots, hash brown cassarole and even if they have the item you might not get it on the table even know they have a person checking each tray that comes through the window including management that sends trays out without certain items which means the server that ran the tray has to go back to the window and ask for the missing item then when they get it a minute or two later they run it to the table and then can go check on their tables who havent seen their server for quite a few minutes becase of the way the place is run with totally contradicting policys which ulimatley falls on the employees. so ya the list goes on and on and on. I could sit here all day and blast this place but really they have wasted enough of my time already.. oh and another ridiculous policy is after all servers have to do to get out after being cut from the floor which includes rolling 100 silverware (even though you served less than 50 people on your shift) and the sidework then you have to get a manager to swipe their card because the computer is telling you you are late in clocking out then you have to stand there and wait for a manager to walk you out through the store so you dont steal anything on your way out. i have waited for over 15 minutes to be walked out and thats a load of bullshit..

mixed feelings 3 years ago

I work at a reasonably good CB. The managers are pretty decent in how they treat employees for the most part. Let's face it. When all you need is a HS diploma and some experience to be a manager the quality will be variable. The policy of hourly goals set by some person in Tennessee which must be enjoying a better economy than where we are is ridiculous. Home Office expects more money to be spent when at least it seems like there has not been much if any improvement in wages. I got cross-trained to get more hours but people walking in got more pay and more hours- presumably because they are younger and prettier. I am not sure. All I know is that I did not receive even base pay for a beginning cashier for five months. Then when I found out I wasn't getting even what starting cashiers were making (I was getting paid like a starting retail hire), and I asked for the basic pay, the managers were defensive and it took another six weeks to get the same rate as a new hire cashier. I was not granted any back pay for their error . Then my hours were cut. I love the people I work with and all things considered it isn't the worse place I've worked for. It's just disappointing that the emphasis is all about pleasing the "guest" but very little consideration for the employee.

true story 3 years ago

party of 74 people. 4 servers working it. no tip at all. my district manager post monthly praise reports so that's how i know about the party. he said the servers knew they wouldn't get tipped but gave great service anyway. that makes me sick inside. really wish the company would charge gratuity for groups of 8 or more like most places. i've worked at cracker barrel for almost two years now and i'm treated very well though. it's customers who cause the most problems for me and my coworkers. just this weekend a server kept getting harassed by a customer, he kept demanding more honey for some reason. when she cleaned the table she found honey smeared all over it and no tip. shes a good server but i wouldn't be surprised if she quit soon.

CB/ 3 years ago

Hey, guys, calm down! I've worked at that hell-hole for over a year now, and guess what? YES! The job sucks, the managers are pricks(most of them), and honestly....you servers need to shut your mouths....I've worked Prep, Grill, Back-up, Dish, and served....honestly if you servers would bitch less and work harder (not sit on your fat asses and text, talk to the other server about trivial shit, things like that) you might be able to ask for a raise(or heaven forbid: actually get tipped-out once in a while).That being said, Grill,Dish,Back-up and Prep are massively underpaid and overworked! Would you kick a dog and expect it to simply be happy to see you next time you come around? NO.The managers kick us around, treat us like shit, and expect us to kiss their asses for it....well my friends....FUCK THAT!

None 3 years ago

I work for a Cracker Barrel and I love it. If your employment is that bad and you hate it then move on. And I know that the pay isnt bad. Where I live working at walmart overnights pays 850 and starting out at Cracker Barrel you get paid 9 and hour. After each PAR passing test you get 25 cents if you work Prep, Grill, Back-up and, dish. I know this because I am crosstrained in all the areas. Frankly most servers wont ask for a raise because their money is standing at the front door waiting to be seated and a GREAT server knows that. The team that I work with is an amazing team. I dont know where the heck your going and having to wait to 15-20 mins for your food but we have a seat to eat at 14 mins. Yes we do like any company push for our goal hours but when have you seen your server standing in the vestibule staring at you to leave. If you have your job, leave. I make 500 a week in tips alone. I dont get a pay check and if you think that your managers are picking favorites anyone of you that are employed currently know that you can call home office. Jay Jensen is the human resources manager and handles all of that. So if you are being treated unfairly you know that you can call you just havent. Thats your own fault. I do believe that employees get paid fairly you probably just dont want to work for your money.

Jilly 3 years ago

Anyone have the recipe for glazed carrots....its the only way I can get my kids to eat them.

T-Stone 3 years ago


Ash 3 years ago

Cracker Barrel was ok before I started working there. The training is non-existent, they blame everything on the new people yet teach them nothing, not to mention the managers are as clueless as the new people yet yell at them for not knowing anything. What I really hate is they don't inform you of the most basic attendance or break policies. Any policy they do have, you get 8 different versions of it. As far as the kids go, every restaurant has that.

cashier 3 years ago

I've worked at CB for almost 6 months now, and I'm planning on giving my two weeks as soon as I have another job opportunity. Even though I'm a cashier, I really have noticed that servers get treated like shit. People who ask for more hours get fewer, and vice versa. There are definitely favorites. The other day I asked for a break and two managers literally laughed in my face. I had been up since 5am that morning and hadn't had time to eat since that morning. I was closing. I almost started crying because I felt like I was going to pass out. And everyone who's saying just don't work there, it's hard to just leave a job when you need the money. Yeah, sometimes I feel like my integrity is really suffering because of this job, but I have to survive. The other thing that really bothers me though is how much stuff cracker barrel throws away. I've been told that retail has to cut unsold tshirts in half so people won't go dumpster diving and get them for free. Really? And the employees do get blamed for people not paying for their meals. The above comment is spot on about never getting a straight answer about policies. Basically, it's a terrible place to work, I'm quitting as soon as I can, and I won't be spending any money there ever again.

UGH!! 3 years ago

Every CB experience is different and all CB stores are not created equal. However, my CB experience has gone from okay to bad to worse. I've worked at CB for 7 months as a server. I am a college graduate in a very small town in a very tough economy and am awaiting a job with the govt. so I am doing this to pay the bills in the meantime, EXCEPT I don't make enough to pay the bills.

I am fortunate enough to live at home but I can't afford to even pay my college loans back! Every other customer that walks through the door leaves a $2 tip or less regardless of what their bill was. People say that because it's the holiday season we'll pick up and make more...yeah, not really experiencing that influx of cash yet. We are overworked and underpaid. Some commentators above really need to pull it out of their a** and realize that servers become lazy, disgruntled, and nonchalant about their work when they continuously bust their a**es for no more than $3 per table and a $2.13 wage.

And if you are in a small agricultural town like me with not too many people walking through your door, having about 7 tables per shift, thereby raking in a whole $21 for one day, it gets harder and harder to not quit or pull down one of those ancient farming tools hanging off the restaurant walls and start slicing heads! But as some very astute commentator above said: when you rely on the salary and there aren't too many other jobs available in a TOUGH ECONOMY all you can do is hang your head and grumble sometimes!

I might even file a lawsuit against CB because of unfair work practices AND the fact that they go against Labor Laws. The fact that when a prep cook is not on duty I am forced to go back and make a salad at $2.13 per hour when a prep cook is paid $8 per hour to make the same salad is outrageous!

Not to mention at my store we have to wear all sorts of hats: Greet table, get drinks, put in order, run food, dirty dish cart full? roll to dish, No prep cook? Make that side salad and take it out!, Haul stuff from the freezer to the front, Cut up those boxes, Get on dip to help the Grill Line, Don't look to a manager to help out because it's not their job to CARE!, Bust it to make 30 bucks your whole shift then STAND next to the food window and roll silverware for however long it takes for you to roll 100! Do your sidework but if it gets dirty again before you leave, you can't leave til it's spotless! Clock out, but before you do get a manager to swipe you out because you're past your f***ing scheduled time thanks to all the BS! Finally go home and do nothing but lay up in bed for hours with a bottle of booze and cry for the rest of the night!

I'm counting the days until I can quit! It's coming soon!

donna farris 3 years ago

i worked as a cook to pay my way through college---some restaurants are good, some bad. being part of a franchise doesn't mean you are the same as a "sister" restaurant. some bosses are fair; some aren't. as for the money, i just retired from my job working with a violently mentally ill population, as a therapist. in twenty years, my salary never went past 12.02 per hour---standard pay for us all. gov't lack of interest, the economy, low starting wages. the public is indifferent, for the most part. i've been severly injured twice, so i retired after 21 yrs. some of you are making almost as much for COOKING? quit whining and grow up!!

carmen 3 years ago

Worse job I ever experienced. have no regard for their workers . Treat them like crap. Terrible! I was out in three weeks.

Anonymous 3 years ago

I have been working for Cracker Barrel for a while now as a cashier and I love it. In addition, I must say this:

1. It is none of our business what a manager gets paid, unless we are going to be hired into a manger's position.

2. The bonuses that the managers get are what keeps the CB store and restaurant going. If the managers didn't go around rushing people to get the food out to the guests, the guests will leave, which means business will be lost, and then eventually everyone who worked at a CBOCS will lose their jobs. The goal amount to be earned is for the restaurant to be run on. You must know that it costs money to pay workers, and you must know that just because it is a restaurant/store bills DO have to be paid.

3. Yes, servers get paid crap before tips, and then they get paid crappy tips by people who don't know how to tip properly. This is a risk you take when applying as a server.

4. Yes there is a grill in CB.

Yes the restaurant is busy, but what does that say to you? To me, it says lots of people like eating at CB.

Yes, there are some foods that come in packaged and/or frozen. What do you expect? The chefs to kill the chickens, turkeys, etc while everyone waits for their food?!

Yes, the store is a little overpriced, but then go to another store such as Walmart, Kmart, Target, TJ Maxx, etc.. and see how expensive those are, and CB won't be so overpriced.

5. Face it: The managers might disrespect some of you because maybe you have a bad attitude about your job or maybe you're not respecting them. Does this make it right? No. But, it doesn't make it right for you to openly disrespect them on a public forum.

6. CB's motto is "Pleasing People" and that is what the Cracker Barrel I'm working at does. The goal is to get people in and out because when they come in hungry, especially during lunch hours, they expect to get in, eat, and get out. They don't have time to be sitting around waiting on their food for hours while someone plays around in the kitchen. I'm not saying that anyone plays around in the kitchen, but it does happen.

Braniff 3 years ago

Awesome review! This review could also describe the Machine Shed restaurants, a farm-themed chain of restaurants with huge portions and no regards for fat, calories or carbs in the Upper Midwest. And there are other chains to which this review is applicable. The Cracker Barrel has introduced a line of low-carb foods, but from the backlash I've seen on Facebook(R), I wonder how long it will last. In the meantime, such restaurant chains as the Machine Shed and Sbarro's should introduce their own lines of nutritious, low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb options.

Quick Tip 3 years ago

Just so everyone knows - CB's home office, the district managers, and most managers are aware of this site and others like it. The DMs regularly check here to see if any of their stores are mentioned. And you better believe they aren't above posting here themselves pretending to be line level employees leaving positive reviews as a counter balance to all the negativity CB has generated recently.

Sharron 3 years ago

All of my life I worked as an office professional and often ate at CB. When I retired, I wanted to do something that is fun and not stressful (my office career was very high stress being paid $25-150 per hr). I am a retail employee of CB and I enjoy going to my job for every shift unlike most people who dread going to work. Since I work in retail, I meet many interesting people from all over the world, not just the United States. The repeat customers often give me a hug (and I like to get and give hugs) when they see me. It is very rewarding to be able to help a person find that special gift they are looking for. And no, you do not make very much money (it is more like working for the fun of it) and I've never made that little per hour and you don't get paid a commission for sales, you get a flat hourly wage so the incentive is simply to have fun and enjoy the people, take advantage of the sales, be able to be the first to see all the new merchandise (my favorite is Christmas), watch the children play with the toys and help them find something special just for them, you get to play with the toys (I enjoy the moveable toys/décor) , and you get a small discount. If you are in it for the money, move on and find something else. But, if you are in it for the fun of it, for meeting nice people, for getting hugs from those frequent guests that think CB is their second home (usually because of the warm and friendly retail and restaurant employees), making new friends with co-workers, and so forth, then CB is the place for you. My fellow employees work as a team and we help each other. When I tell someone about a product it is because it is the truth and from my own experience. I never tell an untruth to a guest as I think that is unethical. Example: I purchased a wrap/cape and I do tell them how I enjoy wearing my wrap/cape and why. As for the restaurant, they probably could not pay me enough money to do that job--God bless them. Servers wear themselves out just trying to please the guest and get it right. They have to do that because they only get paid about $2.16 per hour by CB and the rest depends on the service they give and if they are good at their job they can make good tips. Even if they are good at their job, they sometimes do not make very much money at all on a slow day and not because of anything they did--it was just a slow day. The restaurant managers, as I see it, are motivators like coaches are to their football teams. They are the movers and shakers that make the servers "stretch" to be the best they can be. The servers are simply amazing when I see them running around like little ants getting this and that behind the scenes as rapidly as they can and get it to the guest at their tables. Just think about it--if you go to a CB and see people lined up outside and all the rockers full on the big relaxing porch, it is because they enjoy the home cooked style food, the cozy atmosphere with the giant fireplace in the winter and somewhere they can browse around looking at all the finery in the gift shop, not to mention those old favorite candies starting from the 1940s like the miniature wax bottles of juice, the flat strips of taffy w/red, white, and chocolate, the butter mints that I remember my mother buying as a treat in the 1950s. Cracker Barrel is an experience to be lived and enjoyed every time you visit and I love working there and being a part of that ole' time love and warmth.

happyemployee 3 years ago

I wish we could all take the humor in this post and move on. Some of these comments have made me very sad! I personally have worked at CB for a while, previously as a host and now as a cashier/retail employee and I love it. When I worked as a host, our managers were TERRIBLE, but after enough complaints Home Office came in and took care of it right away. In terms of the job overall...I love the guests, I love my managers, I love the atmosphere, and I don't even mind my pay. It takes care of the bills and I have a job, so honestly who am I to complain? Stop by the store in Flagstaff, AZ on your way through and I'll be sure to show you the good in the company.

Jennifer 3 years ago

I've been with Cracker Barrel for 19 yrs. I have seen many changes over the years. For the most part they have been a good company to work for. The last couple of years have been disappointing I make $14.55/hr as a grill cook. Which is great but because of my pay rate I get very few hours. It stinks that I can't get hours to help me get ahead so I had to pick up a second job. You would think 19 yrs would count for something but it doesn't. It makes me said.

steve tennessee 3 years ago

My wife works retail at Cracker Barrel and loves it. Her managers a good people and fair to work for. Sounds to me like people that just hate their jobs are pissed off and posting here. Yes they put bacon grease in the green beans! Apparently the poster that complained about that is a Yankee, this has been done in the south for years. In case you didn't notice Cracker Barrel serves country cooking. As far as the waitresses and waiters pay if you do a little research most restaurants pay the same way. People just love to bitch and cry about everything. They have learned that if they do this a restaurants they can get their meal comped. That's a loser mentality, if you don't like to eat there or are that unhappy with your job don't eat there and quit, find another job!

reluctantdiner 3 years ago

How about a post from a customer? I eat at CB once in awhile, but only when there is nothing else close or practical to get to. Going in, I don't mind the gift shop; while I never buy any of the over-priced imported trinkets, it is no different than an upper scale restaurant seating people in the bar hoping they buy a few drinks while waiting for their table. But I really resent the feeling that you are a cow bring prodded through the chute, this is not a place to go if you want a relaxing, enjoyable dining environment. The food?? I have no problem with what is on the menu... really..does anyone order chicken fried steak for it's health benefits? BUT the prodding by the wait staff to get you to order right away is not pleasant. I am paying for this meal and if I want to review the menu before I make a purchase, I am going to do it. And do not order coffee, you will not get timely refills and it becomes a waiting game between you and the staff to see if you will give up waiting and finally leave. Then we have the staff that hover and continually snatch everything from your table in an effort to "encourage" you to speed up and to get the chute ready for the next cow. And as you are finally rushed out, remember to tip, because the wait staff would never understand why you wouldn't want to..

JennieLee 3 years ago

Totally agree. I am soooooo thankful we no longer have Cracker Barrel in California. They have the worst food and it just sucks overall. Canned vegetables served with every meal ought to be your first clue to RUN, not walk to the nearest exit.

FairyToes 3 years ago

Although I am picky about what I eat and prefer to be gluten-free, there have been times while traveling that Crack Barrel has provided a level of warmth, comfort, and satisfaction not to be found in other eateries. For instance, REAL oatmeal, not instant glop, in front of a roaring fireplace, interesting vintage decor, smiling waitstaff, no wait time, and clean restrooms have brightened a number of mornings for me.

Only ONCE were we served inedible, over-salted food by a surly, rude waitress who remarked, "If you don't like salt, you're in the wrong place!" I don't think a frequent diet of CB cuisine is a healthy choice, but now and then, it's a pleasant experience.

brian 3 years ago

They need to take some of their managers and disguise them as black men in order to get more productivity out of there black employees.

Amanda 3 years ago

Wow!! Lmao... It sounds like to me that some ppl are bored..... The ups and downs are in every restaurant... Come on ppl it's 2014 ... Next convo, this BS been goin on for yrs!! Who cares opinions are like assholes everybody's got one! Have a blessed yr...

CurrentManagerFormerServer 3 years ago

Well here goes my two cents that always seems to fall on the deaf ears of my servers. 1. If you are concerned, as a server, about how much you get paid an hour by the company, QUIT NOW!!!! If how much comes in your paycheck is something you think about at all, (which after taxes you usually won't even get) then serving is not for you. People decide to be servers for a multitude of reasons. Whatever yours is, a steady paycheck shouldn't be one of them. I am so sick and tired of hearing about this. NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO WAIT TABLES!! You do it because on a typical day you make way more an hour than a 9-5er. Nuff said about that. 2. The Rules… what is it about the service industry that makes everyone think they can look however they want at work. This is not coyote ugly or a biker bar. No one at this restaurant wants to see that crap. FYI, I have a sleeve tattoo, both nipples, tongue, and ears pierced, but you wouldn't know it if ya saw me at work. WORK IS WORK. It's not a fashion show or a damn tattoo magazine photo shoot. Look I could do this all night but I won't. I'll just say if you don't like it, get promoted or change jobs. And don't say you can't get promoted because I did. You might need to move to a different location or whole other restaurant brand to do it, but if you want to, get off your butt.

Dan 3 years ago

If they only had beer and wine, the Cracker Barrel experience would be a lot more tolerable...

Samantha W. 2 years ago

WOW! The negative comments on here make me feel like these are all ex employees from the store I worked at because it is the complete truth. Management sucks. Period. There were two managers that I liked a lot at the Altamonte Springs, FL store. As for the rest of them, if they were on fire and I had a glass of water, I'd drink the water before helping them. I've been a server for years and I've never, EVER been treated as poorly as I have there. They literally work you like a dog, favortism is given to the people that obviously will be there forever and they know aren't going anywhere. If a customer doesn't get their breakfast in 3 minutes and they complain, it's your fault and you are incompetent. Oh and let me tell you about some of the servers. The ones that have been there forever and feel they are curing cancer by bringing dumplings to a table. I was introduced to people on my first day and told "this is so and so...she hates new people" and "if they don't like you they'll make sure you quit." This coming from women in their 30's! I'm so mad that I even wasted my time working for this place. I'm at Tony Roma's now and not only is it great money, you are respected, everyone is nice and the management rocks!

Christian 2 years ago

I like Cracker Barrel. The servers are great and fellow employees treat you well. I do however think they need a better management system. Our store has a general manager and 5 other managers. One runs the kitchen one the dining room and one the stoor. The GM orchestrates the operation and ensures it runs smoothly. That works well on the weekends but during the week that system is not followed. When it is slow there might be only one manager which is far to much responsibility put on one person. Not when it is slow, but when you get those unexpected buses, or say there was a big event and now you have 70 people sitting at one time it is over whelming for everyone. There time management sucks instead of using Monday to prep for tuesdays lunch rush they draw back production because God forbid Something that has a 3day hold time doesn't get used 8hrs after its made (I understand the concept of country fresh but it's not country fresh to smash the crap out of your food with grill weights , fry fish and french fries in the same grease or hold food a 180 degrees for hours}. Sometimes you get managers who obsess over labor costs and don't run full dish crews when they should or cut higher payed cooks early. They over work backup cooks, the people that make all the baked and side items. Backup cooks are the most vital cook in the restaurant without them they would not make money, or have guests for that matter. Yet they treat them like crap. We prep cooks have the easiest/hardest job depending on the way you see it. We spend our time chopping, mixing, weighing, slicing, baking, portioning, listening to servers complain that it takes 6minutes for fried tenders for there salad, and building said salad. we are the jacks of all trades consoles of the disgruntled and the only ones faced with the dilemma I'm out of ranch; the servers need more lemons; grill needs sandwich-sets; backup needs roast beef; the manager asked me to sweep my area; and the backed potato timer is going off, but I have to make a milk shake; 3 side salads and two tender grilled salads first. That my friends is my experience at cracker barrel so far. I love fast past environment which is why i like the job, but come on 9.75/hr to make $10000 worth of food (its printed on our production chart). At the stander 32percent food cost that’s $6800 profit and your paying me $60 I think that’s despicable. Prep runs a higher food cost than that but it's no more than 5o% or it wouldn't be on the menu. A lot of complaints for a place i like but, I really do like my coworkers and the pace is ok. I love the smell of the burning wood in the winter. I grew up in a wood heated home, so it brings back good memories.

I hate this place 2 years ago

What a shithole. I was embarrassed to even tell people I worked at Cracker Barrel and thank God I don't have to anymore. Sunday mornings consist of you being triple sat for 5 hours straight, at the same time being screamed at to run food, do your setups and take all the orders at once. Fuck you Cracker Barrel! Oh and now let's seat you with an 8 top of black people who are demanding raspberry lemonade and cornbread every 5 minutes. But guess what? You won't get to keep that big $2

tip they leave because you have to share 8 tops with another server. Not only do I regret working there, I regret not knocking my asshole managers the fuck out before I quit. Just glad I walked out on a Sunday morning and let them deal with the white trash customers that come in there.

jack matthews 2 years ago

i work at cracker barrel , and dont get but 3hours a week

jack matthews 2 years ago

i have talk to every manager for time nothing has been done, can i file a grievance?

Kirsten Chavis 2 years ago

I recently quit my serving job at Cracker Barrel. Does this mean that the paycard they provided me is now voided?

pissed off grill cook 2 years ago

you are totally write and if you think dining there is bad you should work there. the employees are always stabbing another in the back and the whore waitressess are always trying to get you in trouble and never take one in the freezer to fuck them bc shit gets wet down there then your stuck to the box of "made from scratch biscuit dough" and i got lucky and the only one i liked brought us some hot water. the food is nasty and when someone sneezes they make sure its on the wholesome sides. and it seems like all the managers are idiots and hire 16 year old girls just to fuck some young girl and ive seen it many times then threaten if they tell they will lose there job. and the waitressess never wash there hands and never do the cooks. there is not a skillet pot or pan one it is a burger king set up and i dont understand the menu it is dark and gray and the few black and white pics look like someone took a shit on a plate and the messages are so is to figure out they just want your money. i would just advise everyone to eat at mcdonalds bc at least they have a charity and and are not tight enough to put in a commercial i mean has anyone ever seen a cb one. they use the profits to snort cocaine and hire five hookers at one time. so before yo eat there you have the right to go back and see the food before they cook it and i would advise it bc you will have nightmares about the other times you ate ther. the comment is based on true facts an are in no way as good as i described them. but enjoy comfortable assholes

SOKYjayran 2 years ago

I have worked at Cracker Barrel since November of 2013. I'm late on this post but I find it quite interesting. Like any job it has it's ups and downs. For instance, I'm a cashier, cashiers are expected to ask each guest "how was your meal and service?" If a guest was not satisfied with the quality of their meal or service most of the time they do not think twice about telling me what was wrong. This bothered me at first because what can you say when someone you don't know starts complaning to you? At first I could have cared less if our guest was happy with the time they spent with us, however I've gotten much better at my job with experience and I can say with full honesty that every guest that enters the building may have a different opinion that I do and I may not complain if there is a problem but we all have one thing in common: WE ARE ALL HUNGRY WHEN WE GO INTO A RESTAURANT. I am now a two star employee and also a trainer. I open on cash which means I have to to be there from 6am-1pm 5 days a week and I work an 11:30-7:30 shift one a week also. This normally puts me at 46 hours per week saying that I don't have to stay over because we are busy. I can tell all of you all that Cracker Barrel is very seldom busy at six o'clock in the morning. So if you want to be seated immediately and have extremely fresh food and a great server and not be bothered by a retal personnel to buy the whole store, you should go in at 6am. I enjoy working at Cracker Barrel and have worked through the Christmas season once, and since then I feel invincible. I say if you don't like something change it. I have my days where I could care less about what anyone in the crack shack thinks but don't we all? Sometimes our working conditions are not the best ie. too warm because of the fire, we have no matts behind the cash stand and I stand up there for 7 hours a day 6 days a week...but once you get past that you'll bounce back. Just don't put your work clothes in the same closet as the rest of your clothes and you'll be fine.

cracker barrel emp. 2 years ago

As everyone is intitled to your opinions! I have almost 17 yrs with this company as a server skill trainer...like every place it has its ups and downs..I've transfered to 5 different states with the barrel and not many places do this...as far as the food is well lets face it, its country cookin.some is good some is not.....I make 2.52 an hour plus tips and really how many times have you totally kissed ass only to be stiffed? And yet there is still the ones that complain because they know it gets them a free meal but the same people keep coming back! If its that bad stay home! Clean up your own mess your kids leave...as far as a company well I've never seen a company that was perfect..I've seen the good side and the bad side! Its every where people

2 years ago

I'm not sure what's wrong with all the complaints but I LOVE working for Cracker Barrel and I've been here for 6 years and everyone is treated greAt and is happy to be here. And managers do not get bonuses for goal hours I think people just make stuff up just to talk.

Alea 2 years ago

I've been at CB for about 2 years now as a Server. I've read through some of these comments genuinely concerned for some of these other people who say their managers treat them so coarsely. I've worked at 2 different Barrels and niether of them have had disrespectful managers. Of course when you are dealing with CB clientelle they are gonna be angry, at the very least agitated.

I've only ever encountered one of my managers actually angry, and he apoligized for the issue next shift.

Every manager I have had has wanted to help and not hinder their staff. And of course there are those of them who've never worked in our shoes and don't understand the disrespect and humiliations we recieve from our customers. But there are some truly awesome guys behind the scenes too.

FairyToes 2 years ago

During long trips, I find CB a comforting place to stop. I've never had a long wait for a table or been made to feel rushed. I enjoy all the old-timey stuff on display, especially as it is different everywhere I go. The restrooms are clean, the food is simple, and usually served promptly. Only once were we served food that was too salty to eat by a surly waitress who said if we didn't like lots of salt we were in the wrong place. That unfortunate incident was long ago and taught me to choose my food more carefully. I usually go in for breakfast anyhow.

That one guy 2 years ago

Have you ever been to a CB in a town/city where white people are the minority? Well let me tell you. The only people who work there are white, if you're a customer and you're not white good luck on getting any type of service. If you do get service, it's service that makes you wanna walk out on your ticket. I've given CB many chances over the few years, and I must say, never will I go back. Almost like the place is ran by some racist religious group *cough*kkk*cough

new employee 2 years ago

Were did you get serviced at? You need to report that. The number is on the menu. They have a whole day and a half section on profillin and steriotyping. It almost made me hate being white. But yea you need to report it.

Cracker Barrel hostess 2 years ago

To all the employees and ex employees complaining on here. You probably should have called home office or someone higher than your managers and complained about the mistreatment you were receiving instead of posting online about it.

And to the lady who said she was discriminated because of the table she was sat out. The hostess having a seating chart with where all the servers are and we go in rotation so no one servers gets more tables then the rest so chances are that server was next in the rotation. You weren't be discriminated against.

Hostess 2 years ago

Also, to the server complaining about the fact that the managers want people to eat and leave quickly. It's not like they force people out the door once they're done eating, parties will sit and talk for hours and that's fine. The faster your tables are eating and leaving the faster the hosts can seat you again and you will make more money. The restaurant will make more money.

It's a win win situation really.

Jack Packages 2 years ago

Lmao Any server that says they don't make minimum wage is a shitty server. For you to blame the company or the guests is stupid. It's because you Suck. I've been a server for 17 years and I'm not a server at a cracker barrel in the worst location in the world and I make close to $1100 a week. And that is while dealing with all the same things you guys are crying about. Your managers are hard on you because you Suck. End of story. And I hate people. Get in, eat and gtfo! And seriously if you don't like the place don't eat there lmao. Dumb asses. Way too many People saying they hate it and you can tell they go there often. Idiots.

Meaghan Edwards 2 years ago

Cracker Barrel holds a special place for me as it was among the restaurants we'd stop over on our overnight stays while on vacation; usually South Carolina or Florida. Once we had a cold meal there and they were more than happy to give us a free meal the next time we'd come in.

I have to say, though, that said this article did make me smile :)

Biscuit 2 years ago

My god, I cannot believe the bitching and complaining from some of these workers and ex co workers. If you want to know what a job from hell is like I have a suggestion. Go to Belk and work there a while. Trust me you will learn a new meaning to the word! How bout you quit your bitching and do your job, stop worrying about your coworkers and how much favouritism they get. Sounds like a lot of pettiness and jealously. Trust me this craps everywhere. Grow the hell up and do your best at your job to the best of your capabilities. No one is perfect, and for the cutting of jobs and shifts that goes on everywhere too. If you are under the assumption that it doesn't. All I can say is you might want to ask some of those massive Cracker Barrel druggies for some of their stash

wow 2 years ago

yes I work for CB, I was told about this site and after a few days of reading all I have to say is WOW... All this time I thought it was just me. Yes the management treats the employees like kids or dogs, and no there is no age discrimation they talk to 70 yrs old employees like kids, wonder if they would let someone talk to there mothers or grandmothers like that. Im a server and one of the perks is I can go in the dinning room to get away from the screaming in the service area, boy I have learned to love busying talbles. I reallyt feel for the cooks there is no where to go, they are barked at for hours . You got a manager in the window yelling I need that food now, there are a couple things that do really have to cook on a grill. Then the managter is yelling I need a runner now. stop everything you doing and run, its not your tables food so now they need refills mayo etc you have to get it. In the mean time your table never got there drinks, and if you do what CB wants done your table may alreally have there food and no drinks, but again that is your vault as there server. Now there gone to pay not only is the line long to cash out but the cashier is trying to sell you anything, so by the time they pay they have had it and you pray there is no conplaints cause it will always be the server.

Emily 2 years ago

I've been a server at CB for almost four years now, just while I'm in school (hopefully... these jobs have a tendency to suck you in and not let go). I get that it can be a shitty place to work. I mean, what serving job doesn't have it's horrible times? But I also don't think that it's the worst job ever. If you just put in the effort to be a decent person to others--guests, coworkers, managers alike--you should have a decent time there. I know that guests can be beyond ridiculous and a pain in the ass... I think the CB patrons are some of the most entitled, holier-than-thou people out there... but you just need to kill 'em with kindness, then you can go vent to your coworkers back on the server isle. You should know going into it that any job in the service industry is going to be thankless and rough, so you shouldn't be surprised that you get shitty customers and the occasional shitty manager. It comes with the territory. Do your research.

It's not just the coworkers and managers, though. One thing that I will never understand about the high and mighty Cracker Barrel guest is the need to throw an absolute fit over a simple meal. This can go for customers of all restaurants, but here's a reminder: it's just food. Just. Food. CB, particularly, serves stuff you can easily make at home. If your pancakes weren't extra-crispy enough or your eggs weren't fluffy enough, I invite you to buy a box of our pancake mix on your way out and make your own food at home. And if you're in a bad mood, do EVERYONE a favor and stay at home. There's absolutely no need to take your bad day out on a complete stranger who is just trying to do their job.

The way I see it, it comes down to mutual respect. Guests, respect that your server is there to bring you your drinks, bring out your food, and make sure that you have everything you need. They don't cook the food, they don't control the prices, they can't change the menu. These are just people trying to make it through their shift. Treat them like humans, please. And servers, respect that your guests come into CB with certain expectations of dining out, and try to meet them to the best of your ability. It's your job.

Jim 2 years ago

Thanks to Stephanie Holden and Tyson Smith I will never eat in a Cracker Barrel again. Discrimination once more rears its ugly head again at Cracker barrel.

unknown 2 years ago

At cracker barrel not only is it the highest paying job my managers are awesome everyone in my town loves it we have 45 min waits every night and if people didnt enjoy they HOMEY comforting enviroment well then they wouldnt be waiting. Who ever wrote this is stupid it makes no since. Iys a restaurant your going to wait yoir going to.be around kids. Get over it or go home.

CB experiences 2 years ago

I have to say, at first I thought all these bad things was just in my store, but I see it's at many. Plus, I've studied the history, and it's bad. Not to mention, all the posts about go back to school, get a degree, blah, blah...... I'm a server, WITH a BA in business, there are MANY servers with degrees. Older ones, and ones that have graduated while working there. GET a CLUE about the economy! and, I couldn't agree more with CB being a joke. That's what comes to mind constantly. Dysfunctional!

John miller 2 years ago

When you quit Cracker Barrel do you turn your time card in and apron?

Brian 2 years ago

You're right, I could go to Grandma's house if i wanted a delicious home cooked meal, but after I eat at cracker i'm not obligated to stay the night. Cracker Barrel doesn't talk to me about NASCAR and then ask me about the girlfriend I don't have. Cracker Barrel doesn't ask me about my school work and everything that's happened in the past few months. Cracker Barrel lets me eat and leave. Only Cracker Barrel understands me.

Nick 2 years ago

I ve worked for cracker barrel for 7 years as a grill cook, and I agree that it all depends which one u go to, or work at. I ve worked for 3 diff locations, and all the experiences are diff. I ve worked at 2 of them where some of the managers were assholes, but thats anywhere u work. The one I work at now in owasso, oklahoma is awesome. Ive never had a manager disrespect me, raise there voice, or deny a requested day off. And those saying u make 9 50 that might be based on your performance, I started working at the owasso location 1 year ago, and had to start at the base pay of 9.15, im now to 12.00, I was also given courtesy raises in between par raises. Apparently all of yalls managers suck. And as for saying theres only a certain amount of rockers to wait, have u been to any other restaurants? Cracker barrel as more seats for waiting then alot of other restaurants, and they have the store to kill time, plz tell me what other store has that. Well none I ve ever been to. The food at my store is fresh and good, I shuld know I cook it. I worked at alot of high pace volume restaurants amd also ran my own kitchen for 600 employees and I can say cracker barrel is fresher and more accommodating than any other big chain restaurant I worked for or have been to... I have worked at other cbs that urge goal hours, but for the last yr I have worked at my current location I have have never heard anything about goal hours, employees that had been there for yrs didnt know what it was til I told them. Cb is not the best place to work, but it is a pretty good place to work, at least the owasso location. We ve had people that couldnt cook to save there lives or handle the rushes, but instead of firing them my gm moves them to diff positions to try to find them something they can handle.

Again its where and who u work with, if u dont like it find another job

Nick 2 years ago

I ve worked for cracker barrel for 7 years as a grill cook, and I agree that it all depends which one u go to, or work at. I ve worked for 3 diff locations, and all the experiences are diff. I ve worked at 2 of them where some of the managers were assholes, but thats anywhere u work. The one I work at now in owasso, oklahoma is awesome. Ive never had a manager disrespect me, raise there voice, or deny a requested day off. And those saying u make 9 50 that might be based on your performance, I started working at the owasso location 1 year ago, and had to start at the base pay of 9.15, im now to 12.00, I was also given courtesy raises in between par raises. Apparently all of yalls managers suck. And as for saying theres only a certain amount of rockers to wait, have u been to any other restaurants? Cracker barrel as more seats for waiting then alot of other restaurants, and they have the store to kill time, plz tell me what other store has that. Well none I ve ever been to. The food at my store is fresh and good, I shuld know I cook it. I worked at alot of high pace volume restaurants amd also ran my own kitchen for 600 employees and I can say cracker barrel is fresher and more accommodating than any other big chain restaurant I worked for or have been to... I have worked at other cbs that urge goal hours, but for the last yr I have worked at my current location I have have never heard anything about goal hours, employees that had been there for yrs didnt know what it was til I told them. Cb is not the best place to work, but it is a pretty good place to work, at least the owasso location. We ve had people that couldnt cook to save there lives or handle the rushes, but instead of firing them my gm moves them to diff positions to try to find them something they can handle.

Again its where and who u work with, if u dont like it find another job

Lev 2 years ago

Okay so I am a server at cracker barrel and I neither like working there or dislike and here is why.

First off countless people complain to me why there bread doesn't come out before the meal. Cracker Barrel apparently saves $2 mil a year serving the bread with meal. If you want bread simply ask, although its very frustrating when people ask for 10 million things with their bread, while 3 other tables are equally demanding and not tipping you accordingly. Yes its our job, and we will smile through whatever hell you give. That's the life of customer service, please be considerate.

The ticket times for food is supposed to be no more than 12 min or the check goes red and the store gets hounded for that. That's not to say there might only be 3-4 cooks in the back during a busy night or morning. Cracker barrel can't control how many cooks they have nor can any other store. Not to mention a moderate turn over rate of experienced cooks and servers. Another common complaint I have is food cold or they didn't like it. Half the time the people that complain their food is cold have broken taste buds or they spent to much time talking and didn't eat their food when it was hot. For people that didn't like the food, don't eat the food and expect to get a free meal. It's hard to justify a complimentary meal when your plate is clean. Otherwise, eat somewhere that makes you happy enough not to have to read this post.

Would you like to know why cracker barrel is busy all the time?

It's because large parties of 8+ come in unannounced and expect all of their food to come out at the same time and quickly... it is physically impossible unless you want cold food.

Didn't like your service? Maybe that server has been working for 8 hours straight, serving grumpy old people and picking up pegs of the floor for the last hour. Maybe, you have an inexperienced server, that has only been working for a month and can't hold your hand when you order something incorrectly on that huge menu. Its possible you could have a rude server, but from my experience of 3 years I have only met 4.

The reason why I put up with these obnoxious ordeals is because for all the terrible "guests" I serve, there a lot of really nice and interesting people you come across. Sometimes you get no tip and sometimes you will get a random 10$ bill, I make enough money to be satisfied while going to college and better my public speaking skills. I don't plan on serving for very much longer. Serving has taught me a lot about people, and how to handle difficult confrontations. But in the event you do visit Cracker Barrel treat who ever is serving with manners like you would anyone else.

doncook 2 years ago

I have been with Cb for a long time, and I am so disappointed in how the company has changed over the years..it's all about the almighty dollar now. They don't care about the employees at all. They say they want you to have a great employee experience at the same time they are cutting everyones hours and sending you home early. Almost everyone at my CB has a second job, no one can survive on 2 days a week! Also the ETC and Gm get in trouble if the new people quit, but what do they expect? also they cut labor, so we are always understaffed, which creates alot of stress on the people who are scheduled...you are working your butt off.Very poor management also does not create a good work environment. I am seriously considering quitting because of all this.

JohnnyConservative 23 months ago

Yet another foolish article written by an idiot, moron, democrat that thinks they are entitled to every convenience in the world - just because they are the 'chosen, the idiot, moron, selfish, criminal democRATs!!!'

This article is the kind of garbage that needs to be removed from the face of the earth, just like criminals should be removed from the earth!

Flash 21 months ago

Dear writer,

Your an idiot!

my two cents 21 months ago

If you think Cracker Barrel cares about their employees or guests you are sadly mistaken... As a guest the second you walk thur the door the employees see walking $$$$$ (they are trained that way) you are guided thur the old country store which 99% of the overpriced nicknacks are from China. While waiting for your table with little Johnny an employee is praying little Johnny will be grabbing candy and start crying for his mom to buy it. The store employees must meet a quote everyhour or risk getting hours cut. If you look at something to closely an employee will be right there telling you how they have that object in there house (ha ha right) if you don't buy it the retail manager will be yelling at the employee what did you do wrong that the guest didn't buy it. Employees have been pressured themself to buy something to make quote. The cashier is their with so much candy and junk on the stand and must sell you something. It doesn't matter if the line 10 people deep, they will go on and on about why you need this ____saying no ready doesn't mean no. The employees do not enjoy pressuring you but if they don't they risk being yelled (in front of anyone and everyone) or just lose their job. WELCOME TO CRACKER BARREL

bob 21 months ago

I love a good backed potato

U Wot M8 21 months ago

"Backed" potato? For some reason that made me think of Kim Kardashian.

Dibella 20 months ago

I, As well, can not stand CB. I have been there several different times and locations, and as always, huge crowd of slow old people and a long wait. I always go with others who want to go here, but I never wanna go with them, I just go to be nice. When I need to use the restroom, I Cant ever get past the herds of old people blocking each corner and I have to wait for them to head out. Not a fan of the food Either, I just plan on not going here again, And avoid being talked into going again.

roxanne 20 months ago

Worst breakfast I have ever had. I have been there several times and they only seem to get worst. The grits at 10 seem to have been waiting since the night before. The over easy eggs always have crystalized butter on the edges. I hate burnt eggs. A group of my friends always meet there and I always dread it. Bottom of the fast breakfast chain for me.

unknown 18 months ago

I work at cracker barrel. I love my job. I'm a cashier retail and a shift leader. No job is perfect and if your boss is yelling at you for not suggestivly selling they are doing something wrong. My team loves me and my rm. It's a job . Its not always sunshine and rainbows. Be happy you have one. so many are unemployed.

Nick 15 months ago

Your daft as hell. You have no idea how restaurants work, especially Cracker Barrel. If it's not your cup of tea so be it, but your slandering a company that presents an honest product and service. I'm sorry, but your just wrong.

Cracker.Barrel.Employee. 12 months ago

I've worked at Cracker Barrel as a host for about a year now. I absolutely love this job. I love the servers, the managers, even the bussers. Everyone is just trying to do their job. I work in Mt. Vernon, IL. And every single manager I work for strives for the best customer experience we can give. As a host, we're supposed to ensure the customer enters AND leaves with a smile on their face. In the time that I've worked there, I've only seen 3 parties leave unhappy, and all three were due to not getting their food quickly. We do our best. We're just working class people trying to make money for our families or for some like myself, trying to pay for an education so we don't have to spend our whole lives in the food industry. To be honest, I've cried because of a customers rude comments. But I have never felt insulted by a comment by a fellow employee.

Clayton 12 months ago

Used to Work for the company for 2 years everything these people say is true Cracker Barrel is The WORST PLACE TO EAT11 Period. DOnt say oh well i know i had a great time.... LOL i used to work there u even know how most of there food is made??? or how nasty there Dishes are? or how many of there employes ACtully wash there hands before serving ur food? this is by far the worst place to eat do Your self a Favor and Dont eat here... For the love of god this place is a Disaster....

SGT Anthony 11 months ago

There are a few places that I will stay away from. Number one goes to Cracker Barrel. It was pretty obvious that me and my family was not welcomed there.

No You Can't Have More Biscuits 8 months ago

I hate Cracker Barrel. I hate the food. I hate the managers. I hate the stupid, fat, slow customers. I worked at the Altamonte Springs, FL store and let me tell you, I'd rather be a hooker than work there again. The managers work you like a dog. You're expected to do the work of 3 servers all while taking care of your lazy, white trash customers. Oh, and make sure you answer the take-out phone. The employees are dumb too. It's filled with old, grumpy women who have never made anything of themselves so they actually feel priviledged when they can boss a new person around. Sorry, but you ladies are all losers who will work until your 80 at the Cracker Barrel. Big accomplishment. The food is disgusting, the cooks are disgusting. I'd rather eat a fart.

Grammar Nazi 2 months ago

Funny and so true. The CB stores in Georgia along I-75 are the worst. Learn to use spell check, please.

reality check 2 months ago

Your 15 minutes are up...get a life! You all sound like you have inner-child issues so take a bottle and give it a rest.

Hate Bad Food 3 weeks ago

Worst Food Ever!!!!!

I eat there only vegs, cheese and chicken +ham. 2 weeks ago

remaining food is so fat and...fat.

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