make a world class yummy dish from CORN

how to make a yummy dish using corn?

hi friends i am gonna tell you about how to make a yummy dish using the corn:

The basic thing is that the corn used in this is not only corn but its called as sweet corn .First of all you must take the corn and separate its grains you can separate all its grains at a time and keep it. then take a bowl pour some water (according to the amount of corn grains) and put the corn grains also inside it then pour two spoons of sugar and salt according to the taste keep it for at least minimum 6 hours

the corn's will now get healthier than before now take a steel container and pour some water in it put all the corn grain into it and keep it on stow at low flame now allow it to be steamed for up to 5-7 min till the water in the container gets finished by steaming then switch off the stow and throw the water which is left in the container.

now put some lemon juice in to it and some ghee to if you love cheeseĀ  you can even add it then add some spice and then heat it for some seconds keep on starring it so that the spice gets into it deeply.

serve it hot it tastes yummm... please reply me about this through commenting on it my friends.

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